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Program: Micro Credit on the Mexican Border



Speaker: Wayne Rish

Would this help the Border situation??? How to get loans from $100 to $1,400 in Mexico. See how Rotary on both sides of the border are working together. A new program of MicroCredit. Micro Credit in action.... see how Micro Credit can work on the border with Mexico. Help the local people help themselves. Not large loans, but small loans under $1,400.00. Repayment is running 97%. Can you help us... Please email Wayne Rish at or call 480-664-4820


Program Materials:


Program Comments: 

This week comments: 169, this week visitors: 116

April Sebesta
07/May/12, 1:58am

What a neat program!  This program is allowing families to better their quality of life.  I love that so many of the small business owners are now able to send their children to school because of the added income.

20/Apr/12, 2:38pm

Really enjoyed the program on Micro Credit on the Mexico Border; it is amazing that so much good can result from a micro loan. Thanks!

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:07am

Great Meeting

09/Apr/12, 8:58am

The Rotarian Microcredit on Mexican Border program brings the same small loan ($200 - $1,200) opportunites to budding entrepreneurs in Mexico that have been so successful in other parts of the world. Cited are several small ventures which have tripled or quadrupled their household income with businesses begun, or enlarged, through these small loans. Rotary has grants and a matching feature for donations to the microcredit project. The first grant was $42,775 in August, 2010. This is a remarkably successful program which has even been extended to borrowing "groups". Good luck with this wonderful program!

06/Apr/12, 5:09am

Sent wayne a note to find out more information.

03/Apr/12, 1:09am

Wonderful program. I have heard Muhamad Yunus speak, and the concept is very inspiring.

02/Apr/12, 1:54am

Great meeting! I especially enjoyed the Paul Harris qoute about self improvement!

31/Mar/12, 12:44am

I have been involved in microcredit programs all over the world. The repayment rate is always good at the beginning, but as the programs grow, they obviously lend to more tenuous entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, private lending, or crowdfunding, is growing because banks lend to fewer and fewer people.

29/Mar/12, 10:43pm

Great program, thanks a lot

29/Mar/12, 1:43pm

very interesting and loved the joke ....

29/Mar/12, 7:34am


27/Mar/12, 12:09pm

We are truly an international organization

27/Mar/12, 7:30am

Micro Credit is one of the best thing out there

22/Mar/12, 2:43am

En Mexico se implemento un programa de microcreditos qse llamo, apoyar a los changarros,que son minicomercios, y ha estado funcionando en algunos estados del pais,me parece una excelente idea.

21/Mar/12, 1:21am

While doing my Master's program, I studied about programs such as Muhammed Yunus's. It is both amazing and inspirational the transformation programs such as these make on the people and communities in which they are available. 

20/Mar/12, 11:11pm

The Bracelet was definately an inspirational thought!

20/Mar/12, 11:11pm

The Bracelet was definately an inspirational thought!

18/Mar/12, 2:59pm

Cada día me siento más orgulloso de ser Rotario, como lo dice Humberto Saldaña que siendo Cardiólogo Infantil ayuda a tantos niños y después de ver el comentario de Francoise respecto a los Micro Créditos en Bangladesh y lo que están haciendo los clubs Rotarios de la frontera entre México y los EUA, esto nos abre la posibilidad de replicar su idea no solo en México sino en todo el mundo para ayudar a los que menos tienen y más lo necesitan…¡Viva Rotary!

Each day that passes by I feel more proud of being a Rotarian as Humberto Rodriguez Saldaña says being a Children’s Cardiologist he helps a lot of kids and after reading Francoise comment about Micro credits in Bangladesh and what the Rotary Clubs in the Mexican USA border, that opens the possibility of replying their idea not only in Mexico but in all the world to help ho have less and needs more… !Hurray for Rotary! 

17/Mar/12, 11:15am

A Rotarian-sponsored micro-credit program may be helpful on a global scale.

17/Mar/12, 5:15am

Thank you

17/Mar/12, 4:00am

Good program

15/Mar/12, 9:11pm

Thanks to Rotary eclub of Southwest USA for Bringing the Mexican Border situation in eyes of the Globe.

keith sockwell
15/Mar/12, 12:49am

Great meeting!

14/Mar/12, 10:56pm

Another great example of our Rotary Foundation dollars at work for a worthwhile project.

14/Mar/12, 11:26am

Rotary, Truer and Stronger Philosohy...

14/Mar/12, 4:17am

A most interesting emeeting!  I especially enjoyed the "Micro Credit Program on the Mexican Border"!  The meeting was thoughtful and carefully done!

Thanks,Bill BeaglesPhoenix Rotary100

14/Mar/12, 3:14am

This is an amazing website from an amazing club.

Re: micro loans, historically they have worked because loans were made to women's groups. Women have been better loan risks. And, there is accountability within the group. The first loans must be repaid before additional loans are made. 

N. Scott
Lancaster, PA
14/Mar/12, 1:14am

I loved all of the content included in the meeting.  I actually heard Mr. Yunus speak at a Chamber of Commerce meeting - we need more people in the world like him!  The ideas of leveraging those concepts with Mexico certainly are worth further exploration.

13/Mar/12, 11:06am

What a big difference it is when we help people learn  "how to fish" rather than just giving them the fish.  What a concept!

12/Mar/12, 11:45am

This program by Wayne Rish was very interesting.Micro credit on the Mexican Board seems as though it would solve a lot of problems, giving people the opportunity to help themselves.

12/Mar/12, 3:00am

I have gained a better understanding of the importance of Rotary's outreach

Newport NH
12/Mar/12, 1:59am

you always have such nice programs, alot of thought has been put into this site.

Newport NH
12/Mar/12, 1:57am

you always have such nice programs, alot of thought has been put into this site.

12/Mar/12, 1:28am

I had the privilege of consulting to an organization that made available micro loans to new entrepreneurs. The concept of providing loans with education and consulting worked. This is a wonderful idea. Teach people to fish….

11/Mar/12, 2:09pm

Great help to poor people with the Micro Credit Program on the Mexican Border, also the Grameen Bank of Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh. 

11/Mar/12, 12:53pm

Congratulations to Mr. Humberto Rodriguez. I am from an island also that is thousands of miles away from the closest "critical" care hospital. Those surgeries not only saved money otherwise spent on additional fare for a an off-island medical trip, but most importantly it saved lives.


“Smiles are the badges of friendliness. There are plenty of them within you. Do not hold them captive. Set them free at right times and places and their beneficent effects will carry to the very gates of eternity”.

"The most urgent need at the present stage in the development of Rotary is not more clubs' nor `larger clubs'; it is the evolution of a truer and stronger philosophy.  It is not only necessary to the permanency of the success of Rotary that its philosophy be idealized and standardized. It must also be practicalized and trued.”

... a philosophy worth living by in all aspects of our lives. 

11/Mar/12, 12:41pm


Wayne’s presentation was very informative. Micro-lending is various parts of the world have been reported by the media but not one at the US-Mexico border and with such specific details regarding the viability of this kind of plan and the effectiveness in making borrowers into self-sufficient business owners. Thanks!

11/Mar/12, 12:10pm

It is wonderful to see how people choose to make a difference. There are many ways to make a positive impact, but first one must act.

Ruth Westra
Duluth Club 25
11/Mar/12, 12:10pm

Thank you for the information on the Micro Credit Program.


Rory Olsen
11/Mar/12, 6:26am

Interesting program.

Bob yeoman
EMRC - 6540
11/Mar/12, 5:04am

Excellent E club.....will visit again.

Visit Elkhart - Indiana Elkhart Morning Rotary

Thursday AM - 7:00

Faye Porter
11/Mar/12, 2:52am

This was my first visit to your e-club and a very pleasant experience.  I felt more connected by your approach to attending a weekly meeting versus reading an article and responding.  Nicely done!  Thank you for sharing your "service" projects,  Something for all rotarians to aspire to - reaching out & enriching the lives of otehrs.  

Faye Porter
11/Mar/12, 2:52am

This was my first visit to your e-club and a very pleasant experience.  I felt more connected by your approach to attending a weekly meeting versus reading an article and responding.  Nicely done!  Thank you for sharing your "service" projects,  Something for all rotarians to aspire to - reaching out & enriching the lives of otehrs.  

11/Mar/12, 12:15am

It's amazing what micro credit loans can do as well as somewhat larger loans. 

10/Mar/12, 4:12pm

As a Rotarian with a second hoem in Mexico i know the value of this program can not be emphasized enough. Most citizens of Mexico are hard working and trustworthy individuals and do not deserve the image often given by the media north of the border.

10/Mar/12, 2:30pm

Microcredit, one of the Great things Rotary is doing.

10/Mar/12, 2:12pm

It's the 10th as I attend, so happy birthday, Alfredo!

Great to see yet another example of a strong micro-credit program; if this is ever going to be a world, as Yunus envisions, where poverty is studied as a relic of history, it will be through this kind of productive social benefit effort. 

10/Mar/12, 12:32pm

Microloans were very interesting!

10/Mar/12, 12:32pm

Microloans were very interesting!

10/Mar/12, 12:32pm

Microloans were very interesting!

10/Mar/12, 11:06am

It always amazes me to hear about micro credit!  Great meeting

10/Mar/12, 10:32am

It is really neat to see how wealth can be used to help the most unfortunate and how willing they are to pay back on something they are so thankful for!

10/Mar/12, 8:51am

amazing meeting looking foward to next weeks meeting

10/Mar/12, 2:41am

Excellent program, thank you to Wayne Rish for providing this opportunity to those whose desire is to become self sufficient through entrepreneurism. 

10/Mar/12, 2:37am

The story of the two little girls in the hospital almost made me cry.  My wife is now in a Nursing Center, and she will probably have to stay there permanently.  I am quite familiar with the feeling of having to visit every day, and having to leave her.  

Microloans are extremely helpful in Mexico and other poor companies.  We see from these examples how the people who get the loans are improving their own lives and the lives of their children.

10/Mar/12, 2:27am

Thank you to everyone who came to the After PETS Party last Saturday in Scottsdale, AZ. A special thank you to Governor Alan Havir who took the time to join us .

Our club will be in good hands this coming year under the leadership of President-Elect Darin. 

Doreen B. 

10/Mar/12, 1:30am

Enjoyed the site

09/Mar/12, 5:06pm

I liked to see our eclub members at the Carlsbad tavern...I wish I could habe been there! Sunny weather and smiles ont he faces! Micro credit: wonderful idea!

09/Mar/12, 3:51pm

This shows an encouraging trend to "trust" people instead of continually putting people down because they don't have the funds or social standing to borrow "big bucks" from institutional lenders.  I surely hope this trend continues to explode.  

Pat Nicholson
Tuatlatin Or
09/Mar/12, 2:26pm

From Books to Brilliance was a wonderful presentation. It is hard to imagine growing up in a situation without books or the ability to read. Rotary truly is the right facilitator to move this program where ever needed.

Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
09/Mar/12, 1:40pm

Marvelous Rotary-E-Club event and presentation.

Outstanding the Multi-Cultural appearance and text

Congratulations !!! PP Helmut

Ian Petherick
Bundaberg Sunrise
09/Mar/12, 9:33am

Great to be able to do a meeting with you again. I have just returned from 2 weeks in India. I attended a Rotary International  Cricket Festival in Vapi which is about 3-4 hours north of Mumbai Our current RI President comes from Vapi. Your e-Club member Charles Townsing along with 25 other Australian Rotarians attended the Festival. During the Festival several $1000's were raised for Health & Children's programes in the Vapi State. My own Club Bundaberg Sunrise presented a cheq for US$4000 to The Banyan which is a women's shelter for destitute women who almost univerally have mental health & general health issues.Our Club has helped The Banyan since 1999 when we became aware of the need during another Cricket Fellowship Festival. Are you  a member of a Rotary Fellowship?? You have about 84 to select from!

PS.. Charles & I are flood bound on his cattle station at the moment due to extensive flooding around the homestead. We hope to be able to go home (1700K away in Bundaberg, Queensland) after 2-3 weeks of watching the waters creep across vast areas of land & then gradually recede & dirt roads dry out.

Bob Hawk
Iola Kansas Rotary Club
09/Mar/12, 9:29am

An e-club is an interesting concept.  This has been a very good experience with an interesting and informative program.  Thank you for sharing.

Bob Hawk

09/Mar/12, 8:07am

I didn't realize that what can be considered so little money could have such a profound impact. Talk about "Priming the Pump" for success. Repayment at 97%? Outstanding! Excellent program, Wayne, and I'm definitely going to participate in this.

(and the Inspirational Moment got me misty!)

Rock on, RECSWUSA!

09/Mar/12, 7:02am

Changes lives all over the world.  Money demands are in season.

09/Mar/12, 6:49am


09/Mar/12, 6:49am


James Christensen
Mesa Rotary Club
09/Mar/12, 3:42am

Great program on micro lending - enjoyed the success stories. 

Jay Ofori
Tucson Sunrise
09/Mar/12, 3:38am

Thanks so much providing us with this wonderful avenue to attend a meeting outside the conventional setting. This is my first time participating in the Eclub and I must say it will not be my last. I enjoyed hearing about the club's work and accomplishements. The delivering of the information is very effective and coherent throughout the presentation. Thanks so much for all that you do here in our community and around the world. Keep up the good work!  

Peggy Dyer
Sand Springs
09/Mar/12, 1:37am

I liked the video that talked about providing investment capital for those in poverty to start businesses.  Investors get back their money and it helps citizens to earn their own money through a businss venture.  Also, I liked the story about "The Bracelet."

Jackie Lebow, Jr.
Rotary Club of Wichita Falls, Texas
09/Mar/12, 12:39am

Really appreciate all the information I gain from visiting the SW eClub.  Rotary Spirit is alive and well!

09/Mar/12, 12:02am

This is a program that, besides having a huge positive impact for so little money, is also actually visible to Rotarians of the SW who care to "Go see".    We ought to teach our own kids these business and money management principles!

Clark Lovrien


08/Mar/12, 3:53pm

An interesting program

08/Mar/12, 2:48pm

A very good program

08/Mar/12, 2:40pm

Looks very interesting this micro-credit program, we will analyze here in Monterrey to try to implement a similar program, to help people with financial problems so they can continue working on their "small industries"

Congratulations Dr. Rodriguez  we are very proud to have you among our friends Rotarians.


Parece muy interesante este programa del micro-crédito, vamos a analizarlo aquí en monterrey para tratar de poner en marcha un programa similar para ayudar a las personas que tengan problemas económicos para que puedan continuar trabajando en sus "pequeñas industrias"

Felicidades Dr. Rodríguez  estamos muy orgullosos de tenerte entre nuestros amigos Rotarios.

08/Mar/12, 2:29pm

Thank you!

08/Mar/12, 2:14pm

Great meeting! Capturing the flavor of an in-person meeting online is no easy task.

Regina Stefanelli
Farmington, Maine Rotary Club
08/Mar/12, 10:11am

Thank you for the information on micro credit loans--I've read a bit about this concept, but I didn't know of it on a Rotarian level. Very interesting!

Tommy Schulte
Port Lavaca Rotary Club
08/Mar/12, 7:08am

You have lots of good Rotarian information. Thank you for offering this great and convenient way to make-up a meeting!

Laura Wilkins
Fayetteville, ar
08/Mar/12, 6:01am

Thank you for letting me join in your meeting today!

Todd Weaver
Flower Mound, TX noon
08/Mar/12, 5:50am

What a difference this money makes.

08/Mar/12, 4:51am

What a great idea. 

08/Mar/12, 4:38am

Great topic!  Inspiring that small loans can change lives in such a meaningful way.

Jeff Koch
Cape West
08/Mar/12, 3:51am

I found the information interesting and informative.

Roseann Rogers
Bellaire/Southwest Houston
08/Mar/12, 3:21am

It's great seeing what other Rotary Clubs do and how they help so many.

08/Mar/12, 2:15am

Great meeting including relevant information.  Muhammad Yunus has successfully demonstrated the viability for micro-loans by the "pay back" rate, proving the majority of individuals just need a chance to prove what they are capable of.  Many commercial banks aren't as efficient.  This program deserves Rotary's support.

08/Mar/12, 1:52am

Great program. I am a big beleiver in Micro Credit. Big impact for a small donation. Hope this motivates others to share.

robert kalbacher
08/Mar/12, 12:55am

great stuff very informative

07/Mar/12, 6:19pm

It is amazing what a little credit can do.

Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
07/Mar/12, 5:26pm

Great Program

07/Mar/12, 3:13pm

Very interesting program with Micro-Credit. Helping neighbors in need is Rotary indeed!

07/Mar/12, 2:52pm

Thank you.  The micro credit program seems to be very worthwhile.

Steve Thompson
Noon rotary
07/Mar/12, 2:02pm
Great process and fun
Eric Couch
New Braunfels Downtown
07/Mar/12, 1:52pm

I enjoyed the You Are The Key article

Marta Stafford
07/Mar/12, 12:35pm

Proud to be working with so many...for so many.

Marta Stafford
07/Mar/12, 12:35pm

Proud to be working with so many...for so many.

07/Mar/12, 11:09am

Interesting program, Barbara ONeal

Stephen Figg
Corunna Michigan
07/Mar/12, 10:54am

Your E-club members are doing a great service reaching out and using their diverse talents to enrich the world.

Carla Rowe-Malcolm
Gilbert, Az
07/Mar/12, 10:12am

Always interesting information and beautiful thoughts.  I also enjoyed reading the section in Italian to test my skills in that language -- a great practice for me.  Truly this is a wonderful way to connect to a club via internet and see wonderful service projects around the world. 

07/Mar/12, 7:29am

The Bracelet - A powerful story!

07/Mar/12, 7:28am

Very good as all the others I have made up.

07/Mar/12, 7:14am

Really interesting.  Novel idea that obviously works! 

Andrea Thomas
Western Fort Worth
07/Mar/12, 7:14am

Its wonderful to read about so many wonderful Rotarians involved in so many beneficial projects

Angela Bower
Monroe NC
07/Mar/12, 6:40am

First time visitor! Enjoyed your format!

07/Mar/12, 6:38am

Has been a while since I visit your club site, and am always amazed at the expansion of information and ideas present.  Thanks for sharing so many diverse things that make us proud to be Rotarians.

07/Mar/12, 5:58am

The story abput the girls that were sick really touched me. It is usually in similar situations that we appretiate those whom have always been there for us.

Clare Hodge
Rotary Club of Lexington, SC
07/Mar/12, 5:38am

The Inspirational Thought was emotional finding out at the end that the bracelet, meant as a reminder to the girl that her mother was always there.  While the girl next to her, who loved the bracelet,  did not have a mother.

Paul Harris' words the Rotary has a long way to go; we have just begun, and the grandeur of Rotary must be in the days to come.


07/Mar/12, 5:09am


Pamela S. Erickson
Phoenix Rotary 100
07/Mar/12, 5:03am

It is so heartening to hear about all the wonderful things Rotary clubs and members do.  This is a great contrast to the highly negative press we hear too often. 

I am familiar with micro credit programs and think they do many good things.

07/Mar/12, 4:20am

Wow, these programs are always so outstanding.

Greg Bordelon
Walnut Grove CA
07/Mar/12, 4:17am

Very interesting format. The eclub consept is great fro make-up or people that have a busy travel schedule. Thanks

Ashley McCLellan
Flower Mound
07/Mar/12, 2:55am

Very interesting format for the meeting, and enjoyed the diversity of content and presentation.

Ondina Hodges
CR Real De Minas Tegucigalpa
07/Mar/12, 2:53am


Robert Shingledecker
Altus Sunset
07/Mar/12, 2:53am

Thank you!

07/Mar/12, 2:41am

I would support our eClub helping out microcredit organizations. I am somewhat familiar with them through my past contributions to and think that they serve a worthwhile purpose.

susan coulston
easton md usa
07/Mar/12, 2:25am


07/Mar/12, 1:55am

Wonderful program.  I witnessed the sucess of two sister in Antigua Gutemal who were able to purchase a washing machine through a Rotary program there.  Today they have washers and dryers in 3 locations and employ several women, while offering a full service laundry. Their and their employees families are doing well, going to school and raising themselves out of the grinding poverty they once lived in.  Congratulates on the sucess of this program!

07/Mar/12, 12:39am

Good message

07/Mar/12, 12:29am

Thank you

Chuck Greer
Greater Huntsville
07/Mar/12, 12:03am

Micro-loan program in Nogales is inspirational!

John G Jones
Rotary Club of San Angelo-Sunrise
06/Mar/12, 10:22pm

Program was what I have come to expect, educatioal, informative, a bit of humor, excellent! I especially enjoyed the story of the success of Mr. Yunus. A visionary indeeed.


 John G. Jones

06/Mar/12, 9:33pm

Very interesting; life changing for those who successfully use the micro credit program.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
06/Mar/12, 8:38pm

Thank you.  Your Inspirational Thought brings to mind how we take things for granted. 

06/Mar/12, 3:11pm

NIce to hear about multiplying our efforts through the work of microlending organizations.

Troy Binfet
Grandview, WA
06/Mar/12, 2:35pm

The video was informative. First time visitor. Liked the set up and how it is a virtual meeting

Stella Cardoza
Irvine Rotary
06/Mar/12, 11:56am

Enjoyed attending your meeting!

Louis Flowers
Weatherford Oklahoma Rotary
06/Mar/12, 11:40am

Great to hear about other reading programs for elementary schools. Weatherford school systems have had a reading program for the past 10 years for its elementary schools and its a great program.

06/Mar/12, 10:50am

I launched a micro-credit system in Uganda in the early 90's. Within ten years it had grown to be country-wide, in 20,000 villages, and ait actually transformed an entire culture. Kids now were healthy and attended school, and looked at mom (the entrepreneur) as a success and the bread winner for the family. Micro-credit is awesome!

06/Mar/12, 9:07am

Micro-credit is goin to change the world!

JT Bowyer
Harker Heights, TX
06/Mar/12, 8:20am

Excellent meeting.  The articles are true at heart.

06/Mar/12, 8:00am


The new section, "How We Serve”, is interesting.Lisa’s inspirational thought was thought provoking. Quotes from Paul Harris, “Smiles are the badges of friendliness. There are plenty of them within you. Do not hold them captive. Set them free at right times and places and their beneficent effects will carry to the very gates of eternity”.

Michael Donovan
Napa Sunrise
06/Mar/12, 6:09am

Great idea.  Thanks.

Cathy Swallow
Rotary Club of White Rock
06/Mar/12, 5:44am

Great meeting. I think micro credit is a wonderful way to help mankind.

06/Mar/12, 4:56am

Great Program and I enjoy making up at your club.

06/Mar/12, 4:22am

Yes, micro credit can be life changing. Unfortunately, it has also been plauged with fraud and corruption in some cases. Nogales is a positive example that supports the practice.

Amy Fuselier
Rotary Club Lafayette North
06/Mar/12, 3:35am

The meeting was very inviting and quite a nice experience.

06/Mar/12, 3:27am

Great job on the micro-credit program in Nogales.

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin, OR
06/Mar/12, 3:08am

Micro Banking is such a great idea--around the world.  To see these hard working people doing so well with so little is inspiriational.

06/Mar/12, 2:41am

Thanks for a great program!

John Black
Sevierville, TN
06/Mar/12, 1:51am

An excellent site!  Thanks so much

06/Mar/12, 1:06am

Wow, I like getting the information and enjoy hearing about the programs.  For example, I am interested in learning more about the micro credit.

05/Mar/12, 11:29pm

The micro credit program shows how a small innovative assistance program can made a big difference in the life of ordinary hardworking people. It is interesting that most of the recipients are women, the bedrock of a stable society.

05/Mar/12, 7:31pm

This format is nice: makes you feel as if you are in a real meeting

05/Mar/12, 6:33pm

Thank you Wayne  for good program!

It is very good system in Mexico.

The money was made to share with people in the society. But,sometimes it doesn't work.

I am glad to know the good system in Mexico.

05/Mar/12, 2:33pm

It is good to finally see an idea for helping the average person in Mexico directly. A little free enterprise can go a long way in raising up people.

Theresa E Murphy
LosAlamitos/Seal Beach 5230
05/Mar/12, 12:38pm

It was wonderful to read about the ways that the poor are able to access help to help themselves through the micro banking system. T. Murphy

Consuelo White
Rotary Club of Port Angeles
05/Mar/12, 12:26pm

I'm going to use the Paul Harris smiles quote in my club's next bulletin.

I enjoyed your meeting and your format, much more user friendly than eClubone's new look.

Michael R Bamvakais
Crestwood - Sunset Hills, MO USA
05/Mar/12, 11:45am

I enjoyed your site. You have some interesting topics about Rotary and your Club. I particularly liked the Paul Harris quotes - most of which I have never heard or read. Liked the videos, too. Spent more time than I needed to for the make up. You have some very interesting speakers and do well reporting on their talks and the important points raised in their presentations. Keep up the good work.

05/Mar/12, 10:19am

That has to be the best idea I've heard for improving life on the Mexican/USA border ever.  Great idea.  The examples are truly impressive.

For Brewer Newton:  We have so many middle school students that get past 3rd grade and are still reading at that level.  Catching up for those 7th and 8th grade students seems impossible.  If we can help them in first and second grade, that's the trick!  Great!

Scottsdale event:  great group picture!

Jim O'Grady
Petaluma Valley
05/Mar/12, 9:31am


Frank Carroll
of Boulder City, NV
05/Mar/12, 8:53am

I am traveling more and more with my business, and finding it more difficult to attend my regular club meetings (Rotary Club of Boulder City).  This would help me keep my membership in Rotary alive and well.  I will be filling out an application soon.



Frank Carroll

05/Mar/12, 7:51am

Very interesting concept and with great success.

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
05/Mar/12, 7:49am

I always enjoy the programs! Thank you.

Sandy Walker

05/Mar/12, 6:05am

Great to see the Microcredit program close to home.

05/Mar/12, 6:05am

Great to see the Microcredit program close to home.

05/Mar/12, 5:38am

Now that's the type of recipe I can get behind!

Adrian DeWendt
2500 Rotary Club of Tulsa
05/Mar/12, 5:37am

Great work!

05/Mar/12, 5:37am

The micro loan projects are wonderful. In the Sierra Norte area where I have worked to build low-cost shelters, the local Rotarians have implemented a micro-loan program. It is a successful way to give a hand up to families, mostly women, who then are able to provide food, clothing and other necessities for their children.

I also had a moment of nostalgia when I read about Singapore Slings. My husband, Ron, and I attended the International Convention in Singapore in 1999 and we drank Singapore Slings at the Raffles Hotel, sitting at the Long Bar. We were "almost" newly weds. Thanks for the memory.

05/Mar/12, 4:55am

Thank you for taking the time to put this program together. It was enjoyable and educational.

Keith Stormes
Rotary Club of New Albany
05/Mar/12, 4:43am

More interesting than I expected

05/Mar/12, 4:13am

enjoyed the inspirational message, humor and found the program to be quite interesting.

05/Mar/12, 4:13am

Wonderful program!

Aart Looye
Peace Arch White Rock
05/Mar/12, 4:11am

Great Idea to have an entire meeting on line - not just reading about projects etc- joke of the day was execellent

charlene weis
Poston Rotary
05/Mar/12, 4:02am

The most interesting meeting I have attened on line.

Tracy Moon
South Forsyth
05/Mar/12, 12:15am

Interesting format and very informative.  I enjoyed the meeting.

Charles McGathy
04/Mar/12, 10:56pm


Charles McGathy
04/Mar/12, 10:56pm


04/Mar/12, 9:18pm

Again this is a incredible program, and It is good see how we are making difference around the wordl.

04/Mar/12, 8:32pm

Hooray! Free enterprise always beats goverment programs. Thank you Wayne for your work and this program.