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Program: Human Planet


Speaker: Chris Cochrane

Member Chris Cochrane shared this wonderful Program.

The idea for Human Planet started 6 years ago. After finishing a video shoot on Antarctica for National Geographic, the team assembled thought it a shame the most important species on planet Earth - man -has never been systematically profiled on film.
After some research time ( 6 months), the team - led by myself - presented the concept for Human Planet  to major film studios and TV networks around the world.
All wanted to fund a series but we choose the BBC  because their resources are infinitely more. As BBC is owned by the UK government, it has access to funding, contacts, and resources other networks only dream about having.
The team worked with BBC producers and technical people to create the series: Human Planet. It's being hailed in the media as ground-breaking and  one of the finest series ever done. We'll take the kudos but ultimately you be the judge.
Please Watch the Video, It's about 3 minutes, 30 seconds long.
PLUS ... download The Filming Techniques. HPFilming Techniques .



Program Materials:


show movie, youtube id: 2HiUMlOz4UQ&vq

Program Comments: 

This week comments: 178, this week visitors: 116

21/Oct/11, 11:05pm

I'm not home to watch TV much but I'll definitely take a look at this program the next time it's on.  The photo technology sounds fascinating, not to mention the shooting techniques themselves.  Good weekly Rotary program!

Bill McLeRoy
Rotary Club of Western Fort Worth
09/Oct/11, 5:52am

Teamwork comments cut to the case: one needs many to accomplish more.

Tex Ellis
01/Oct/11, 2:19am

Go Stephen..Wow, Pakistan. Inspirational thought great, Comments good..Rotary world! , Mont Blanc- been there to wow what a view! The Moon next possible? Humor section was right on, we all need a push right? Human Planet wow!God Bless from club5830 Paris, Tx

25/Sep/11, 7:25pm

The will helped me to find a way back...

Thank you Françoise for your delightful "note"

08/Sep/11, 10:37am

Wow, what a program! I read the "Human Planet" Filming Techniques Stories first and was impressed with the wide array of photography tools employed - cranes, helicopters, dollies, hot air balloons, not to mention the variety of cameras used! Clearly the most important tool is referenced merely as "bags of patience". Watching the video, AFTER the reading, truckloads of patience would seem the more likely volume used. The video contains stunningly creative images from which the use of helicopters, cranes and dollies were majectically employed. I cannot wait to watch HumanPlanet on YouTube. Thanks!

07/Sep/11, 3:05am

Extremely interesting (although one could fairly debate whether the BBC is "owned" by the government, since it is autonomous and operates under a Royal Charter). I hope that in the US PBS will air this series so that we can appreciate the result of all this work more fully.

07/Sep/11, 12:29am
Very interesting program. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful way of communicating information and making up meetings. It is greatly appreciated.
Darren Doi
Santa Barbara Sunrise
06/Sep/11, 8:00am

Very interesting behind the scenes info.  I loved watching this series on TV.

06/Sep/11, 4:43am

I can hardly wait to see the programs!

01/Sep/11, 9:54am

Fascinating program.  Loved the photographs!

Jay Johnson
Coldwater Michigan
01/Sep/11, 7:46am

enjoyed the Human Planet presentation and some of the techniques used to film the segments.

01/Sep/11, 7:05am

All I can say is WOW!  Fantastic footage.  I wish the world could see "Human Planet" and the many ways it was filmed.  Awesome!

01/Sep/11, 3:36am

This program makes me wish I had chosen a different profession.  It would be awesome to be a part of filming something so extraordinary.

01/Sep/11, 3:23am

The Human Planet clip took my breath away. I get so caught up in the daily grind that I forget that we live in the most magical place imaginable. 

keith sockwell
31/Aug/11, 11:35pm

The inspirational thoughts are always very meaningful.

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Rotary Club
31/Aug/11, 1:29am

Enjoyed the Magic Shoebox and love your eclub!

28/Aug/11, 3:03pm

Couldn't download the filming technique, but really enjoyed the short video.

28/Aug/11, 11:55am

I have always enjoyed documentary films and I know  much work and bravery must go into the making of them. This program details the incredible techniques required to produce these beautiful HD films.

28/Aug/11, 10:19am

Very good meeting and a interesting program, the problems behind the scenes and how to solve them are based on the theme of the meeting “The Human Planet”

Una muy buena junta y un programa muy interesante, los problemas detrás de las cámaras y como se resuelven se basan en el tema del programa “El Planeta Humano”.

26/Aug/11, 1:29am

I truly enjoyed this program. As an avid photographer (just a hobby though) it was quite interesting to learn of the different methods of filming this program.

26/Aug/11, 12:45am

Great pictures & filming.  It was amazing.

jon parker
Rotary of Sonoma Valley
25/Aug/11, 5:57am

enjoyed the imanginative "shoebox" tale

23/Aug/11, 12:40pm

I never knew Stephen, a friend both in an out of Rotary, was such a good guy LOL

23/Aug/11, 12:00pm

Human Planet is really interesting.

23/Aug/11, 10:52am

Thanks for the information of the eClub in the world. I was glad to know that there is an eClub in Mexico, visit their website

23/Aug/11, 7:11am

Very interesting!  And they were right . . . the results were amazing!

23/Aug/11, 6:53am

Awesome! I love that we included a video in this meeting!

23/Aug/11, 4:27am

I really like watching these type of shows. Thanks for showing it as a program!

Timothy Domian
23/Aug/11, 2:53am

Excellent program and information! Thanks!

23/Aug/11, 1:46am


22/Aug/11, 9:26am

Very nice program, thanks a lot

Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
22/Aug/11, 7:59am

Wondeful to see the skill and creative thought behind such wonderful productions.

21/Aug/11, 3:01pm

Excellent, amazing, 1st class, what else can one say.

21/Aug/11, 2:57pm

What a great program, Chris.  The video is stunning, and the challenges of filming, incredible. 

Regarding Francoise's SURVIVAL KIT F0R AN ECLUBBER ON VACATION...great fun.  (Francoise, you are quite clever!)

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary 25
21/Aug/11, 2:13pm

Incredible! Thank you for this wonderful insight into all of the work completed for the Human Planet. i really appreciated the You Tube Clip putting it is great perspective.

21/Aug/11, 1:19pm

Talk about exciting video!!!

21/Aug/11, 12:53pm

An amazing program The Human Planet, and their incredible filming techniques.

21/Aug/11, 12:10pm

Thank you!

21/Aug/11, 11:26am

Very interesting insight of the BBC on how they make their videos.  It would be interesting to travel in different parts of the world and encountering all of the technical problems that would need to be solved to make a good production. Thanks for the interesting program.

21/Aug/11, 10:36am

Absolutely loved this presentation!  I had no idea of all the difficulties and extreme conditions that must be dealt with.

21/Aug/11, 10:15am

wow, Human Planet is wonderful.

21/Aug/11, 9:41am

The trailer on the Human Planet provided some great examples of the unique camera work. I look forward to seeing the series.

Luthfur R. Choudhury
Rotary Club of Dhaka North West
21/Aug/11, 4:43am

Enjoyed  revisiting your club for make up.Your encourgement for contribution to the Rotary Foundation through EREY is a prorgram worth following by other clubs to contribute to the Rotary Foundation to carry on the excellent programs of the Foundation.

21/Aug/11, 2:43am

Oh that was an awesome display of filming and I learned a ton about something I know nothing about! THANK YOU!

21/Aug/11, 2:17am

What a great Program. Greetings from Santiago in Dominican Republic.....We are now finish our first week of pediatric Cardiac surgeries. This is a Rotarian program, where Gift of Life is involved. So many districts participate, to support this mission trip.

20/Aug/11, 11:15pm

As a video-interested person, it was a joy to read about the different techniques and equipment - thanks! Chris, is this something you learned about, or were you actually a part of the team doing the filming?

20/Aug/11, 10:19pm

Its was good to read various opinions about hte meaning of the rotary symbol which all point to service to humanity.

Barbara H. Brill
Newport NH
20/Aug/11, 10:19pm

I appreciate having an alternative for making up a meeting.  This gave me time to reflect on Rotary from a broader perspective, give thought to how our Club fits into the bigger picture, and not miss the spirit of fellowship.  It was also interesting to see how the meeting was "run".  Thank you.

Val A. Barcinal
Rotary Club of Marikina
20/Aug/11, 5:58pm

OH Carol,

just like the song....i really enjoy so much attending your meeting thru eclub. This is my first time. Wow its fun, its a learning experience. This inspired me to push our club to get going with our plan to set an eclub for our district 3800. I love reading each page of the meeting smiled and laugh at your humor page...

More power to you eclub...i will visit again.

20/Aug/11, 4:36pm

Stephen, thank you for all you do.  The recognition is well deserved, congratulations! 

20/Aug/11, 10:55am


I enjoy the information.  Thanks for the meeting time

Patrick Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
20/Aug/11, 10:50am


20/Aug/11, 10:33am

We have come a long way with modern technology,very similar to the way we have moved with our forty five  eClubs around the world.

20/Aug/11, 6:04am

Incredible, I was dazzled and right now pretty speechless.

20/Aug/11, 6:04am

Incredible, I was dazzled and right now pretty speechless.

20/Aug/11, 5:34am

Another great set of humor, wit and meeting presentation.  From my desktop I can write how great this is, I usually do a meeting from my PHONE!!  Great job everyone!

20/Aug/11, 4:56am

Awesome!  We are all indebted to BBC for their work on Planet Earth series.

Dan Arthur
Waynesboro Rotary Club Dist 7350
19/Aug/11, 3:51pm

As always enjoyable.  The shoe box story was interesting.  Also the bit of humour was funny

george ty
19/Aug/11, 1:34pm

it's a pleasure to attend your meeting. looking forward to attend your next meeting..

onofre aguinaldo
rotary club of marikina
19/Aug/11, 12:46pm

my first time to attend its a new and fantastic experience

19/Aug/11, 12:44pm

thank i have learned a lot

ricardo ong
19/Aug/11, 12:43pm

i enjoyed attending your meeting. looking forward to joining your meeting again in the future.

ricardo ong
19/Aug/11, 12:43pm

i enjoyed attending your meeting. looking forward to joining your meeting again in the future.

Duke Huckis
Rotary Club of the Lowcountry
19/Aug/11, 11:48am

I thought the meeting was excellent. I particularly liked the explanations of the Rotary wheel and how it applies to us, R and our relations with our Rotary club Rotary International and the world in which we live. 

Jerry Pentin
Pleasanton North
19/Aug/11, 11:02am

Since making films is what I do, I loved this program.  I was more interested in the techniques used and appreciate the .pdf download.  I can't begin to imagine what this program cost to film but would love to have the opportunity. 

19/Aug/11, 8:09am

Thanks for the opportunity to attend your e-club - as a new Rotarian I'm really interested in the wide range of interests and programs fellow Rotarians are involved in.

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
19/Aug/11, 6:36am

Great program on the pictures. Liked the humor.

19/Aug/11, 3:45am
Congratulations Stephen! Thanks for all you do!
19/Aug/11, 1:32am

I always enjoy my make-up meetings on your site!  Thank You!

Robert Hunter
Abilene Rotary Club
19/Aug/11, 12:41am

Thanks so much for all of the great work you do.

Bob Hunter

Greg Blurton
Fort Myers East Rotary Club
19/Aug/11, 12:41am

Thank You!

19/Aug/11, 12:40am

1st meeting.  Still not sure if I am registered.  I followed the directions given by the club, and attended the meeting, but the email sent to me has a login and password that is different from the one I set up.  I will close and try again if I don't get confirmation that I attended.

18/Aug/11, 11:19pm

Very interesting informatioin. Your club provides some great inspirational quotes.

Diana Kolb
Plano Sunrise
18/Aug/11, 10:25pm

Great programs, loved the joke and especially the detail thought of the Rotarian Wheel.

18/Aug/11, 4:01pm

I am interested in having a way for our members to make up meetings.  We have several dedicated members who have seasonal work that prohibits them form attending weekly meetings year round and our attendance suffers because of it    Our club dues include the cost of breakfast but if they do not attend we do not have to reimburse them, and we do not have to pay the facility we meet at.  The cost is $5.00 U.S.    Would it be possible for our members to attend your web meetings, without paying, and have our club treasurer send you a check for the amount they have paid for meals?   Perhaps on a monthly or quarterly basis? I personally have used your website as a test (and have found it to be valuable) and I am uncomfortable providing my credit card, or  PayPal information.    Please let me know your thoughts.   

18/Aug/11, 12:54pm

Thank you for our Rotary E-Club.

18/Aug/11, 11:55am

Great program. Most people think it takes 5 min to shoot a 30 sec comercial. The program shows how new equipment and a lot of effort has expanded our ability to capture magnificent footage.  

18/Aug/11, 11:47am

excelente programa, impresionantes tomas, toda una belleza natural, felicidades.

John Watts
Gastonia East
18/Aug/11, 11:31am

I enjoyed watching the video about Human Planet and reading about how it was filmed. Your meeting was one of the best make-ups on line I have done. Keep up the good work

18/Aug/11, 10:01am

Thank you for allowing me to attend your meeting.

18/Aug/11, 9:14am

We have seen some of the human planet series and look foward to seeing all of it. Good stuff!

Richard L. Kimes

 Rotary Club Of Winters, Ca. USA

Ruth Stevens
Thayer-Mammoth Spring Rotary Club
18/Aug/11, 8:17am

I enjoyed reading the comments by other members and the program.

Gabe Uebel
Lawrenceburg Rotary Club
18/Aug/11, 7:59am

Awsome Program...

Jan McMahon
Newport NH
18/Aug/11, 6:52am

WOW!  Human PLanet


Jeff Miller
Rotary Club of Scottsdale
18/Aug/11, 6:10am

The meeting was fun and insightful. No chicken for lunch!

Patti Carr
Marble Falls, Texas
18/Aug/11, 5:59am

This will be an incredible film ...great to watch on HD.

This has been great for makeups?  Thank you E-Club.

Steve Ehlers
18/Aug/11, 5:54am

Good program.  Liked the shoe box thing.

18/Aug/11, 5:46am

Loved the sequence on Human Planet.

Mary Fitzgerald
Renton, WA
18/Aug/11, 5:06am

I am thrilled to learn so many new things when I sign on to this club.  It's amazing to me how many different points of view are shared.

18/Aug/11, 2:22am

As usual your meetings are informative and provide insight into club efforts to help our fellow citizens on a world wide basis

18/Aug/11, 2:10am

Good Meeting

18/Aug/11, 2:01am

I particularly appreciated the ideas regarding peaceful conflict resolution.

18/Aug/11, 1:35am

Love the "push" story, but having trouble deciphering the moral.

18/Aug/11, 12:44am

Good meeting

Bernadette Carter
Napa Sunrise Rotary
17/Aug/11, 11:07pm

I appreciate this service! I will miss my regular rotary meeting this morning to take my daughter to her first day of school! :)

Bill Green
Rotary Club of Walsall
17/Aug/11, 10:28pm

I am a big believer in the merit of e-clubs.  One thing they can accomplish is to try to educate Rotarians about Rotary.  I find that many Rotarians only know about their own particular club and maybe their district.  They are conscious that Rotary is worldwide but most have never visited another club except in a group and rarely one outside their own town or country.  Consequently most only have a very vague understanding and eclubs (if we can get more Rotarians to visit them) could plug this gap.

17/Aug/11, 1:47pm

Interesting learning about the world of filmmaking.

Dindo Ferdinand C. Santos
Rotary Club of Marikina
17/Aug/11, 12:46pm
It is nice to read/attend your meeting. Unlike other eClubs that the one attending the meeting don't know what to do, yours is very easy to follow since you will just click the NEXT PAGE button and read the pages.
Richard Bean
Harker Heights, TX
17/Aug/11, 11:47am
Great program. Thank you.
17/Aug/11, 11:30am

Great meeting as always, thank you for making it available on-line!

17/Aug/11, 11:21am

Thank you, enjoyed your EClub.

Dan Maxham
Farmington Maine
17/Aug/11, 11:05am

Great film on Human Planet

17/Aug/11, 11:01am

Fanatastic video

17/Aug/11, 11:01am

Fanatastic video

rick richards
Camarillo Noontime
17/Aug/11, 7:54am

Very good program!

Rey Neufeld
La Quinta, CA # 24799
17/Aug/11, 7:34am

Nice to see you celebrate Anniversaries.  My wife, Jean, and I celebratedd 53 years on Aug.2.  Rey - La Quinta, CA

17/Aug/11, 6:54am

Always appreciate why I am a Rotarian through the reminders I find when visiting this eClub. 

17/Aug/11, 5:04am

Amazing story and amazing photography.

Jerry Morris
Franklin Mountain El Paso
17/Aug/11, 3:38am
  1. Enjoed rEeading about other countiie's holidays.
Jerry Morris
Franklin Mountain El Paso
17/Aug/11, 3:38am
  1. Enjoed rEeading about other countiie's holidays.
Jerry Morris
Franklin Mountain El Paso
17/Aug/11, 3:38am
  1. Enjoed rEeading about other countiie's holidays.
Jerry Morris
Franklin Mountain El Paso
17/Aug/11, 3:38am
  1. Enjoed rEeading about other countiie's holidays.
Jerry Morris
Franklin Mountain El Paso
17/Aug/11, 3:38am
  1. Enjoed rEeading about other countiie's holidays.
17/Aug/11, 1:10am

Unfortunately the program would not download for me. I will try again later. I did enjoy the human planet as presented by u-Tube

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin, OR
17/Aug/11, 1:00am

Iwas especially impressed by the water purification clip.  Perhaps we (Rotary) need to address clean water with the same vigor we have addressed eradicating Polio.  The clip "The Human Planet" was beautiful.  I stand in awe at the creation we get to enjoy.  It is a gift. 

16/Aug/11, 11:51pm

Wow!  What a fantastic presentation by Chris.  Just when I thought out programs could not get any better, they just did! This presentation is of such high quality, that simply maintaining this level of achievement will make our eClub famous, if we are not there already.  In all of my years in Rotary, I have never enjoyed a program to the extent that I enjoyed this one.  What else can I say...Thanks, Chris and thanks Carol, Françoise and others for such a beautiful, intelligent presentation.  My congratulations to Stephen for his diligent work over many years!

16/Aug/11, 11:42pm

Chris, this is fabulous program. It opens vistas and discoveries that once opened are hard to limit or close. I want to thank you and all the others that have been giving me material to use in my collage works for the last five years- finally culminating in large scroll art works (40 collage images on each) which have been shown in the virtual gallery where my recent work can be seen, Upstream Peoples Gallery in Omaha, NE (which get 800,000 visitors to the site each month). I am fascinated with how you work and enriched by your final productions. As a gift for what you gave me this week, I will send you one of my new works. If you want to see what I do, Google me: Joe Kagle or Joseph L. Kagle, Jr.

Roger Bonngard
Chandler Horizon
16/Aug/11, 3:16pm

The meeting is very informative and provides a

broard area of interests.

16/Aug/11, 2:59pm

This was fun. I very much enjoyed the Human Planet clip.

Steve Hewitt
Chandler Horizon
16/Aug/11, 2:52pm

amazing preview Human Planet

Lloyd Fleming
Kingston, Ontario
16/Aug/11, 12:12pm

Another incredible program. The footage was outstanding however the explanation of the teams' efforts in producing this series was truly a learning experience for those like myself who had no idea of of the challenges faced in making these productions. Well done!

Peter Richens
Port Pirie
16/Aug/11, 11:35am

Greetings from Port Pirie, South Australia.

16/Aug/11, 10:29am

Thanks again for providing the opportunity to "make-up" a meeting...I never thought about that aspect of the club being a service project--but it certainly is.

16/Aug/11, 9:54am

Really enjoyed the production notes and then the clip itself.  Fantastic!

Loved the variety of the meeting with the humor, b'day greetings, Rotary Foundation info.  You all pack alot into your meeting!  Thank you!

Monterey Rotary
16/Aug/11, 9:06am

The Human Planet was icredible.  Thank you for making it a part of your program.

16/Aug/11, 6:41am

Aloha, This truly is what Mankind is about - diversity makes our Planet Earth very unique. mahalo fo sharing this with all of us.

Paul Supp, Past President , Rotary Club of South Hilo -  District 5000 - Hawaii

Marc Coker
Laurens Rotary Club
16/Aug/11, 6:41am

Am glad to see the inclusion of the Rotary foundation in each meeting!

Marc Coker
Laurens Rotary Club
16/Aug/11, 6:27am

Great meeting!!!!!!!!  I love the accomplishments of the Rotarian of the Year!  Great work, Steve

Eric Walden
16/Aug/11, 6:04am

Stunning photography and fascinating information on the filming techniques.  Thank you!

Janet Dahse
Sweeny Texas
16/Aug/11, 6:02am

The Human Planet article explained filming techniques that I never thought about. Thanks

Katie Bennett
Carrie Babington
16/Aug/11, 5:00am

It was interesting to read about how the crew was able to shoot with high-tech equipment in such remote locations.

16/Aug/11, 4:37am

Kudos to Chris and team. Human Planet is one of our family's favorites.  I am honored to have Chris in our club.

I loved both the film trailer and the accompanying filming techniques pdf (riveting). Perfect timing for video work we are doing with our NGO.

Amy Stirman
16/Aug/11, 4:36am

What a great way to attend an informative meeting that has a varity of information!

16/Aug/11, 4:25am

Intersting program.  Makes one think about Mother Earth.

16/Aug/11, 4:09am

8-16-2011Thank you for this inspiring program regarding the filming of "Human Planet." It captures the essence of being human in all parts of our planet under varying conditions. Not only is the trailer beautiful in its expression but it, very meaningfully, puts whatever our own working situation happens to be into the broader context of life and all its challenges elsewhere.

16/Aug/11, 3:57am

This was an amazing program...and a truly amazing documentary,

Kory Whitley
Dayton, Tx
16/Aug/11, 3:55am

I really found it interesting about the Rotart emblem and what people think it stands for.

16/Aug/11, 3:55am

Great Video!  Look forward to seeing the finished product.

16/Aug/11, 2:18am

Terrific video

16/Aug/11, 2:13am

Thanks for oferring this service!

16/Aug/11, 2:07am

Thank you Chris for this marvelous program.

Francoise's Sergeant At Arms, the Magic Shoe Box was priceless. I wish that I owned this magic survival kit, while traveling the last few weeks.

16/Aug/11, 1:48am

Enjoyed learning about the various meanings of the Rotary symbol. All in all a very infromative website.

Joseph Garkovich

15/Aug/11, 11:14pm

A super meeting. The program was fabulous. Even learning all I did I find the results absolutely astounding. Thank you so much. Clark Lovrien

Tim Ernster
Rotary Club of Sedona
15/Aug/11, 11:00pm

As usual, a very informative and uplifting meeting.  A great way to start my day.  Thanks!


Tim Ernster

15/Aug/11, 9:35pm

Wow, what an incredible film.

15/Aug/11, 3:06pm

Spectacular cinematography that captures human activity rarely seen by 99% of the World's population.  Kudos to the BBC.

15/Aug/11, 12:28pm

Amazing video.  I can't wait to see the entire film.  The technical notes are interesting too.

Jeff Barrett
15/Aug/11, 11:51am

nice format

15/Aug/11, 11:36am

I enjoyed so much knowing about the different countries that are now celebrating their independence from the depressing past. I think of my celberation of conquering and celberating those things that kept me from being the very best that I could be and that which God had intended for me to excel.


My Inspirational thought that I would like to add to the others is this: "Forget your mistakes, but remember what they taught you", unkown.

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
15/Aug/11, 11:30am

Very, very enjoyable and interesting program.  This looks like it will be a spectacular series to watch!

John Roney
Chico Calif noon
15/Aug/11, 7:18am

thank you

Donna Bartoli
Elk Grove Village IL
15/Aug/11, 6:56am

Great Meeting i will be back!

15/Aug/11, 6:36am

What a fantastic, wonderful presentation. I was particularly glad that I had watched the story about the photographers and how they filmed before I saw the video. We own the entire set of Planet Earth, and we always marveled at the photos of the animals and how much patience it must have taken to capture them. That is also true in this BBC segment. It was a wonderful way to spend part of my Monday afternoon.

I also want to join in praising Stephen for his constant work on our website. I was District Governor when Steph led our GSE team to Pakistan. I later traveled to that country myself, and his name was often brought up by people there who had met and respected him. He is a great Rotarian!


15/Aug/11, 6:05am

Great diversity this week... love BBC programming

15/Aug/11, 5:57am

Good content.

Lynn Perez-Hewitt
Catalina Rotary (Tucson) Club
15/Aug/11, 5:16am

This was a delightful experience and totally refreshing.  Rather than a chore, I was transported from my work desk to a bigger world where so many people are doing good things every day.  Thank you.

Rory Olsen
15/Aug/11, 4:47am

Fascinating program.

15/Aug/11, 3:33am

Superb presentation Chris

Linda Robertson
Eastwood IRondale Alabama
15/Aug/11, 2:59am

Thanks you for the opportunity

Linda Robertson
Eastwood IRondale Alabama
15/Aug/11, 2:59am

Thanks you for the opportunity

Linda Robertson
Eastwood IRondale Alabama
15/Aug/11, 2:58am

I enjoyed the "Magifc Shoe Box"  no excuse for those of us sitting in offices to make up LOL

15/Aug/11, 2:20am

Wow = what an interesting program

15/Aug/11, 1:41am

Having literally just watched a couple discs on Planet Earth last night, Human Planet seems to be another amazing film on the most important species.  The film was absolutely stunning, and especially the lengths and heights you went to film is truely remarkable and I believe no one has seen anything quiet like it.  The birds eye point of view really takes into another dimmension which besides Planet Earth, I have never seen before.  It looks great!  

15/Aug/11, 1:32am

Wow, thank you for this program, Chris! As someone interested in both filmmaking and cultures around the world, I found this program particularly fascinating! I had wanted to see Human Planet when I first heard about it, but for some reason didn't have the chance. Now I am determined to check it out! Thank you so much.

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
15/Aug/11, 12:35am

Wonderful program

15/Aug/11, 12:13am

I had to miss a meeting for my dad's surgery.  Thank you for making it easy for me to make it up!

14/Aug/11, 11:15pm

WOW! What a great program. Would love to have been on the filming crew.

Carol, it has been so HOT here in Texas I can not remember how to access the site to contribute to EREY. A little help would be appreciated and rewarding.

Thanks to all who help put the programs together.


14/Aug/11, 10:02pm
I appreciate good program today. I am looking forward to reading good program.
14/Aug/11, 10:01pm

Very interesting program. Thank you for introducing me to such a beautiful photography and their techniques.

14/Aug/11, 7:46pm

Oups! it's me again! I want to tribute to is a short extract of one of his notes to me: 

...and let me know if I can fix/add/help/correct/contribute in any way. YiR. Stephen

14/Aug/11, 6:24pm

It's me again...I just watched the movie and forgot to click on HPFilming...Sorry! Now, I know where and how this series has been filmed...Very informative time, I will not forget to put a golden eagle trained to film me on the icefield! Chuck, I hope you planned to film something else very soon...So...see you in 6 years!

14/Aug/11, 5:31pm

HUMAN PLANET! Whaouah! Keep it all day long on my left full page display while I am working on my right screen! So great! Chris, between you and me...can you tell me where you have been...the different places we see on this video...I promise you, I'll keep it to me...and our fellow members, of course! I am very proud to have a famous moviemaker among us ...Congratulations!