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Program: Busy Being Born



Speaker: Joe Kagle

Steve Jobs, near the end of his life last year, worked by this mantra (which was a quote from one of Jobs’ heroes, the singer Bob Dylan) : “If you’re not busy being born, you’re busy dying.”

Member Joe Kalge, gives us his ideas "There are rare individual like Gandhi, Paul Harris, Steve Jobs, Einstein, Picasso and others who have visions that are beyond their time and are driven to make the products or movements that will create that future moment."


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This week comments: 179, this week visitors: 110

29/May/12, 1:39am

Great program and words of wisdom as we begin the next Rotary year.

19/May/12, 12:01pm

Good meeting

19/May/12, 6:51am

Steve Jobs what an inspiration to all of us!!!

19/May/12, 12:06am

Excellent program and transition to Rotary.

19/May/12, 12:05am

Excellent program and transition to Rotary.

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
11/May/12, 10:23pm

I favor Rotary e-club Southwest for my make-ups.  Well put together, good programs, very informative. Thank you again!

07/May/12, 4:05pm

So would it be inappropriate to suggest that our eClub should think differently, embrace some of the change introduced by Steve Jobs, and upgrade our website so it works with an iPad?  I'll offer some cycles to help!

05/May/12, 10:11pm

An excellent program, especially the excerpts from Steve Jobs' interview re:  his motivation to make products, not profits.  A very simple notion and maybe counter-intuitive, but true.  (The same could be said about Jesus.)  The extension of the principle to e-clubs was also insightful.  Thanks for this program!

02/May/12, 1:04am

Great Meeting.  I loved the Inspirational Moment, I first heard it from Becky Pippert in "Out of the Salt Shaker."  I am inspired by Jobs:

“My passion has been to build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products. Everything else was secondary. Sure, it was great to make a profit, because that was what allowed you to make great products. But the products, not the profits, were the motivation."

I hope a lot of companies listen to this thought, because it's frustrating dealing with the others.

30/Apr/12, 9:11am

Very thought provoking program which begins by invoking the famous Bob Dylan quote, "If you're not busy being born, you're busy dying", which was often repeated by Steve Jobs and became synonymous in the public's mind with his seemingly perpetual quest for ever more dazzling electronic communication devices. Speaker Joe Kagle finds relevance in the Dylan quote as a motivation to continuously re-invent  Rotary goals and experiences. He proposes, quite appropriately, "Busy being born" as a slogan for RECSWUSA in its own pursuit of a Steve Jobs type quest for excellence. Wonderful program, Joe! 

29/Apr/12, 5:06am

I have always enjoyed the programs, but would rank this one as the best yet!

24/Apr/12, 12:15am

Brought home several thoughts, two of which include: the old cliche of "you can't judge a book by its cover" in relation to the Inspirational story.  And, so often a brick wall is thrown in front of you (reference to the program).  It's how you go around, over, or under that brick wall that shows your character.

Poston Rotary Club
23/Apr/12, 1:48am

This program was very motivating. Enjoyed it very much.

22/Apr/12, 10:24am

Outstanding program!  So glad I attended. 

17/Apr/12, 1:47pm

This was a very interesting program!

16/Apr/12, 9:37am

Great meeting! It's awesome to see how far our club's generosity has gone!

16/Apr/12, 3:03am

I was not able to downloand and view the program.  There seems to be an error in the page/link.

April Sebesta
Lufkin Rotary Club
15/Apr/12, 7:51am

I really enjoyed learning about some famous past comfort by rotarians.  Busy being born really struck home to me because I feel like alot of my emotions are diplayed throughout various songs.  These men have made great contributions to society.   In my line of work, education, I am lucky to help prepare these leaders of tomorrow.

14/Apr/12, 8:58pm


12/Apr/12, 2:52am

It is great to know that my donations to the e-club are going to good.  Also, that as a U of Dayton Flyer that Orville Wright was also a rotarian in Dayton when he wasn't carving out new modes of transportation.  Thanks e-club!

10/Apr/12, 11:01pm

great meeting

10/Apr/12, 10:20pm

My wife and I have recently finished the biography of Steve Jobs.  Relating the life of Steve Jobs to RI would hve never crossed my mind.  Thanks for the "wake up".

10/Apr/12, 12:02pm

Wonderful program, thanks Joe.

Maravilloso programa, gracias Joe.

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:05am

Great Meeting

Dan Wollam
09/Apr/12, 11:17am

What a great challenge!

09/Apr/12, 2:58am

Congratulation Joe Kagle for your program about the philosophy that Steve Jobs used to practice as the closest member of the “Unsatisfied Group” and the resemblance with Rotary and our club as the way of  being “The point of the arrow” in our time.

Felicidades Joe Kagle por tu programa acerca de la filosofía que practicaba Steve Jobs como el miembro más cercano del “Grupo de los Insatisfechos” y la semejanza de nuestro club y de Rotary por ser “Puntas de Lanza” en nuestro tiempo

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
08/Apr/12, 8:50am

Great program!

08/Apr/12, 4:12am

Good program 

07/Apr/12, 10:27am

As always, a thoughtful presentation, Joe. It provides food for thought, not only in our Rotary membership, but for us in our professional and personal lives as well, as human beings.

07/Apr/12, 8:10am

Well said Steve Jobs.  Busy being born is better. It is not easy however and clearly the Beatles and Dylan found that so. Eventually the market "gets it" and a new vision is  born.

06/Apr/12, 12:00am

Steve Jobs neve ceses to amaze. Thanks for this great program!

Dennis Judd
05/Apr/12, 10:32pm

This program has really hit home for me.  Thank G-d I am still being born, and I had better not forget and appreciate it.

05/Apr/12, 2:08pm

I liked the links to U-tube clips and gained more respect for "the crazy Ones"

04/Apr/12, 3:16pm

Wonderful program!

04/Apr/12, 2:38pm

Pointed out the famous Rotarians

Herbert D Colby
Frotuna Sunrise Rotary
04/Apr/12, 3:29am


Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary club 25
02/Apr/12, 12:57pm

Great quote and great story.

02/Apr/12, 5:30am

What a provocative meeting -- I love hearing about "Busy Being Born." I think Rotarians are probably doing this much of the time -- even if they don't know it. Great program!

02/Apr/12, 12:33am

this was also a very nice meeting, to be proud of being a Rotarian

02/Apr/12, 12:27am

I loved the Inspiration.  I have used it several times when I pastored.  I also enjoyed the recipe and finding out Colonel Sanders was a Rotarian.  Super Awesome!  Have a great and Blessed week everyone!

01/Apr/12, 1:42pm

Any event that lifts the human spirit is the charge of Rotary. I saw parents walk from the interior of Mexico to Tecate to help their children smile, thanks to Rotary.

01/Apr/12, 1:33pm

The content of the concept  "Busy  Being Born" must make us to think about it

01/Apr/12, 11:56am

Do hope this one takes......

01/Apr/12, 11:54am

Good tie in to Bill Gates.  And, I enjoyed learning about other influential people that were Rotarians.

01/Apr/12, 11:22am

Wow, this is one of the best programs... thank you!

01/Apr/12, 11:02am

This was my first "virtual meeting" makeup. Really enjoyed it. Jay Miers, Rotary Club, Phillipsburg, N.J.

01/Apr/12, 10:36am

Very inciteful information about Steve's innovative method for maintaining his company at the top. Sounds like Bob Knight but with a sense of humor, demanding the best of his employees but willing to listen.

01/Apr/12, 7:31am

Great meeting. I learned about United Nations Day in NY and how Rotary is associated with many UN committees.

Interesting part about Steve Jobs and how his vision and ideals can be used in Rotary to help us improve and change.

01/Apr/12, 6:06am

Inspiring article about the life of Steve Jobs and the lessons our eClub can learn.

Rory Olsen
01/Apr/12, 5:43am

Great Program!!!!!

01/Apr/12, 12:03am

Steve Jobs' visions have changed our world significantly. My his mantra "Busy Being Born" help your club in continuing to provide service to the world.  

31/Mar/12, 12:49pm

Thanks for a great, informative program.  We can learn so much from Steve Jobs - a facinating man-far ahead of his time.

31/Mar/12, 11:00am

great program!

James Gilcreast
Providence, RI USA
31/Mar/12, 9:02am

Interesting article on Steve Jobs. I did not know much about him. I am essentially a Luddite, but am trying to become a bit more technologically adept. Many of the products mentioned were unkown to me.

31/Mar/12, 8:40am

Your Inspirational Thought. SAA and program by Joe Kagle were first rate. Of the eclubs inexistence your program is by far the closest to attending a meeting of a "real" club. Keep on being born!

31/Mar/12, 4:31am

What a profound article on Jobs, I had NO idea... and wish I had that kind of drive and sense.

31/Mar/12, 2:16am

This is my first meeting to be able to comment on the various activities I see that is happening in Rotary. I have one short comment that I see all of the activities. "Without a vision my people parrish"

With the Rotary vision there much HOPE.

31/Mar/12, 1:56am

I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting your club. Joe Kagle's "Busy Being Born" was excellent as he framed a concept of membership increase in Rotary.  It was also interesting seeing what famous folks were Rotarians. Finally I was impressed by the variety of projects SW eClub accomplished.

Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC (USA)
31/Mar/12, 1:29am

Interesting program.  Great inspirational story about the young man and elderly deacon in church.  The preacher summed it up just right!

31/Mar/12, 12:41am

I loved Isaacson's book, and I believe what Jobs did: "If you're not busy being born you are busy dying:-)" Live to the end.

Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC (USA)
30/Mar/12, 10:48pm

As always, most intersting.  The inspirational story about the barefoot, T-shirt college student in the somewhat "stiff" church was great!

30/Mar/12, 3:56pm

Great work Joe!  I have to say it is extremely important that we as a club start moving towards the next step.  Improving should be a weekly discussion in my book.  

Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
30/Mar/12, 1:41pm

If you are not busy to improve the world, then you are busy to drown in its problems. Support the ones who see things differently and have no respect for the status quo. We are living in a time of basic changes in ALL fields.

30/Mar/12, 11:23am

I enjoy seeing the messages about how our members are serving their communities - let's keep it going! Thanks, also, to Joe, for the thoughts on one of the most fascinating thinkers and doers of our time. Steve Jobs was not someone I think I would have liked had I known him, but there is much about what he sought to do that I respect.

30/Mar/12, 11:10am

Growing evolving and being born is as vital to Rotary as with any organization - or - go by the way of Kodak.  Married to film when they had invented digital photography.  My traditional Rotary club still debates, as they struggle with membership, what the role of eClubs is.  Married to tradition.  But like film, it still has a place. 

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
30/Mar/12, 4:19am

This is another great program and reminder on how important it is to "push the envelope."  We truly must be "busy being born"!

Rey Neufeld
La Quinta, CA
30/Mar/12, 2:54am

Loved your inspirational moment.  In the church where I now go he would not have looked out of place.

30/Mar/12, 2:12am

Wonderful program!

Scott Maddox
of Boerne
30/Mar/12, 2:09am

This program about Steve Jobs was wonderful.An eye opener to our own short comings in motivation and innovation. Of course we cant all be a Steve Jobs, but we each can have our own impact on our own level, including at each of our respective Rotary clubs.






















29/Mar/12, 11:01pm

What a life and what a history...

This makes me think about Rotarians... Moving always around those who wanted to stop them, finding new ways of doing to make sure they can get some added value to all those who need them.

One information for all : Next week, on April 5th, 2012, I am invited to a meeting in District 2430 (Rotary Club of Cankaya) to make a presentation of e-clubs, and after I spoke with our president and being helped by Mel and Judith I am now ready for my presentation...

The main thing is that I will connect to the meeting so they can see what a real good quality meeting.I will finish my meeting with them. So there will be around 20 rotarians from Turkey with us at 12:30 GMT +2 on Thursday 5th.

A great week to all

Helen Shirota-Benevides
RC of South Hilo
29/Mar/12, 6:48pm

Great meeting makeup and excellent programs shared...famous Rotarians; inspirational story, etc, etc, etc!

"Happy Birthday" to fellow club members and "Aloha!" from Hawaii.

Keep up the great work of Rotary in your area.


29/Mar/12, 1:18pm

enjoyed the info on the different famous people who were in Rotary... and as lifelso the info on Steve Job

29/Mar/12, 1:18pm

enjoyed the info on the different famous people who were in Rotary... and as lifelso the info on Steve Job

29/Mar/12, 1:17pm

enjoyed the info on the different famous people who were in Rotary... and as lifelso the info on Steve Job

29/Mar/12, 1:17pm

enjoyed the info on the different famous people who were in Rotary... and as lifelso the info on Steve Job

29/Mar/12, 1:17pm

enjoyed the info on the different famous people who were in Rotary... and as lifelso the info on Steve Job

29/Mar/12, 12:52pm

I like the history of famous people who were Rotarians. *I wonder what they would think about being "busy being born"?


Susan Huntley-Gruenther
Omaha Suburban Rotary
29/Mar/12, 8:49am

Wonderful message from Joe Kagle. This is a grand website and I believe you have inspired me and propeled me into action.  Thank you and keep up the fabulous work your club is doing.

29/Mar/12, 8:44am

"I think great artists and great engineers are similar, in that they both have a desire to express themselves."

Well said....

29/Mar/12, 7:07am

I am so glad I came to share what is here. I will be back.

Cammie Hall
Madison Mayodan NC 7690
29/Mar/12, 4:31am

Excellent information--especially enjoyed reading about famous Rotarians.

Cammie Hall
Madison Mayodan NC 7690
29/Mar/12, 4:31am

Excellent information--especially enjoyed reading about famous Rotarians.

Mark E. Lansford
Thursday Noon Clovis, NM
29/Mar/12, 3:46am

Very good!  Thanks so much.

Kevin Morris
North Sore Rotary Club
29/Mar/12, 2:14am

Great program and thanks for the opportunity for an interesting make-up meeting.

29/Mar/12, 2:03am

Amen Joe! I think as children and youth we get up every morning with drive and focus for something to get going on, to get working on or to get busy having fun with.... where does that go as we get older?

We have just the one life... lets get busy being born!

Ron Saff
Tallahassee Downtown Rotary
29/Mar/12, 1:47am

As usual, this was a very interesting program. 

29/Mar/12, 1:44am

Thanks for a great meeting!

29/Mar/12, 1:16am

Great words about an inspirational figure. Thanks for the presentation Joe.

29/Mar/12, 12:35am

I was constantly inspired by two of Job's traits: it isn't worth doing unless you do it right; and it not only has to work but it should look good doing it.  We should all strive to do it right, and do it well, whatever we are doing.  We shouldn't settle for good enough, in all the projects we pursue.

Don Spies
North Shore
29/Mar/12, 12:25am

Great Meeting!


keith sockwell
29/Mar/12, 12:22am

The Inspirational Thought was very inspirational as always .  Enjoy making up at your club.

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
29/Mar/12, 12:11am

Excellent motivational story of the young Christian and the older deacon...very inspirational

28/Mar/12, 11:59pm


keith sockwell
28/Mar/12, 11:38pm

The Inspirational Thought was just that ,inspirational as always. Thanks for the opportunity to make up with your club.

Mary Scott Christfield
Pisgah Forest NC
28/Mar/12, 10:56pm

I mostly read articles rather than actually attending the meeting, but very much enjoyed reading about the Grubfestll  What a great idea!

Richard Bean
Harker Heights, TX
28/Mar/12, 9:36pm

Great meeting. Thanks

Joe Morris
Johnson County Ks
28/Mar/12, 8:57pm

Sorry, but I actually printed it to save and carry with me :))

28/Mar/12, 5:39pm

Hi this is my first time visiting an E Club, and have found it very interesting. I'm impressed with the list of projects you have, and as a musician I'm very impressed with your program to help the youth in the Mexico district. Keep up the good work.

Lynton. Rotary Club of Wantirna District 9810 Australia

Dan Klinglesmith
28/Mar/12, 5:33pm

I enjoyed the article about Steve Jobs and the earlier one about not being out of water

Dennis Chong
New Kingston
28/Mar/12, 2:10pm

Checking into a previous eclub login as it's not registering on your web site.... 

Let me know how I can assist as a Bro.......

jon Parker
sonoma valley rotary
28/Mar/12, 1:57pm

insightful observations about Steve Jobs and his underlying commitment to "being born" and refuturing our vision with products we want before we know we need them

Dennis Chong
New Kingston
28/Mar/12, 1:49pm

Checking into a previous eclub login as it's not registering on our web site....

Dennis Chong
New Kingston
28/Mar/12, 1:18pm

Very great inspirational quote as usual, 'What is talked, you will not remember; but what you see you will never forget"....

Also very great and informative reports...

28/Mar/12, 11:18am

Great to see that so many famous and successful people were/are Rotarians!

Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
28/Mar/12, 10:31am

Jobs thought to make a great product and profits will follow is an excellent example of how more business needs to by pursued.

28/Mar/12, 8:04am

Great program.  Really enjoyed the section about Steve Jobs and also the story about the college student and church.

David Creasy
Hanover Co VA
28/Mar/12, 7:44am

great list of things to think about.

28/Mar/12, 7:37am

After Mel retired from the Navy in 1986 a Rotarian in the Chula Vista Rotary Club asked us to "computize" the local Chamber of Commerice. Our business, Infocon, was formed. We were Apple based moving quickiy into the new Mac using them for businesses. We became an Apple Training Provider using an RV as a moble Training Unit. We trained a legal company in Tucson soon after that. I will always be grateful for being part of a vision that provded people to empower themselves through the use of creative people oriented technology. Thanks Joe for this informative program. We have listened to the audio book.....

John Looby
Lake Forest/Lake Bluff IlLinois
28/Mar/12, 5:48am


Candace Bucchan
North Texas Pioneers
28/Mar/12, 5:40am

This overall meeting was very exciting. I love that it felt like an actual meeting and i was actually excited to see what came next. i.e the humor, sargent at arms and the rotary minute are some key ideas that not all clubs have and I was pleased to see it.

The program: AMAZING... in lieu of Steve's death I truely enjoyed the idea behind his mantra and getting to know about his life's passion and belief!!

I will makeup here alot!

Alex Coronado
Brownsville Sunrise
28/Mar/12, 4:06am

Fanastic program.  Keep up the excellent topics.

28/Mar/12, 3:49am

Hello Jow,

Excellent program.  Sure our Virgo sequential members will appreciate it.  Were those last two pics in the presentation your variations?

28/Mar/12, 3:18am

Very interesting and thought provoking!

28/Mar/12, 3:05am

Very interesting perspective and Steve Jobs was a visionary.

Bob Banzhoff
Mechanicsburg Rotary North
28/Mar/12, 2:40am

Great program

Mario Flores
CR Real De Minas
28/Mar/12, 2:18am

Me gusto saber acerca de los rotarios famosos.

bill bell
Lancaster, PA club 5346
28/Mar/12, 1:42am

Great article/program - keep up the good work and continue to look to the future.

Rotary Club of Lancaster
28/Mar/12, 1:28am

Excellent synopsis of the book Steve Jobs.  I read it in a weekend and seeing some of the exerpts in this program are motivational.  Way to tie it all together and relate it back to Rotary.

Russel Head
Plano Sunrise Rotary
28/Mar/12, 12:02am

Thank you.

Rudy Schlobohm
Beaufort Rotary
27/Mar/12, 11:59pm

You obviously have a large and thriving Club.   I thoroughly enjoyed my "visit" with your group!

27/Mar/12, 11:38pm

Joe's presentations are always rich and thought-provoking. Thanks, Joe, for another great program!

27/Mar/12, 11:14pm

Best program yet.  Excellent!


27/Mar/12, 11:14pm

Best program yet.  Excellent!


27/Mar/12, 11:14pm

Best program yet.  Excellent!


27/Mar/12, 11:14pm

Best program yet.  Excellent!


27/Mar/12, 11:14pm

Best program yet.  Excellent!


27/Mar/12, 2:54pm

Thank you Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA.

Splendid idea by Mr. Joe Kagle...

27/Mar/12, 2:52pm

Thank you ROTARY eCLUB of the Southwest USA.

Splendid idea by Mr. Joe Kagle...

27/Mar/12, 1:49pm

Great program

27/Mar/12, 1:21pm

Joe, thanks for the great message and program.  I really enjoyed it.

27/Mar/12, 1:16pm

Great program!  Now I'm going to start reading the Steve Jobs biography.  Thank you!

Dietra McNair
Hickory Sunrise Rotary Club
27/Mar/12, 12:07pm

This was an interesting program and a boost in the arm to be motivated to always think creatively, implement innovatively and rightfully be held accountable.

27/Mar/12, 10:33am

Nice job, no pun intended, Joe.  Specially like the comparison to Rotary

Jenifer Grace
Plano Sunrise Rotary
27/Mar/12, 8:52am

I found this program inspirational and a good reminder that thinking outside the box can result in great things. 

27/Mar/12, 8:31am

It was a great program, relating the thoughts of Steve Jobs and other great thinkers to Rotary, and the eclub.

27/Mar/12, 8:12am

Excellent meeting Past President Joe.

27/Mar/12, 8:12am

Excellent meeting Past President Joe.

27/Mar/12, 8:12am

Excellent meeting Past President Joe.

27/Mar/12, 8:12am

Excellent meeting Past President Joe.

27/Mar/12, 7:23am

Thank you

Craig Dreismeier
Rotary Club of Council Bluffs Centennial
27/Mar/12, 7:13am

I enjoyed the article regarding Steve Jobs. 

27/Mar/12, 6:48am

I love this sentence: "Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." 

Joe, I love your transition from Steve Job to Rotary and our club! Thank you for this very smart program.

27/Mar/12, 6:13am

Thanks Joe Kagle. That was one of the most inspirational messages I've seen in years. Brilliant and timely.

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin OR
27/Mar/12, 5:02am

Excellent program.  Wonderful confirmation of the eclub.  As a pre school teacher i use to tell parents--"Some of the things your child does that drive you crazy are the seeds of their future success--if channeled correctly.  Steve reminds me of that kind of person.

Corky Morrow
Rotary Club of Medford
27/Mar/12, 3:39am

I loved the inspirational thought!  Also, enjoyed reading about Operation Warm which provided 130 winter coats to kids and the cold weather socks to soldiers in Afganistan.  It was fun reading about famous Rotarians, including Colonel Sanders, Orville Wright and Charlie Chan!

Judy Brittle
Sterling Rotary
27/Mar/12, 3:31am

From Books to Brillance.  Such an exciting venture and wonderful that Rotary would carry the ball.  I would hope we reach out to areas in the United States for the very same reason.  All children need our help especially those at home in our country. 

Tim Rodland
Rotary Club of South East Nassau
27/Mar/12, 2:37am

This is my first time doing an online make-up, this is fantastic. Rotary e-Club of Southwest USA ROCKS!!! 

James Heald
Rotary Club of Courtenay
27/Mar/12, 1:42am

I felt this meeting was one of the best e-club meetings that I have attended. The program about Steve Jobs and the analagy to Rotary was very pertinent. The ease of use and flow of topics is very much in line with our "sit down" meeting and provides a very familiar form to the e-meeting. Thank you and keep up the good work.

27/Mar/12, 1:03am

Every time I makeup a meeting with your club, I am more proud to be a Rotarian.

Mary Dominguez-Santini
27/Mar/12, 12:43am

Very interesting information I never imagined John F. Kennedy was a Rotary I read alot about our president's life and tragedy.

Timothy Ernster
Rotary Club of Sedona
26/Mar/12, 10:22pm

I really enjoyed the part of te meeting dealing with famous rotarians.  That's really cool!

26/Mar/12, 7:16pm

Thank you Joe for great presentation!

Steve Jobs and Apple company is a typical symbol of American dream.

Many Japanese students went abroad to USA and learned American spirits.

Happily I could joined this eclub and learned many world spirits from club members.

I will be busy being born in this club from next week.

26/Mar/12, 5:28pm

It's always inspiring to read about Rotary projects, and the service our members provide. Amazing!

Joe, I am especially thankful for your program. Steve Jobs had a brilliance, and distilling it down in a way that can be applied in our lives is very cool.

In his eulogy, his sister said that he didn't succomb to death, he achieved it. Last words, "Oh, Wow!"

Veronique Decotter
Rotary Club of Sandton South Africa
26/Mar/12, 5:20pm

Great informatiion and such lovely exchange from across the world!

26/Mar/12, 2:30pm

Another excellent program, hope to read many many more.

26/Mar/12, 2:04pm

Thought provoking!

26/Mar/12, 1:53pm

Very insightful program, Joe Kagle. I'm sure people will be looking to Jobs for inspiration for many years to come. WWSD? One thing we know for sure, he would think

26/Mar/12, 1:33pm

Famous Rotarians, very cool.  The Float committee did a float in honor of the Wright Brothers, I believe in 2003!

Congratulations on Erin representing us and other exchange students. Just hosted for 2 and 1/2 months a Brazilian Law Student, who promises he will send me a slide show and program for the club.

26/Mar/12, 12:11pm

Thanks Joe for a great program.  I particularly enjoyed it as I had recently started reading Isaacson's biography. The parallels to Rotary are meaningful, and it reminds me that the intersection of art and science is why I love being an architect!

Carolyn Lambert
Kennebunk Portside
26/Mar/12, 9:41am

I began this "meeting" by reading the "Inspirational Thought" about the college student who attended the conservative church across from his school - and found himself to be both out of place and a remarkable distraction until an elderly Deacon walked down and sat with him. The minister remarked, "What I'm about to preach, you will never remember. What you have just seen, you will never forget." Isn't that much like what Steve Jobs has done? Walked in and made himself at home even as "the other"? The weirdness and "in your face" character we will forget; but how can we ever forget what he accomplished and why he was able to accomplish so much? His motto: "We use the talents we have to express our deepest feelings, to show our appreciation of all the contributions that came before us and to add something to that flow. That's what has driven me." May the same spirit be within each of us - especially as Rotarians!

26/Mar/12, 7:07am

Just an excellent article,Joe.Thank you.

I'm honored to be a member of the Club.

26/Mar/12, 6:36am

An outstanding meeting - extremely informative and interesting.  Especially the opening story and famous Rotarians.

Gulf Breeze
26/Mar/12, 6:08am

I liked the site and the program.

26/Mar/12, 5:37am

I found the site and meeting very interesting.

Bob Moulton

Eric Hiatt
Dar es Salaam, Oysterbay
26/Mar/12, 5:30am

Excellent article about Steve Jobs.  I also read the article on the supposed water shortage from an earlier meeting.  I like the multi-language section of the meeting.  I live in Tanzania where Swahili is th elanguage primarily spoken.  I don;t speak it myself but it was interesting to see a Kenyan flag and read swahili.

Megan Harbin
Abilene Southwest
26/Mar/12, 5:14am

Thank you for allowing me to attend!

26/Mar/12, 4:53am

good meeting, excellent program JOE KAGLE

David Sullivan
Shades Valley Rotary Club
26/Mar/12, 3:28am

Great article on Steve Job's philosophy of never giving up on what you believe in.

26/Mar/12, 3:16am

Excellent program.  Looks lik we should all "Stay busy being born!"

26/Mar/12, 2:42am

Thank you

Attended a meeting a couple weeks ago without credit

Made a PayPal donation to your club

Will use your site for make ups when I am on the road.


Bob yeoman


26/Mar/12, 2:41am

Thank you for thismeeting, and for the message inside.

26/Mar/12, 2:40am

thank you

26/Mar/12, 2:31am

Attended one of the meetings a couple weeks ago without setting up Ann identity.

Will use your cub for make ups when I am on the road

Thank you.

Bob yeoman

26/Mar/12, 2:26am

Thanks Joe. Very interesting, the Jobs story. And your thoughts and comments about our club and it's growth and future were very good and motivating. Clark Lovrien

26/Mar/12, 1:14am

How appropriate for Joe to take the legacy of Steve Jobs and Apple compare this to Rotary. I wonder if Job's legacy and Apple will withstand the test of time as well as Harris and Rotary? It will take many decades to learn the answer!

25/Mar/12, 11:39pm

I like the idea behind the program and admit Jobs was a genius at marketing and packaging. More can be said about him and his company

25/Mar/12, 11:31pm

One point that should be brought up: Jobs, on purpose, did not use the adjective "differently" when he made the commercial, "Think Different". He meant "Different" to be a noun, a destination, and a goal. "Differently" is only descriptive, not a goal.

25/Mar/12, 10:37pm
Great meeting! Very interesting and relevant. Thanks Joe!
25/Mar/12, 10:03pm

For those who wish to see Steve Jobs ideas of a successful business (his ideas and his businesses), I have placed Jobs' 'ten principles of a great business' and his mantras to create this kind of business on our Forum under Busy Being Born, from an article in Newsweek 2011.