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Program: The Tragedy of Child Trafficking



Speaker: Marina Jessop,

This week's program is presented by Marina Jessop. Marina was a GSE team member from D5510 to Switzerland. She made the most of that experience and is clearly making the most of her life as well. Marina returned to school for a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Work, specifically to work on, in and around the field of Child Trafficking.

Her program this week will give you insight into the third largest trafficking enterprise in the world (tragically) but of equal import, how one person can dedicate their life to making a change, and do so.

Thanks Marina for all you've done, and especially for all you'll no doubt go on to do. You embody the Rotary spirit without a doubt.


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This week comments: 143, this week visitors: 90

Cally Fromme
Victoria Rotary Club
10/Jul/11, 10:08am

Thank you!

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary Club 25
06/Jul/11, 11:55am

What an amazing story and well written article on Child Trafficking.

04/Jul/11, 11:23pm

Excellent program to make everyone of the tragedy that go on everyday.

30/Jun/11, 6:17am

The GSE program is such a wonderful way to learn about other cultures and how to make a difference in our world.

29/Jun/11, 5:53am

This was an enlignting program and an intractable problem that should be eradicated.

23/Jun/11, 2:49am

What an eye opening program.  Thanks to Marina Jessop for educating us on the tragic facts about Child Trafficking.


15/Jun/11, 9:33am

Wow. Very powerful program. Good for Marina for wanting to do something about these poor innocent children and teens who are taken advantage of and manipulated by adults.

14/Jun/11, 10:48am

This is a huge problem and a very sad commentary !!  Glaed to see that awareness is being raised.

13/Jun/11, 12:13am

Thank you.

Marian Anderson
02/Jun/11, 11:57pm


01/Jun/11, 12:19am

Very informative talk.  Unfortunately, our children are at risk in so many areas in our society.  I am the Chair of our local child safety center for abused children and know the pain that many of them suffer at the hands of adults.

31/May/11, 3:35pm

A crime beyond belief and a real need to get the informaiton about this crime out to the public.

As an alum, I am proud that Marina is going to ASU.  Best of luck!

31/May/11, 10:03am

The challenge of combating international child trafficking, given it's volume of activity (both in supply and demand), is as daunting as any social problem imaginable. The numbers are staggering: 50,000 - 100,000 children smuggled into the U.S.  ; 200,000 American children at risk for trafficking into the sex industry; 2.5 million children bought and sold into the sex industry worldwide. The smuggling operations are well organized into national and international crime networks, with more specialized kidnapping and trafficking rings, which can even include parents! Only drug and firearm smuggling exceed the volume of child trafficking. Does any activity on earth stray further from our social ideals than this?

31/May/11, 1:41am

A Powerfull Meeting  with a powerfull message

29/May/11, 2:16pm

what a nice meeting  i really enjoyed it 

27/May/11, 3:47am

Good Meeting.  I particularly enjoyed the Inspirational Thoughts and President's Message

24/May/11, 2:45am

Very nice way to makeup a meeting and found the program to be very informative.

Gayle Garbolino-Mojica
Auburn Rotary
24/May/11, 2:42am

thanks for the ease to make up a meeting. 

22/May/11, 11:08am

Child trafficking is a trajedy.

21/May/11, 12:09pm

Supreme Court action to determine the classification of a tomato! Oh my. And I usually am uplifted by the meeting topics...but there is nothing uplifting about child trafficking. Thank goodness for people like Marina who strive to make a difference.

Herb Colby
Fortuna Sunrise
20/May/11, 2:57am

Thank you

19/May/11, 2:15am

Thank you!


Donna Copp
of Crystal River, FL
18/May/11, 11:04am

Marina, thank you for sharing your knowledge of this subject. This was a very powerful program.

17/May/11, 6:35pm

Great meeting! Child Trafficking is one of the most under reported tragedies occuring today. Thanks for your insight Mariana!

... Also, loved the qoutes again this week! Especially FDR's!

17/May/11, 1:52pm

Marina, Thanks for sharing this sad, but important information.  As the father of a daughter this presentation underscores the need to protect my daughter and all children.

17/May/11, 5:34am

very informative and sad!!

gregg driggers
Grand Prairie Metro Rotary
17/May/11, 12:53am

Good Program.

Terrianne Pavone
7040 Plattsburgh Noon Club
16/May/11, 5:09am

This was truly an outstanding program. Thank you for sharing it.

Charlene Weis
Poston Rotary
16/May/11, 4:18am

Very powerful program. Thanks

16/May/11, 3:22am

Thank you for sharing the program on child trafficking. I'm happy to learn there are Marina's in this world working hard to combat the issue.

16/May/11, 3:18am

Loved the "President's Corner" this week! 

Joanne C. Gunnell
7750 Aiken, SC
16/May/11, 12:12am

When I need to makeup a meeting I always find your site very interesting and enjoyable.  Thank You!

15/May/11, 3:40pm

Thank you.

15/May/11, 3:29pm

Marina, thank you for sharing this important information. 

15/May/11, 3:04pm

Good job Marina.  Hope you apply for an Ambassadorial Scholarship from Rotary.  I'm sure Mel can guide you.

Robin Bernhoft
Ojai, California
15/May/11, 2:50pm


15/May/11, 1:27pm

Muy buen junta, gracias por la información sobre “Don” Jim Roth un enamorado de  Rotary. Felicidades a Marina Jessop por su programa, un tema muy doloroso pero no podemos negar que hay gente que esta “muy enferma”.


A very good meeting thanks for the information about “Don” Jim Roth, a man in love with Rotary. Congratulations to Marina Jessop for her program, a very painful theme but we can’t deny that there are very sick people.   

Ty Robin
Shades Valley, AL
15/May/11, 5:37am

Good reminders and thoughts on Happyness.  Communication on Child Trafficking was very good and covered the subject in a professional manner.  We in Rotary need more on this topic - - because of the international nature of much of this problem, it should be a good opportunity for Rotarians to contribute to a solution.

15/May/11, 5:20am

While I knew of this kind of trafficking, I didn't know it was as extensive as it is. This was a difficult, but important, program to read.

For those fighting to end this scourge, may you take heart in what Helen Keller called, "fidelity to a worthy purpose."

15/May/11, 2:35am

Thank you, Marina.  Very powerful!  Good luck with your goals!

14/May/11, 11:51am

I use the wise sayings each week in my work email ending salutation after my signature.  Makes me smile each week to see such wisdom shared with all members which I don't have time to research on my own - that's besides the ongoing interesting programs! Sandy

14/May/11, 11:26am

Congratulation to Marina for her informative article on child trafficking and her commitment to be part of the change process.

14/May/11, 11:10am

true joy is the joy of knowing the LORD, hsppiness is all that FDR and George Sand proclaim

Phil Parker
Champions Sunrise Rotary Club
14/May/11, 7:56am

What kind of animals can do this. How can they live with themselves? A very informative, if somewhat sickening, topic.

Well done Marina.

Rory Olsen
14/May/11, 7:06am

Sad, eye opening program.

14/May/11, 12:46am

It's the dark side that helps us appreciate the sunshine in our lives. Thank you for this sunshine opportunity to attend the E-Club. I will return.

Jan Hatfield
Marble Falls Club TX - noon
13/May/11, 7:33am

Good meeting!  Lot's to think about. 

Nancy Milton
Laguna Sunrise
13/May/11, 5:51am

Thanks again for a great meeting!

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
13/May/11, 3:59am

This is a very "eye opening" program.  As a father of 3, including 2 girls, it makes me thankful for people like Marina who work, and aspire to work, to stop this unthinkable trafficking of children.

Tasha Curry
Roswell ROtary Club
13/May/11, 3:44am

Very good program - we all know that it is going on, but often choose to ignore the facts. Thanks for once again bringing to the forefront of my attention.

Roger Patton
Rotary of Vestavia Hills, Alabama
13/May/11, 3:05am

Always a fun and interesting meeting.  This time ending with an informative disertation on the tradegy of child trafficking.  Good work, Marina.  Fight on.

13/May/11, 2:06am

Thanks for the opportunity to do a makeup through your emeetingThe Dahli Lama and others about serving others and being happy. 

Naoki Kamiyama
Ryugasaki RC
13/May/11, 1:21am

This weeks program started with very brightful words. And later, the president mind history make me consider myself behavior. Thanks a lot.

12/May/11, 10:51pm

I always thought child trafficking only involved children from poor or dysfunctional families.  I was surprised to find out the majority come from GOOD homes.

Zahiruddin Babar
Dhaka Premier
12/May/11, 7:14pm

I am happy to go through the E-Club meeting. Gives me immense pleasure to read so many good article n quotes.

Zahiruddin Babar
Dhaka Premier
12/May/11, 7:09pm

I feel to help the community who are underprivilaged which i have been able to do by being a part of Rotary Clubs.


12/May/11, 12:19pm

Thank you again for a wonderful program

Mary Lee Frase
Fort Smith
12/May/11, 7:55am

I so enjoy the Inspirational THoughts. This week, the Dalai Lama was a guest speaker at the University of Arkansas. Having just heard him speak of human interaction as the greatest source of happiness and joy, the quote you printed of his was the cherry on top of a delicious dish of peace ice cream. Thanks.

12/May/11, 7:34am

This is my first E-meeting.  I enjoyed it very much and it was very informative and worth while.  I had a birthday this month but it has already passed (10th)

12/May/11, 5:26am

Whenever I hear or read about this kind of brutality I begin to lose hope for humanity. When I hear or read about people like Marina, hope is revived.

Jeff Frazier
Redlands CA
12/May/11, 5:20am

I had no idea that this was such a significant issue.  This information was a real eye opener.

12/May/11, 5:19am

Excellent program

12/May/11, 4:38am

Very good session

12/May/11, 4:29am

I feel like I get some much out of E-meetings sometimes because I can read them at my own pace and stop and think about what is really being said, while sometimes at live meetings it is RUSH RUSH RUSH to fit everything in. So Thank you for taking the time and energy to have an E-club.

Escondido #915
12/May/11, 4:26am

Once again Thank You for a great makeup option.  Hope some of you will be at RI Convention in New Orleans.  That is the plan ... if the creek doesn't rise tooooo far. 

12/May/11, 4:23am

It is important to bring awareness of this terrible problem to the general public as well as to Rotarians. It seems that only when enough pressure is put upon our elected officials, will something be done. It sounds like even in our enlightened country there is still a major problem.

Excellent program! I always enjoy my makeups at your club.

Derek Steinhaeusser
Rotary Club of Courtenay,B.C.
12/May/11, 4:11am

This is a fantastic venue for Rotary Members. Although I have been a Rotarian for years this was the first time I used this site to do a make up. I am very impressed with the program, the meeting and the information shared. Thankyou so much! Cheers Derek Steinhaeusser, Rotary Club of Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

Ralph Putnam
Rotary Club of North Fresno
12/May/11, 3:41am

Very good program and guest speaker!!!

Timothy Domian
12/May/11, 2:08am

Excellent program. I certainly enjoy the inspirational thoughts and can always use ways to combat "stinkin' thinkin' " to be a better Rotarian. Congrats to Sandy & Alan!

 Keep up the good work!

12/May/11, 1:38am

Great meeting again.  And very sad, but excellent information from the guest speaker.  We really need to open our eyes to the child trafficking going on in the world, and know that it is not just happening in other countries.

12/May/11, 12:50am

This program is being sent to my niece who is actively involved in Human Trafficing Awareness.



12/May/11, 12:34am

Thanks Marina for a real eye opener. I'm sure we still have no idea of the magnitude of this problem or of the damage it inflicts. Seems like there may be many opportunities for Rotary involvement with the leadership of you who know where to start and what to do. We are in New Orleans now and look forward to spending time in the House of Friendship where many clubs will be highlighting their projects. Clark Lovrien

11/May/11, 11:38pm

Hello all,

Great meeting thanks a lot...

I have one URGENT concern : The press is very alarming on Mississipi river flood and its extents... There are even dates announced for the flood reaching New Orleans by May 23rd.

Can anyone give me (and all attendees) some information on this point please in a very URGENT way please.

Thanks a lot

11/May/11, 2:27pm

Marina Jessop you are doing a grat labor.

11/May/11, 1:33pm

Reading this program made me physically ill. No child should be put in situations described in this program. I cannot imagine the kind of monster who would put a precious little innocent girl in such a situation. There has to be a special kind of hell for such a person. Is there any sort of Rotary program that helps to deal with the type of child torture described here? I have two young granddaughters and four tiny great-granddaughters, and if anyone so much as touched them and I could get my hands on that person, I would have no qualms about their demise.

Joe Morris
Johnson County, Ks
11/May/11, 12:49pm

This is horrible stuff...  What can we Rotarians do to help these defenseless children???

Dan Maxham
Farmington, Maine
11/May/11, 12:00pm

Thanks for the enlightenment!

T. Dan Wollam
Mesa Rotary Club
11/May/11, 11:48am

Marina Jessop's presentation on child trafficking was very moving.  My wife and I spent more than 20 years as foster parents, raising 13 foster children.  Although our cases were not as severe as those described by Marina, I have no doubt about either her statistics or her stories.  This will give me something to think about for some time.

11/May/11, 10:56am

Thank you for the opportunity to "meet" with you electronically.  I enjoyed the inspirational quotes and comments from the other members.  I recently read an amazing book on child trafficking called Sold about an Indian girl that is sold into sex slave trade.  It is an very eye opening read.

11/May/11, 8:37am

Child trafficking has grown in the past few years because the children who are forced into prostitution are treated like criminals instead of being treated as victims.  The pimps get away with very light sentences or no sentence at all.  Pimps should be punished severely for their crimes in order to put a stop to this disgrace.

11/May/11, 8:03am

great program.  As a pediatrician I would support all efforts to shed light on this horrible problem.

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
11/May/11, 5:52am

good meeting

11/May/11, 5:38am

Thanks for a good meeting

Linda Turner
11/May/11, 5:23am

Thanks for offering online makeups with interesting programs.

11/May/11, 4:34am


11/May/11, 4:22am

It was very interesting to see the problem of child trafficking in this global world from the perspective of a young woman trying to do something about it.  We need more young people like her who want to make a difference in this world

11/May/11, 1:43am

Well writen and an important topic to be aware of.

Susan Mitchell
Rotary Club of Killeen
11/May/11, 1:35am

Thank you for making it possible to makeup online.  Good progrm.

11/May/11, 12:23am

Very powerful program. It's sad to see what children can go through but it's also incredible to see what the actions from people to prevent this from happenning.


10/May/11, 11:38pm

Congratulations to Marina and your club. I expect that the experience and confidence gained from participating in the GSE has had much to do with her path in life. Her contribution to educating, reducing and hopefully elimating child trafficing provides positive reenforcement of the value of programs such as GSE and student exchanges sponsored by Rotarians and their Clubs world wide.

10/May/11, 11:38pm

Congratulations to Marina and your club. I expect that the experience and confidence gained from participating in the GSE has had much to do with her path in life. Her contribution to educating, reducing and hopefully elimating child trafficing provides positive reenforcement of the value of programs such as GSE and student exchanges sponsored by Rotarians and their Clubs world wide.

10/May/11, 10:39pm

ITS good to learn about the virture of love and giving back to the community

10/May/11, 8:52pm

One of my favorite things about doing a make-up here is the random tidbits that make me laugh out loud! Specifically this week, the obscure reference to The Gods Must Be Crazy!

10/May/11, 1:29pm

its right what was said. We humans are social beings and almost everything we do right or wrong is with the help of others. Lets try to always be with the right crowd.

10/May/11, 12:51pm

I love the relationship quotes from famous people.  It shows that relationship issues are universal.

10/May/11, 11:24am

The sad thing about child trafficking is that we think it's in developing countries, but it is in Phoenix, and in other American cities, as well.

Richard Bean
Harker Heights, TX
10/May/11, 8:22am

Great Program. Keep up the good work

Dianne Hawkins
10/May/11, 8:06am

I paritcularly enjoyed the quotes and the story of dealing with our demons.


10/May/11, 7:05am

Great meeting again!! Thanks

10/May/11, 4:19am

Thank you.

Ernest Hoffman
Mesquite Noon
10/May/11, 4:16am

As always an extremely interesting and well organized program.

Keep up the great work, always a pleasure to meet with you all.

10/May/11, 3:49am

I felt the whole meeting was most depressing i.e. demons and especially the article from Marina on Child Trafficking. So hard to comprehend that 2.5 million children have been lured or kidnapped into this illegal industry.

But the whole of the meeting that talks about our "demons" really never addressed in my estimation of what we can do to keep the demons at bay other than doing good things for others.

I look rather to the Holy Word on keeping demons in check. I believe in the power of the name Jesus Christ...and so do the demons, who shutter and flee when I announce His name and rebuke their attempt to influence my life. I look at what God has given to each of us as found in Galatians 5:22 which says "But the fruit of the Spirit (Holy Spirit) is love, joy,peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfullness". These blessings allow each of us to rise up with gentleness, self-control, sensitivity and committment to bring "Happy to an Unhappy World".

10/May/11, 2:05am

We can make peace if we insist to stay in happiness and indeed happiness comes from within. It brings joy to one's heart and this joy truely depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.

10/May/11, 12:38am

Just finished my first Eclub meeting. I found it a great experience. Wonderful quotes, thoughts and messages, count on me coming back soon.

Mike Gibbs
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
09/May/11, 10:19pm

Greetings from Chengdu, China. There are only two Rotary Clubs in China--one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. So I am making up here. This was another great program. Thanks again for the great work you do. I visit your club often and I enjoy it very much.

09/May/11, 6:06pm

Hello, I've just attended my first meeting.  It was a great article I loved the quotes and I will definitely come again.  Rotary EClub, felt like I was part of a larger wider community of Rotarians.  This is a great way to be a Rotarian.  Thank you.

Warm wishes,

Yours in Rotary

Bhavana Shukla

09/May/11, 1:46pm

Excellent program Marina,well written hard to beleive the field of child Trafficking is so large in our world.

09/May/11, 10:56am

Marina, I had no idea child trafficking existed to this degree.  Thank you for dedicating your life work to education and prevention of this terrible crime.   

Alan Moulin
09/May/11, 10:29am

thank you for the opportunity to attend Rotary.

Kelly Van Buren
SLO Daybreak
09/May/11, 8:48am

Thank you so much for the program!

09/May/11, 6:30am

Marina, An outstanding program spotlighting our innocent children. Your dedication is remarkable.

Becky Von Holten
Champaign West
09/May/11, 6:00am

Thank you!

09/May/11, 5:57am

What a compelling presentation.  Marina, thanks for raising awareness and you commitment to take action. 

09/May/11, 5:44am

The program was very enjoyable as usual.

It is wonderful to hear others philosophy of life as it helps me with my own. 

09/May/11, 5:25am

Indeed one other avenue in which lots of works needs to be done, and Rotary is one great platform.

09/May/11, 5:24am

It is simply a disgrace that the developed nations have not shut this down entirely.

09/May/11, 5:02am

The work you are doing inspires me. Great meeting once again!


09/May/11, 3:59am

Difficult, but important, program. Thank you, Marina!

09/May/11, 2:46am

A very impacting program, I wish all the girls/boys a safe return to their families..  

09/May/11, 2:39am

Disturbing, but an important issue.  Thanks Marina.

09/May/11, 2:13am

Your meetings are always worthwhile. I will use the Dalai Lama quote as an invocator. Jerry

Mark Williams
Kingston East and Port Royal
09/May/11, 2:11am

Excellent meeting as usual.I always enjoy the quotes.


09/May/11, 1:58am

Difficult subject, well done. Laws against human trafficking need to be tougher - Anyone treated this way will have a lifetime of scars and pain. Hopefully, one day we will make tougher laws against traffickers

09/May/11, 1:17am

A topic that has not had enough coverage, good work Marina.  Working on a change in the world is extremely admirable, especially at the extent that you have.  


Bethlehem, PA

08/May/11, 11:15pm

Joe:  Thank you for the inspired insight into the psyche of the artist.  As a physician I try to be empathetic and understanding and think I do OK but I will certainly do better after reading your thoughts. 

I have been a member of the proposed Rotary Interest Group Against Slavery for several years.  It is still not an official group but I will post the web site when I get organized.  Great program, a problem that as a physician I have seen unfortunately too often.  Hopefully we will have a program from this group in the new Rotary Year. 

08/May/11, 8:38pm

Every single meeting is an experience by itself.

08/May/11, 8:31pm

WOW! This is very probably the BEST program we have had in the two years I have had the privilege of being a RECSWUSA member.  Thank you Marina for your dedication to a very important subject.

Unfortunatly our Judical system is too easy on this type of scum in our society.

08/May/11, 8:02pm

Another great program which demonstrates the strength of the e-club weekly meeting. It was also great to read about a former GSE participant who has clearly benefitted from that exchange. It is so sad that actually not enough young professionals could deliver like Marina.

Sadly, GSe will be no more in a few years but because of people like Marina we can see how the idea can be reinvented into something bigger, better and bolder.

I shall be offically welcomed into my new terra club this Wednesday and I thank everyone for their fellowship over the past few months.

However, I shall NEVER fail to keep attedning these meetings and checking to see how the club is getting on.


Best witshes,

Calum Thomson

08/May/11, 6:09pm

Rotary International has done a wondefull job eradicating


I think the next important program in the future should ne protecting children of the world from abuses