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Program: The Truth Behind the Water Shortage Scare



Speaker: Raul D. Avalos

Raul is a Rotarian from Texas with a MA in Diplomacy from Norwich University. He, from his undergraduate days, made himself into an expert on water. His education and his passion to contribute to solving water issues (through Rotary's efforts and his own) earned him a research position with the US Institute of Peace. Currently he is living in Latin America teaching, supporting his wife's diplomatic career and working on water issues.


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Program Comments: 

This week comments: 152, this week visitors: 101

28/May/12, 12:23am

A valuable program, particularly in highlighting the need for efficient water management--which will probably become increasingly important as global climate change continues. 

19/May/12, 6:26am

Good program

16/May/12, 11:05am

Thank you for the "Truth behind the water scare".  That puts it into perspective.

16/May/12, 4:07am

That is truly the difference, we have the same problem in thePhilippnes, we have enough rainfall and water resource but water management is still a way back

15/May/12, 9:30pm

Interesting and revealing program on water resources - I learned several things.

Timothy Domian
10/May/12, 4:51am

Great meeting! Thank you!

02/May/12, 2:15am

very interesting

23/Apr/12, 9:51am

Speaker Raul Avalos reminds us of the often forgotten point that "...we never lose our water. It just ends up somewhere else." When it comes to potable water, that somewhere else includes unused run-off, contamination, industrial and agricultural uses, etc. The competition for fresh water is growing exponentially. Speaker Avalos says the problem is not insufficient water, but rather inefficient water management. This can be remedied through Cooperation, Education, Political Will and Accountability - i.e. people working together, learning about the problem and its solutions, creating sound government policy and being accountable for the results. It is achievable and Rotary is leading the way. Good program!

21/Apr/12, 1:18pm

Interesting points on water management and the ways that the water shortage can be solved in many of the developing countries. Unfortunately much of the money that is given to the smaller countries never get to the intended purpose.  This is why the Rotary project that involve water are done with the least amount of time, money and government involvement.

16/Apr/12, 12:31am

Excellent presentation.  Clarifies the issue and gives focus to where efforts need to be applied.

12/Apr/12, 1:15pm

Really enjoyed the section "How We Serve"; it is great to hear about these projects. Going to have to try the Mexican Tortilla Chicken Soup recipe.

10/Apr/12, 10:59pm

Great Meeting

10/Apr/12, 10:59pm

Great Meeting

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:06am

Great Meeting

07/Apr/12, 7:59am

How can we efficiently purify the water we find? How can it be efficiently transported to distant locations? I seem to recall a previous Rotary presentation on low cost filters for water purification... 

04/Apr/12, 3:13pm

Great meeting! Thank you

03/Apr/12, 5:09pm

Very enlightenting topic.  This was my first tme to attend one of your meetings and it was great.  I will definitely be making the recipes provided!

03/Apr/12, 9:24am

Raul Avalos’ presentation was a real eye-opener regarding water use around the world. Clearly the presence of water and the abundance of water isn’t the issue. It’s the management of this vital resource that needs attention.Thank you!

Scott Burton
San Marcos Rotary Club
03/Apr/12, 6:35am

Great Information on the water issue.  

03/Apr/12, 12:27am

This was very insightful! And I share the concerns about the potable water resources globally.

02/Apr/12, 1:38pm

Appreciate the information concerning ways to make water more available.

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary club 25
02/Apr/12, 1:02pm

Excellent information and solutions offered for improved management of water.

02/Apr/12, 6:45am

Another great meeting! I really enjoyed the Rotary Minute on literacy! Thanks to Raul and everyone who was apart of making this happen!

31/Mar/12, 11:21pm

Great program, information provided was insightful and certainly hepled me gain a better understanding of what is need to ensure a clean water supply.

31/Mar/12, 4:40am

Raul, thank you for reminding us that we have enough water; it's just not always available or potable.  Very interesting program!

31/Mar/12, 12:49am

Rarely is there a program that actually has intellectual depth, as this one did. I'd like to see more programs from experts that go beyond what the media tells us about common issues. As Rotarians, we want to make a contribution, but we can only do it with the right information.

30/Mar/12, 1:59am

I live on the lower Colorado River and have learned over the years such appreciation for the wisdom and hard work it took to build a water management system CRITICAL to the SouthWest.  Especially when many of the decisions and funding were made during the great depression.  The ongoing behind the scenes care and management of these systems is amazing.

29/Mar/12, 10:49pm

Water... A huge issue. Great material concerning the subject thank you

29/Mar/12, 1:27pm

I totally agree we need to stop wasting water and make sure to take care of the amount we have ....

29/Mar/12, 8:18am

Water, a closed system with challanges in purity and distrebution....brilliant.

29/Mar/12, 8:07am


29/Mar/12, 1:54am

I take for granted every morning when I wake up that I have water to drink, clean and enjoy. Thank you for the reminder that so many go without and there are ways that everyone on this planet can and should have this beautiful element of life.

jon Parker
sonoma valley rotary
28/Mar/12, 12:33pm

I had no idea that water management and efficieincy were the key to availability and to even productivity. Nor did I know that the US usage is so much hgiher than other relatively developed countries.

27/Mar/12, 11:30pm

hard to argue the four conditions for effective management of scarce resource

27/Mar/12, 3:46pm

One of the most important problems facing mankind.  Thanks for the insight.

27/Mar/12, 1:41pm

The importance of education and the political will of elected leaders to remedy the water management problem cannot be overstated.

27/Mar/12, 9:00am

This was a very educational meeting.

Veronique Decotter
Rotary Club of Sandton South Africa
26/Mar/12, 5:25pm

Variety of topics

Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
26/Mar/12, 2:27pm

Wonderful--thank you for this updated  information on the water shortage...

26/Mar/12, 7:19am

Excellent program on the importance of water management and the educated perspective on the issues we face providing clean water to population of our planet.

26/Mar/12, 2:49am

Thank you.

25/Mar/12, 2:50pm

A diferent and intersting point of view about how to solve water problems. 

25/Mar/12, 2:44pm

Water and sanitation are the keys to success. Without them, populations are reduced to subsistence and disease.

I´m glad to learn about WASRAG.

25/Mar/12, 2:38pm

Great article, so much food for thought.  It is amazing how many area's of the world are underserved in the water department.  It brought the fish story to mind, show a man how to fish.........We need to continue to show people how to obtain and use their water resources.

25/Mar/12, 2:04pm

thanks Carol for this motivating meeting, I liked a lot specially the story about polio, something similar happened with dr Canseco a great friend of mine

Louiis Flowers
Weatherford Oklahoma Rotary
25/Mar/12, 1:10pm

Good meeting, community serivce is a great way to help serve the community and people.

Peter Wolfe
49er Rotary Club of Nevada City
25/Mar/12, 10:38am

Enjoyed the program.  Thank you!

David Werrett
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
25/Mar/12, 9:45am

I found the article Truth Behind the Water Scare very interesting.  I had never really thought about the Earth being a closed system. I was invovled with some projects in Kerala, India to provide potable water and, as a result of visiting the sites, became very aware of how we (in N America, Europe, etc.) take clean water for granted.

Bill Monahan
Tigard Noon
25/Mar/12, 8:34am

Your e-club obviously has several dedicated members who work hard to make the content meaningful and enjoyable.  Thanks for letting meparticpate.

25/Mar/12, 8:15am

This may sound crazy, but I decided to make up my meeting this afternoon because I was avoiding cooking dinner.  Come to find out, there was an awesome chicken recipe in this weeks meeting.  Thanks for a great meeting and for my dinner recipe!

25/Mar/12, 8:08am

A very good meeting! First I would like to say that the “Tortilla Soup” is a Cesareo recipe only his sons have a very good Culinary School here in Monterrey, I just sent it to Francoise. Congratulation to our Rotary friend Raul D. Avalos for his program about the water and for being working in something that is so necessary for human kind

Muy buena junta! Antes que nada quiero decir que la receta de la “Sopa de Tortilla” es de Cesáreo sus hijos tienen una muy buena escuela Culinaria aquí en Monterrey, yo solo se la mande a Francoise. Felicidades a nuestro amigo Rotario Raúl D. Avalos por su programa respecto al agua y por estar trabajando en un área que es tan necesaria para la humanidad.

25/Mar/12, 12:24am

Thanks to Victor and Cesareo for the recipe. In my opinion, tortilla soup is a gift of the heavens to all us mere mortals. Good tortilla soup requires good water, of course, and with that shaky segue I thank Rotarian Raul for the program on water management. Always a good reminder where health, education, and prosperity starts.

Cammie Hall
Madison Mayodan 7690
24/Mar/12, 10:24pm

First time visiting--excellent

24/Mar/12, 12:29pm

Thanks for the program on water. Many of the villages we work in around the world have unsafe water sources. Children have parasites from contaminated water, they can't attend school because of illness, and families spend what little money they earn on medical treatment for the children - only to get sick from unpotable water again. While global water is a closed system, access to safe drinking water and sanitation are the core issues.

Elizabeth Seymour
Denton Rotary
24/Mar/12, 9:48am

Interesting topic.

Dennis Chong
New Kingston
24/Mar/12, 6:35am

The inspirational article in this meeting was very inspiring indeed. It also makes me want to even more be a major donor...

As usual, very informative and now very inspiring in helping others across the world as mentioned, "those that we don't even see or meet".

Stella Cardoza
Irvine Rotary
24/Mar/12, 3:18am

Enjoyed visiting your club.

Rory Olsen
24/Mar/12, 1:39am

Fascinating program!

24/Mar/12, 1:23am

The comments that the president of the club says is true. Many times not even us Rotarians know the amount of peaple we touch with our service ... but we can do better. I for one know that I can do more than what I have done. And I will make a commitment to do more.

24/Mar/12, 1:15am

Great presentation. Now there can be clear goals and achievable goals established-if-those with the power will really think and act with integrity and concern. Clark Lovrien

Dan Arthur
Waynesboro Rotary Club Dist 7350
23/Mar/12, 11:37pm

Thank you much for another interesting program.  Always enjoy it.

23/Mar/12, 9:14pm

Great information, thanks for sharing

23/Mar/12, 10:00am

I enjoyed reading the portion of the meeting on Adult Literacy Programs. The section that described the pressure of illiterates to cover it up brought to mind why many adult literacy programs are held in public libraries—there is no stigma for illiterates walking into a library because people assume you can read just by walking in.

Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
23/Mar/12, 9:59am

Accountability is the magic word, which has to go hand in hand with professionalism (not business) and educated concience. This is valid for all our recources of this one planet which we only have.

Norma Leticia Martinez
Villa de Nuevo Laredo
23/Mar/12, 8:04am

Felidades, muy interesante todo lo que aqui publican, y gracias mil, por estar bindado el apoyo para nuestro Club  Villa de Nuevo Laredo, y nuestro poryecto en bien de los integrantes de la Banda y Orchesta Infantil y JUvenil del DIF, ya que es una manera de liberar a nuestros niños y jovenes de las malas compáñias y estar seguros de que seran hombres y mujeres de bien en el futuro.

23/Mar/12, 8:03am

Interesting program.   Water is so important.

Mike Schultz
Boerne Noon Club
23/Mar/12, 7:25am

Interesting content.

Ryan Weigle
Carlsile, PA sunrise
23/Mar/12, 12:44am

Thank you for having me!  Great meeting!!  I'm inspired.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
22/Mar/12, 7:59pm

Thank you.

Carol VanCamp
Rotary Club of Hilo Bay
22/Mar/12, 4:29pm

It was an excllent program.

22/Mar/12, 3:11pm

I am on vacation in Palm Springs where they are siur they are running out of water! Interesting presentation.

TC Bundy
22/Mar/12, 1:01pm

This was a very instructional meeting.I especially liked the emphasis on Leteracy for peace:

1) With 115 Rotary Clubs supporting Early Childhood Literacy and Primary Education along with the Imagination Library serving 47 states, parts of Canada and the United Kingdom, and  providing children with more than 15 million books.

2.) Adult Literacy Programs and

3.) With special emphasis on Literacy and Women

22/Mar/12, 12:47pm

Thank you

22/Mar/12, 10:51am

Your programs are consistently informative and heartwarming, such as the ones about water management and "From Books to Brilliance."

22/Mar/12, 10:44am

Great Program

Mary Lou Mortimer
Rotary Club of Hampton Roads
22/Mar/12, 5:51am

Great program - I am glad I found this.  Lots of good information and programs.

22/Mar/12, 5:27am

Very interesting program. Nice to know we really aren't running out of water,. but sad that in this day and age with all the possibiities available to make clean water available that we somehow don't do it.

22/Mar/12, 5:10am

very information article on clean water, makes me more aware of how much we waste and how easy to conserve.  I made a personal pledge to use less water.  thank you!

22/Mar/12, 5:08am

How true this is, and still many of us let the faucet run when brushing our teeth in the morning.

22/Mar/12, 4:41am

Even though I look out my window and see a sea of green tree tops, Atlanta has a terrible water shortage.  There isn't enough water here.  The poor little Chattahoochee River isn't quite big enough to quench Atlanta's thirst. Despite this, most people are blissfully unaware and continue to waste what is here. 

22/Mar/12, 4:27am

My mother had a mild case of polio when she was pregnant with my sister back in 1955. My brother and I were the first two in our county in Texas to receive the Salk vaccine. So I enjoyed the story about the Korean man who dedicated his life to fighting polio. I also thought the water shortage story was interesting.

22/Mar/12, 4:16am

I really like the different language page and I have always wanted a recipe for Mexican Tortilla Soup.  I look forward to making some!

22/Mar/12, 4:05am

Really like to graphics adds humor, and like to language additional too.

22/Mar/12, 3:46am
Another good program! Thanks for providing good programs and being available online for easy make-ups.
Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
22/Mar/12, 3:13am

This program clearly defines the simple, yet crucial, point that water management is the key to a prosperous and healthy society.

22/Mar/12, 2:37am

Enjoyed the program-- Interesting perspective on MANAGEMENT of water as opposed to shortage of water.

22/Mar/12, 2:31am

Very helpful.  Thanks.

22/Mar/12, 2:30am

Nice programme with very useful info... thanks!

22/Mar/12, 2:21am


Ron Saff
Tallahassee Downtown Rotary
22/Mar/12, 12:42am

As always, a wonderful program. Congratulations on reaching 100+ members!

22/Mar/12, 12:28am

I always enjoy the e-meetings.  It's a good way to learn about projects that could be implemented by my own club.  Why reinvent the wheel if there is a program already out there that can be shared by other Rotarians?

22/Mar/12, 12:22am

The openning inspirational story of Young, a Korean child during the Korean Conflict, impacted by the ravages of polio upon his childhood friends, is compelling in that he was moved as an adult to join Rotary in our campaign to eradicate this insidious disease from our planet.  I often wonder how many other individuals, like Young, are out there doing the same thing to help eradicate polio.

I also appreciate the program comments concerning the "availability" of water versus the "lack" of water.  My involvement with Rotary opened my eyes several years ago to the plight of most of the planet's inhabitants of not having access to potable water and water borne diseases.  Those of us who have access to clean fresh water every day need to consider our blessings and help those in need of this vital resource.

Keith Smith
Springdale Arkansas
21/Mar/12, 10:48pm

Very touching story to kick off the meeting.  It is why I joined Rotary; to make a difference.

JT Bowyer
Harker Heights TX
21/Mar/12, 2:44pm

Great meeting and the receipt is being emailed to my wife, thanks for the informitive meeting.

Ken Pollock
Kyrene Corridor RC
21/Mar/12, 11:30am

Great format and content. An easy, informative way to explore several presentations from one sitting.

Keep up the good work.


21/Mar/12, 11:20am

Maybe we can outlaw stupidity.  Water and Food borne illnesses are not uncommon in the US, but nothing like the incidence in other countries. 

21/Mar/12, 11:20am

Maybe we can outlaw stupidity.  Water and Food borne illnesses are not uncommon in the US, but nothing like the incidence in other countries. 

Alan Hayes
Flower Mound TX
21/Mar/12, 10:51am

Great Meeting. Thanks for having me here to make up!

21/Mar/12, 10:48am

President Carol and  fellow Rotarians it is always a pleasure to be meeting again, thank you for an informative meeting. I have always been so scared that we would wake up one day to find there is no drop of fresh water around. It gives me a lot of relief though I would want to read more on the subject. Thank you Raul for your contributions.

Tim Young
Rotary Club of Hilo Bay
21/Mar/12, 10:24am

Aloha and Mahalo (thank you)! TY

Mark Needham
Top of the Lake Mooresville
21/Mar/12, 9:20am

Very Informative program this week.

Bruce Sherwood
Litchfield Park Arizona
21/Mar/12, 8:48am

Wow! I'm impressed with the work that went into all the write ups. Although Polio is no longer visable in the United States, we must continue working toward the eradication through out the world.

21/Mar/12, 8:31am

Great meeting everyone. Fascinating views. Thank you for the work that went into the meeting and program. Y'all are amazing!

21/Mar/12, 8:15am

I am from RC of Navi Mumbai - Palm Beach, India (Dist.3140), currently on holidays at Tampa, FL., USA. The program is very relevant to my home country where water management needs tremendous improvement. I am thinking of publishing this article in the next issue of our bulletin so that other members of our club (Charter Year 2011) will also be enlightened.

Dawn Allison
El Campo, TX. USA
21/Mar/12, 7:43am

I always enjoy visitng your meetings even if I don't have to do a make up.

Dawn Allison
El Campo, TX. USA
21/Mar/12, 7:43am

I always enjoy visitng your meetings even if I don't have to do a make up.

21/Mar/12, 7:32am

Thanks for a great meeting!

Angela Bower
Monroe NC
21/Mar/12, 5:21am

Good program!

Makeup for March 20, 2012

Ronald J. Toomer
of Baton Rouge
21/Mar/12, 5:07am

Inspirational Thought is always good.  Good program   on water.

Cleve Cox
Oriental (NC) Rotary Club, USA
21/Mar/12, 4:19am

As always, most interesting!

21/Mar/12, 2:59am

Thank you for this week program. Greetings from Lima, Peru.

21/Mar/12, 2:38am

Great perspective on water management.  Thanks for another informativeprogram.  Love attending e-club meetings.  

21/Mar/12, 2:06am

I strongly agree with Mr. Avalos. His position regarding water is right on.

R L Kimes Rotary Club Of Winters Ca. USA


21/Mar/12, 2:03am

Although I have visited other e-clubs, I keep returning to the Rotary e-Club of Southwest USA for my make-ups due to both solid pograms and user-friendly and intuitive program packaging.  keep up the good work.   

Patty Bell
21/Mar/12, 1:20am

The story of Young and his playmates was so moving.  How wonderful it must have been and still is to have the opportuniy to give to a cause that he can relate to in such a personal way.

Cathy Brumback
Point Clear, AL
21/Mar/12, 1:06am

Thought-provoking program

21/Mar/12, 12:22am

I like the way you are conducting your meetings.  The MATCHING GRANT project needs a mention.

20/Mar/12, 11:17pm

Very interesting presentation.  If people are interested in finding out about water issues in the western US, an excellent history is presented in the book "Cadillac Desert."

20/Mar/12, 2:01pm

Thank you Raul! Great meeting ! :)

Joe Schoenstein
Bakersfield Breakfast
20/Mar/12, 1:36pm

Nice presentations on water management and LEEDS.  I had no idea the Empire State Building had been updated to be as efficient as it is.  Thanks!


Victoria Easley
Eastern Independence
20/Mar/12, 10:01am

Thank you for having me as a visitor! I intend to look further into Water for People and WASRAG.

steven wardwell
auburn, ca
20/Mar/12, 8:04am

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Ocean water and desalination, water filter systems, water well drilling are several water topics that could be covered.

20/Mar/12, 7:59am

Water very interesting program

20/Mar/12, 7:04am

I am going to try that Mexican Tortilla Soup as soon as I get back to my kitchen this weekend.

20/Mar/12, 7:02am

I wish to add a note to what Raul presented: for each gallon of gasoline we burn, it requies 25 gallons of water.  Yes, it is a closed loop system, but we also must remind ourselves that we end up polluting more water with industrial usage.

20/Mar/12, 6:56am

I would like to joiin the e-club, as my district (D5300) does not have an e-club at this point.  I have filled out all of my vitals and paid my weekly dues.

I enjoy this type of meeting, as it fits into my new schedule of traveling for my photography work.  I am a long time Rotarian, and sort of view Rotary as my religion.  I have forwarded my resignation from the Rotary Club of Boulder City, with regrets as to leaving my membership there.

I would look forward to many meetings in this club, and to assist where I can.

Thank You,


Frank Carroll

20/Mar/12, 6:17am

Thanks for reminding us why we support Rotary - it is always a pleasure doing make-ups here.

John E. Miller, Jr.
Rotary Club of Scottsdale
20/Mar/12, 5:42am

Thanks for this great opportunity to make up with you guys!

20/Mar/12, 5:42am

Appreciate the program - the information on water shortages was interesting. Better management of this critical resource is a logical solution to a problem that is gaining more attention.

20/Mar/12, 4:13am

Water projects around the world are a key focus of Rotary International.

The joke was hilarious! Thank you for this meeting.

20/Mar/12, 3:53am

Very interesting.  We should all support Rotary water projects.

20/Mar/12, 3:15am

Very good info!

20/Mar/12, 2:35am

I love the inspirational thought. This is my 3rd or 4th make up on with this club and absolutely love it.  Thanks so much for providing it.

20/Mar/12, 2:19am

That was a very interesting meeting.  I didn't realize we weren't running out of water.  It makes me realize how important water management is!

Jim Champlin
Ahwatukee foothills
20/Mar/12, 1:52am

we all should strive to help countries to establish water programs that will insure consistent clean water sources

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
20/Mar/12, 1:42am

Enjoyable meeting as always.  Esp. enjoyed water program.

Thomas Sims
Pittsburg, Kansas
20/Mar/12, 1:24am

I haven't visited your club for a while and am impressed with the new format.  The programs on the water scare and micro credit were informative and the one from Podunk Pines was fun.  Thanks.

19/Mar/12, 10:34pm

Thanks for an interesting and educational presentation on the global water issue - it gave me new insight into the nature of the problem.

19/Mar/12, 10:04pm

dear rotaryans thanks for joining metting

ma uddin

Sandra Longcrier
Norman Sooner Rotary
19/Mar/12, 3:25pm

Having been born in Nevada, water has always been king.  I appreciate Mr. Avalos comments and agree it is about proper management of this finite resource so that all have  adequate access to water.  

19/Mar/12, 12:43pm

Having lived in an island state surrounded by oceans of salt    water with little potable water during the dry season, I can testify to the importance of efficient water managements .

19/Mar/12, 11:33am

I am proud of my student, Raul D. Avalos, and I only wish you could all meet him in person.

19/Mar/12, 10:55am

i love st patricks day and my club for being all we can be and strive foward on world peace

19/Mar/12, 5:37am

Wonderful program!  Water is so important, I'm glad this meeting presented some eye opening facts for us to learn about the importance of protecting our water.  Here in Pennsylvania there are issues with water in some northern counties where hydraulic fracturing is taking place.  It would be wonderful for us all to learn more about what is going on in the Marcellus Shale *hint hint

John G. Jones
Rotary Club of San Angelo-Sunrise
19/Mar/12, 5:28am

Excellent program as usual. The program about water is most timely, especially after the horrible dought we had in Texas last year.  We cannot be too educated about the water situation worlo-wide.  Thanks. 

John G. Jones

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin, OR
19/Mar/12, 4:24am

Great information Raul.  Water is key to every person's survival and productivity certainly cannot emerge without adequate water.  I am so glad Rotary is invovled in water projects around the world.

Pat Nicholson


David Sullivan
Shades Valley Rotary Club
19/Mar/12, 1:21am

Great program. We in the USA are most fortunate that our federal and local governments are so commited to proper water management.

Gil Lyons
Rotary Club of Lancaster
19/Mar/12, 12:22am

Thanks for the program. Interesting overview. Would be more interested in reading about details and solutions though.

Maria Alexander
Plattsburgh Rotary
19/Mar/12, 12:15am

This is a great website.  I will check with my own club to see what we do for literacy.  That is something I believe very strongly about, especially for children.  

18/Mar/12, 8:45pm

Thank you Raul. As a Texan you understand the important role water plays in our State economy. Most of our water comes from lakes serving the large population centers and limited underground wells for the smaller population centers. Most of our agriculture is dry land farming and our beef industry has been crippled by the drought we have been in for an extended period of time. Those areas of our State over aquafers have use of this water and are beginning to understand that without rain this resource is not replenished. We are, as you suggested in your program, begining to address the water problem with all three entities involved.

18/Mar/12, 8:24pm

Thank you Raul for nice presentation.

Water polution was one of sever problems in Japan.

But,we learned the fact that the pollution of water produced tragedy.

And we developed technology to solve water  pollution,and the technology is exported to the foreign countries now.

18/Mar/12, 4:38pm

En México estamos empezando a utilizar un elemento llamado agua solida que es un material solido con apariencia de azúcar y que absorbe una cantidad de agua suficiente como para no regar en dos meses y tiene un vida probable de 6 a 8 años dependiendo de la acidez del agua. Mas tarde le mando una información más detallada.  Esto podría servirnos para ayudar a algunos campesinos que por la falta de lluvia no han podido levantar sus cosechas e inclusive ya no quieren sembrar para no perder la inversión de la semilla.