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Welcome to our E-Club

International Greeting 2014-2015


Wir sind nun im neuen Rotary-Jahr, und dies ist eine gute Gelegenheit,  einmal außerhalb unserer Komfort-Zone zu denken. Nur wenn wir uns 'strecken', können wir uns weiterentwickeln. Rotary-clubs dienen den Gemeinschaften in so vielen Teilen des Globus,  und jeder hat seine ganz eigenen Bedürfnisse. Rotarier und ihre Rotary-Clubs sind ständig am weiterentwickeln, und sind dabei in sechs Bereichen erfolgreich tätige:  1) Frieden und Konfliktlösung/-Prävention; 2)Prävention und Behandlungen von Krankheiten; 3) Wasser und Hygiene; 4) Schwangerschafts- und Kindesgesundheit; 5) grundlegende Erziehung und Alphabetisierung; 6) Wirtschaft- und Gemeindeentwicklung. Wenn Sie über Projekte und Bereiche nachdenken, in denen Rotary helfen kann, behalten Sie diese sechs Bereiche bitte im Auge.


A medida que avanzamos con el nuevo año rotario, tal vez sea hora de pensar más allá de lo qu es lo habitual y lo que es cómodo. Es cuando nos dirigimos en una dirección diferente, que el
crecimientose lleva a cabo. Losclubes rotarios sirven a las
comunidades de todo el mundo,
cada una con preocupaciones y necesidadesúnicas. Los rotarios se 
han adaptado
y mejorado continuamente la forma de responder a esas necesidades,teniendo
una amplia gama de proyectos de servicio. El servicio de mayor éxito y sostenible
de Rotary tiende acaer en una de las seis áreas siguientes:
1) la paz y la prevención y resolución de conflictos,
2) la prevención ytratamiento de enfermedades, 3) Agua y saneamiento, 4) Salud materno-infantil, 5) educación  básica yalfabetización, y 6) desarrollo económico y cívico. Al ver hacia las zonas de servicio y proyectos, mantenganestos en la mente.


À medida que avançamos com o novo ano rotário, talvez seja hora de pensar além do que é habitual e que é confortável. É quando nós vamos em uma direção diferente que o crescimento ocorre. Rotary Clubs servem as comunidades em todo o mundo, cada qual com preocupações e necessidades únicas. Os Rotarianos têm continuamente adaptado e melhorado a forma como eles respondem a essas necessidades, tendo em uma ampla gama de projetos e serviços. Os serviços mais bem sucedidos e sustentáveis de Rotary tende a ficar dentro de uma das seguintes seis áreas: 1) Paz e prevenção / resolução de conflitos, 2) A prevenção e tratamento de doenças,
3) A água e saneamento,
4) Saúde materno-infantil,
5) Educação básica e alfabetização, e
6) Desenvolvimento econômico e comunitário. Quando você olhar para estas áreas de serviço e projetos, tenha isto em mente.




1) 平和と紛争予防/紛争解決、2)疾病予防と治療、3)水と衛生、4)母子の健康、5)基本的教育と識字率向上、6)経済と地域社会の発展


Tunapoendelea na mwaka mpya wa Rotary, labda tuchukue muda kuwaza yaliyopita - ni yapi yaliyo ya kawaida, ni yapi tunayofurahia? Tunakua tunapojitahidi zaidi ya hapo zamani. Vilabu vya Rotary hutumikia jamii duniani kote - kila cham kikishughulikia mahitaji na matatizo ya kipekee. Wanachama wa Rotary wanenedelea kuboresha wanavyoshughulikia mahitaji na matatizo hayo, hivyo wameonngeza idadi ya miradi ya huduma. Huduma ya Rotary yenye mafanikio endelevu zaidi huenda ikawa katika moja ya maeneo yafuatayo: 1. Kuzuia migorogor na kuendeleza amani; 2. Kuzuia na kutibu magonjwa; 3. Kuwapa jamii maji safi; 4. Kuwapa huduma wamama wajawazito na watoto wachanga; 5. Kusambaza elimu na ujuzi wa kusoma na kuandika; 6. Kuendeleza uchumi wa jamii. Unapojitayarisha kuhusika katika miradi ya huduma, zingatia maeneo haya.



As we move forward with the new Rotary year, it is perhaps time to think past what is the usual and what is comfortable. It is when we stretch ourselves in a different direction that growth takes place. Rotary clubs serve communities around the world, each with unique concerns and needs. Rotarians have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects. The most successful and sustainable Rotary service tends to fall within one of the following six areas: 1) Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, 2) Disease prevention and treatment, 3) Water and sanitation, 4) Maternal and child health, 5) Basic education and literacy, and 6) Economic and community development. As you look towards areas of service and projects, keep these in mind.


Alors que nous progressons avec la nouvelle année Rotary, il est peut-être temps de penser au-delà de ce qui est habituel et ce qui est confortable. C'est lorsque nous allons dans une nouvelle direction que la croissance a lieu. Les Rotary clubs servent les communautés à travers le monde, chacun avec des préoccupations et des besoins uniques. Les Rotariens ont constamment adapté et amélioré la façon dont ils répondent à ces besoins, dans un large éventail de projets de service. Le service le plus efficace et durable du Rotary se trouve plutôt  dans l'un des six domaines suivants: 1) la paix et la prévention des conflits / résolution, 2) la prévention et le traitement des maladies, 3) l'eau et l'assainissement, 4) la santé maternelle et infantile, 5) l'éducation de base et l'alphabétisation, et 6) le développement économique et communautaire. Quand vous regardez vers les zones de service et les projets, gardez cela à l'esprit.


Projects Around the World

As we begin the new 2014 - 2015 Rotary year we will engage in many new Projects Around the World. By "Being Visible"  new opportunities will arise. By visiting local terra clubs and letting them know you are willing to be a part of their projects you will discover new opportunites. As you build new relationships and connections "Doing Good in the World" will take on equal chances with our e-Club, other clubs and organizaitons to participate in our in house min-e grant programs.

The projects will be posted so all can see and our progams will reflect the 5 Avenues of Service and "Doing Good in the World" opportunities.

Program of the Week

Many Changes in Podunk Pines

Through the years Miss Truly Candid provided many programs that filled the readers with joy, tears, laughter and love. This year, 2014 - 2015, we were able to re run the programs so our new members, visitors and seasoned members could again enjoy the adventures. I am so pleased to have a NEW message from Miss Truly Candid to end our year of programs.

Rotarians: Attend this week's meeting for makeup credit.
Visitors: Read the program



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