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Rotary Action Groups
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Apr 24, 2017

We've Stopped Trusting Institutions and Started Trusting Strangers
Speaker: Rachel Botsman
Apr 17, 2017

Facilitating Connections and Cultural Sharing in Rotary
Speaker: Judith "J" Filangeri
Apr 10, 2017

Winds of Change Continuing
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Apr 03, 2017

2017 Veterans’ Stand Down
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Program: International Convention Keynote Address


Speaker: Wilfrid J. Wilkinson

Rotary International President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson received the 2008 International Humanitarian of Vision award on 12 June at the 35th annual Vision Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, USA. The Vision Awards are presented annually to organizations and individuals who have exhibited exceptional “sight, foresight and insight” for the benefit and advancement of humankind while also enriching the lives of people with visual impairments. The awards program is administered by RP International, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of retinitis pigmentosa and ending degenerative blindness. RP International was founded in 1974 by Helen Harris, after she lost her sight to retinitis pigmentosa and learned that her two sons also had the genetically-transmitted disease.


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This week comments: 116, this week visitors: 73

21/Aug/08, 3:39pm
The theme of sharing is so very true. I'm a relatively new rotarian, and I really enjoy seeing Rotary's impact at the local, national, and international levels.
18/Aug/08, 12:44pm
18/Aug/08, 3:28am
Interesting about the islands, we dont think of the impact developers have on them.
Stephen C. Zuniga
Rotary Club of South Hilo District 5000
14/Aug/08, 4:53am
How Rotary has responded to crisis. Vision for the future. Recruitment of members for Rotary. How the Gates Foundation donated to Rotary directly with no prior conditions other than to raise the matching funds.
Carl Zaycosky
Wilmington Ohio #3316
14/Aug/08, 1:26am
Good news from President Wilkinson
13/Aug/08, 6:02am
Better understanding of Rotary. As a new member, I continue to grow in terms of my pride in the organization's achievements on behalf of humanity.
Lloyd Fleming
Kingston Rotary Club
10/Aug/08, 11:54am
Past RI President Wilf is a member of the Trenton Rotary Club and my sponsor into Rotary in 1996. I was struck that an individual with such a distinguished and diverse Rotary background could end up learning even more through his year as RI President. The learning I took away from his address is to never close your mind to experiencing new things even in areas where you've got a tremendous amount of experience.
03/Aug/08, 10:07am
I read the speech by the past RI president...learned more about the Gates donation and other things. I am with Saguaro Rotary in Tucson, AZ a nearby neighbor...come visit sometime!
Terry Clark
Sonora 49er Rotary
02/Aug/08, 12:32pm
A great reminder of why I choose to be in Rotary and the incredible good will Rotary members spread in our world.
02/Aug/08, 8:44am
Since I could not go to LA it was nice to read the President's remarks.
29/Jul/08, 3:49am
My awareness of what Rotary is doing throughout the world was heightened. It is always great to learn more examples of how Rotary is changing the world for the better.
29/Jul/08, 1:05am
President Wikenson's address covering his year was powerful. Rotary's assistance following the Tsunami and wildfires, plus matching the Gates $100 million grant shows Rotary's core values and major place in helping the world.
Dilip Unnikrishnan
Princeton, KY, USA
25/Jul/08, 9:34pm
I am from Princeton, KY. Small town, but very loving and caring people with terrific local pride and commitment. Enjoy every single meeting of the rotary that I get to attend.
22/Jul/08, 4:25pm
mack nash
north port arthur
22/Jul/08, 5:18am
Our club is located in a rapidly growing industrial area of petrolium refinery growth in Jefferson County, Texas.
Todd Gurvis
Calabasas, California (D5260)
22/Jul/08, 2:57am
As a former Rotary staffer who had the pleasure and honor of working with and assisting PPRI Wilf Wilkinison when he was a Director many years ago, it was a delight to hear his perspectives on his year as RI President.
Eric Fredbeck
Franklin, Indiana USA
21/Jul/08, 10:34am
Rotary impacts mny places around the world.
19/Jul/08, 6:45am
I enjoyed reading about Wilf's thoughts on his year as RI president as I just finished my year as president. I feel blessed that he chose Rotary Shares as his theme because it sums up my feels too.
Jerome Gardberg
Green Valley Henderson
18/Jul/08, 2:39pm
Great update on Rotary from the Past President
Keith Hollar
Western Fort Worth
18/Jul/08, 6:28am
How Rotary Shares it's service throughout the world.
17/Jul/08, 4:00pm
Our new RI president has a great historical and global perspective on Rotary.
Jinx Oberly
Rotary Club of Greenfield
16/Jul/08, 8:46pm
I learned about the theme, Rotary Shares. I learned more about the work projects that are amazing. I learned about the grant from the Gates foundation and the confidence in Rotary to be true to it's word.
16/Jul/08, 11:03am
16/Jul/08, 10:53am
More of the scope of Rotary's work.
16/Jul/08, 1:50am
What has happened with RI during the tenure of the past president.
Walt Schafer
Chico Rotary Club (CA)
15/Jul/08, 1:53pm
I learned more about how an e-club functions--and about this e-club in particular. I learned about RI President Wilkinson's theme and his year in implementing that theme. I learned many specific actions he took during his presidential year. I was inspired.
Ann S. Siddall
Ferriday, LA`
15/Jul/08, 5:55am
Very inspiring speech. This is a good way for those of us who do not attend annual convention to "hear" what is being said.
15/Jul/08, 4:26am
Rotarians make it better My club has about 65 members. It is an active club. WE hast exchage students, Help have wells drilled. Helped pay for a van for local group, and much more.
john molina
Chandler Horizon
15/Jul/08, 1:49am
Rotary Shares..., what a great theme for this next year! This phrase in toto summarizes what I believe guides our mission to serve people, for we all have something to share, be it time, skills, money or just a work of prayer and support, for that indeed what makes dreams come true!
James Champlin
Ahwatukee Foothills
14/Jul/08, 11:22pm
say yes and share, have commitment to add 1 member
14/Jul/08, 1:05pm
Rotory Shares. Gates Foundation gave Rotary a US$100 million dollar challenge grant for polio eradiication. That's great because I know Rotary will meet the challenge.
13/Jul/08, 11:14pm
The RI President Speech was very interesting
Ronny Mustamu
Rotary Club of Surabaya
13/Jul/08, 2:11pm
This e-club is quite communicative. Rotary Club of Surabaya is chartered in year 1927, one of the eldest Rotary Club in Indonesia. Currently has more than 35 members, mostly aging people with some 'flavor' of Rotarians below 40 years of age. Meeting every Thursday on 7.30 pm at the Hyatt Regency, Surabaya, Indonesia.
13/Jul/08, 2:07pm
What a great way to close out the Rotary year. Thanks for posting the message from our outgoing President for those of us who were unable to attend the Convention. Here's to the start of another wonderful and successful year!
12/Jul/08, 9:45pm
I was able to read the Convention speech I couldn't attend in person
12/Jul/08, 7:20am
Don Herbert
Pleasanton North Rotary
12/Jul/08, 4:54am
An inspirational review of the past year by outgoing RI President
10/Jul/08, 10:27am
This was a wonderfully inspiring address by the R.I. President.
Bob Leith
Sunrise Rotary of Paso Robles, CA
09/Jul/08, 1:03pm
That is the first keynote address I have heard from an RI convention since I attended Munich in 1987.
Joe DaSilveira
Pembroke Rotary Club, Bermuda
09/Jul/08, 12:10pm
I am a member of the Pembroke Rotary Club in Bermuda in District 7230 which also covers New York City, Bronx, Staten Island, and Westchester County. We are a breakfast club that meets on Thursday mornings at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. We are the youngest of four clubs in Bermuda - 27 years. We currently have 40 members, a significant increase in the 2 years I have been in the club - I was the 24th member. Our major fundraiser is a Children's Fair and Raffle, where we raise approx $100,000 annually to donate to the elementary schools that help sell the raffle tickets. Thank you for allowing me to attend your e-meeting. Joe Dasilveira
09/Jul/08, 8:05am
7-9-2008 RI President Wilkinson’s keynote focuses our attention on the true value of Rotary–sharing. He sites micro-lending programs, breakfasts for hungry schoolchildren, debris clearing after fires in Southern California devastated neighborhoods, and several other examples of Rotarians sharing their time and money and energy to help when help was most needed. I especially liked the comment of the President of Iceland: “So what the world must do to make peace possible is have more Rotarians.” Thank you!
08/Jul/08, 4:29pm
I didn't realize that the Gates Foundation had already given RI the entire $100 mil. That is so way cool.
08/Jul/08, 8:06am
I enjoyed Mr. Wilkinson's encouragement about Rotary's influence around the world
08/Jul/08, 7:26am
Wilfried Wilkinson 07-08 President --Rotary Shares--Rotary is about sharing. He saw what the Rotary did in Southeast Asia in 2004,. Rotary service is wroldwide and in a disaster we are there to help. One of the great thing this past year was the gift from Bill and Melinda gates of $100 million dollars.
08/Jul/08, 7:22am
This years motto is Rotary Shares.
Cecelia K. Coombs
handler Horizon
08/Jul/08, 4:41am
Inspirational comments from the retiring RI President reference his year.
08/Jul/08, 2:22am
rotary website Erin Rotary Club is located in Erin, TN which is nestled in the hills of middle TN along the Cumberland River. We are 33 members strong and very active in our local community. One of our primary initiatives, along with maintaining the Rotary Park in Town and sponsoring scholarships, is the Imagination Library that provides books every month to children ages 1 - 5 years old. Through the clubs efforts, this program is almost permanently endowed and will be a positive force for our children for many years to come.
Jan Latimer
McKenzie Tennessee
08/Jul/08, 1:50am
It was a great way to hear the wrap-up information to a great Rotary year.
07/Jul/08, 6:18am
interesting recap of the 07-08 Rotary year.
Jeff Miller
Rotary Club of Hollister
07/Jul/08, 4:05am
Congratulations on the awards you received at the Rotary Convention. And, the collection of almost one-quarter million books is definitely worthy of recognition in the Guiness Book of Records.
Warren Williamson
Mesa Baseline
07/Jul/08, 3:02am
This was a great opportunity to see the speech by the RI President as I was not able to attend the Convention. Congratulations for receiving the District Achievement Award and Presidential Citation.
07/Jul/08, 1:37am
On the site Eastwood Irondale in Birmingham 21 members. Great club!!
Elizabeth Monaco
Norwich, NY
07/Jul/08, 12:55am
The true definition of Rotary Shares
Suzy Robinson
07/Jul/08, 12:54am
Great way to end a successful year! I am glad that the convention was fun and informative.
07/Jul/08, 12:49am
President Wilfrid J. Wilkinson has a great theme of "Rotary Shares," because to him the Rotary Club is all about sharing. It is about sharing out time, expertise, our talents and resources in so many different ways.
06/Jul/08, 7:32pm
Excellent. I liked " what the world must do to make peace possible is have more Rotarians.” Classic.
Tom Stevens
Presque Isle
06/Jul/08, 11:23am
The concepts of Rotary Shares by Rotary President Wilfred Wilkinson.
06/Jul/08, 7:56am
That our transition into the new Rotary year is working at all levels. from the RI President to our new eClub officers. Mel
06/Jul/08, 6:33am
Great ideas. The membership committee is really made up of every member of the club. Rotary depends on always attracting new members. New members often speak with gratitude for the invitation to join.
05/Jul/08, 1:05pm
It's was great to have our RI President talk at our meeting. Maybe we can arrange for other RI dignitaries to present a program this year!?
Immanuel Freedman
Harleysville Rotary Club
05/Jul/08, 8:21am
Rotary is about sharing. It’s about sharing our time, every week in our meetings with our fellow members and with our communities and with people throughout the world. It’s about sharing our expertise, our talents, and our resources in countless ways. It’s about sharing what we have, with our fellow Rotarians and with those in need
05/Jul/08, 2:58am
Welcome to our new eClub President, Beth Wexler. Looking forward to your leadership, and thank you to outgoing President, Ryofu for your service. Keep those pictures coming!!! Happy Birthday to our July Babies. Great news about eClub awards and recognitions.
Bill McLeRoy
Western Fort Worth
04/Jul/08, 11:42pm
Glad to hear about the club's help with "The Belongers," but sad to know that the developers don't practice "is it fair to all concerned." I enjoyed reviewing Pres Wilkinson's RI convention remarks as I couldn't make the convention. Particularly appreciated his examples of "Rotary Shares." It would be wonderful if his comments about Rotary and peace could spread to the fields of hate and fear throughout the world.
04/Jul/08, 1:34pm
Thanks for making this this the program since I could not be there this year. Lew
04/Jul/08, 7:01am
The Program was really moving, and it would have been nice to have heard it in person.
04/Jul/08, 3:07am
Wilkinson's Keynote Address to RI Convention
Ron Nolte
Monticello, Illinois
04/Jul/08, 1:49am
Made me proud to see what Rotarians are doing around the world. Also, have just read the Last Lecture, and noted that that was recommended for all Rotarians.
keith miller
mesa west rotary
04/Jul/08, 12:28am
Rotary has a great effect over the world!!!!! This may be my last meeting after 22 yrs. in rotary. It seems the new thinking of the leadership in the club is to change it to a few members ideologies to benifit themselves and cancel out how the club has existed for over 34 yrs What was once a club of enjoyment is now a club of unhappy rotarians who have been around for over 18 yrs. This is evident by only 7 members signing up for an installation dinner. Good luck to Rotary Internationally, domesticly or district wise it is a roller coaster, membership always an issue. As in business, it is less costly and more advantagous to keep the people who support your business than to advertise to bring in new people. Unfortunately, some clubs can not get the concept down, they wonder why members--past presidents--leave. If you think about it, health or end of life should be the main reason past presidents should leave. They of all rotarians are the core base!!!
03/Jul/08, 3:47pm
I enjoyed reading Mr Wilkinson's keynote address from the Int'l Convention. His concept of "member get member" ia a good one as we have lost some members in our area. Interesting to hear him talk about Sri Lanka's Rotary Project after the tsunami, not just to rebuild the schools but to build better ones. Also interesting to hear about the Gate's Foundation's grant to help eradicate polio. Overall an interesting talk. I would've liked to hear him speak at the convention. Maybe someday I can go to an Int'l Convention!
Graeme Caulfield
Grayson County TX
03/Jul/08, 5:30am
Grayson County is located in North Texas, 80 miles north of Dalls
03/Jul/08, 1:50am
President's address at RI convention
03/Jul/08, 1:06am
A fine beginning of a new year! Hurrah to Judy and Norma ... well deserved!
03/Jul/08, 12:15am
Rotary is saying "YES" to help, not only members of your community, but people all over the world. Rotary is making a difference and our world leaders recongize our contributions.
02/Jul/08, 1:01pm
As a new member of Rotary, I learned still more about the worthy causes Rotarians serve and contribute to.
Nancy Z Cristelli
Rutland Rotary South
02/Jul/08, 11:25am
That we as rotarians are a committed group of people no matter where we live. We also make great friendships that continue for years. I only wish everyone could experience the feeling of being a rotary member. My club meets at 7:30a.m. on Thursdays and we are a very lively bunch at that hour. We have about 55 members and continue to grow.
02/Jul/08, 10:15am
Once again I was struck by the similarity of the theme, Rotary Shares, with the one Past President Glen Kinross chose for my year as governor in 1997-98, Show Rotary Cares. I think Rotary SHARES with and CARES about those who are less fortunate than we are, those who are hungry, homeless, sick and forgotten, and does so in ways that we can only wish would be emulated throughout the world.
02/Jul/08, 5:27am
I learned that Rotarians made such an incredible effort to re-build the schools in Sri Lanka and I enjoyed President Wilkinson's Address. Thank you!
Jeannie Randles
Beloit, WI club #2678
02/Jul/08, 2:22am
I am a new member to Rotary. I learned about my obligations as a Rotarian. I am excited to begin this journey!
Steven Arch
Casselberry Florida
02/Jul/08, 1:54am
Information about Helen Harrid
rick richards
Camarillo Noontime
02/Jul/08, 12:25am
Much was accomplished this year
01/Jul/08, 3:30pm
I'm pleased to see the trust the Gates Foundation has in Rotary and the early funds will help stay on top of the final eradication push.
Valerie Lubken
Rim Country Rotary
01/Jul/08, 7:31am
RI President Keynote address at the convention in Los Angeles. Rotary Shares---how countries and areas without peace say that more rotarians are the answer to peace. What adding one more member can do to this organization. How it can grow and the magnitude of help it provided well after all others have left the disaster areas.
01/Jul/08, 6:49am
The values of Rotary and what it means to be a Rotarian
01/Jul/08, 4:31am
Excellent way to start our Rotary year! Frank
Graham W. Hosker
Dearborn MI
01/Jul/08, 3:59am
That your eclub does a great deal of good work.
01/Jul/08, 3:58am
Nice to have read the keynote speech since we were manning the booth at the convention. Thanks Karen for putting this up as a program. JT
30/Jun/08, 11:18pm
I was utterly amazed to learn about the "matching" grant from the Bill and Linda Gates Foundation and their "unmatched" faith in Rotary to raise the funds during the two years following the expenditure of their own funds. This must be an unprecedented "matching" grant...and says a BUNCH about the reputation of Rotary!
Joseph Calabro
Pascoe Vale
30/Jun/08, 11:12am
The topics covered in your and my own club meetings truly make me realise the good in fellowship and loac/worldwide efforts Rotary has in making bad situations better.
30/Jun/08, 9:46am
Rotary International President Wilfrid Wilkinson's keynote address to the 2008 RI Convention in Los Angelos recounted the expectations, hopes, accomplishments and surprises RI had during his 2007-08 administration. His theme was "Rotary Shares" and was based upon his personal Rotary experiences which taught him the value and strength found in Rotary through its mission to share with others. What surprised him was the capacity and willingness of Rotarians around the world, not to just share, but to exceed all expectations in their projects and service. He cited specific examples such as the post 2004 tsunami work in Sri Lanka and the wotk in Central America following Hurricane Mitch in 1998; and even the work after the wildfires this past October in Southern California. Rotary's reputation for sharing and exceeding expectations was exemplified in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation matching grant of $100 million given to Rotary for polio eradication BEFORE Rotary had raised even a PENNY of our portion! Very inspiring talk!
30/Jun/08, 8:23am
I had the privilege of meeting President Wilf close to the start of his year of office, and it was immensely refreshing to meet such a self-effacing gentleman as president this past year. This review of part of his experiences this year was uplifting and challenging to this Rotarian.
30/Jun/08, 7:40am
I enjoyed reading Wilkinsons's address to the RI convention. I printed a copy ofr discussion in our Club.
30/Jun/08, 4:52am
Rotary Shares! Look what happens when we share, and are challenged to share more with the $100 Million Dollar Challenge. The Gates Foundation can really expand their charitable work by including other civic organizations.
30/Jun/08, 4:30am
great info thanks
Nancy May
North Oklahoma City
30/Jun/08, 3:13am
info on Paul Harris. Also, a better understanding of what we are doing globally and our commitment from Bill Gates to help Rotary with Polio! One hundred million $$!! We are working on "rebuilding" a dying club in OKC. We are successfully adding Rotarians not just members. We have a big year planned for 08/09!
30/Jun/08, 2:17am
One of the best pieces of advise that I gained from a business strategy book was: When planning any action, the best answer to 'how?' is "Yes!" After the "yes", we can, it is easier to find an answer to the how can we? In President Wilf's address at the Convention, it was smart to use the word "YES" over and over again because with the 'yes' comes the passion to do. That is why we, as an eClub, should set our objectives around fellowship and communication because when you know that other have said, :"Yes," then it is easy to join friends in service. Joe
30/Jun/08, 12:25am
Wilf Wilkinson, RI President 2007-08 made his mark. His final official presentation, the keynote in LA was exceptional. Thanks to ReCSWUSA for presenting this. It has been added to at RGHF. Congratulations to Beth Wexler, our new president. Another Rotary year begins and begs us to stand up and be seen, heard, and counted.
29/Jun/08, 11:12pm
Wilkinson's address, Norma's participation. Go Norma!
29/Jun/08, 4:29pm
Sorry that I missed this speech when I was at the Convention.