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Program: 'The State of the International Refugee Crisis



Speaker: Larry Levenson

Since 1950, we've opened more than 50 million doors to a new life for refugees worldwide. Your Blue Key will open one more.Since 1950, we've opened more than 50 million doors to a new life for refugees worldwide. Your Blue Key will open one more.


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This week comments: 139, this week visitors: 95

10/Jun/12, 10:18am

thankyou for this wonderfull meting

Gracias por esta maravillosa junta

Timothy Domian
08/Jun/12, 4:36am

Great meeting! Thanks

31/May/12, 1:33pm

Very Nice story on Gratitude!

19/May/12, 8:26am

This is a great program to support refugees

08/May/12, 10:45am

It goes without saying that what speaker Larry Levenson calls "an unprecedented crisis in human displacement" is actually an apocalypse of human horror. The numbers themselves are staggering - 43.7 million refugees, as many as 7.2 million away from their homeland five years or more, nearly 50% 18 years old or younger, etc., etc., etc. And the only significant force for good is the United Nations Refugee Agency. Their Blue Key campaign is a start, but if every single American gave $5, it would generate only @ $30 for each refugee to reverse their fortunes. This is a massive mountain to climb - but Blue Key thankfully is undeterred. Shocking program!

07/May/12, 9:19am

Touching program about the widespread nature and impact of war.  It was particularly disturbing to me to read of the proliferation of sexual crimes against those who are already so terribly disempowered.

Thank you for reminding me of the many blessings that my family enjoys!

Kelly Van Burn
Slo daybreak rotary
01/May/12, 1:37pm

The refugee numbers are staggering.  Thanks

26/Apr/12, 10:18am

What an eye opening program - thanks.

24/Apr/12, 2:04pm

Thanks for a good meeting

Cynthia A Thomas
Rotary Club of Salisbury NC
24/Apr/12, 2:22am

I thank you for the informative meeting. I had never heard of the Blue Key Campaign but will certainly let others know of its existence. I listened to six speakers and learned a great deal from each one. It seems so easy to live in a country of plenty and forget those whose goal is just to survive another day.

23/Apr/12, 3:28am

I knew nothing of the Blue Key program and I will certainly pass the info on to my club. 

AND....another great recipe.  Now I have another reason to check in  to your meetings. 

16/Apr/12, 11:56am

Welcome to the club Jim and Richard! 

Jeremy Shipp
Abilene Southwest
15/Apr/12, 11:34pm

Inspirational stories

15/Apr/12, 12:32pm

Incredible!  The number of displaced people is astronomical, and the complications that go with the problem...too many to count.  Great meeting.  Thank you, Larry. 

And it was great to see Liz visiting Geri in France.

15/Apr/12, 11:54am

How sad there is still this crisis....

14/Apr/12, 9:09pm


13/Apr/12, 10:48am

I can't even imagine being "forcibly displaced" from my home and my country.

12/Apr/12, 8:15am

So sad -- the situation that so many find themselves in, forced from their homes, separated from family members, unable to protect themselves, particularly women and girls, and with no access to medical care or humanitarian services. There is so much need in the world that it is hard to know where to begin. One at a time, I think. One at a time to be in a real home, not to be hungry or ill. So much to be done.

12/Apr/12, 2:54am

Wow...what a moving program.  Thank you for sharing.

11/Apr/12, 12:56pm

Interesting program about an appalling situation.

gene kruppa
La Grange Rotary Club
11/Apr/12, 2:45am

We need to be grateful for what we have!

gene kruppa
La Grange Rotary Club
11/Apr/12, 2:45am

We need to be grateful for what we have!

gene kruppa
La Grange Rotary Club
11/Apr/12, 2:45am

We need to be grateful for what we have!

10/Apr/12, 11:03pm

Very interesting story about the The State of the International Refugee Crisis.

10/Apr/12, 11:03pm

Very interesting story about the The State of the International Refugee Crisis.

Andrew Altman
Rotary Club of Estrella
10/Apr/12, 3:05am

Great Meeting

09/Apr/12, 11:31pm

This weeks program offers a very disturbing picture on the plight of rerfugees. While the need to help these displaced persons is clear, perhaps the greater message is the need to stop the conflicts giving rise to the crisis and the need to promote peace thought out the world.

09/Apr/12, 8:39am

I love that the recipe was included in this meeting!  Excellent touch.  You might be on to something and I hope to see more...

09/Apr/12, 4:55am


09/Apr/12, 1:40am

A sad situation, but we need everyone to know about it!

09/Apr/12, 1:08am

Interesting program.

08/Apr/12, 2:28pm

Carol, my best wishes for your birthday.

Wonderful  A True Story of Appreciation. 

08/Apr/12, 1:42pm

Thank you for a great, educational program, Larry!

08/Apr/12, 1:36pm

I enjoyed the inspirational moment about Eddie Rickenbacker.  A great demonsrtation of what appreciation really means.

08/Apr/12, 11:39am

Thank you to the original members of our E-Club who had the staying power to keep it going and growing ! We are now a diversified group from so many countries and backgrounds. I look forward to District Conference to meet and learn from many of you. 

Robert yeoman
Elkhart morning
08/Apr/12, 11:19am

Thank you for another educational Rotary meeting

B yeoman

Elkhart, Indiana 

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
08/Apr/12, 8:22am

Thank you!

08/Apr/12, 5:43am

Completed meeting.

08/Apr/12, 5:23am

Good meeting

08/Apr/12, 3:12am

I love the program on helping refugees.  I was once a spiritual refugee but Jesus saved me.  I am so thankful!

07/Apr/12, 11:54pm

Great meeting. Thanks Larry!

07/Apr/12, 11:01pm

Blue Key is so very important. Thank you, Larry. I just returned from the National Model UN and 5,000 student delegates. One of the topics they studied and debated was the refugee crisis.

07/Apr/12, 8:15am

The Blue Key program is quite interesting.

Barbara Brill
Newport NH
07/Apr/12, 7:39am

I thoroughly enjoy these e-meetings when I'm not able to attend our local Club. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read, reflect, learn, laugh, and be proud  of the accomplishments Rotarians have made around the world. 

Dorie Cappiello
West Orange, NJ
07/Apr/12, 7:31am

Really enjoyed the story about Eddie Rickenbacher.  Every time I see one of those elderly gentlemen with the WWII hats on I always ask about their service to this great country and thank them for it.  Someday, they will no longer be with us, the Greatest Generation......

Bob Lamar
Leavenworth WA 5060
07/Apr/12, 4:32am

Great efforts by the members of a very diverse club!

Michael O'Brien
Rotary Club of Tulsa
07/Apr/12, 1:02am

Interesting meeting.  The Rickenbacker story as touching as was the information such as refugees spending 17 years as refugees. 

William Clendenin
Rotary Club of Norfolk, VA
06/Apr/12, 8:13pm


06/Apr/12, 10:47am

Terrific meeting.

06/Apr/12, 10:47am

Terrific meeting.

06/Apr/12, 9:41am

Very good presentation, highlights many different aspects of the refugee crisis world wide

06/Apr/12, 8:15am

Thanks, Larry, for this program - it's sobering to see the statistics, especially as some speak of "the next war" rather than of the need to address the disasters that wars start and leave behind.

Sarah Bickel
Flagstaff Rotary
06/Apr/12, 6:56am

thank you for another informative program

06/Apr/12, 6:43am

Very informative background on the International Refugee crisis.

06/Apr/12, 6:22am

I love the program - very organized and a nice way indeed to make up a meeting!

06/Apr/12, 12:16am

Just a blue key is a lot for someone with nothing. Can do, easy. Thanks for the program and opportunity. Clark Lovrien

05/Apr/12, 11:29pm

The "How We Serve" feature was nice.  I think the idea would translate well to my local club meetings, to feature a different member each week.

05/Apr/12, 8:31pm

its great to have this e-club.....very interesting.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
05/Apr/12, 7:03pm

Lesson learned from Inspirational Thought :  Never prejudge anybody.

Thank you.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
05/Apr/12, 7:03pm

Lesson learned from Inspirational Thought :  Never prejudge anybody.

Thank you.

05/Apr/12, 5:53pm

Very Good  -  How about teaming up for a worthwhile project

Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
05/Apr/12, 3:16pm

“With your key you will open the door to a new life that 

was unexpectedly—through no fault of their own—closed 

to refugees. 

Dennis Judd
05/Apr/12, 12:41pm

Good Meeting

Jeff Koch
Cape West
05/Apr/12, 11:36am

I enjoyed the information and history about Rotary.

05/Apr/12, 11:19am

Great program, never realized what a HUGE problem this is, and appreciate the program. I wish all the money spend on our US  wars could have been spent on helping these refugees.

05/Apr/12, 9:21am

Great fellowship and an excellent meeting agenda!

05/Apr/12, 9:18am

I have to admit, the e-club meetings are better than my old club.  More life and liveleness, the Rotary Minute, introductions of new members, remind me that this is what Rotary really is. Ringing the bell is important, and announcements are prime information, plus what members are doing in our world community.

Thank you for allowinig me to visit again.

Frank Carroll

Rachel Woods
Rotary of Waco
05/Apr/12, 7:38am

This was beneficial.   I learned about numerous aspects of the Rotary organization. 

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
05/Apr/12, 5:40am

the inspirational thought of sacrifice speaks volumes of how important that may be in our lives

Richard Fields
Rotary Club of Riverside Sunrise
05/Apr/12, 4:56am

Very interesting, thorough and comprehensive.

Karen Kuhn
05/Apr/12, 3:57am

So very informative!  I'm happy to have read and be inspired by all the wonderful service projects you all do!

Jenna Smith
Lawrenceburg, KY
05/Apr/12, 2:17am

Thank you!

Bill Brown
Marble Falls, TX Noon Club
04/Apr/12, 10:44pm

I have read the survival story before but it is always inspiring.

Good meeting

04/Apr/12, 3:33pm

Another great program

04/Apr/12, 2:19pm

I'm glad to know about the Rotary Blue Key program, and I hope it will make a difference in the lives of displaced persons.  

04/Apr/12, 1:31pm

Welcome Richard and Jim!

UNHCR does important work and deserves our support for the Blue Key campaign.

Charles L. Baldwin
Kirksville Noon Club. MO.
04/Apr/12, 11:54am

I really enjoyed your meeting.  I'm so sorry to just learn of the new Club in DuPont Circle.  I have been in Old Town Alexandria about 3 weeks and could have gone there also for a make-up.  I did attend  2 meetings in Anandale,VA, which were also very good.

I did share with them that my home club, Kirksville Noon, is the home club of former RI President Ray Klinginsmith.

He attends every time he is in town and frequently I enjoy dinner with him.

Charles Baldwin

04/Apr/12, 11:26am

Great program. Hoping the ever expanding World Peace Fellow network will help eliminate the need for people to be conflict-related refugees.

04/Apr/12, 10:22am

Thank you for the interesting articles!

04/Apr/12, 9:36am

Great information and learning.

04/Apr/12, 8:25am

4-4-2012This program on the International Refugee Crisis offers specifics covering the magnitude of the need and the wide variety of people who are suffering and who still are at risk in multiple ways. Thank you for highlighting this issue in a detailed way and for offering a way for people of service to help support the United Nations’ efforts to alleviate this worldwide suffering. Thank you!

Wendy Bussmann
Port Orford, Oregon Rotary
04/Apr/12, 8:06am

Excellent e-club!  Great stories & wise words.  Nice to hear about Rotary news in other parts of the country & world.  Thank you!!

Becky Von Holten
Champaign West Rotary
04/Apr/12, 4:28am

Thank you!

04/Apr/12, 2:31am

Very interesting program about the staggering statistics related to the refugee crisis. While I believe the crisis is real, I am concerned whether the charity seeking support (USA for UNHCR) is as real. The article describes the need in great detail but says nothing about what USA for UNHCR is doing about it (other than collecting money). A check of various "charity review" websites indicates the organization is unknown (Better Business Bureau) and that the organization has excessive fundraising expenses (20.2%, per The organization's own website doesn't offer any insight into the actual impact donations have. It seems to only say "things are really bad out there - send us money". There is also no mention that its Executive Director since 2008 has recently left the organization.

We certainly want to be proactive about helping those in crisis but we also have to be sure our efforts are well directed.

Teri Glaspy
Albuerque NM - Del Sol
04/Apr/12, 1:37am

Wonderful website!  I went my local club's website ( looking for make-up locations and came across the link for E-Club of the Southwest.  I'm so pleased to have found your site.  This is a fantastic means to expanding a Rotarian's vision beyond that of the local club.  Keep up the good work and I look forward to visiting the site often and not just because I need a make-up meeting!  Teri Albuquerque, NM

04/Apr/12, 1:13am

Thanks Larry!

Naoki Kamiyama
Ryugasaki RC
04/Apr/12, 1:08am

I didn't know North-Mexico is cold area nad needs coats for the persons living that area.

Sometimes, first impressions are mislead for everyone.

We must know much more about the world for the happiness.


04/Apr/12, 12:17am

This really covered the subject.

Sam Allison

04/Apr/12, 12:13am

Very impressive meeting.

Sam Allison

03/Apr/12, 11:37pm

Another informative and interesting meeting!

03/Apr/12, 11:29pm

Thank you for this opportunity.

03/Apr/12, 10:54pm

The Blue Key is an interesting program.  I am going to present it to my club in Denver

bill bell
lancaster pa
03/Apr/12, 9:44pm

website  very informative - lots of useful Rotary facts and ideas

Cary Wigington
Flower Mound
03/Apr/12, 9:32pm

I had no idea the number of refugees is at these levels.  The information was useful and troubling.

Helen Shirota-Benevides
RC of South Hilo
03/Apr/12, 5:54pm

Great website to do my makeup meetings.

Excellent programs throughout the entire meeting.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
03/Apr/12, 5:12pm

Lesson from Inspirational Thought:  Never prejudge anybody. 

Thank you.

Linda Saleski
Bricktown OKC
03/Apr/12, 2:23pm

Thanks so much!

bob booker
03/Apr/12, 2:00pm

enjoyed the meeting-my first on line!

03/Apr/12, 1:35pm

I like the format - the stories of Eddie Rickenbacker and April's Fools Day were fun. The main article on the Refugee Crisis was shocking. It should inspire all Rotarians to take action and get a Blue Key!

Narandradath Jaikaran
Princess Town
03/Apr/12, 12:43pm

much appreciative of your inititives and efforts to prodive this forum.

Thank you for your volunteering your time.

03/Apr/12, 12:32pm

Hope this can go global there are lots of bad things said about refugees and a campaign such as Blue Key can help this misinformation

03/Apr/12, 12:20pm

Hi, I'm new to eclubs and appreciate your web site as an opportunity to complete a makeup.    Yours is the second eclub I have visited.    I liked "attending" your meeting.   It was an interesting mix of membership and mission.   I had never heard of the Blue Key Campaign so you have opened my eyes in a new direction.    I knew almost nothing about the State of the International Refugee Crisis, other than the occasional news article on the evening news.   How encouraging it is to know that Rotary is involved here, too, where the need is great.   My congratulations to your newest members, Richard Green and Jim Bissonett.    It will be interesting to see where eclubs might be in 10 years from now.  I wish your club well and extend Eastern Shore Greetings from the Onancock, VA Rotary Club.  

patrick cassidy
Chankdler Horizon
03/Apr/12, 10:14am

I so much enjoyed this week's meeting.

It was so important to remind all of us to push harder on the e-club for the potential of new members.

Loved the chicken receipe, can wait to try it.

And the "State of the International Refuge Crisis" is so sad but so needed for us to not look away or have it leave our radar of concern.

We all need to be more in prayer.

03/Apr/12, 9:42am

Congratulations Larry the program is excellent, it’s one of the hidden faces of what we call civilization, they are not guilty of anything, and they didn’t choose to be born there in this time, so as Rotarians is our duty to help our human brothers, and at least one blue key will be as you said “the door to a new Life”

Felicidades Larry el programa es excelente, es una de las cara ocultas de lo que nosotros llamamos civilización, ellos no son culpables de nada, y ellos no escogieron nacer en ese lugar y en este tiempo, así que como Rotarios es nuestro deber ayudar a nuestros hermanos humanos, y así cuando menos una llave azul será como tú dices “La puerta para una nueva Vida”

03/Apr/12, 9:04am

Larry, excellent program. It's difficult sometimes to imagine that in the world we live in, and for most of us, a world of incredible abundance, that this situation exists. My Blue Key is on its way.

I appreciated the story about Captain Rickenbacker, and how important it is to express gratitude and actually say the words "Thank You" for what we have.

Congratulations to our Rotarians of the Month, Oscar, Victor, Roberto, Raul, Alfredo, Humberto, Rafael and Cesareo. Your work is amazing! Again, felicitaciones!

To our new members Richard and Jim, you are about to embark on an amazing journey -- this club (as I've said so many times before) ROCKS!

For those who haven't registered yet, Francioise's SAA excerpts from the District Manual hit the nail on the head. If not for the amazing programs our DG Alan Havir is putting together, just the opportunity to get together with this crazy bunch of Rotarians is reason enough to register and attend in June.

Lastly, Carol, dinner is being prepared as I type, and it's your recipe -- the house smells AMAZING! Thank you for sharing it. These shared recipes are really important -- it's a way of bringing something very personal from fellow Rotarians around the world into our homes. Please forward any special recipes to Franciose.

For another incredible meeting, thanks to everyone who makes it so good!

Howard F. Manly
Oyster Point
03/Apr/12, 8:39am

The Video was an excellent idea for the E-Make up guests.

03/Apr/12, 8:38am

Very disturbing info.  We need to help!

03/Apr/12, 7:24am

Everyday I walk into my home, on my little street, on the side of the Great Rocky Mountains and I take a second to thank God I am home. These refugees can't do this and to live so long without a real home, a real country and the true supports they need. I bought 5 keys... so my children and I have a reminder of the joys of freedoms that living in the USA brings. Great meeting!

Scott Burton
San Marcos Rotary Club
03/Apr/12, 6:19am

Great program.  You continue to expand the information. Thanks so much. Enjoyed. 

Cort Vaughan
Rotary Club of Greater Bend
03/Apr/12, 5:19am

My first eClub.  It was informative and inspirational.  Thanks for being available.

Ron Saff
Tallahassee Downtown Rotary
03/Apr/12, 5:00am

There are a lot of scary statistics in the refugee document and it's great that the never ending effort of Rotarians is achieving such great results.

John Gargett
Bellingham Bay
03/Apr/12, 4:36am

This is the best EClub I have found so far.  Thank you for your work.  I really felt I was at one of your meetings.

Jesus V. Ortiz
Chandler Horizon
03/Apr/12, 4:25am

Excellent promotion of world peace and understanding.

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
03/Apr/12, 3:24am

Good article on water and Ed.

Mary Dominguez-Santini
03/Apr/12, 1:20am

Finish Meeting

Stella Cardoza
Irvine Rotary Club
03/Apr/12, 1:16am

I always enjoy attending your eclub meetings.

jack b daniels
rockport tx rotary club
02/Apr/12, 11:31pm

very nice meeting

02/Apr/12, 11:03pm

Thank you Larry for nice program!

I am happy to know the activity of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

I'd like to have blue key in near future.

Shale Tyebjee
Rotary Club Bombay Mid-town
02/Apr/12, 10:11pm

rachel nandelenga
kampala central
02/Apr/12, 7:55pm

THANK was lovely attending a meeting online. i loved the way it was structured and packaged. there was so much to learn e.g. about the history of magazines, fools day and all the inspirational stories.

02/Apr/12, 7:48pm

dear eclub thank u so much

ma uddin

02/Apr/12, 2:11pm

After nearly 2 decades in a "terra" club, I find out new things about the work of Rotary almost every week.  The Blue Key program is one of many I had never heard of.  Keep up the great work on presenting these informative programs!!!!

02/Apr/12, 1:31pm

Thank you!

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary club 25
02/Apr/12, 12:42pm

Thank you so much for the information about the blue key for International Refugees.

02/Apr/12, 9:26am

Fantastic during March and early April MADNESS! we have our own ELITE EIGHT!!  For those non sporting types, the National Collegiete Athletic Association for US College Sports holds a basketball tournament every year for all Divisions, there are three.  The divn one tournament is called March Madness -- 64 teams play with single elimination.  Making the Elite 8 is a big deal!

Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC (USA)
02/Apr/12, 9:00am

As heart-warming as the Eddie Rickenbacker story was, the refugee program was equally alarming.  I realize more and more everyday how blessed a life I live.  I will share that with our club's International Director and encourage our club's participation. 

02/Apr/12, 8:20am

Good program Larry,will talk to you about the Blue Key.April magazine month,the Australian Magazine,"Rotary Down Under  was the first to gain RI approval the editor for around thirty years, Rotarian Bob Aitken who was my cricket captain to Chennie India Rotary Cricket Festival 1999,After a wonderful Fellowship week we donated our cricket gear to the Chennie orphanage.

02/Apr/12, 7:19am

Great story about 'old Ed' and the seagulls.  Thanks for sharing that with us.

Dave Oglevie

Lake Chelan Rotary, Chelan, WA

02/Apr/12, 5:04am

Great material as usual... Without forgetting to thank Bob for this weekly smile I owe him.

I'll be back to the meeting on thursday, with a Rotary Club in Turkey (District 2430 Cankaya Rotary Club), during my presentation on e-clubs.

I am sure that everyone here will admire this great meeting and thank you Larry for this great program/presentation.

All the best to all

02/Apr/12, 3:54am

Another great meeting and program!

02/Apr/12, 3:44am

Wonderful topic this week, Larry!  Having just finnished up a reasearch project and presentation on Climate refugees ( or environmental refugees/environmental migrants) it is great to see that we are using our weekly meetings to focus in on such important issues.

 I have a few things to add to this report, however, in my research I found figures supported by the UN that at least 58% of those 43 million refugees reported in 2009 were uprooted because of environmental degradation or environmental problems.  In order to fix the problem we need to look at the root, and environmental factors such as flooding, storm surges, and heat waves that are causing unlivable conditions are also causing political and social issues while these refugees move into neighboring countries or areas that eventually can lead to war and security issues.

I also want to point out that predictions from Norman Myers, an analyst of environmental refugees, suggested that by 2050 there will be more than 200 million climate refugees.  Although there has not been much solid study done on how many there actually are today, this is an alarming figure and I expect us as Rotarians to start looking at environmental issues more seriously.

 I propose that we have a meeting educating ourselves about the changing climate and what is expected to come with more intense storms with higher frequency of them. 

Great investigation Larry.  

** correction on the birthday list!!  My name is Katelyn, not Kathryn =] 

02/Apr/12, 3:34am

thank you

Drew Ashley
Honeoye Falls-Mendon
02/Apr/12, 2:04am

Great program.  Mix of information, humor, some ways Rotarians can help

Never knew where April Fools Day came from.

02/Apr/12, 12:57am

As a member of Monterrey gang, I am very proud to belong to this "branch" of our eClub. Thank you for this honnor, at present month......we only serve.

02/Apr/12, 12:29am

thanks Carol, I`ll try yor enchilada recipe during this week, great meeting by the way

Rita Berthelsen
Council Bluffs Centennial
01/Apr/12, 11:45pm

I am very interested in the volunteer trauma support team; I do enjoy reading all the information you share.  Thank you for this service.  Rita

Pete Olson
Rotary Club of Tallahassee
01/Apr/12, 11:30pm

Thanks.  Very informative and interesting.

01/Apr/12, 10:12pm

I did not think that the displaced people were so numerous...incredible! Thank you Larry to open my eyes! I purchased 20 blue keys and wrote your address... because I don't want them to send the keys to me in France. These are pins...and it will be beautiful on your bonnet :) or Beth's dress!

Welcome to Richard and Jim!

And congratulations to our Rotarians of the month!  And thanks to them to translate the spanish lines  (multi language page) and the recipes!

01/Apr/12, 5:02pm

this was excellent. thank you larry!