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Program: A Great Day For Rotary in Podunk Pines


Speaker: Miss Truly Candid (Norma Taylor- Roderique)

You will remember that the Podunk Pines Provisional Rotary Club has been meeting for quite some time on Wednesdays at noon in the lunchroom of the Quaking Aspens Fundamental Bible Pentecostal A Capella Community Church & Bingo Hall, after their booth at the Main Street Luncheonette grew too small.


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Program Comments: 

This week comments: 134, this week visitors: 91

Jo Alderman
Radford Noon Rotary
17/May/12, 5:32am

Do love description of where you meet!  LIke that you are working with those with diabetes

16/May/12, 10:58am

What a great meeting that was posted of Podunkpines.  I am so lucky that I have some makeups to do.  Thank you.

Timothy Domian
03/May/12, 7:15am

Excellent meeting and articles. Keep up the good work!

24/Apr/12, 2:16pm

looking fowards to bangkoks convention we are leaveing on sunday hope to meet some wonderful people thanks


16/Apr/12, 9:10am

Yet another entertaining program fromTruly Candid, this time with an Irish flavor. We are regaled with puns, clever figures of speech and ironic names to gently convey the Rotary doings in Podunk Pines wherein a provisional Rotary Club is endeavoring to attract a 25th member to qualify as an official Club. We are treated to an Irish international visitor who inspires the entire community with enthusiasm for Rotary - and the 25th member joins. Great program!

12/Apr/12, 3:42pm

great meeting as usual

12/Apr/12, 12:39am

Boy, "Truly" did a fabulous talk;  and I hope she will come to Lexington soon to talk to us!!

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:07am

Great Meeting

Dan Wollam
09/Apr/12, 11:28am

Great program.

09/Apr/12, 2:41am


06/Apr/12, 1:58pm

As always Miss Truly Candid did a great program.

Marina Matthews
Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
05/Apr/12, 10:45am

This is sooo much fun (and I recognize some characters / members from my home Rotary Club)

02/Apr/12, 1:58am

I really enjoyed the video this week. Great meeting!

31/Mar/12, 12:46am

I loved the After PETS party, the first event I have attended f2f. No, I'm wrong; the second; I did a young people's program at EVIT.

29/Mar/12, 10:47pm

Thanks for this great meeting material

29/Mar/12, 1:36pm

thoroughly enjoyed the joke..... and the recipes

29/Mar/12, 7:54am


29/Mar/12, 7:54am


Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC (USA)
29/Mar/12, 12:24am

Interesting video on the history of Rotary.  Might want to show that at my club.

29/Mar/12, 12:01am

Thank you.

27/Mar/12, 3:22pm

A productive experience 

26/Mar/12, 7:08am

Very enjoyable and humorous program! Now that I know what "craic" means, I'll be able to incorporate it in idel conversation. I also enjoyed the YouTube video on the history of Rotary


25/Mar/12, 6:52am

Good meeting. I will look forward for Miss, truly Candid reports.

Buena junta. Seguiré buscando los reportes de Miss. Trully Candid

23/Mar/12, 10:15pm

Very fun to read!

22/Mar/12, 3:13am


22/Mar/12, 3:04am

Enjoyed reading the PodunK Pines program!  Very funny and very appropriate for the season! Plus, learned about how a provisional club gets its charter!

21/Mar/12, 2:48am

Today's program reinforces the fun aspect of Rotary (and, in this case, can be a tad whimsical).  I especially enjoyed the Cliff Young story with which I was unfamiliar. 

20/Mar/12, 11:12pm

Another great meeting

20/Mar/12, 11:12pm

Another great meeting

18/Mar/12, 3:11pm

Humorous as always.  Thanks.

18/Mar/12, 11:35am

Interesting program.

James Todd
Laurens, SC
18/Mar/12, 10:33am

Interesting and convenient.  The recipes added some fun!

18/Mar/12, 7:44am

Cliff Young is now on my hero list, with Atticus Finch, Jean-Luc Picard, Gandhi, and the 2008 Central Washington University softball team. Happy birthday to Jono and happy anniversary to Charles and Faye!

I was also impressed with the history video - that will be a nice item to share with those I tell about Rotary.

18/Mar/12, 7:35am

PODUNK PINES WEEKLY NEWS by Miss Truly Manners is a fun newsletter. I enjoy this kind of snall town humor.

18/Mar/12, 6:49am

I enjoyed reading your president's attitude about never wanting to grow up.

18/Mar/12, 6:38am

Thank you for the humor and fellowship :)

18/Mar/12, 4:07am

While I also read a prior meeting about the stoves for DR, the Podunk Pines program always brings a smile, for different reasons!  Every month, I say, I don't do enough to be a Rotarian anymore, then I catch up with meetings online and say... yes, I can somehow do SOMEthing... so I hope Humberto writes back and others who I can help in some way. No money, just me. Sandy

18/Mar/12, 4:00am

I enjoyed another great make-up.  Keep up the good work around the world.

Rodney Kroll
Waco Club
17/Mar/12, 3:40pm

Very good material in easy format. 

17/Mar/12, 2:19pm

I enjoyed the video with the history of Rotary projects.  It was a good reminder of what a difference Rotary has made worldwide.

Judy St. John
Thousand Oaks
17/Mar/12, 12:20pm

It's always great to catch up on the activities going on at Podunk Pines.  Thanks for a great light-hearted meeting!

17/Mar/12, 11:21am

Podunk Pines has a great reporter in Truly Candid.

17/Mar/12, 9:24am

Miss Truly has once again given us a creative program as well as training us in "how to start" a Terra club. Its so much fun to read. Makes one feel we are right there!

17/Mar/12, 9:17am

Miss Truly Candid, 

It is so nice to be reminded that it takes all kinds of Rotarians to make our Rotary World go 'round!!!  What fun!

17/Mar/12, 6:30am

The Cliff Young story was truly inspirational and uplifting.

Theodore T Robin JR
Shades Valley AL
17/Mar/12, 5:08am

The pop up of the History of Rotary was very confusing in that I did click on it then listende to the audio, no vidio came up, then it would not let me get back to the regular part of the program web page - - so ended up being kicked out of the meeting.  Had ot log back on to your web site.  This is very confusing.

Bob yeoman
EMRC - Elkhart Morning Rotary Club
17/Mar/12, 2:12am

Thank you

It is quite a project getting this on line each week.

If you have a mailing list please add my name at

17/Mar/12, 1:40am

As usual this was another delightful program which I look forward to every time a new story is created.

Courtenay Rotary Club
16/Mar/12, 10:58am

THank you for a great meeting

16/Mar/12, 6:50am


Thank you for this educational presentation about the goings on in Podunk Pines and yes I appreciate being educated about a new Irish word. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all!

16/Mar/12, 3:10am

Excellent.  Thank you.

16/Mar/12, 2:12am

Thoroughly enjoyed the story of the runner, Cliff Young.  What a delightful person he must have been.

16/Mar/12, 2:02am

Hilarious Program!

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
16/Mar/12, 12:03am

the story of Cliff Young is so inspiring. We should all be that giving

15/Mar/12, 11:19pm

 Dear Miss Truly Candid (Norma),

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and therefore I will you and all our Rotary friends a happy, joyous day with family and those closest to you. Saol fada chugat (the only Celtic that I could find, which means;)

Saol fada chugat

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind always be at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields,

And until we meet again,

May God hold you

In the palm of his hand.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. March 17, 2012


15/Mar/12, 8:47pm

Thanks to Rotary eclub of Southwest USA

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
15/Mar/12, 7:38pm

Excellent inspirational thought for couch potatoes like me.

Humor was great also. 

JT Bowyer
Haker Heights, tx
15/Mar/12, 5:16pm

Great meeting and the video was assume!!!  Thanks for sharing it with us.

15/Mar/12, 2:26pm

Very funny!



Zahide Lawrence
Laguna Beach
15/Mar/12, 2:03pm


Shawn Quinn
Monterey Rotary
15/Mar/12, 11:16am

Enjoyed the meeting. Espcially the story of Cliff Young.

Had technical trouble with seeing the video but was able to hear the audio

15/Mar/12, 9:49am


I enjoy the information.  Thanks for the meeting time

Carl Barr
Moses Lake, WA
15/Mar/12, 9:22am

This is my first makeup with your Club.  It was excellent and interesting.

Clay Goodman
Litchfield Park
15/Mar/12, 8:26am

I did a makeup at Podunk Pines Rotary Club (provisional) last June 31st - great little club.  Very hospitable.  The best 5 hours I've spent wiwth Rotary outside of PETS.  STill waiting for my friendship banner though...

15/Mar/12, 7:22am

The Cliff Young story was great!  And a "Womanless Beauty" that an oxymoron?  Good meeting!  Thank you!

15/Mar/12, 7:14am

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

15/Mar/12, 5:14am

I enjoyed the eclub meeting, this is the first time I did, but definitely will not be the last. I f you have any interest in doing any project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, dont hesitate to contact me, I will be DG in 2013-2014, talking about gender, the first woman in our district.

15/Mar/12, 4:36am

thank you

15/Mar/12, 3:27am

Another very productive meeting.

Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
15/Mar/12, 2:52am

Good program

15/Mar/12, 2:32am

Thank you miss Truly Candid for your so good advice; a Woomanless Beauty Pageant seems to be an excellent idea to raise money! What is the opinion of our eclub members? Hey?

Darlene Hotchkiss
Rotary Club of Rockdale
15/Mar/12, 1:46am

What a great meeting.  Thank you, President Anderson, for reminding me why it is great not to grow up.  The insperational runner story will stay with me for a long time.  By the way, the Rotary Club of Rockdale will be sponsoring the World's Shortest Endurance Run (1/10th of a mile) tomorrow.

Craig Buffington
Frisco Noon
15/Mar/12, 1:14am

great program!

15/Mar/12, 12:32am

The opening monologue of Cliff Young, the 61 year old farmer/runner was truly inspirational.  His "never quit" attitude exemplifies a spirit nearly lost in today's post-modern culture.  Completing a race with a dislocated hip and knee problems inspires us that there is "value" in finishing what you have started, even though you encounter severe hardship.  Mr. Young also exemplifies that the simple life is to be desired above possessions.

14/Mar/12, 11:32pm

Always enjoy hearing the latest from Miss Truly Candid. Thanks again for offering this great way to make up meetings.

Tadahiko Ohmori
14/Mar/12, 8:25pm

I would share the information with other ratarians I learned at your HP today.

14/Mar/12, 7:50pm

thanks for the nice sharing...

14/Mar/12, 1:47pm

happy St Patty's day!

14/Mar/12, 1:45pm

Can't wait for the conference!!! 

14/Mar/12, 1:40pm


14/Mar/12, 11:20am

Great story about the Sugar Bowl!!!

Richard Bean
Harker Heights, TX
14/Mar/12, 9:41am

Great Program. Thanks

Jeanette Griswold
14/Mar/12, 9:07am

Great way to do a make-up - always interesting! 

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
14/Mar/12, 8:56am

Thank you for another entertaining makeup!

14/Mar/12, 5:59am

A variety of avtivities performed.

14/Mar/12, 5:43am

Ms Truly Candid is always wonderful!

14/Mar/12, 5:40am

I love you, Norma!!

14/Mar/12, 5:33am

I loved the story of thebsheep farmer and long distance runner.

It was interesting to see the meeting translated to so many languages.

I have meade up at many eClubs over the last several years and you are to be congratulated on the quality of your program.

Art Davis PDG D6450 [Chicago Area]

Kim Summers
Champaign West
14/Mar/12, 4:34am

Enjoy hearing about ways to spread the enthusiasm and passion to belong to Rotary and the wide variety of fundraising ideas that emerge.  Thanks for sharing the story.

14/Mar/12, 1:30am

The inspirational message could have been teh program. What a great story.

14/Mar/12, 1:02am

Thank you again for another fun meeting!

13/Mar/12, 10:56pm

Lots of fun this week. I loved the Italian mother story!

Carol Hart
Los Alamitos/Seal Beach
13/Mar/12, 9:31pm

Miss Candid continues to be quirky, gently entertaining and positive in her "reports".

Carol Hart
Los Alamitos/Seal Beach
13/Mar/12, 9:31pm

Miss Candid continues to be quirky, gently entertaining and positive in her "reports".

13/Mar/12, 5:19pm

Cheers to Miss Truly Candid and her team

Gil Lyons
Rotary Club of Lancaster
13/Mar/12, 2:48pm

Thanks for reporting about the Cliff Young and his amazing feat (feet), pardon the pun. I also found the Rotary Minute video very helpful and have posted it on my Facebook page with an invitation for my FB friends to ask me about Rotary and how they can also be part of this great organization.

All the best.


PP Gil

13/Mar/12, 2:44pm

I always pay special attention to the inspirational thoughts . What I conclude from this one is that there is no age to get up on your seat and make a difference in life.

13/Mar/12, 2:44pm

I always pay special attention to the inspirational thoughts . What I conclude from this one is that there is no age to get up on your seat and make a difference in life.

13/Mar/12, 1:38pm

Okay, this might not be "appropriate" but the women and men thing.  Okay -- the age old debate on the leaving the toilet seat up or down.  My answer -- whomever cleans it gets to decide.

Tim Young
Rotary Club of Hilo Bay
13/Mar/12, 1:31pm

A first but not my last visit!

13/Mar/12, 1:19pm


13/Mar/12, 12:34pm

Thanks again Miss Truly! I always feel so UP and well informed after one of your programs. I heard that you might get the town photographer, what's his name? Cam Erashie I think, to photo the next fund raiser. Sure would like to see those models! Keep us posted.

Clark Lovrien

13/Mar/12, 11:54am

I think I need to join the Podunk Pines Rotary Club, as they seem to have quite a time.

But, If I ever get to Ireland, I'm looking up Sean O'Halloran's club - you betcha.

13/Mar/12, 10:48am

Nice program and fitting for St Patrick's Day

13/Mar/12, 10:26am

Once again,Ms Truly Candid brought us a wonderful program about Rotary happenings in Podunk Pines.  Look forward to the next installment.

Dave Oglevie
Lake Chelan Rotary
13/Mar/12, 6:36am

A great St. Pat's program!

13/Mar/12, 4:37am

The story of the man in Australia is compelling and jaw dropping as to what man is capable of. He has been a Rotarian all his life and did not know it. 

13/Mar/12, 2:28am

Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.

13/Mar/12, 2:20am

Very good program, thanks again

13/Mar/12, 1:38am

Thanks for another great meeting!

13/Mar/12, 1:33am

What a humorous way to spend time! Thanks for the smiles.

13/Mar/12, 1:29am

Enjoyed the meeting

12/Mar/12, 6:25pm

I moved with "Cliff Young-the farmer who inspired a nation".

I like the story very much.

I was inspired by the meeting on this month. 

Daniel A. Klinglesmith
12/Mar/12, 5:25pm

your efforts with the micro grants is a great idea. 

Brian Burt
Gawler, South Australia
12/Mar/12, 4:07pm

An interesting program.  I well remember the media attention Cliff Young received.  He was a humble generous and gentle man who just couln't understand what all the fuss was about.

12/Mar/12, 1:16pm

Podunk Pines....sounds like my kind of place....I think I would do well there.

Dr. Len M.E. Capital PhD, MRED

Professor of Real Estate Development


12/Mar/12, 11:36am

I enjoyed making up with the e-club of the Southwest. Getting on to this site is like seeing an old friend. Thank you for making this site available.

12/Mar/12, 11:33am

On March 27, the Rotary Club of DuPont Circle in Washington, DC will have its charter night.  Congratulations to all our new clubs and new Rotarians.

12/Mar/12, 10:48am

This is a nice way to make up a missed meeting.  Very informative.

12/Mar/12, 9:52am

Great job, as always, eClub! Loved the Board updates. And, Ms. Truly Candid, would love to attend a makeup at the PPP Rotary Club! Well done!

12/Mar/12, 8:18am

Thanks Norma ,I really do enjoy Miss Truly Programs.

12/Mar/12, 4:27am

Following is the note I sent President Carol when I submitted this Podunk Pines story, when she had actually asked me to write one for April:A couple of days ago I sat down to write a Podunk Pines story for April -- and then as I was typing, this Irish fellow jumped right into my typing fingers and caused the whole story to change. I suppose it's because I am Irish, and St. Pat's is nearly here.Anyway, I don't know if this story is reaching you soon enough for a St. Patrick's program, but I had fun with it. The town in the story, Ballynolan, comes from the town in Ireland where my ancestors are from, Carlow. Nolan is our family name, so Ballynolan is the "Place of the Nolans." It is fictional. In 1994 when my three older grandchildren were 18, 16 and 10, I took them to Ireland and we visited Carlow, and I actually did a make-up at the Carlow Rotary Club. I rented a car and drove there from Dublin, bumping curbs, telling the children not to make a single sound when I had to make a right-hand turn into the left lane, and being honked at a lot. Devin, the 18-year-old advised me, "Grandma, if I ever get out of this car, I am not getting in it with you again!" (I told him he had no sense of adventure.) Then ten years later -- in 2004 -- Ron and I toured Ireland and we went back to Carlow and did a Rotary make-up. There were several Nolans in the club. They told me the first time, "Throw a rock in Carlow and you'll hit a Nolan." And I sat next to one who actually was a Member of Parliament. It was the day before my birthday, and he arranged a private tour of the Parliament Building in Dublin the next day. Quite a birthday present. So that's how the Irish Parliament got into my story.I had learned of my throat cancer four days before Ron and I left -- and even though I was uncomfortable, I am so glad we did it.So....anyway, this little Irish fellow, Sean O'Halloran, without my planning it at all, jumped right into my story. That's the Irish for you. They tend to be an impulsive bunch.

I do have a great deal of fun "being" Miss Truly because she can TALK!

12/Mar/12, 4:11am

Great reminders of the good work we do in the "Rotary Minute"

12/Mar/12, 3:07am

Did I ever tell you that I was planning on visiting the Podunk Pines provisional Rotary Club but had to cancel since we had illness in the family that is still with us? Well, I was planning that trip. I dream of visiting this special, unigue genre place and rubbing elbows with all the people who give so much and ask so little from others.

And I just love the way Miss Truly Candid tells us about the Podunk Pines adventure and future plans. I keep telling my dear friend, Norma, in our Rotary eClub, that I will make that trip one day, taking my friend Bubba Jay from Calamity, Texas (just a few miles north of my hometown of Humble, which is north of Houston). Well, maybe this spring I will make that adventure. In the meantime, I wait for the next cronicle from Miss Truly.


Stan Kathol
Omaha - North
12/Mar/12, 2:47am

Funny program and interesting about Australian runner.

12/Mar/12, 2:44am

The variety of thing sincluded in the program is very enjoyable

Patricia N. Moore
12/Mar/12, 2:24am

This was a wonderful inspiring story about Cliff Young who had the desire to enter a race no one thought he should enter.  Too many people listen the masses rather than following their dreams.

12/Mar/12, 2:08am

Always fun

12/Mar/12, 1:50am

I was most impressed by the Rotary Minute this week. To see all that Rotary has done, is doing and will do just bring tears to my eyes and makes me glad I am a Rotarian.

I always think about what there had not been a Rotary Youth Exchange program and wonder where I would be without it. RYE changed the course of my life...

Newport NH
12/Mar/12, 1:41am

due to my current load at work, I need to participate in the on line meeting, you have a wonderful service and I greatly appreciate it!


Leslie Hutchins Newport NH club

12/Mar/12, 1:31am

It's great to start the day with a little humor.  Thanks Norma!

12/Mar/12, 1:05am

Very interesting!

11/Mar/12, 10:21pm

Always fun to read the latest happenings of the Podunk Pines Rotary club.

11/Mar/12, 9:12pm

WHOA NELLIE!!  What an action packed meeting. First, thanks President Carol for starting "CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS", highlights from the March Board Meeting. Now we can be up to date on what is going on in our club. May the incoming administration continue it. Miss Truley Candid has outdone herself with this report, I got to laughing so loud I woke Nancy.   Thank you Carol for an outstanding year of service.