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Program: Sustainable Development, LEED® and "Green" - An Update



Speaker: Steve Canter

A couple of years ago I presented a program on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the United States Green Building Council's system to certify green buildings. With today's presentation I'd like to provide a general update as to what's happening in the world of sustainable development and recap my prior presentation.


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This week comments: 138, this week visitors: 95

24/Apr/12, 2:03pm

great meeting!

16/Apr/12, 6:53am

An excellent review of the LEED program.

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:09am

Great Meeting

30/Mar/12, 10:21am

As a mechanical engineer, I found the program on LEED informative. Thanks. Jeffrey Kinder, Rotary Club of Reno Sunrise.

Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
26/Mar/12, 2:23pm

Very insightful!

26/Mar/12, 9:21am

Program presents a fascinating overview of the well publicized LEED program, an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED was "created and launched" by U.S. Green Building Council, which began in 1993. Presenter Steve Canter lists a range of staggering statistics making the case that vast waste exists in construction, manufacturing and energy use. LEED addresses these problems with scientifically proven procedures, resources , materials and designs. Not consigned merely to theory, the LEED leadership is making very tangible GREEN improvements for all of us. Great program!  

Elizabeth Seymour
Denton Rotary
24/Mar/12, 9:55am

Enlightening subject!

24/Mar/12, 4:19am

Thank you very much for this meeting.


Muchas gracias por esta reunión. 


21/Mar/12, 5:02pm

In the U.S. approximately 340 billion gallons of fresh water are withdrawn per day to support ....but it is currently estimated that in the U.S. a 3,700 billion gallons per day deficit?    I got lost on that calc.

Marina Matthews
Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
18/Mar/12, 9:19am

I was very happy to makeup with your program, Sustainable Development, LEED and "Green" - An Update, as I will be introducing a speaker to my club who's speciality is reducing energy output while increasing the effeciency of existing commercial buildings.  The more information the better!  

18/Mar/12, 4:54am

I appreciated the information on the LEED program. I had concerns about water and was surprised at the defict in water for the Southwest and the Country as a whole. Another surprising statistic was that construction and demolition  wastes constitute approximately 40% of the total U.S. solid waste stream. Great program of information!




exists with more water being consumed than is returned to natural water systems. 


Construction and demolition wastes constitute

approximately 40% of the totalU.S.solid waste stream

18/Mar/12, 3:53am


keith sockwell
15/Mar/12, 12:59am

Always very educational.

14/Mar/12, 10:27pm

This was an excellent summary of the LEED program.  It presented interesting statistics which provide justification for the program.

14/Mar/12, 3:05am

The topic is timely for me. I am the Exec. Director of a  local community foundation currently revamping the entire campus. We take the LEED classifications very seriously. This material was  helpful. 

12/Mar/12, 11:56am

I found the update to the LEED Program very interesting.

The Eclub always have fascinating programs and it is a pleasure to make up here.

12/Mar/12, 2:57am

I enjoy learning about the ways in which Rotary enriches outr lives

Ruth Westra
Duluth Club 25
11/Mar/12, 12:15pm

Interesting information on LEED green building. Thank you.

Celeste Pilgrim
Irving Sunrise Rotary
09/Mar/12, 2:43am

great program...especially loved the inspiration section

08/Mar/12, 2:17pm

This wa sa very enlightening program

08/Mar/12, 5:00am

Always an interesting topic.  Thank you

Troy Binfet
Grandview, WA
07/Mar/12, 1:28am

Have a better understanding of LEED and what it stands for and what it is

05/Mar/12, 8:34pm

It was good to attend this meeting and too see different actities done by this club . Thanks for your service 

05/Mar/12, 5:43am

Thanks again.

05/Mar/12, 4:09am

Great meeting! Thank you

04/Mar/12, 2:24pm

The LEED Program is very useful for improve our environment.

03/Mar/12, 3:36am

Congratulation to Steve for his insights in sustainable development

02/Mar/12, 4:24am

Nice job explaining LEED and breaking down what "green" means.

01/Mar/12, 5:05pm

enjoyed it

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary club 25
01/Mar/12, 2:19pm

Very helpful background information!

29/Feb/12, 1:15pm

LEED programs appear to make sense environmentally and economically.

29/Feb/12, 5:56am

So interesting to learn about the LEED Program. I was especially interested in learning that it can be applied to existing buildings -- including the Empire State Building. Perhaps one day all of our homes will be "green," what do you think?

29/Feb/12, 12:04am

Thank you for sharing your meeting with me!

28/Feb/12, 3:42am

Thanks for update. LEED and Green certifications for all buildings is a must!

27/Feb/12, 3:35pm

Thanks for the program on sustainable development. The information was very interesting, especially the data about water conservation.

27/Feb/12, 7:03am

Very informative topic. More and more buildings and homes are beginning to realise the benefits of a Green Building here in the Philippines and mor and more are starting to incorporate Green concepts into their designs.

27/Feb/12, 12:35am

Going Green is the buzz for coming years. Interesting program.

26/Feb/12, 1:59pm

Great program Steve.  We all need to become Green.

26/Feb/12, 1:14pm


26/Feb/12, 12:49pm


26/Feb/12, 11:30am

"Children die not because nobody can help them, but because too often, nobody does..."  President-elect Lee is correct.

26/Feb/12, 7:01am

An excellent program, my congratulations to Steve Canter we should all be doing something to live to our children’s a better planet, we are living today the extreme changes in the weather and we cannot say… ¡that’s not my fault!… yes it is if we don’t do something to stop the contamination and the over use of nonrenewable natural resources.

Unexcelenteprograma,misfelicitacionesparaSteve Canter.Todos nosotros deberíamos estar haciendo algo para dejarles a nuestros hijos un mejor planeta, estamos viviendo el día de hoy los extremosos cambios en el clima y no podemos decir… ¡eso no es por mi culpa!... si lo es si no hacemos algo para evitar la contaminación y el uso excesivo de recursos naturales no renovables.

26/Feb/12, 1:15am

It's the sum of little things that makes a difference.

25/Feb/12, 3:54pm

Great to see such significant green progress in design and construction! Thanks, Steve, for a very informative presentation. 

I'm with O'Toole. I want to go to heaven ... but not just yet!

TC Bundy
Phoenix Rotary100
25/Feb/12, 3:28pm

This was a very good meeting starting from "MY RESIGNATION, to the funny joke, to the challenges to do our part to have an impact on childrens health as described by Dong Kurn Lee in Make Dreams Real for children.


Joseph P. Bark Bark, M.D.
Lexington, KY
25/Feb/12, 3:21pm

I never believed in "Global Warming."  But the evidence seems daunting to those of us who are "Doubting Thomas's."  Thanks for a program which made me think seriously about energy consumption.

25/Feb/12, 1:14pm


Got tagged with hunger as I read Sudha's recipe - I love dhal!

And Steve, major style points for the update on efforts to build better, save money, and push innovation in construction. Very cool. Get it?

25/Feb/12, 12:44pm

Steve:  Thanks for providing a practical list of what can be easily done at home!

Sr. Humberto Rodriguez:  Me gusta mucho oir de lo que Uds. estan haciendo en la Republica Dominicana.  Enhorabuena.  Que tengan todos buena salud y buena vida.


25/Feb/12, 8:28am

To be done by all, great program

Joan Renner
Alexandria Virginia
25/Feb/12, 6:16am


25/Feb/12, 5:43am

wonderful meeting, thanks!

Ronald J. Toomer
Rotary Club of Baton Rouge
25/Feb/12, 5:07am

Enjoyed the meeting  Like "Inspirational Thought"

also Projects Around the World

24/Feb/12, 4:25pm

Nice work Steve....and to think all this work organized and put into motion since 1998 only...

24/Feb/12, 4:25pm

Nice work Steve....and to think all this work organized and put into motion since 1998 only...

24/Feb/12, 4:25pm

Nice work Steve....and to think all this work organized and put into motion since 1998 only...

24/Feb/12, 8:13am

Steve Canter's article about how buildings can be designed and operated to protect the environment was very instructive.  Thank you for another great program!

Christian Fussy
SE Denver
24/Feb/12, 7:42am

Thank You  !

24/Feb/12, 6:41am

Steve, most impressive.  i am so happy to see us moving to sustainable environmentally sensitive ways to live.  my last vehicle purchase was a toyota prius and it's great! 

24/Feb/12, 5:35am

Thank you.  The program always is informative and convenient. 

24/Feb/12, 5:22am

Loved the inspirational message! Shared it with all at work.

John Nelzen
24/Feb/12, 4:10am

Thanks for the recipe!

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
24/Feb/12, 2:28am

Interesting program as always!

23/Feb/12, 11:54pm

Awesome!  This is right up my alley.  One of my campus' is already LEED certified and we're working to install energy effiecient hvac systems at our existing campus.  I'm working with a group of sustainable transformers and it is amazing what can be done.   On another note, global warming is totally man made.  At least from what I have learned in my investigating climate class.  It is the positive feedback loops natural to the environmental that enforce our green house gas emission enduced heat.  Thanks for bringing this presentation Steve Canter, I've been waiting for this topic to arise. I believe it is the most important topic to focus on right now.

bruce thomas
23/Feb/12, 11:16pm

good update LEED

23/Feb/12, 10:35pm
Hi thanks for joining rotaryans eclub with leedprogram thank
23/Feb/12, 8:41pm

SO...let the earth warm need or not... we will sleep in caves...and with the stars above us... Thank you Steve...Appreciate your new profile pic! I tried the peacan cookies...délicious! 

23/Feb/12, 8:04pm

Great program, learnt a few things about ajusting my house to be greener ;-)

23/Feb/12, 5:15pm

This was an informative way to participate in a makeup. Subjects and information varied from our local weekly club meetings. The international influence was unique.

Katuhiro Mineyama
23/Feb/12, 4:29pm

I am really sympathized

helene morse
23/Feb/12, 1:48pm

Excellent meeting and a great way to do a makeup!

23/Feb/12, 1:39pm

Thanks Steve for an interesting program!

23/Feb/12, 1:27pm

I hope the program was interesting and makes each of us ponder what we can do tobuild a more sustainable world.

23/Feb/12, 10:04am

I'm so bummed I have to miss PETS! But I can't complain to much, at least I'm busy right?

Great meeting as always!

23/Feb/12, 6:48am


Steve Canter’s "Green" Update was a great follow up to his presentation in May, 2009. He’s made us all more astute and aware regarding product and service promotions that aren’t truly "green" but only "greenwash." His detailed explanation of the huge volume of energy consumption attributable to buildings was a real eye-opener and the LEED certification program regarding buildings offers us all the security of knowing that real, substantive standards are in place for new construction and rehab work. If the nice folks at the Empire State Building renovated and reused their windows, we should all follow suit! Thanks, Steve!

23/Feb/12, 5:58am

another very interesting meeting.

Barbara H. Brill
Newport NH
23/Feb/12, 3:52am

Thank you for another informative meeting opportunity. 

Darlene Hotchkiss
Rotary Club of Rockdale County
23/Feb/12, 2:58am

Thanks, again, for providing a great meeting.

Tyler Riddle
23/Feb/12, 2:31am

Happy 107 Birthday Rotary

Roseann Rogers
Bellaire/Southwest Houston
23/Feb/12, 1:59am

Loved the receipe for the Indian Rice. I am going to make that at home. Also, San Fransico's club has a lot going on. The International Page was interesting because I could actually read some of it in German!

23/Feb/12, 1:55am

Loved the story about resigning from being an adult - that's why I'm making up this meeting!

23/Feb/12, 1:29am

Thanks for making sense of LEED Steve.

23/Feb/12, 1:04am

Thanks for an interesting program.  I'm all for the "greening" of our globe and appreciate the work being done toward this effort.

23/Feb/12, 12:01am

I very much enjoyed the reminder that Rotary is an international family and as we work together to build understanding peace amongst nations is possible.

22/Feb/12, 3:53pm

Good program -- though I've been involved in construction management and learned about LEED during the design phase of three puiblic buildings, I learned a few things from this program.

22/Feb/12, 2:21pm

Thank you for another interesting and informative meeting!

22/Feb/12, 11:43am

It's great to see so many active members of Rotary!  It is inspiring!

Christian J. Hack
Lake Brazos Rotary Club
22/Feb/12, 8:25am


Dawn Allison
El Campo, TX. USA
22/Feb/12, 8:11am

Thank you for providing a means to make up Rotary Meetings.

charlene weis
Poston Rotay
22/Feb/12, 8:01am

Thank you.

Dale Seabaugh
Marble Falls, Texas
22/Feb/12, 6:29am

Good meeting! In 106 years Rotary has done some remarkable things. The emeetings are a reminder that Rotary is truly a great international organization. I believe that all Rotary Clubs in every country working in unison may be our best chance of one day achieving world peace.

22/Feb/12, 6:25am

I love the inspirational thought!

22/Feb/12, 5:32am

As usual, I love the layout of this meeting! I greatly appreciated the humor today, it was much needed.

Emphasis on the sustainability of sanitation projects is very important to me. Rotary is about the future as well as the present and I can really appreciate the LEED projects for that.

22/Feb/12, 4:15am

The inspirational thought was magnificent!! Its curious but that is the way i would like to be right now . A kid !!!!

22/Feb/12, 3:51am

I am the CFO of an Architectural Firm and this program was timely in giving me an introduction to a subject that the professional staff are seeing increasing demand for including in our projects.

22/Feb/12, 3:42am

The meeting was very interesting. I was surprised by the many subjects that were discussed.

49er Rotary of Nevada City
22/Feb/12, 12:00am

Very interesting stat on energy/electrical consumption of buildings in the U.S.

Carl Dickson
Orillia, Ontario
21/Feb/12, 10:34pm

Interesting format - different!

Judy St. John
Thousand Oaks
21/Feb/12, 3:04pm

Very interesting program about the Navajo culture.  Thanks so much for sharing.

21/Feb/12, 2:28pm

Being 8 years old again sounded wonderful! I could only wish.

21/Feb/12, 1:32pm
Exccellent program,the leed energy is incredible
21/Feb/12, 1:27pm

Thanks for another interesting program.

Gabriela La Guardia
CR Real de MInas tegucigalpa
21/Feb/12, 10:35am

Muy interesante.  me gusta mucho la parte de las comidas.

Gil Lyons
Rotary Club of Lancaster
21/Feb/12, 10:09am

Excellent Program. The information is both well-balanced and accurately represents current conditions. As a co-founder of the Sky Institute for the Future (, this topic is very near and dear to my heart. With all of the amazingly talented and generous Rotarians around the world,  R.I. is uniquely poised to take a leadership role in implementing strategies to make sustainable improvements in the quality of lives, create and nourish healthy communities, and educate current and future generations.

Keith Hanson
Rotary Club of Salinas
21/Feb/12, 9:41am

The LEED presentation was very interesting and informative.

Ondina Hodges
CR Real de Minas Tegucigalpa
21/Feb/12, 9:30am


Jim Dean
Columbus noon
21/Feb/12, 9:05am

Green buildings and conservation are important today and will be more so in the futue. Thanks for sharing this information.

21/Feb/12, 7:38am

A friend of mine has been the web master for the Green Building Council for years, and it has enabled me to learn a lot about it. Thanks for the presentation!

Wes Livesay
Rotary Club of Waco
21/Feb/12, 6:46am

I thought the program and format for the meeting were very good.  This was my first time to makeup a meeting via the eclub. 

As far as today's program on LEED and Green by Steve Canter, I was astounded at how much energy buildings consume with 39% total energy and 72% of the electricity used in the United States. 

The points i will remember about the program are that LEED certified buildings are designed for 6 reasons...

• Lower operating costs and increase asset value

• Reduce waste sent to landfills

• Conserve energy and water

• Be healthier and safer for occupants

• Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

• Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities

Thanks for offering this program.

Wes Livesay

21/Feb/12, 6:31am

After reading this week's prgoram, I truly understand more the purpose of "green" buildings. The Planned Parenthood beside my office is "green" and it is an amazing - open, living and beautiful. It is a wonderful way to go!

Jim Champlin
Ahwatukee Foothills
21/Feb/12, 6:30am

Glad there is progress in this direction. Designs to recycle water and filter it for consumption should be an added focus for new or renovated commercial buildings...

susan coulston
easton md usa
21/Feb/12, 5:52am

Geothermal is a great green way

21/Feb/12, 5:17am

interesting info...thanks for sharing!

21/Feb/12, 5:09am

I was fortunate to meet D.K. Lee when he came to the Tournament of Roses Parade the year I was chair of the Rotary Rose Parade FLoat Committee-- what a dynamic individual and boy does he move fast, I learned "quickly" to move quickly.

Jeff Williams
Roswell Rotary
21/Feb/12, 3:04am

Good meeting this week.  Guest speaker Steve Canter information was very informative.

Edilberto Treptow
Pelotas Norte
21/Feb/12, 12:13am

Very interesting and useful information. I loved the text about giving up adulthood and changing it for childhood!

richard k smith
Springdale Arkansas
21/Feb/12, 12:07am

Great meeting!  I too am resigning as an adult! 

20/Feb/12, 8:15pm

Humberto, good luck in your mission of "turning our dreams to real".

I really loved Bob's story and would like to thank him once more for the smile he puts on my face every single week.

I really enjoyed also the little part on "My resignation"... There are days I would like to be able to think that Mc Donald's is one of those 5 star restaurants :-)))

And great material too on the Leed program... A lots of things to be learned every day.

Thanks a lot to all who are preparing this great material... I will contribute today with the translation Françoise asked me to do to turkish.

All the best to you.

20/Feb/12, 7:49pm

Thank you Steve for very great program!

I learned many useful idea for saving energy and nature resources like pure water.

We should study more for comfortable planet Earth.

Sandra Longcrier
Norman Sooner Rotary
20/Feb/12, 3:02pm

Thank you for offering the opportunity to attend your meeting.  

Lloyd Fleming
Kingston Rotary Club
20/Feb/12, 1:44pm

A good reminder of the many 'green' advancements we've seen in various areas and more importantly why it's important we continue to promote them.

John Renner
Alexandria Virginia
20/Feb/12, 12:44pm

very interesting

20/Feb/12, 11:46am

I enjoyed learning more about Sustainable Development and Rotary's part in it.

20/Feb/12, 9:43am

Thank you for your words.......It is my pleasure to become Rotarian, and can help these kids, that need us.

Now we are included as a Rotary Club, in this mission

20/Feb/12, 7:55am

I have been without internet the last few weeks and have missed too many meetings.  BUT now we have installed internet and I am back on line.  What great programs we have every week.  It is such a pleasure to be a member and get to have so many varied topics every week.  Love the recipe page.  Can't wait for the kitchen to be installed next so I can try the ones so far.

20/Feb/12, 6:34am

Thank you Steve for this informative presentation.

20/Feb/12, 6:33am

My graduate school is designed to meet LEED specifications, so it was great to learn more about what, exactly, this means! Thank you!

Shelly Palmer
Vancouver Sunrise
20/Feb/12, 6:29am

great meeting, lots of good iformation.

20/Feb/12, 5:45am

I never cease to be amazed at what I learn each week in the meeting and programs.

Steve, great presentation on LEED. I had seen mention of it on TV, but had no idea of its impact. Well done!

Sudha, thank you for the recipe. We're fortunate here to have many Indian grocery stores so finding Toor Dhal (pigeon peas) and poppadams is simple. In the absence of toor dhal, I've used other legumes (garbanzos without the husks) instead and found it tasty. Franciose, thank you for this SAA part of the meeting -- love it!

I want to "resign" too -- it brings back so many memories of innocence.

William Wylie
Romney, WV
20/Feb/12, 5:07am

My name is Bill Wylie Jr., I am a past president of the Romney Rotary Club in Romney, WV. This year I made it a goal not to miss a single meeting, and if I do I plan to make them up either locally or online. This was my first experience with e-clubs and I found it very interesting. Its good to know this sort of thing is available to me in the future. Thank you for your efforts, I will be checking in from time to time.

20/Feb/12, 3:36am

I enjoyed the info on green construction, as it dovetails nicely with some work I am doing for Habitat for Humanity.  I do not agree, however, that a majority of people agree that global warming is real.  It was only 20 years ago, that the "trend" was a second ice age being eminent. As a member fo the scientific community, I can tell you that "most" scientists do not agree that the planet is warming, as we have had a 30 year cooling cycle.

Tom Harris
club 6013/district 7670
20/Feb/12, 2:49am

Great info,

Rotary Club of Hubbard, Ohio
20/Feb/12, 2:41am

I really enjoy attending this e meeting. it is easy to get to the topics are interesting and informative. I look forward to visiting again in the future.

20/Feb/12, 2:03am

Thank you Steve!  We live in Mississippi a state with no state building code and no building codes in most counties except here on the coast. We are remodeling and I have saved your recommended sites and we are going to put in a tube skylight, and turn off the fans among other suggestions found on the web site.  Great Program really hit where we are right now! 

20/Feb/12, 1:28am

Interesting. I'm always wary of "estimates" by anyone, especially government agencies. Clark Lovrien

19/Feb/12, 10:45pm

Great meeting. The program on LEED was informative and insightful.

19/Feb/12, 9:49pm

Steve, what an informative program. As we become smarter in using our resources, we all benefit from the improvement. As more negative information comes forward on the data and its manipulation by various and sundry sources, it lessens the preceived impact mankind has on the climate, not eliminates it, but lessens it and makes us aware of the cycles of nature.  LEED is smart regardless because it makes so much common sense.  GREAT PROGAM

19/Feb/12, 8:48pm

Another Great Program

19/Feb/12, 8:04pm

Very interesting.