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Program: Search for Meaning in a Seemingly Meaningless World



Speaker: Joe Kagle

Last night, watching the new news communication tool for visual and verbal meanings: the nightly television news broodcast, the first image that came up was a bank robbery with the criminal wearing a dress with underwear over his head (they guessed that it was a male since that was the voice they heard). He was shown robbing the bank because the six or seven other bank robberies were not as bizarre in what they wore to pull off the heist. The second piece of news was a drunk who stold a forklift and had five police cars slowly following him down a major highway until he pulled over and was jailed.


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Rory Olsen
12/Feb/12, 11:54am

Interesting program.  Now I understand the opening art on "Monty Python's Flying Circus."

Nate Cobb
Scottsdale SunRise Rotary Club
04/Feb/12, 6:48am

Thank You

19/Jan/12, 1:57am

Loved this program.  Very insightful with references to some of my favorite artists and poets.  

14/Jan/12, 10:42am

I thank God for membership in the Rotary Family.

Doy gracias a Dios por pertenecer a la Familia Rotaria.


11/Jan/12, 3:47am

Fascinating to get inside the mind of an artist!

09/Jan/12, 10:51am

Joe Kagle challenges us to confront the unknowledge and unexplainable of our lives by providing a new context in which to view its content - from the perspective of the Complete Artist Communicator. What begins as an interesting overview of the Dada movement (wherein, for example, one "rule" says sanity requires "crazy" actions) transitions into a prescription for understanding the creative influences upon the artist, with himself as example. The program then concludes by encouraging "The Complete Communicating  Artist of the Future" to work with the community through all "eleven" senses. He hopes someday a 12th sense will evolve - the World Wise sense. Any Rotarian can relate to that desire. Thought provoking program! 

08/Jan/12, 2:29pm

Interesting search for meaning.

01/Jan/12, 1:00am

Loved the sergeant at arms minute today! It made me long to be in Barcelona staring up at the beautiful cathedral once again!

31/Dec/11, 1:41am


31/Dec/11, 12:11am

That was a fascinating peek into an artist's mind Joe Kagle.Had goosebumps reading about his crawling on the footbridge to get to the pagoda!

 Such a warm feeling reading all the "family " quotes- Sudha Umashanker


Maggie Argentine
7150 Rotary Club of Oneida
29/Dec/11, 12:08pm

“May the beauty we love be what we do.”  As I delved more deeply into this 12-page meeting, I moved from being 'taken' by this lovely quote [Rumi, 13th century] to pondering how fortunate I am to be working with RNs returning for their BS degrees in nursing, where we combine the art of nursing with our science...  indeed, we teach nursing theory with and through art, and those of us who learn well, manage to use just about all 12 of the senses presented by Joe Kagle, The Artistic Communicator.  Thank you, Joe for giving me fuel for next semester!

Gay Porter
Rotary Club of Hilo, Hawaii
27/Dec/11, 4:05pm

That was a complicated dissertation, but once I hit the beggar and the flowers I was hooked. Great

26/Dec/11, 9:45am

Good meeting.

Buena reunion.

26/Dec/11, 8:17am

Joe always gives us much to think about and digest. I really identified with his description of crossing the swaying bridge by foot to the middle and crawling the rest of the way. When I first heard the words, after being examined by the throat physician, "You have a tumor on your larynx,"I could barely digest it. But then I proceeded to have 40 radiation treatments, driving myself and breezing through them all. (That was the first part of the bridge.) Then I learned, two months later, that the cancer was still there and I had to have a laryngectomy. To lose my voice was almost inconceivable at first. (All women like to talk -- and for a Past District Governor of Rotary who loved the mike), it was certainly a crawl to where I am today. I often feel as if I have not yet reached "the other side," wherever that may be. Lots to think about in your Search for Meaning, Joe. Thank you.

22/Dec/11, 2:44am

Very interesting!

Bonnie Bedford
Austin-Oak Hill
21/Dec/11, 9:50am

I enjoyed the poem about families and the program was an interesting concept

20/Dec/11, 5:29pm

Thought provoking presentation.

20/Dec/11, 3:05pm

Always enjoy the emeetings.  Always good material.  Some very thought provoked and many new ideas on how to better serve our world community.

18/Dec/11, 1:33pm

Too bad you were born too late to be a dadaist, Joe (you know they never capitalized it - that was too bourgeois). You would have made an excellent one, whether by the written word or the painted canvas. Marcelle DuChamp 's got nothin' on you...

16/Dec/11, 9:11am

This program is hilarious. Thank you for it

15/Dec/11, 4:41pm

Marco Polo was visititing the world and reporting to Kubilai Khan his trips (a fiction book I read lately). İn one of his feed backs he talked about a city which was so wonderful that the Khan asked him "are the walls of this city solid ?"... Marco Polo said all depends on the strength of it's bricks...

The strength of a good society is the strength of the families building it... And the Rotary family contributes to it a lot.

keith sockwell
15/Dec/11, 1:52am

What better description of a happy family than an early heaven.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
14/Dec/11, 3:56pm

Great jokes!


13/Dec/11, 11:01am

This is my first time doing my makeups on this site.  I really enjoyed this.  Feels like i actually attended a meeting today.

13/Dec/11, 10:02am

Another great program

13/Dec/11, 8:44am

Gratitude helps me and my family bring meaning into our world and expressing to each other and others seems to be a great focus to have. Great message joe!

12/Dec/11, 10:27am

Enjoy the reading.  Glad to see our exchange student does not want to move, meaning she is ajusting perfectly.  On a site note, I will try to join on the 17th by skype (connection permitting).

Thank you

12/Dec/11, 12:57am


11/Dec/11, 4:25pm

Excited to get another report in from Bella.

11/Dec/11, 3:42pm


11/Dec/11, 2:34pm
Very interesting program with the eleven senses as Joe Kagle says.
11/Dec/11, 2:00pm


Thanks for the lesson in Dadaism!  By the way, my Dada was born in 1919 also.  I wonder if he understood it!

11/Dec/11, 1:13pm

Interesting meeting

11/Dec/11, 10:38am

You have outstanding programs--always with plenty to think about.  I enjoyed Mr Kagle's essay; and, since it is downloaded, I can refer to it again and again.  This points to another advantage of your e-club--your programs continue to influence.  Thank you.

steve hewitt
chandler horizon
11/Dec/11, 9:36am

very interesting

11/Dec/11, 6:25am

One component of family dynamics is our opportunities to challenge each other. Let's do what we can this month to let others know that a family of those who serve welcomes guests and newcomers.

Joe, thanks for mentioning the work of Dale Chihuly. I've seen an exhibition and several of his pieces in different places, and have always been amazed at the beauty of his art.

Lloyd Fleming
Kingston, Ontario
11/Dec/11, 6:09am

Enjoyed Joe's dissertation on the many ways to communicate with each other, particularly in our ever-emerging, and often faceless, virtual world.

11/Dec/11, 12:59am

I remember Art Appreciation being a required class at the college I attended. With that background, I enjoyed the update on art from an artist's perspective.

10/Dec/11, 2:09pm

Joe, thank you for bridging the communication gap through the artist.  I am so linear in my thinking, it took me many years to understand that not everyone sees things in the same seemingly logical light my brain prefers to process.  The artist brings dimension and color....beautiful.   

10/Dec/11, 1:26pm

Thank you for a wonderful meeing. I look forward to attending the Skype Party on the 17th. 

Hawaii was a wonderful vacation and I am home now working on a new project to help our soldiers serving in Afghanistan. 

Have a wonderful week.

Warm Regards,

Doreen Berggren

Rory Olsen
10/Dec/11, 11:04am


10/Dec/11, 10:28am

Thank you, Sarah Coy

09/Dec/11, 10:58pm

Thanks Joe!

Mike Patterson
Houston Northshore
09/Dec/11, 4:12pm

Great visuals accompanying meeting text.

B.J. Smith
Colleyville, TX
09/Dec/11, 1:59pm

Great program. Thanks for offering this option.

09/Dec/11, 7:38am

Good Meeting

Ed Ellis
Rotary Club of Knoxville Volunteer
09/Dec/11, 5:55am

Thank you for the great job you do. The comments on Dec. as the "Month of the Family" was great.

Happy Holiday to all; and, good luck for the coming year.

Stan Kathol
Omaha - North
09/Dec/11, 5:49am

Interesting family poems and quotes.  the program was a bit confusing.

Judy Hylton
Rotary Club of st. Andrew
09/Dec/11, 5:02am

As usual, entirely enjoyable and interesting meeting. 

Joanne Gunnell
Aiken-Club 6187
09/Dec/11, 4:15am

Thank you.

Richard Whitman
Grand Prairie Metro
09/Dec/11, 12:57am

Good program today.  Thank you!



09/Dec/11, 12:25am

thank you.

08/Dec/11, 1:03pm

A very interesting and provocative essay by Joe Kagle.  I gave up a long time ago trying to find a meaning to our existence.  I am satisfied in letting others---numerous artists and writers (too many to name) present us with their own ideas of what the meaning of life really is. I will simply do my best to enjoy it and allow others to enjoy it while we are here.

Tom Copeland
Cobourg, ON
08/Dec/11, 11:56am

WOW! What a diverse amount of content. I really liked the historical content of the Rotary Minute. Too many Rotarians don't know or appreciate the origin of Rotary.

08/Dec/11, 11:22am

Why yes, there is value in a liberal arts education.

08/Dec/11, 10:41am

Absolutely loved the humor/jokes, they brought a smile to my face. Can anyone clarify what the picture with the teeth represents? I can't figure that one out for the life of me LOL

08/Dec/11, 10:09am

Beautiful poem by Jeannette!

Brad Cates
Waco Rotary Club
08/Dec/11, 6:56am


08/Dec/11, 6:43am

This was my first makeup here and I enjoyed the information and layout of the meeting format.

08/Dec/11, 4:54am

Not sure where this was heading but it was very interesting reading.

Cary Wigington
Flower Mound, Texas
08/Dec/11, 3:49am

I really like the resources available through your club.

08/Dec/11, 3:20am

Thanks for sharing with me.  I enjoyed this week's e-Rotary meeting

08/Dec/11, 2:13am

Joe Kage's talk was an interesting perspective on the sometimes absurd effort to understand a world that often eludes meaning.

08/Dec/11, 1:40am

Joe Kagle's presentation, accented / illuminated liberally with graphics, was fascinating.  Kagle opened my eyes and mind to aspects of a world I had not considered.  Thank you for sharing!

07/Dec/11, 9:01pm

Very Enlighting program!

07/Dec/11, 3:23pm

Thank you, Joe!

07/Dec/11, 2:19pm

I’m not Haydn

Gone Chopin

Bach in a minuet

Can you Handel it?

Wonderful program......

Sandra Cutting
Wakefield RI
07/Dec/11, 12:19pm

A great conversation about the artist and his place in our world.

willie brinson
Goldsboro-Three Eagles
07/Dec/11, 10:21am

Thanks for allowing me the opportuinty to make up for a missed meeting.  I truely enjoyed the progran, it's almost like attending my regular club meeting.

07/Dec/11, 9:20am

Good joke Bob

Christian J. Hack
Lake Brazos Rotary Club
07/Dec/11, 8:34am

Thanks for the meeting. 

07/Dec/11, 8:10am

Thank you for making available on-line!


Mitch Gutierrez

Franklin Buchanan
Vista Nights
07/Dec/11, 7:31am

I loved the focus on family, particularly Jeanette Matthew's poem.  I didn't even know December was family month until I visited, so I'll have to put an even bigger emphasis on that!

You may want to go and check the Creating a Successful E-Club link and update that.

07/Dec/11, 5:26am

I enjoyed the programs "Impressions of Togo" and "Search for Meaning in a Seemingly Meaningless World."  Rotarians have such a wide diversity of concerns and interests!

07/Dec/11, 4:58am

Thank you

07/Dec/11, 4:42am


07/Dec/11, 3:36am

Thanks Joe!  I particularly like the beggar and a wealthy merchant story.

07/Dec/11, 3:27am

Enjoyed the program

Caroline J Fielding
Rotary Club of Cordele, GA
07/Dec/11, 2:36am

This was an interesting and enlightening program. Excellent!

07/Dec/11, 2:23am

Thank you. We have a family that is getting closer and closer. Paul Harris' feelingswere "right on". Clark

07/Dec/11, 12:53am

I think these lessons apply to many pursuits in life as well as art.  The best things in life require courage, passion and hard work to achieve.  Interesting discussion Joe.

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
06/Dec/11, 11:55pm

Enjoyed the speaker.  Thanks!

Lissa McCombe
Nassau Sunrise
06/Dec/11, 11:39pm

This was a profound program. The mention of the senses that were recognized in the 70's/80's were particularly interesting to me. The 11th, sense and community relates as a Global Perspective. Unfortunately these days, this perspective is often lost.

Dave Melton
06/Dec/11, 11:03pm

Thank you for the opportunity.

06/Dec/11, 2:48pm

Joe … Once again I am amazed at your depth of experience and inherent wisdom. Thanks for sharing and kudos to all who had an input to this weeks meeting.Mel

Jesus V. Ortiz
Horizon Rotary
06/Dec/11, 2:47pm

ok what is the meaning of this essay

Jenny Barnett
Centennial Rotary of Council Bluffs, IA
06/Dec/11, 1:18pm

This is the first time I have visited your site.  Very interesting.  Thank you.

06/Dec/11, 10:13am

What a wonderful month to celebrate family.

Jim Champlin
Ahwatukee Foothills
06/Dec/11, 9:30am

Interesting program.  What did it mean?  LOL

Sandy Blackwell
Rotary Club of Ahwatukee Foothills
06/Dec/11, 8:34am

Loved the Dead Duck story :)

06/Dec/11, 7:41am

Being married to an art major I could relate. Love Rumi..

06/Dec/11, 7:31am

Always very good inspirational input.  Thank you.

Bert Tollison
Claremore, OK
06/Dec/11, 6:02am

Very informative

Kim Summers
Champaign West
06/Dec/11, 5:59am

I enjoyed the interesting program and absolutely loved the excerpts from the Rotarian Magazine.  Genuinely appreciate the continued inspiration.

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
06/Dec/11, 4:57am

Great program

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
06/Dec/11, 4:54am

The Ambassadorial Scholar article was very good. Rotary could do a much better job tracking the Scholars. They are automatic advertising on the greatness of Rotary.

06/Dec/11, 4:39am

thank you

melinda stachler
06/Dec/11, 1:32am

what a great club.  thanks for another good program

06/Dec/11, 12:29am


Your program was a journey enjoyed.  Not sure where I have been, but I am sure where I am going!!!

Eric Walden
05/Dec/11, 11:57pm

Humor is the best medicine.  Thank you.

05/Dec/11, 11:24pm

Great read.  Context is everything when it comes to interpreting life.

John Emery
Bakersfield Downtown
05/Dec/11, 10:44am

Like the materials about the December theme and emphasis on family.  Very interesting take on artistic development.

05/Dec/11, 10:13am

thank Carol the meeting was awesome

Jeff Williams
Roswell Rotary
05/Dec/11, 9:41am

I really enjoyed the insipational quotes for this week's meeting and the one that states. "At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable".  This was very moving.

Alex Coronado
Brownsville Sunrise
05/Dec/11, 6:57am

Interested program.

05/Dec/11, 6:46am

good meeting

05/Dec/11, 5:48am

Great meeting.

05/Dec/11, 3:20am

Very good meeting. Thank you again

Keith Shaffer
Rotary Club of 288 Corridor
05/Dec/11, 3:13am

I appreciate this site. I enjoy hearing about other clubs. My work and family schedule hasn't allowed me to visit my own club in the past couple of weeks and this helps with my attendance.

05/Dec/11, 1:56am

Glad you guys are here.  I enjoy reading about the international accomplishments of Rotary!

05/Dec/11, 1:54am

It is TRUE! When I visit another country and attend a Rotary meeting, I am treated as family, often invited to their homes. Rotary does bring us, at home and abroad closer together. Seasons greetings to all.

Don Eads, Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake, CA

Venido Pena
Metro iloilo
05/Dec/11, 1:39am

your meeting is vey informative i enjoy every minutes of it thank you .

05/Dec/11, 1:32am

Thank you Joe...I wish this attendance could count double or triple!!! This program was very hard for me...I am a very down-to-earth person, so ...can you english!!! Nice to hear from Bella...and...Frances, please, way we go with you to Puebla(MX) next year...

05/Dec/11, 12:21am

Thought provoking.

04/Dec/11, 11:50pm

It is interesting that some places in my essay on "meaninglessness" lines were stopped and repeated (which was not in the original presentation) someplace else in the essay but after reading it, it seems to fit my subject perfectly.

Also if I rewrote it, I would not have made some sections so scholarly. I show my professor-side, at times. If that confuses some, go to the last section and just read the 12 ways to communicate in the 21st century.

04/Dec/11, 10:40pm

Thank you Joe for nice presentation

Pictures is too impressive for me to read at ease.

I could understand that artists have special sense compared with normal citizen.