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Program: Just What is an EClub?



Speaker: Mel Taunt

You're here, so you must have some idea what an EClub is, but there's more to it than meet's the eye.

Read this week's program and discover how and why Recswusa came into existence as well as some other history that you'll be glad to know.



Program Materials:




Program Comments: 

This week comments: 131, this week visitors: 89

25/Jun/11, 10:38am

eClubs are a great way to keep up to date with Rotary happenings all over the world.

Melissa Newton
22/Jun/11, 12:31am

I love being able to attend EClubs for makeups

Will Verity
Rotary Club of Beaufort, SC
07/Jun/11, 5:52am

Very educational - thanks!

17/May/11, 5:50am

thank you for the detailed explanation on the eclub

16/May/11, 11:48pm

This one of the most interesting e-clubs around the world.  I have visited probably 100 clubs and ten e-clubs.  E-clubs are a great addition to regular clubs but sitting, communicating directly into a fellow Rotarian's eyes and ears are not replaced by e-clubs.   

Mary Lee Frase
Fort Smith
13/May/11, 11:42pm

There certainly is more than meets the eye regarding Eclub. Thanks for the education and more importantly, the opportunity to experience the wisdom of the Recswusa.

12/May/11, 10:02am

An interesting program reminding all of us what a unique, splendid and still new contribution to Rotary the e-club is. We are reminded how the online content and structure of e-club meetings were consciously developed to replicate the familiarity of the terra club format. From the technical side, online requirements include a dedicated website, online meeting software, privacy sections to protect member data and online financial transaction capability. Mel Taunt presents "considerations for a successful e-club" (60%, sadly, have failed). Drawing from lists provided by RECSWUSA and Rotary E-Club, Mel observes that the lists include many common elements - technology proficiency, District support , accommodating meeting structure and more. Great program and nice reminder of why we value e-clubs. Thanks!  

09/May/11, 9:59am

Thanks for the info.  We are looking into a "blended club" to attract both busy and young professionals and the information provided some insight to e-clubs.

07/May/11, 8:51am

I learned a lot about eclubs that I did not know.

04/May/11, 1:33pm

My e-club experience equals my 30+ years of traditional Rotary involvement, just in different ways.

03/May/11, 8:49am

Greetings from Ajijic, Mexico....I appreciate the opportunity to participate in an e meeting, my first....due to extensive travel in April I was unable to attend our club meetings.  Very interesting and well put together format.


Mac Whyte

Service Projects Chair, Ajijic Rotary Club, Ajijic, Mexico

club secretary email;

03/May/11, 6:57am

Very interesting program. I enjoy the accesability of an e-club.

01/May/11, 3:36pm

The article OurEClubisisntsuccessfulbecause is great, thanks Mel. 

01/May/11, 5:08am

Muy Buena junta y gracias a Mel Taunt por su tan interesante platica


A very good meeting and thanks to Mel Taunt for such interesting program




28/Apr/11, 11:57pm

Superb info.

28/Apr/11, 12:04pm

Good information.  I especially liked Mel's Our EClub is/isn't successful because...

27/Apr/11, 1:16pm

Always wondered how Rotary became international. Now I know.

As for what makes our eclub successful, in a word, flexibility. No we can't be and aren't all things to all Rotarians, but we provide options that aren't always available everywhere in the Rotary world.

27/Apr/11, 4:07am


27/Apr/11, 3:08am


The presentation on Rotary E-Clubs was excellent and the experience of making up missed meetings in a home club has been a great benefit beyond merely staying connected with fellow Rotarians. The E-Club programs have routinely been very informative about the full breadth and depth of Rotary programs, outreach, and resources. While I’ve learned a lot about all these Rotary elements from my home club members and officers, the presentations that lay out all the details are great no only for one viewing but for saving for future reference.

Thank you!

26/Apr/11, 3:32pm

Great summary Mel!

tom kemp
las cruces rio grande
26/Apr/11, 3:24am

excellent program! I had no idea what an e-club is. 

25/Apr/11, 8:21am

Very interesting point of view of being a Eclub member and a fellow Rotarian.

Sydney Gilbert
North Little Rock Riverside Rotary
25/Apr/11, 6:54am

I enjoyed learning about Stuart Morrow and feel I am better prepared to explain the benefits of an E-club.  Thank you for letting me make up with you all. It has been a pleasure to be included in your meeting.

25/Apr/11, 3:22am

When I visited Coronado Rotary Club, the President asked me to speak about our eClub, so I emphasized Service Without Borders.

25/Apr/11, 1:23am

I wanted to talk in detail about an e-club... What a material I have now...

Thanks a lot

24/Apr/11, 1:20pm

Some benefits of membership of an eClub.

The most affordable fees.

In some countries we can attend the meeting without leaving our homes no any risks.

I think the more communication there eclub unlike some clubs ground. In Mexico we can assist Earthen clubs and we can work on common projects.

We have no excuse to miss meetings because simply open "Attending a meeting of different." We have good contacts with Rotarians around the world and know their culture, customs and way of working in Rotary.

We have the advantage of Skype to greet us.


Wonderfull link about A history of the early leaders of Rotary international.


Thanks Larry for all the support you have always provided for our eClub.

24/Apr/11, 11:56am

as usual a very nice and motivating meeting, thanks a lot

24/Apr/11, 9:31am

I appreciated the note about Stuart Morrow.  It's obvious that he "got it" where Rotary is concerned.  Yea, Mr. Morrow!

24/Apr/11, 7:24am

Your club is great.  Frequenttly scheduling conflicts interfere with physical club attendance, so an e-make up is helpful.  In addition the programs are wonderful and it is fun to follow the progess of your club.

Wm Clotere
greater albany, Or
24/Apr/11, 5:34am

Very good presentation. I will use as part of a Rotary Minute

24/Apr/11, 5:03am


24/Apr/11, 4:55am

Concise and great info of e-clubs that we can use to educate members of terra clubs about us

24/Apr/11, 2:37am

Interesting information with regard to an eclub and as always the humor and Rotary Minute are always enjoyable.

23/Apr/11, 11:46pm

Mel, I found the piece you wrote called "Our EClub is/isn't succesful because" to be quite powerful for reminding me of the less visible aspects of our club that have in fact been some of its most successful.  Well done!

We often focus on reasons such as health and busy schedules as why people join an eClub.  I don't disagree, but rarely see one of the main reasons I joined: being part of an eClub allows me to help Rotary explore how modern technologies can be brought to the service of service, if you know what I mean.  That may or may not be one of the principal attractions for younger members and prospective members, but it's been important to me.

23/Apr/11, 1:43pm
I found very interesting
23/Apr/11, 1:21pm

As always, the meetings are well organized and informative.

23/Apr/11, 1:10pm

Thank you for this meeting Mel! Great job! Starting the former eRotaract Club I learned how much it takes to get a strong club together. The Recswusa does an outstanding job!

23/Apr/11, 8:31am

I attended Mesa Baseline Rotary on April 12, 2011; Phoenix East Rotary on April 14, 2011; Tempe Rotary noon on April 19, 2011; Sun Lakes Rotary evening on April 19, 2011; Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club on April 20, 2011; Phoenix East Rotary Children's Easter Egg Hunt on April 23, 2011.

Not sure if I entered information in the correct place.

23/Apr/11, 6:55am

Wonderful program.  We tend to forget how dangerous and difficult the mission of the pathfinders was with the passage of time, progress and familiarity.

Dennis P. Chong
New Kingston
23/Apr/11, 3:49am

Great info and I was happy to have joined in this my first E-Club meeting.

23/Apr/11, 1:09am

Thanks, I love the eClub experience. Can we also nominate Ambassaorial Scholars? Is that program still in existence? If so, I have some nominees.

22/Apr/11, 3:05pm

I am in Bucuresti on a visit and you as always are the best club to visit

22/Apr/11, 12:00pm

Our club ia successful because the members make it that way. Part of being an e-club member is giving service to the perpetuation of the club itself, I think. I love it because it is so international.


22/Apr/11, 11:03am

I'm very thankful for the Eclub's on line meetings. I'm opening a new business that I have had to travel a lot for. The Eclub meetings allow me to keep up with Rotary while keeping up with the demands of a new business. Thanks for the opportunity.

Bryan C. Goff

22/Apr/11, 8:44am

I enjoyed reading the quotes on happiness.  It is nice to be reminded that we have everything we need for a happy life

22/Apr/11, 8:13am

Your club makes a great contribution to the work of Rotary int.

22/Apr/11, 7:39am

Mel:  Thanks for the great insight into what makes our club work. 

Joe:  I was surprised at how sort of accidental the start of Rotary was in Ireland and the UK, what a great story. 

22/Apr/11, 3:39am

Alright, Mel!!  Great job!

22/Apr/11, 2:02am

Thank you for providing this capability...What a great service to help keep members informed

Gwen Robin
22/Apr/11, 1:38am

Thank goodness for E-Clubs!!!

Ina Horton
Hillsville, VA
21/Apr/11, 11:10am

I enjoyed reading the Inspritational Thoughts as well as how you conduct your meeting. Our club also uses the Rotary Minute which helps us be aware of what Rotary really is. Thank you for offering your eclub to others as a make up meeting.

Edward Wueste
Rotary Club of Western Fort Worth, TX
21/Apr/11, 9:08am

I certainly have a much better understanding of the "mechanics" of how an e-club operates.  Your club provides a great service to those of us looking to make-up a missed meeting at our regular club.  Keep up the great work.

21/Apr/11, 8:35am

While I have made-up missed meetings in the past with your club, I did not totally understand the overall "mechanics" of how an e-club functions.  I know understand so much more about the subject.  Keep up the great work.

Christian Fussy
SE Denver
21/Apr/11, 8:29am

Always a pleasure to visit your club !

Theresa Kiernan
Morgan Hill CA
21/Apr/11, 6:47am

Thank you.  I especially appreciated an education about eclubs and how they get started and work. 



Susan Huntley-Gruenther
Omaha Suburban Rotary
21/Apr/11, 6:34am

Thanks you for this interesting journey. What a great way to make-up a meeting.

Susan Huntley-Gruenther, Omaha Surburan Rotary

Deborah Geibel
Cortland Noon Rotary Club
21/Apr/11, 3:51am
I always enjoy making up a meeting by visiting the EClub of SW, USA!! It always offers some interesting  information! I really enjoyed the quotes on Happiness by some Famous People!
21/Apr/11, 1:39am

Excellent overview

keith sockwell
plano rotary
21/Apr/11, 12:08am

Very informative. I truely enjoy attending eClub. Thanks

Bob Leith
Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise
20/Apr/11, 5:08pm

I am currently in Australia with family, so make-ups have been difficult to say the least. This ability, on my daughter-in-law's laptop has been valuable, and the programs have been top-notch. My son, Aussie daughter in law and grandson all Paul Harris Fellows too!


Thanks for the ability to make-up and I know your eclub will continue to be very successful!


Bob Leith

Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise (California)

Cairn Vandenbosch
Willow Springs Rotary in Missouri
20/Apr/11, 3:51pm

Great meeting, and very informative on Rotary and eclubs.  This was my first time attending a eclub, although as Secretary I have suggested this to members.

Thank you

Cairn Vandenbosch, Willow Springs, MO

20/Apr/11, 3:51pm

Loved the Meeting! I especially loved the strengths section! Given the turbulant economic times, I'm happy the E-club is hear so I can be a part of this great organization! It should really fill all of us with pride to a part of an organiztion that will have played such a vital role in the eradication of Polio.

20/Apr/11, 3:12pm

Good job, Mel. When I go to Terra Meetings, it is always difficult to tell fellow Rotarians what we are. This is a really usefull tool!

Bob Adams

Alan Moulin
20/Apr/11, 11:28am

thank you for the make up

Mike Gibbs
Fayetteville, AR
20/Apr/11, 10:14am

Great program as always. Thanks. I am in China and eclubs are my only means of makeups while I am here. I am working on 10 years of perfect attendence. Without eclubs, I would have had to take a leave-of-absense and would not have been able to achieve that goal this year.

Mark Cushing
Champaign West Rotary / 4571
20/Apr/11, 10:08am

Interesting way of doing a make-up...Thank you! This make-up is for Wednesday April 6, 2011...Thank you once again!

Bobbie Durrett
Hickory NC Sunrise
20/Apr/11, 6:45am

Great way to make up.  It's more like a regular meeting without having to be up and out early in the a.m.

20/Apr/11, 6:22am

Interesting and always informative.

Nancy Milton
Laguna Sunrise
20/Apr/11, 5:18am

Very interesting history on Rotary "International".  I always appreciate your insights.  Thanks.

20/Apr/11, 4:59am

Thank you for letting me make-up with your club!

Paradise Valley
20/Apr/11, 4:28am

Thank you for offering the online make ups!

20/Apr/11, 4:14am

Eclubs fill a great need in our hectic and often scattered society.  I live in a rural community, and if I have to miss our meeting there is only one way to make up the missed meeting, and the eclub does it beautifully.  The material on the eclub is pertinent and thoughtful. 

20/Apr/11, 4:03am


20/Apr/11, 2:48am

Great program, as usual.  Attending this way is a great way to stay connected to Rotary and its core strenghts, values and avenues of service.

20/Apr/11, 2:37am

i always enjoy your list of quotes.

20/Apr/11, 2:13am

I would be proud to be an irish woman...Stuart Morrow was so great!!!

Who has heard of the Four Agreements? It is really interesting and so close to the Rotary...Have a look on Google: 

20/Apr/11, 1:59am

Thank you, once again I came away with more history and appreciation for Rotary.

20/Apr/11, 1:42am

Enjoyed the Rotary Minute about Morrow. 

Chuck McGathy
20/Apr/11, 12:51am


Helen Shirota-Benevides
R.C. of South Hilo
19/Apr/11, 9:48pm

Enjoyable experience making up at your E-club meetings.

Wonderful inspirational thoughts and excellent President's Corner message.

Much Aloha!!

19/Apr/11, 9:30pm

I had an understanding (I thought) of how an eclub functioned but obviously there is much more to an eclub that just allowing make-ups.  To hear of the level of participation in fundraising for local/international projects causes me to be humbled in relation to what our club has done.

Dan Arthur
Waynesboro Rotary Club Dist 7350
19/Apr/11, 5:39pm

Enjoyed watching the program about Lindy's flight across the Atlantic.  Thanks for the opportunity to make-up Rotary.

19/Apr/11, 2:53pm

I'm leading a panel discussion at the RI Convention about how to create a successful eclub. What questions would you like me to ask the panel? You can Tweet me @sigmawebtech or respond on LinkedIN at

19/Apr/11, 1:36pm

Our e-club works much like a terra club.  If you have active, enthusiastic, hard working, involved members a club will be successful.  We do and we are. We have great members, and great programs, as evidenced by comments from within our club as well as visitors.

Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
19/Apr/11, 1:02pm

Nice insight about the eclubs--so glad that the RECSWUSA is such a great one!

John G. Jones
Rotary Club of San Angelo Sunrise
19/Apr/11, 12:01pm

I always enjoy the pertinent quoutes that you start the meeting with. Some one goes to a lot of effort to put those together. I also was intrigued by the story of Stuart Morrow.  Amazing how things work out for the good. Great meeting!

John G. Jones

19/Apr/11, 10:55am

good information for the Rotarian visiting an E-club for the first time


Mr Bill

19/Apr/11, 7:55am

As I "heard" the speakers, I was reminded of a book, "Crossing the Chasm". Many parallels. Thanks to eclubs, Rotary members can participate in another dimension.

Jack Hartmann
19/Apr/11, 5:56am

It is snippets of information like one finds in Rotary minute that creates a "tradition" so essential to any culture or institution.

Jack Hartmann Randburg South africa 


Thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. I find "happiness" in knowing and focusing on the things that matter most to me in 5 areas. My Spirit---what makes me get up in the morning; My Health--physically, mentally and financially: My Relationships---The people in my life that enrich it: My  Craft----How I generate revenue: and My Community---How I contribute to the common good. Life comes at us all very quickly---creating lots of "noise" and presenting many options (and lots of those options are meaningless---sorting out what matters most helps me filter out the "noise" and gives me time to focus on things that are important to me---things that give me a sense of accomplishment, value and joy.  JP Hogan

19/Apr/11, 5:06am

Thank you for being an option!

19/Apr/11, 4:59am

Interesting story about Stuart Morrow. I can appreciate a glimpse into this fine organization's history.

Carol Hart
Los Alamitos/Seal Beach
19/Apr/11, 4:40am

Thank you.

19/Apr/11, 4:21am



Lisa Eidman
Rotary Club of Simi Valley
19/Apr/11, 3:14am

Thank you - my first e-club make up meeting..very enjoyable, "on this day..." for birthdays very fun!

19/Apr/11, 2:43am

Thank you for being there for this very busy Rotarian.

19/Apr/11, 2:24am

It is always interesting and sometimes very entertaining to attend your meetings - not only that it helps me maintain my attendance record which is also not a small benefit.

Keep up the good work.

Kelly Hutchison
Woodland Sunrise Rotary
19/Apr/11, 1:41am


Very interesting.  Eclubs are a "sign of the times"  What a great opportunity.

19/Apr/11, 1:29am


Thanks for a great overview of eClubs with their future potential to support and expand the goal of Rotary service.

Doug Dotterer
Stow-Munroe Falls 6630
19/Apr/11, 1:07am

Great program!

19/Apr/11, 1:03am

Always enlighteningand with good fellowship.

19/Apr/11, 12:54am

Excellent comments from our President, Joe Kagle, concerning the nature of E-Clubs, and how talent is the main ingredient that will promote success followed by a clear, succinct explanation of how to build an E-Club and how NOT to try to build one by Mel Taunt.  I am sure that this information will enlighten both our members and our visitors.  If it were not for an E-Club concept, I would no longer be a Rotarian.  For me, it is as simple as that!  Thanks RECSWUSA!


18/Apr/11, 11:56pm

Thanks again!


18/Apr/11, 2:33pm

Congratulations to our e-club founders for developing and leading the Rotary e-club of the SWUSA to success.

jane Howell
18/Apr/11, 2:13pm

I plan to encourage the new member I mentor to attend an e-Club meeting.  I bet she will enjoy the meeting and comments as much as I have.

18/Apr/11, 12:06pm

I found Mel Taunt very interesting. This is the first time in many years that I have tried to attend a E Club. The first time nothing ever came of it. Hopefully I did it right this time.

18/Apr/11, 11:40am

I find I am learning a lot about Rotary in these great meetings, This program on e clubs was very interesting. It took a lot more to get our club going than many of us would ever have guessed. Thanks to those who did such a great job then and thanks to those who nurtured it and made it the wonderful club it is today. Clark Lovrien

18/Apr/11, 10:21am

Thank you, Mel! I am very proud to be a part of this dynamic, very successful club.  I know that it has only achieved its success through the hard work of many individuals, so I'd like to extend my thanks to those members who have paved the way and created the great infrastructure that we can all now use and greatly benefit from!

Steve Hewitt
Chandler Horizon Rotary
18/Apr/11, 10:13am

Very informative

18/Apr/11, 8:54am

Many thanks Mel  for the very imformative meeting about our wonderful e Club,our move to outback Australia it would have been impossible to continue in Rotary after 20 years service, and this geographic position we are in .not only the members of our e Club I am meeting , but the history and broadknowledge I have learnt,I will also use our e Club strengths at Terra club makeups.

President Joe you mentioned " TALENT", I see it in all forms of business,here in the outback the successfull stock agents

with the best personal are the ones who are kicking the goals.

18/Apr/11, 6:52am

It's clear this e-club has a very talented president! His message was excellent. I also enjoyed the Program on e-clubs. My district is close to starting an e-club. I hope it's as successful as this one.

Paul Hardaker
Mandarin Rotary Club
18/Apr/11, 6:43am

So glad this opportunity is available and the programs are intrigueing.

18/Apr/11, 6:16am

An Eclub is GREEN!  think of all the gasoline that is not consumed by all of our members driving to a meeting, the napkins not used, the sign up sheets everything on loine!

18/Apr/11, 6:02am

I particularly enjoyed the write-up by Mel as to how the eClub was formed and what was required. I was not a charter member and thus was not privy to a lot of this information. Thanks again, Mel and Judy, for helping to put together our successful RECSWUSA.

David L. Green
Duncanville Sunrise
18/Apr/11, 5:59am

Great program.  I now have a better understanding of how Eclubs work. Thanks

Mark Williams
Kingston East and Port Royal
18/Apr/11, 3:47am

Thanks again for a wounderful meeting .I always enjoy the quotations.

18/Apr/11, 2:56am

Great Program. Loved Adam's Suit.

Patricia Correa
Abilene Southwest
18/Apr/11, 2:40am

Thanks for the good information presented.

Jeanette Griswold
18/Apr/11, 2:31am

Always amazed at how much content there is in your meeting! 

18/Apr/11, 1:40am

Great meeting as always.  Informative!

Carol Morgan
Stow-Munroe Falls Ohio
18/Apr/11, 1:25am

This is my first Eclub meeting.  I enjoyed the history segments the most.  Very interesting and new information.

Carol Morgan - The Rotary Club of Stow-Munroe Falls Ohio

18/Apr/11, 1:16am

Very interesting

Wayne Honeycutt
Loudon Rotary
18/Apr/11, 12:10am

Good organization!  I enjoyed the article about Stuart Morrow and making Rotary an international organization.  He helped form clubs in San Francisco and in his native Ireland.

18/Apr/11, 12:09am

I'm so glad that this weeks meeting reviewed what the eClub is and how it works!  I've been having some trouble trying to explain what it is I'm doing online every week to my friends, this meeting has given me more then enough reasons to express my dedication.  An interesting point was who this club is for, and how the ages range from 21-86.  The ages range even younger then that, I just turned 20 last week and I couldn't be more honored to be apart of this wonderful family of eClubers!  I hope I can learn as much as I can here.  Katelyn Armbruster, Bethlehem, PA


17/Apr/11, 11:21pm

An excellent and informative meeting. How many 'bricks and mortar' clubs have such interesting and in depth discussions? E club members are very familiar with all aspects of Rotary and arguably are better informed and educated.

PDG Mel's program is essential reading for those who wish to see Rotary grow and prosper into the future in an innovative way. I think the new pilot membership ideas from RI on flexibility are directly influenced by successful e clubs.

This club is strong and is EFFECTIVE as defined by RI - increasing members, carrying out great service projects, contributing to TRF and also (which is really impressive) developing leaders to serve beyond the club level.

It's an honor to be part of the success.

Calum Thomson

17/Apr/11, 9:01pm

I enjoy it!!!! Thanks again for a very good meeting...and be happy.