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user photoFellowship Event Elizabeth, I am so excited you will be at the party on SKYPE ...
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user photoMakeup Meeting Confirmation Email Please contact our Executive Secretary for this inquiry ...
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user photoSite changes, fixes and upgrades Steve, I have spoken with Stephen Shearin on this and I was told a suggestion is to download CHROME ...
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user photoDistrict 5510 Annual Conference Sat. 5/17/14 Donna I am excited that you will be with us and also inducted as the Membershp Chair for 2014 - 2015... ...
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Our Projects

2014-2015 Club Projects
August 2014  Monterry Project - Victor Esperon

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Welcome to our E-Club


Projects Around the World

As we begin the new 2014 - 2015 Rotary year we will engage in many new Projects Around the World. By "Being Visible"  new opportunities will arise. By visiting local terra clubs and letting them know you are willing to be a part of their projects you will discover new opportunites. As you build new relationships and connections "Doing Good in the World" will take on equal chances with our e-Club, other clubs and organizaitons to participate in our in house min-e grant programs.

The projects will be posted so all can see and our progams will reflect the 5 Avenues of Service and "Doing Good in the World" opportunities.

Global Fellowship

While at District Conference 2014 (May 16th & 17th) I was joined by 18 fellow e-club members. We, once again, had the largest gathering of members of any club. Our members came from across the USA and engaged with our Interact youth leadership, RI President Representative, Bill Pollard, District 5510 clubs and established new relationships.

On june 21st, 2014 7 club members joined together at the District 5510 President Inaugration. The event was held at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, AZ. We witnessed the pledges taken by our Govenor, Assistant Governors, Interact Govenor, District Chairs and our Club Presidents.

This year we will, once again, have SKYPE Parties, local events around the country for our members and the traditional, AFTER PETS Party. On our meeeting site be sure to click on FORUMS and begin a conversation with your fellow club Rotarians. The world is a small place when time is taken to reach out.

Please update your BIO and contact information. Your new board is looking forward to a new year of fellowship. 

Program of the Week

Online Learning

I had the pleasure of meeting Gilda Taylor at District Conference this year and I found her to be a lady who has a wonderful smile, great sense of humor and a willingness to go the extra mile for people. Gilda has a love for Rotary and doing "Good Work" in the world. Gilda is an educator who belives that learning is available through new opportunities. As you read Gilda's program you will find all the information you may need on "Online Education" Gilda, the classroom is yours. 

Rotarians: Attend this week's meeting for makeup credit.
Visitors: Read the program



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