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Program: The Joan Anderson Memorial Dispensary, Rwanda


Speaker: Katherine Christensen

Katherine Christensen has been a member of the Sun Lakes Crown Rotary that meets in Sun Lakes, AZ, just over one year. She has been a school teacher, a massage therapist, a personal trainer and is now retired. Says Katherine: "I now feel very blessed to now have the opportunity to spend most of my time being of service. is retired and passionate about service, specifically in support of grassroots efforts such as the clinic project in Rwanda. She just returned from Rwanda which was an overwhelming experience for her. Chris and Safieh Anderson, who co-founded the clinic in Rwanda, were acquaintances of Katherine’s in Canada. A couple of years ago Safieh invited Katherine up to Canada for a fundraiser. Katherine couldn’t attend but wrote at the very end of her email “but if ever there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.” The rest is history.


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Hazel Powell
Woodstock Ontario Canada
12/May/08, 11:40pm
interesting presentation from the clinic.keep up the good work.
12/May/08, 9:24pm
Wonderful to think people will take on a such chellenge as I have just viewed,
12/May/08, 12:15am
It was an inspiring story of how just one or two people can make a huge difference.
07/May/08, 3:41am
More about Rwanda - Didn't know how small it was.
07/May/08, 3:34am
05/May/08, 10:15am
The Joan Anderson Memorial Dispensary was founded in 2002 when construction began in Rwanda (Africa) thanks to the efforts of Canadian couple Chris and Safieh Anderson. The center was named for Chris' mother who died in 2000. Rwanda has 8 million people with a life expectancy of 40 years. 60% of the population lives on less than $1 per day. There are only two doctors for every 100,000 people.Against this backdrop, and in this environment, the clinic opened in 2006. Today it is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and has no doctor and only four beds. The entire clinical medical staff is three nurses; and yet over 3,000 patients have been treated since the clinic opened. It is very humbling to learn that this improbable clinic was started and exists because of the efforts of two persons, an inspired public accountant and his wife, who live as the Rwandans live, with no electricity, no plumbing, and no promise of tomorrow.
James Champlin
ahwatukee Foothills
02/May/08, 7:31am
There is so much need, i is fortunate that there are individuals who are able to walk the talk.
rick richards
Camarillo Nootime
25/Apr/08, 1:40pm
There are great needs in Rwanda
18/Apr/08, 5:51am
The money raised for the Rwanda cause is matched dollar for dollar by Rotary International.
17/Apr/08, 12:45am
I learned about the charity work being done in Rwonda.
Judy St. John
Rotary Club of Thousand Oaks
13/Apr/08, 1:14pm
You have given another informative meeting about the projects available in Rwanda. In this case, it is certainly true that a picture is worth a thouand words. The heart goes out to to those people, especially the children. I hope the project is very successful in garnering support among Rotarians and others.
13/Apr/08, 6:17am
Great program. Three cheers for the Andersons. They exemplify :service above self."
11/Apr/08, 3:31am
Joan Anderson Memorial Dispensery in Rwanda. The model progress Rwanda is setting for sustainability.
10/Apr/08, 7:56pm
If ever there was a place that could use a helping hand... Great to learn about this program.
port orford club
10/Apr/08, 4:05am
Michael Hess
Evergreen Alabama 4076
10/Apr/08, 12:12am
The observations on the growth, use, creation of e clubs was great. The program on Rwanda Dispensary and other efforts in Rwanda was really interesting.
Stephen Zuniga
South Hilo Rotary
09/Apr/08, 10:36am
Learned that the Joan Anderson Memorial Dispensary in Kigali Rwanda was started by Chris and Safieh Anderson from Red Deer Alberta Canada. During the genocide, they knew they needed to do something. Around 1995 they moved to Rwanda and worked long-term for reconstruction and healing. They were not funded by any church or private organization. There is now a clinic and electricity. After his wife's death everyone gathered to remember her through creating a memorial. A testimony to what people can do one by one, or two by two. Every extra hand helps.
09/Apr/08, 10:07am
Interested to see the Canadian connection. Also amamzed to see the level of commitment to give up jobs and go and live this way to help others
08/Apr/08, 4:11pm
How the Anderson Association started and about all the great work they do in Rwanda.
05/Apr/08, 2:11pm
excellent program
karen swanson
Lewis River Rotary club-Battle Ground, WA
03/Apr/08, 10:52am
I will take this informative information back to my Intl chairperson and see if my club could put this into the planning for future projects.
Vern Hansen
Scottsdale Sunrise
02/Apr/08, 1:33pm
Service project in Rwanda.
02/Apr/08, 10:14am
We who are fortunate enough to live where we do, to choose our daily menus from a myriad of choices, who live in heated and air-conditioned homes, who sleep every night in a warm, comfortable bed, and who can read and write and see a doctor when we are sick -- we, as Rotarians, need to address the needs of so many in this world for whom none of the above is true.
02/Apr/08, 3:44am
What an inspiration this family is. It is so sad the state of life in Rwanda. This is something to aspire to in our lives.
02/Apr/08, 1:45am
Wow, great to hear of such a project. It is easy to see how Rwana is progressing but needs more help.
02/Apr/08, 1:03am
keith miller
mesa west rotary
01/Apr/08, 11:30pm
rotary can do so much by the actions of so few
01/Apr/08, 8:56am
Rawanda is an amazing country. Many hills and farms on the hills. One of the most improved countries in Africa. Corrupt government. Need water school supplies, electricity, doctors.
01/Apr/08, 6:45am
This individual initiative established an NGO that has built a clinic in Rwanda that is open 24 hours/day staffed by 3 nurses. A refrigerator is needed to store vaccines. Fundraising for a school, desks, and equipment is also ongoing.
31/Mar/08, 4:11pm
The Andersons are amazing people. What incredible dedication on their part to move to Rwanda and live like the locals. They have made their corner of the world a better place to be.
Kelly Van Buren
Rotary of San Luis Obispo Daybreak
31/Mar/08, 8:51am
Attending a Rotary club online has many of the same aspects a terra club has...just minus the social side. I enoy reading the programs, I find I learn more about actual projects that way, rather than listening to a speaker.
31/Mar/08, 5:18am
Awesome job being done in Rwanda; it is hard to think of people living as they do, yet look at the smiles on the faces in the photos! It certainly puts into perspective some of the small things we allow to upset us, and the things we should be thankful for each day.
Jeff Miller
Rotary Club of Hollister
31/Mar/08, 4:52am
The third paragraph on the first page of the program says it all. Chris and Safieh Anderson definitely "walk the talk," even going so far as to live as the people do, without electricity or plumbing.
30/Mar/08, 5:28pm
30/Mar/08, 2:58pm
Thank you Katherine.
Donna Wilson
Sunburst Harlingen
30/Mar/08, 12:51pm
The outstanding arojnd the world "make a diefference" of he Rotary organization.
john molina
Chandler Horizon
30/Mar/08, 2:47am
Starting a clinic is a work that is to be applauded..., major technical issues always arise and medical supply problems are constantly at hand. I applaud the community for the nurses that work there, are they paid? and having a 24 hour seven operation is something few of us would want to manage!
29/Mar/08, 12:31am
What's happening in the eClub. The appointment of its new president. And, some of the needs of a clinic in Rwanda. I belong to the Chandler Horizon Rotary Club. I'm a new member and have been a Rotarian for less then a year.
28/Mar/08, 6:31am
Very interesting international project in Rwanda. I belong to Henniker Rotary Club in New Hampshire. We have 29 members and have a breakfast meeting each Thursday. We were chartered in 1984. Our annual operatiing budget is around $20,000.
Ruth Westra
Club 25
28/Mar/08, 4:47am
Incredible story! Thank you.
28/Mar/08, 12:43am
Red Deer Alberta was my home town. General Romeo Dallaire, a Canadian, was in charge of the UN peace keeping force in Rawanda during the genocide and has spoken widely as well as written a book about the horrors of this time. "Shake Hands with the Devil" is his account of the failed mission. I would recommend it to anyone looking for more background on this troubled nation.
27/Mar/08, 11:53pm
learned about the eClub's dictionary project, as well as about the Joan Anderson Memorial Dispensary in Kigali (Rwanda)
John Prenzno
Scottsdale Sunrise
27/Mar/08, 11:38pm
Great work is done by a few individuals.
Fred Ferrand
Sandy SPrings, GA
27/Mar/08, 3:35pm
The need for help in Rwanda and how much can be done for relatively little money.
Thomas Ganahl
Scottsdale Sunrise
27/Mar/08, 4:22am
Special Day for Special Kids is coming up soon. This special day is not only for the kids but their entire family. One day out of the year that the kids don't feel "out of place"
27/Mar/08, 3:55am
I learned about the Joan Anderson Memorial Dispesary. Specifically, the work her and her husband do at the clinic.
Chandler North
27/Mar/08, 2:46am
My club is a small club but we often have visiting Rotarians making up since we are a Friday lunch club.
27/Mar/08, 1:19am
It was incredible to hear about the brave Anderson's who picked up and left their apparent safe situation in Canada. To live amongst the Rwanda people as they live risking their health and family's is truly amazing. I attended a Meeting in Eagle River Ak last year and heard a lady speak who donates medical supplies "A suitcase ata time" i am trying to connect her with this organizations need.
Tom Malkiewicz
capital city dover DE
26/Mar/08, 10:04pm
That people live on one dollar a day. It seems very sad to me that some have so much and some have so little. It seems that I will need to do more to stop these problems in the world. We are a club of 80 or so members in Dover Delaware. It is a great club. We meet at The Sheraton on Thursdays for lunch.
Joseph Calabro
Pascoe Vale
26/Mar/08, 11:06am
Our Club has several members that are ex police officer from overseas and in Australia, as well as WW2,Korea and Vietnam veterans.
26/Mar/08, 10:51am
More abuot Rwanda. I volunteer with Heart for AFrica, which works with children's homes in Swaziland, Malawi and Kenya.
nambour 76he
26/Mar/08, 9:56am
amazing rwanda story great work
26/Mar/08, 4:46am
Rwanda is changing thanks to volunteers .
26/Mar/08, 2:39am
Interesting program
Yoshihiko Ono
Osaka Namba
26/Mar/08, 2:34am
Rwanda is not familier for Japanese. I understood the fact of life in the Rwanda. also, I understood that some volunteers went to Rwanda after closing their own business.
Jan Lammers
Baytown, Texas
26/Mar/08, 1:38am
I'm Amazed that Rotary seems to be all over the world!
26/Mar/08, 1:03am
The Rwanda story was very interesting. I plan to share this with the Rwanda Ambassador to China who is a fellow Rotarian in the Beijing Rotary Club of China.
25/Mar/08, 11:47pm
About the Rwanda medical clinic project, as well as the Pont d’unité web site link for letter and artwork sharing (which, as a college administrator, I intened to start my adult students writing)
25/Mar/08, 10:10am
Excellent program on Rwanda. This is again another vivid example of why, as Rotarians, we need to continue our contributions to the Rotary Foundation. Rotary Matching Grants can help alleviate many of these problems.
brian sawyer
Rotary Club of The Verde Valley
25/Mar/08, 9:21am
I learned about your club's successful recruiting of many new members. I learned much about the wonderful clinic and people in Rwanda and their specific needs/successes. Isn't the world wonderfully full of people offering "service" to others?
25/Mar/08, 3:02am
amazing story about helping people in Rwanda
Jim Lawler
Centralia, WA
25/Mar/08, 2:16am
I learned about the good works of the Andersons in building the dispensary in Rwanda.
Keith Jilge
Cleburne, TX
25/Mar/08, 12:39am
By supplying even just the basic needs of people can dramatically change their lives.
25/Mar/08, 12:11am
Rotary is a fantastic organization !!!
24/Mar/08, 1:56pm
It's always good to see how basic services leverage great results.
Jacques Naviaux
Palos Verdes Sunset
24/Mar/08, 1:20pm
The grea work that Rotary is doing in Rwanda because of these members. Our cliuh focuses on Mexico as well as the world-wide Polio committment and Clean water Projects
Gary Torres
Titusville Sunrise
24/Mar/08, 12:18pm
The clinic in Rwanda is a blessing to the people there. There is still much more to be done.
William H. Jacobs
San Antonio West
24/Mar/08, 12:01pm
Some great details about the life in Rwanda and the difficulties of serving there to help people who have so little. Our club is about 28 strong, average age 79! Mostly retired military from the nearby retirement community.
Michael Gingrich
Arlington Sunset club # 59104, district 5790
24/Mar/08, 8:46am
a great deal
24/Mar/08, 2:53am
I was extremely impressed with the Anderson's decision to move their entire famly to Rwanda and live in the same manner as the people of the country!! This was a very interesting program!
24/Mar/08, 12:23am
The recognition in The Rotarian is great news. When I return home I'll read it. We're in San Francisco, where I'm speaking to the 2nd oldest club tomorrow. Technically I'll have a makeup, but I also wanted t attend our meeting. My cell phone won't properly display the PDF, so I'll read that later. I hope you all respond to Karen's plea for programs. Best wishes from San Francisco. Jack Selway