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Program: Backstage at the Celebrity Forum


Speaker: Dick Henning

As founder and moderator of Celebrity Forum, Dick Henning of Foothill College has been bringing leaders of the worlds of politics, art, business, and entertainment to audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1968. He is a long-time member of the Rotary Club of Los Altos and despite his never having attended an online meeting, agreed to give addressing one a shot! Be ready for stories of some of the many people who have shaped our world today.


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Harold Dortch
Paragould, Arkansas
16/Sep/09, 1:23am
I thought it was enlightening and very enjoyable.
James Karney
Rotary Club of Waco, TX
15/Sep/09, 11:04am
Very enjoyable program. My mother lived nearby during the 1980s and 90s and attended some of the programs mentioned.
Judith Doyon
Wasilla Rotary Club
14/Sep/09, 1:42pm
This was an interesting speech with antidotes about many very famous people.
12/Sep/09, 2:22am
Jesse Allen
Rotary Club of West El Paso
11/Sep/09, 8:52am
Very interesting program. Some good jokes too, which I will pass along for our meetings.
stewart manley
11/Sep/09, 1:50am
very interesting celebrity anecdotes
Donna Deoss
Bow, NH
10/Sep/09, 4:52am
Great program! Such neat insights and anticdotes.
09/Sep/09, 2:18pm
Very interesting personal stories. Enjoyed the humor.
09/Sep/09, 7:09am
08/Sep/09, 4:29am
Great program!
Joel R. Levin
Rotary Club of Glenview-Sunrise
05/Sep/09, 11:35pm
Very funny stories.
Ann Tosovsky
03/Sep/09, 5:42am
Great program today....I always enjoy making up meetings at your club.
01/Sep/09, 8:32pm
This was my first ever eMakeUP. I am very impressed with the organization and the depth of the program. I found it very interesting and entertaining. Great anecdotes! I will never look at Barbara Bush the same way I am looking forward to viewing more of your programs whether I need a make up or not.
01/Sep/09, 8:31pm
This was my first ever eMakeUP. I am very impressed with the organization and the depth of the program. I found it very interesting and entertaining. Great anecdotes! I will never look at Barbara Bush the same way I am looking forward to viewing more of your programs whether I need a make up or not.
31/Aug/09, 1:44am
I was very impressed with the caliber of speakers.
30/Aug/09, 5:45am
Very interesting information. It is great to be able to makeup a missed meeting this way. I normally try to attend another club for making up but unfortuantely this time I wasn't able to and the electronic makeup is great. Who ever thought of setting this up needs a pat on the back and thanks.
Dan McAuliffe
Scottsdale Sunrise
26/Aug/09, 2:18pm
Great program
Trevor Wilson
South Bunbury -Western Australia
26/Aug/09, 2:01am
Second time around he is just as good.
Carol Zurna
Parker Rotary Club
25/Aug/09, 5:51am
This was so enjoyable and just when I needed a laugh
25/Aug/09, 4:44am
fascinating stories!
Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary Club 25
21/Aug/09, 6:30am
Qutie a story of influential people
George Young
Los Alamitos-Seal Beach, CA
20/Aug/09, 3:42pm
Great read!
20/Aug/09, 4:45am
Great insights and very funny quotes from the celebs
Larry Reynolds
Campbell River Noon
20/Aug/09, 3:15am
A most enjoyable meeting, particularily since I just returned from the San Jose area
18/Aug/09, 10:38pm
A Great presentation!!!
18/Aug/09, 6:53am
This was very interesting. Enjoyed the anecdotal stories about these famous people.
18/Aug/09, 5:07am
Dick Henning had many funny and interesting anecdotes. It was a very enjoyable program. It would be great to have him back again. Excellent speaker!
martin stewart
ellensburg rotary club
18/Aug/09, 1:51am
very entertaining
18/Aug/09, 1:46am
Good speaker
Michael Workman
Lakeland Christina
18/Aug/09, 1:04am
Very interesting, and very well done for someone accustomed to a live audience.
Bob Leith
Rotary Club Of Paso Robles Sunrise
17/Aug/09, 10:05am
I have known Dick Henning since I joined Rotary in the old District 517 in Silicon Valley in 1981. A true gentleman and very funny too! Great program!
17/Aug/09, 8:26am
Excellent Program. Great Stories.
Nancy Perkins
17/Aug/09, 6:52am
great & entertaining
17/Aug/09, 6:04am
The comment regarding taking a sleeping pill and laxative before bed was funny.
16/Aug/09, 11:46pm
Very inspirational!
16/Aug/09, 9:40am
Fantastic stories
14/Aug/09, 12:55am
This was hilarious-- i'm not feeling well today-- this definitely made me smile.
13/Aug/09, 5:10pm
I thoroughly enjoyed the speech. It has to have been a great honor for Dick Henning to have spent time with so many notable people.
13/Aug/09, 7:52am
Nothing comes to mind
Patricia Kusek
Wilmington West
13/Aug/09, 2:06am
OUtstanding and entertaining program
Robert Trimm
12/Aug/09, 7:24am
Enjoyed the meeting & I will return. It was entertaining. Thanks,
Mark C Peterson
Duluth Rotary Club #25
11/Aug/09, 8:10am
Interesting and funny!
Mary Geerdes
Escondido Rotary Club
11/Aug/09, 7:18am
Great insights and one liners.
Chuck McGathy
10/Aug/09, 11:34pm
adrianne kahn
hot springs sunrise
10/Aug/09, 7:51pm
10/Aug/09, 10:00am
Interesting anecdotes.
Mandy McCary
Marble Falls Rotary Club
10/Aug/09, 7:07am
This was a great program. It makes me want to fly to San Francisco and attend the speakers series.
10/Aug/09, 1:19am
Great information
09/Aug/09, 2:31pm
the funniest meeting I have ever been to
Raleigh Maatthews
09/Aug/09, 11:22am
09/Aug/09, 10:35am
8-9-2009 Dick Henning’s “Backstage at the Celebrity Forum” is an entertaining recounting of the various celebrities who have spoken at Foothill College in Los Altos, CA. Promoting a speakers’ series of famous people is part art and part science. Every celebrity from Bill Clinton to Margaret Thatcher to Cary Grant all opened up and entertained the audience but some of the very best comments came from the conversations Henning had with the celebrities themselves.
08/Aug/09, 7:29am
This was a great talk and made me think about what I am doing with my life.
06/Aug/09, 3:32pm
Well done throughout. Mel
06/Aug/09, 3:35am
Fantastic presentation. I am a memebr of the same club as Dick - he is an incredibel speaker and great story teller. He is able to laugh at himself and others and make you feel like you are there.
Deborah S Geibel
Cortland Noon Rotary Club
06/Aug/09, 1:33am
I really enjoyed the chats with celebrities. Barbara Bush and Henry Kissinger were my favorites!
06/Aug/09, 12:47am
great insight from a wonderful speaker
06/Aug/09, 12:33am
My father used to manage musicians and singers, so I have met many celebrities, including Harry Belafonte who wouldn't shut up:-) But when I met him I was 16 and he was singing in a night club in NJ, Bill Miller's Riviera, across the Hudson from NYC. I can only remember how sexy he was when he sweated through his work shirt!
05/Aug/09, 5:59am
Very funny stuff. Thanks.
Leticia Perez
Laredo Gateway
05/Aug/09, 5:43am
Very interesting
Damon Stone
05/Aug/09, 12:42am
This was my favorite makeup session to date.
Dawn Duca
Rotary Club of Tulsa
05/Aug/09, 12:41am
This was my first time to do an eMeeting and it was a great experience. Thank you for providing this service.
Amy Curtis
Rotary Club of Alexandria, VA
04/Aug/09, 6:29am
Fun stories and very interesting delivery
04/Aug/09, 4:19am
This is one of the best programs I read or seen in months! Thanks.
John Molina
Chandler Horizon
04/Aug/09, 1:41am
Fascinating ! to learn of all the prominent speakers that have graced the halls of the Celebrity Forum..., I have to say that I would have loved to be in the audience with everyone of them..., to hear their inspiring stories.
Aaron Carlson
Stillwater Rotary Club
04/Aug/09, 1:38am
This was one of the best programs I have read in a very long time. One time I met Hall of Fame wide receiver and former congressman Steve Largent. I did him a favor and a couple of weeks later he personally called to thank me. I was shocked that he would take the time to do that.
Faye McIntyre
Carrollton Tuesday noon
04/Aug/09, 12:18am
What great stories! This was one of the most entertaining programs I have read or attended.
James Christensen
Mesa Rotary Club
03/Aug/09, 5:32am
This was a very interesting program. It was fun to get some of the behind the scenes as to personalities. What a great job to have and so many wonderful experiences. I went to Baker University and we used to have 1-2 big name speakers each year. We had Margaret Thatcher one year - she was not funny but incredibly interesting.
03/Aug/09, 5:14am
Very enjoyable and good to have available to Rotarians.
thomas hickey
harry short
03/Aug/09, 3:16am
A great program on an interesting topic.
Steve Pedigo
Sierra Vista Noon Club
03/Aug/09, 1:46am
The quote Robert Kennedy was a good add to this meeting
02/Aug/09, 3:42pm
Really interesting program.
Michael Jenkins
East Fresno Rotary District 5230
02/Aug/09, 12:21pm
Nice narrative
02/Aug/09, 11:47am
Thanks, Rushton. This is a winner!!
02/Aug/09, 9:01am
Interesting stories
02/Aug/09, 7:44am
I often feel that I am "backstage at the Celebrity Forum", it's just that the stars of the "show" are the people who start out as strangers, and soon become acquaintances. I believe that much service can be done in this simple act of getting to know someone. On the train from Vienna to Frankfurt last month, an older German woman with many a full bag sat next to me and took out her lunch. She cut each piece of her sandwich neatly into small-bite sizes. She smiled nicely at me but did not speak...until she saw my book in English. She asked me if I was American, and when I replied positively, she put down her lunch and launched into the story of her great, life-changing adventure. She had studied abroad in New Jersey, U.S.A., at the age of sixteen, in 1951. From the 12-day boat trip across the Atlantic, to her loving host family, and her experiences witnessing segretation, she took me through each memory with delight. That one year had changed her life: she became an English teacher back in Germany so that she could "help give others the gift of world understanding." I sat back and listened as the train rolled on. Her adventure of 1951 had served as her inspiration, as she shared her memories, it became mine.
Scott Parfrey
Casas Adobes of Tucson 1285
02/Aug/09, 6:00am
Great meeting ....thanks...
Barbara Whiting
Sun Lakes
01/Aug/09, 6:28am
Mr Henning did a wonderful job with his presenation. He has certainly had alot of incredible experiencing and had a chance to meet many interesting and challenging people.
Barry H Thompson
North Bethesda. MD
01/Aug/09, 3:26am
For unkown reasons, I'm unable to download the pdf's in today's program. Had a similar problem, with 2 out of 4 videos in last week's program.
31/Jul/09, 12:13pm
excellent stories and the people i he mentioned had left such indelible memories!
31/Jul/09, 10:12am
What a fun meeting! Let's have this guest speaker again. And since our speaker asked us to write a note about anyone famous we have met, once I had coffee in Marbella, Spain, with Stewart Granger who was building a home there at the time. I think the year was 1973. He said his two most favorite places in the world were Kenya, Africa, and his ranch near Nogales, Arizona. He even offered to arrange a safari for me. I also enjoyed reading our proposal for the Council on Legislation. I attended the 2001 Council as a representative of our district, and it was a highly interesting experience.
31/Jul/09, 6:51am
i loved the anecdotal stories. human behavior is great and funny more times than not.
Laura Westerman
Central Point, Or.
30/Jul/09, 5:09pm
I very much enjoyed the comments and hearing about the personality and comments of many people I have in the past wondered about.
30/Jul/09, 7:43am
I thought this meeting was very enjoyable! I enjoyed Dick Henning's stories about the different personalities he has encountered. I noticed that he often taught the celebrity something, as he learned something from the celebrity.
Trevor Wilson
Rotary Club of South Bunbury. Western Australia
30/Jul/09, 2:25am
I wish I has been there to here Dick Henning in person. he has some memorable quotes in his talk. I hope that I can remeber some of them next time I have to give a speech. I'll probably use the one about Mark Twain!
30/Jul/09, 2:02am
Very interesting
30/Jul/09, 12:34am
Excellent, one of the best
30/Jul/09, 12:02am
Enjoyed it!
Paula Grieves
Roswell (NM) Rotary
29/Jul/09, 10:20pm
Great, uplifting messages.
29/Jul/09, 8:37pm
Great thoughts, Aquaintance through service
29/Jul/09, 11:49am
Entertaining program.
Ronald B. White
Western Fort Worth, Texas
29/Jul/09, 6:14am
It was fantastic. This is the second meeting of your club I have attended and they are so interesting - just like attending a regular meeting, only reading. I will send a check in the amount of $30 and will remember the 4 Way Test and remember to mail it to yor treaserur
29/Jul/09, 4:30am
Great meeting!
29/Jul/09, 4:16am
Great meeting
Ken Walcott
Gilbert, AZ
29/Jul/09, 3:32am
Funniest program ever
29/Jul/09, 1:47am
I really enjoyed the presentation of Leah. This makes getting to know members so much more personal. Welcome Leah.
29/Jul/09, 1:44am
Love it!
29/Jul/09, 1:38am
Another wonderful program
29/Jul/09, 1:04am
Very Entertaining article !!
Lloyd Fleming
Kingston Rotary Club
29/Jul/09, 12:36am
What an enjoyable journey down Memory Lane. The personal anecdotes Dick shared illustrates that celebrities also have a personal side which unfortunately is rarely seen. Thanks for a terrific program.
28/Jul/09, 2:33pm
One word, Outstanding
28/Jul/09, 2:28pm
Very good format. The program was very interesting and entertaining. I'm sure the speaker must have some very unique stories and perspectives of people who are in the public spotlight.
28/Jul/09, 2:25pm
Thundering applause!!! I only wish the program was live.
James Richardson
Bullhead City
28/Jul/09, 11:21am
The program was great.
28/Jul/09, 11:05am
I truly enjoyed your meeting, the program was outstanding and yes I read the whole speech. I will send a donation to you if I can find out where to send it - please email you mailing address - I don't use PayPal
John Meyn
Sonoma Valley
28/Jul/09, 7:30am
That was a very entertaining program!
28/Jul/09, 4:05am
Amazing stories!
28/Jul/09, 3:30am
Very entertaining, engaging and interesting! Loved it.
28/Jul/09, 3:28am
Very entertaining, engaging and interesting! Loved it.
28/Jul/09, 3:15am
I was living in New Hampshire in 1980. One Saturday morning, I went to the town dump to dispose of my trash. To my surpise, I was greeted by several presidential candidates, both Democratic and Republican. I said something about it to the dump attendant. He laughed and said, "Politicians love to hang out at town dumps on Saturday mornings. They're likely to meet many more voters there than at other places, like restaurants or Main Street."
28/Jul/09, 2:45am
Great stories!!
28/Jul/09, 1:50am
Great presentation!
27/Jul/09, 2:34pm
Very enjoyable program...recommend it highly
27/Jul/09, 10:32am
We should all find those who inspire us, and then do plenty of listening.
27/Jul/09, 9:01am
Without a doubt, this is the most entertaining Rotary online program I have ever experienced. But then when the subject is essentially the quotes and anecdotes of some of the world's most renown speakers and entertainers, what would you expect? Speaker Dick Henning started the Celebrity Forum speakers series at Foothill College in Cupertino, California, in 1968 when he was Director of Student Activities there. Initially operating from the college gymnasium until 1976, the series later moved to the 2,400 seat Flint Center for the Performing Arts on the De Anza College campus. The series has been so successful, it was dubbed "The Best Speakers Series in the Nation" by the International Platform Association. Through the years, speakers have included former U.S. presidents, international heads of state, entertainers, writers, astronauts and more. Along the way, speaker Henning has met many fascinating people and formed quite a number of lasting relationships. Excellent program
edward adler
Scottsdale Rotary Club
27/Jul/09, 8:09am
very interesting thanks for sharing
27/Jul/09, 2:57am
Good meeting. Speaker was VERY interesting. Lots of famous people with good stories to tell.
27/Jul/09, 2:44am
27/Jul/09, 2:31am
I enjoyed the meeting.
Harry Short
Kyrene Corridor Tempe AZ
27/Jul/09, 2:05am
What fun today!
27/Jul/09, 1:41am
Enjoyed the program.
27/Jul/09, 1:37am
Wonderful video appearance by new member Leah. Great to see her in person. So much better than mine and enjoyed. Lets all pray for a fair hearing at the COS next year. This is too good to lose, but there will be those not in agreement. That's always the case with anything new. The town of Wallingford, I'm told, is still skeptical about The Rotary Club of Wallingford (1928) and the hometown of Rotary Founder Paul Harris, so go figure. Great program today. Happy to be in Rotary.
27/Jul/09, 1:21am
Very entertaining. Great insights/
Phillip Moore
Perry Georgia
27/Jul/09, 1:18am
27/Jul/09, 1:02am
I enjoyed the meeting and speaker today.
27/Jul/09, 12:06am
"The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service." I wish more people knew about that great old tenet of Rotary. Thanks.
26/Jul/09, 11:16pm
Impressive list of Celebrity Forum speakers.
joe kagle
26/Jul/09, 10:32pm
When attemding Dartmouth College, 1951-1955, the 'poet in residence' was Robert Frost. We, as English majors, could go to him and ask questions, therefore I went (he was one of the reasons that I attempted that Ivy League school- the other reason was football). I asked Mr. Frost: "Can you tell me what the poem, The Road Not Taken means?" He answered: "No, I can't. I write poems with holes in them where individuals can put themselves into those holes. When I get to know you better, I might be able to help you with that poem." I have used that explanation for my art work and teaching through the years since then. As Director of an arts program where I had guest speakers at a college in Pennsylvania, I got to know Kimon Friar, the translator of Kazanzakis' Oddysee: A Modern Sequel. We became friends through letfer writing to each other. Later, while in Athens with my wife, teaching on World Campus Afloat, we were taken all over by Kimon and helped him celebrate his birthday at one of the tavernas below the Parthennon with his other friends. It was one of those memories that still is clear and fresh. Greek dancing and drinking and enjoying each moment of life are legendary!
26/Jul/09, 9:52pm
This a wonderful, long, program. I love the way that Larry introduced the new member. Wonderful work guys!
Joe Morris
Johnson County Rotary Club
26/Jul/09, 9:37pm
These were such good stories that I must confess to an e-club that I printed them out...