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Program: Buenos Aires



Speaker: Francine Hardaway

Remember "Geeks on a Plane" by Francine Hardaway, July 11, 2011? This is the second installation "Buenos Aires.

I am part of a field trip of entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors from the U.S. exploring the startup cultures of Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. We are welcomed by political leaders, newspaper articles are written about us, we are asked to do a photo shoot for a Brazilian magazine.

South American Entrepreneurship Geeks on a Plane

We are Geeks on a Plane. Our fearless leader, Dave McClure of 500 Startups, a venture fund in Mountain View, California, never sleeps. He speaks at technology conferences in every city we visit, and his informal talks, riddled with American slang, are riveting to the audiences. Eager entrepreneurs lap it up -- they are young, and they want to do startups the way they are done in America.


Program Materials:


Program Comments: 

This week comments: 143, this week visitors: 110

05/Jun/12, 5:47am

Interesting to hear about start-ups in BA.


04/Jun/12, 5:57pm


28/May/12, 2:48am

Excellent meeting as usual.  eClub brings everyone in the world a bit closer through understanding.

Chuck Porter
Rotary Club of Hilo
24/May/12, 4:32pm

The humor and content are great.

19/May/12, 8:29am

Enjoyable program

Jo Alderman
Radford Noon Rotary
17/May/12, 2:11am


14/May/12, 9:53am

Surprising program about Argentina which provides brief description of entrepreneurial and investor group Geeks on a Plane's visit to the country. Candidly mentioning multiple failures in the country, e.g. newly constructed inadequate docks and incomplete university building construction, we are nevertheless told of the presence of entrepreneurial yearning. Several success stories are cited such as BlingNation and Eventioz. Mentioned as perhaps Argentina's "most successful new-generation entrepreneur", we are told Wences Casares' first trip to America was as a Rotary Exchange student. Way to go, Rotary! Good program!

05/May/12, 8:54pm

As a fellow cynic to the bus guide, I have often told international people (like in Africa, where I used to live), "If you want to get Americans to do something, tell them not to do it."  Thanks for the program.

Mike Ledwich
Sunrise Rotary of Napa
03/May/12, 6:11am

Good meeting

Mike Ledwich
Sunrise Rotary of Napa
03/May/12, 6:11am

Good meeting

02/May/12, 3:58am

"When a goose gets sick, wounded, or shot down, two geese drop out of formation and follow it down to help protect it. They stay with it until it dies or is able to fly again. Then, they launch out with another formation or catch up with the flock."

I admire a goose so much more now that I know this information. Thanks for the fun facts.

27/Apr/12, 2:23pm

It really tells you how important Rotary'w work is in the world when you think that 2 million people die each year because they cannot be assured of clean drinking water.  It makes you want to work harder---find some way to be a part of something much bigger.  Rotary is the key to finding the answers when we all work together.  

24/Apr/12, 11:42pm

Well I missed one on the quiz.  It was a good quiz.

isaiah etukeren
chandler horizon
24/Apr/12, 10:42pm

interesting meeting all about global awareness and frindship

24/Apr/12, 2:05pm

good meeting

24/Apr/12, 2:05pm

good meeting

24/Apr/12, 1:28pm

Francoise the answers are.- 1-c, 2-c, 3-b, 4-d, 5-d, 6-b,7-9.

Very good job of Rotary about water and sanitation.       

24/Apr/12, 6:13am

Great Program as always! Thanks for the humor this week Bob!

23/Apr/12, 12:53pm

Interesting story on Argentina.

Our new members and their qualitiy continue to amaze me 

as well as the different things we do with our volunteer time.

22/Apr/12, 3:03am


I'm not answering any of your questions.Tom Dunlop,who I recruited to our Club and is probably a better Rotarian then me, is my lawyer-and he knows international law-so watch out !  :)

22/Apr/12, 1:43am

Good meeting and a very interesting program.

21/Apr/12, 6:40am

Welcome new members ! Our club is growing and becoming even more exciting. New members to bring new ideas and ways to service our communities, nation and the world. Thank you for choosing our club as your new club ! 


20/Apr/12, 8:00am

Wonderful program brought back memories of traveling to Buenas Aires with friends and fellow Rotarians.  I really enjoy reading the accomplishments of our new members.  Welcome to you all, you really enrich our club.

20/Apr/12, 1:48am

Thanks Francine.

Paul Lehman
Rotary Club of Naperville
19/Apr/12, 1:52am

Despite teh inconsistancies in a society or country, there are always those who look to the future to better not only themselves, but the humanity around them.  Congratulations to those entrepreneurs.

18/Apr/12, 10:49pm

Geeks on a Plane sounds like an interesting program for learning about what's happening in other economies. There are a lot of opportunities, worldwide, but it's not easy finding out about them.

Interesting statistics on e-club meeting membership and attendance. I was unable to attend about half of my local club meetings, which means I missed out on whatever happened. The other half, however, I enjoyed, not only the programs, but also the comraderie with the other members in attendance. Now in the e-club, I can attend all meetings (several times, if I wish) but the comraderie is much harder to come by. 

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
18/Apr/12, 2:38am

Enjoyed Geeks on a Plane and inspirational message about geese.

17/Apr/12, 12:54pm

It is good to hear that South American entrepreneurship is prospering.

17/Apr/12, 6:02am

Good program!

Wayne Honeycutt
17/Apr/12, 12:02am

Great meeting.  Covers a multitude of subjects.

16/Apr/12, 6:56am

How can the nature teach us through his creatures, a beautiful inspirational thought!

Drinking water, so common to us and so hard to get for millions of persons it’s a good goal for Rotary and Rotarians.

 I think that Argentina is a big country, that has many city´s not only Buenos Aires, I rather hear the points of view of the Rotarians of Argentina, than the ones of a bus driver.

Como la naturaleza nos enseña a través de sus criaturas, una bella inspiración y pensamiento.

El agua potable, un elemento tan común para nosotros y tan difícil de conseguir para millones de personas es una buena meta para Rotary y los Rotarios.

Creo que Argentina es un país muy grande, que tiene muchas ciudades no solo Buenos Aires, preferiría conocer los puntos de vista de los Rotarios Argentinos y no la de un guía de camión.

16/Apr/12, 2:27am

Excellent program about Geeks on a Plane traveling to Argentina. It is truly amazing how the entrepreneurial is evident in most countries throughout the globe!

Marta Stafford
Marble Falls, TX
15/Apr/12, 1:35pm

Love the analogy of the formation of geese/duck!

15/Apr/12, 12:31pm

I love the story of the geese. Heard it many times but never am I tired of hearing it.

I don't know what the weather is like where many of you live , but I am conviced that Mother Nature is having trouble with her kids, "Winter" & "Spring". One day it's 68 degress then next day its snowing and frezzing. :-(

15/Apr/12, 11:47am

Love the country...a couple of Kawecki's were born there to my parents. Oh yes....I was one of them......Tango on Francine.....

15/Apr/12, 10:23am

Welcome to Thomas and Neil, as well as Richard and Jim! I forgot to include those two in my comments last meeting. Humble bow. Also happy birthday to Cesareo - always cool to have cause to mention our Monterey Gang of Amazing Rotarians!

Thanks to Francine, too. I always enjoy her honesty and strong opinions. If you're not following her on Twitter (@hardaway), you're missing out! 

April Sebesta
Lufkin Rotary Club
15/Apr/12, 7:14am

Geek on a bus seems like a great way for the entrepreneurs to promote the self sufficiency of ailing countries.

c weis
Pston Rotary
15/Apr/12, 4:41am

Thank you, great as usual

15/Apr/12, 3:47am

Argentina has a history of populist governments.   Unfortunately,  decades of government policies have kept this country of rich resources from being an economic powerhouse.  The Economist (magazine) is a good source for weekly information and the leadership of the their  President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Karen Randolph
Rotary Club of Tallahassee (4255)
15/Apr/12, 12:58am

Really enjoyed the inspirational thoughts

14/Apr/12, 9:37pm

Happy Birthday to the e-club!

Ruth Westra
Duluth Club 25
14/Apr/12, 11:33am

Helpful information regarding Argentina. Thank you. 

Joe Schoenstein
Bakersfield Breakfast
14/Apr/12, 6:10am

Nice meeting content, thanks.  I liked the goose analogies, the facts on what Rotary is doing to help provide clean water, and the article on Argentina.  Very enlightening.

Mark E. Lansford
Thursday Noon - Clovis, NM
13/Apr/12, 11:51pm

As always, it is a pleasue to make up with your club.  I find the information is useful and humorous.  Thanks a bunch.

Judy St. John
Thousand Oaks
13/Apr/12, 2:38pm

Great meeting - thank you.

Deborah Coe Hood
fig garden
13/Apr/12, 2:17pm

I liked the "goose" analogy -- and thanks for including a little humor. 

13/Apr/12, 10:46am

I'm going on another one of these in September, so stay tuned

13/Apr/12, 10:29am

A side of Buenos Aires that I have never seen or heard of

Raymond L Horn
Scottsdale Rotary
13/Apr/12, 8:53am


Raymond L Horn
Scottsdale Rotary
13/Apr/12, 8:53am


13/Apr/12, 8:36am

Another interesting program,thanks Francine I know a little more about Latin America,one day I hope to visit.

Past President Joe ,very interesting which programs draw the most comments,also the number of Makeups,I know Rotary friends of mine here in Australia use our Club for there Makeups.

13/Apr/12, 7:41am

If the country is really as laid-back as the driver claimed, then doing startups must be especially challenging. These company founders are brave sould indeed - great to see the folks from the USA offering to help.

13/Apr/12, 2:21am

Entrepreneurship is universal!

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
12/Apr/12, 7:29pm

Congratulations and happy 8th. birthday!

12/Apr/12, 12:36pm

Geeks on a plane - so much fun, but sadly true, even in some parts of the USA, umm- maybe Las Vegas, where not every girl is a girl.

Geese flying, well, it might be just slightly different, but some people are more like lemmings, following the latest get rich quick scheme.

and for birthdays?  well we all should celebrate our unbirthday.

Why only 9 translations into other languages?  Maybe there should be the guest language of the week.  I vote for Celtic (no, not Boston, the Irish).

Chicken sounded good, but in Georgia, they usually fry the chicken, don't they?

There is always a shortage of truely potable water.

And Pattn just could not find the un-anhebreated version of potable water!

Question: Besides having to pay our income taxes (USA) by April 15th, what other regretable happenings occured on the Ides of April?

!. she sank loosing nearly 800 lives;

2. he was the President of the US, and the first to be assasinated while in office.

Thos are not all of the bad happenings on April 15, but probably two of the most significant.

12/Apr/12, 10:42am

What a great effort by some talented people! I love the insight into the country and their quirks. Thanks Francine!!

12/Apr/12, 9:27am

Thanks, Francine, for letting us travel with you to Argentina. Interesting about how the protesters are paid! Sad that a country cannot even seem to builld a proper pier for a boat! It was both entertaining and maddening to read about how Brazil is managed.

Pat Nichoson
Tualatin, OR
12/Apr/12, 4:42am

The refugee program is sobering. Yes we have so much and it is a priviledge to be in a position to share our wealth.  I also thank God everyday for my home!!

12/Apr/12, 4:37am

It is always interesting to hear authentic voices of citizens from other countries.  The story of the cynical Argentinian bus guide tells a different story than what the "geeks" saw from the entrepreneurs.  However, only by hearing multiple perspectives do we get a fuller picture of a culture.

Corky Morrow
Rotary Club of Medford
12/Apr/12, 4:36am

Tiffany Thompson sounds like an amazing young lady.  I held my dying grandmothers hand as she passed, so I understand how she feels. 

kim kobriger
Conroe Rotary
12/Apr/12, 4:23am

Always interesting to read what others are doing

12/Apr/12, 3:56am

Thanks for bringing to attention the "Water Crises"

Patrick Cassidy
Chandler Horizon
12/Apr/12, 3:16am

Another powerful meeting. I enjoyed the facts on the flightg of geese. We have many that fly in formations over our home and the distinct "honking" will now be better appreciated because of the understanding of why brought out by today's meeting. And most of all, the anology of how we as rotarians can learn much from the facts of the family of ducks,

I also enjoyed reading what other Rotarians are doing with their time and talents, especially all that Tom Anderson from District 6590 RYLA has acomplished.

I would like to also know more of what District 5510 is doing collectively to further achieving the objectives of "clean water for a healthy world".



12/Apr/12, 3:13am

Very good program. It helps me also to make up attendance while I am here in Tampa, Florida away from my home country, India.

12/Apr/12, 2:49am

Wow!  Eight years - you guys were obviously leaders in champion online communities.  Congratulations!

12/Apr/12, 2:37am

Enjoyed reading about the startup tech businesses in Argentina and the Rotary Minute concerning water.

Kevin Morris
North Sore Rotary Club
12/Apr/12, 2:30am

Thanks for the opportunity and good content on your site.

12/Apr/12, 2:17am

Good Morning I love  this CLUB!

And  I am so proud of its growth! New ideas, exchanges, recipes today meeting:)  .

World interests of needs, and answers to those needs! As  said in this meeting  your biggest project is providing makeup  for Rotarians worldwide ! Thank you, Jeanne Brown

12/Apr/12, 2:04am

Francine, thank you for your lively report. Happy Birthday to our eclub! Welcome to Thomas and Neil...Joe, about your calculations...the more Rotarian is a program, the less successful it is! I am teasing you! :)

I do like the goose lessons...It's been nine months since I honk, to encourage eclubs members..."Honking is encouraging"...Hope it is!

Beth Andersen
Rotary Club of Conyers Georgia
12/Apr/12, 2:01am

I enjoy the format of the meeting and the program was interesting.

12/Apr/12, 1:42am

Happy 8th year, from one goose to others ;=)

12/Apr/12, 1:41am

Interesting perspective - thanks Francine.

Per the quiz;

C,C,B,D,D,B,D   ;-)

Don Spies
North Shore
12/Apr/12, 1:22am

Great program. (the quiz was fun)

12/Apr/12, 12:21am

Boy, that REALLY shows the power of Rotary!!!

11/Apr/12, 10:25pm

"Clean Water for a Healthy World" makes one realize how much we take for granted the availability of fresh, safe drinking water in the US...something everyone should have access to!

Barbara H. Brill
Newport NH
11/Apr/12, 9:15pm

We should all take a lesson from geese!  What a great story.  I plan to share it with our entire Club.

11/Apr/12, 4:56pm

Judy Taunt, First President, Mel Taunt, Stephen Shearin, Luisa Mazinter, Jono Mazinter, Darin Wayrynen, and Karen Narranjo - thank you for making sure we all have the possibility to be rotarians despite the crazy curve balls life has for us - you are true geese :)

11/Apr/12, 2:37pm

I liked the Geeks on a Plane presentation.  I especially liked the tip that you need to remember the numbers on the bills you hand to merchants so that they don't try to pass phony bills back to you.

11/Apr/12, 1:42pm

Great idea with the quiz!

11/Apr/12, 12:59pm
Thank you for the information how geese help one another. In my hometown I have watched geese fly directly overhead in formation and wondered why they honked while they were in flight. What a revelation to find out they were encouraging their leader. it is a beautiful reminder how important it is for us to offer encouragement to our leaders as well.
John Klaiber
Flower Mound
11/Apr/12, 10:38am

This was VERY good.  The goose formation story is something we can al learn from.

Randy Lloyd
North Platte Sunrise Rotary
11/Apr/12, 10:17am

Lot's going on.  Interesting about Argentina - unfortunately, that's the same place this country (UC) is headed; too many getting paid for doing nothing.  By the way, it's the gospel of self sufficiency - not the gossip of self sufficiency.

11/Apr/12, 9:46am

Liz, excellent recipe (simple and delicious!)

Okay, for the program, it's interesting. I used to live in Argentina. Most of the people I had the privilege to know were very concientious and proud of their accomplishments. I would have loved to see the Argentines who slept until noon! (including me!). They have long work hours, and yes eat late to north american standards (9:00 p.m.), but they worked six days a week and have had to go through reinventing themselves as the government changed and grew.

There is a wonderful combination of European charm and Argentine wit to the people of Buenos Aires. It took awhile to notice the nuances between the BsAs and any city in Europe. It's an amazing place.

I was also fortunate to experience first hand the generosity and acceptance of the majority of people there. You had to be careful asking for directions during the evening lest you be invited in to eat. (I learned that lesson a few times!).

Yes, there are some projects that I'm sure they wish they hadn't started -- so have we. They are a bit behind us in that respect, but our country is 225+ years old, and their government is a small fraction of that in age. Give them time and you'll see them shine!

Michael Hall
Northwest Waco
11/Apr/12, 8:10am

How ironic that Wences was an Rotary exchange student and the impact that likely has been not only him but his entreprenurial endeavors within his country.  Let someone try to tell me Rotary does not make a difference!! 

John McNamara
11/Apr/12, 7:36am

The new format is more trouble than it is worth. I'm probably missing something very obvious but I couldn't get the quiz to work.

Pete Seymour
11/Apr/12, 7:35am

I took the quiz and nothing happened. 

I usually go to a real meeting anyway, just enjoy your club.

Mary Geerdes
Escondido RC
11/Apr/12, 4:56am

H Anniv to Mel & Judy from California

Quiz a great Idea...  SAving the Inspirational Thought 

Like the travel hint about numbers of the bills for future Covenstion.

Truly appreciate "attending" a meeting.

Charles McGathy
11/Apr/12, 4:52am

wow let's go

11/Apr/12, 4:50am

Very informative.  Specially liked the humor and comparision of geese and people.

11/Apr/12, 4:44am

Good meeting!

Steve Cannon
Idaho Falls
11/Apr/12, 3:19am

Delightful meeting (as always).  It isn't often that I take advantage of the Rotary Club's e-meeting plan, but when I do, I'm richly rewarded for the effort.

Many Thanks!

S. Cannon

Idaho Falls, ID

gene kruppa
La Grange Rotary Club
11/Apr/12, 2:42am

Very interesting!

jim calhoun
sunrise boulder city NV
11/Apr/12, 2:35am


Tim Ingraham
Rotary Club of Southeast Nassau
11/Apr/12, 1:44am

Thank you for providing a stimulating and thought provoking way to make up.

11/Apr/12, 1:38am

Great Site.

Linda Fields
Rotary Club of Watertown NY
11/Apr/12, 12:59am

This is a wonderful site. I am a Rotarian in Northern NY and can't always get to the meetings. I have found more from your site than many of our meetings. Thank you all so much!!!

11/Apr/12, 12:28am

I enjoyed this meeting for the wide variety of topics covered.  I thought the comments regarding the Buenos Aires visit were very interesting and show how what you "see and hear" about another country is not always accurate when you are at the "regular person" level.

Carla Rowe-Malcolm
11/Apr/12, 12:10am

Varied and interesting topics such as the water projects and the Geeks who toured Buenos Aires.  I was also pleased to read the section in Italian to practice my skills.  Connecting with this e-club is more entertaining than attending one of my club's meetings though the social aspect is missing.  Keep up the great work

10/Apr/12, 11:06pm

I cant wait to try the Georgian Chicken dish.  Thank you for sharing your receipt and allowing me to be apart of your meeting.

10/Apr/12, 11:03pm

I'd like to keep up with other eclub members like gooseflying in a "V" formation.

I am glad to know the meaning of flying in a "V" formation.

Thank you for good inspiration!

10/Apr/12, 9:57pm

I truly enjoy making up meetings online.  Thr programs seem to be more global in perspective than my local club. Thanks.

10/Apr/12, 4:14pm

I love the inspiration. I have heard that in parts before, but never in such detail like that.  May we all stick close to those in need!

Rotary Club of Long Beach MS
10/Apr/12, 1:11pm

Very interesting and informative.  Good scheduling

10/Apr/12, 12:43pm

Congratulations on the 8 year anniversary!

10/Apr/12, 11:55am

I join the congratulations of our founding partners. Wonderful example of the goose. Thanks Joe for giving us these statistical data as importarntes and I think we all have seen with surprise. Françoise, good idea about the exam, but you do not give the answers, each partner will send in the comments.

Me adhiero la felicitación de nuestros socios fundadores. Maravilloso ejemplo del ganso. Gracias Joe por darnos estos datos estadisticos tan importarntes y creo que todos lo hemos visto con sorpresa. Fracoise, buena idea lo del examen, pero tu no des las respuestas,  que cada socio te las envie en sus comentarios.

John G. Jones
Rotary Club of San Angelo - Sunrise
10/Apr/12, 11:30am

As always, informative, educational and entertaining. Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful organization.

John G. Jones

Jackie Harris
Rowan Rotary Club
10/Apr/12, 11:14am

Loved the "goose" program.

10/Apr/12, 10:30am

Another beautiful meeting. I loved the Inspirational thought "The sense of a Goose". A very practical way of describing the power of team work.

10/Apr/12, 10:26am

I particularly enjoyed learning that Wences began in humble circumstances, and was a Rotary Exchange student to the United States.  It's miraculous and heartwarming to understand how many lives Rotary International touches, not only directly, but through people like Wences, indirectly.

10/Apr/12, 9:45am

Thanks Francine - entrepreneurs are near and dear to my heart. Glad to see entrepreneurship is alive and well in Argentina.

10/Apr/12, 8:24am

I am so grateful to have the ability to learn about other cultures. I love the fact that we can now jump on planes and within a day, experience the best and worst of the world by walking down streets of foreign cities. Thanks for a biref view of a city i can't wait to visit, Buenos Aires!

Dale Seabaugh
Marble Falls Rotary Club
10/Apr/12, 8:24am

Safe drinking water and sanitation is one of the most important gaols of Rotary International. We all need to support this effort. 

10/Apr/12, 8:23am

I found this interesting not only as a Rotarian but as a Travel Agent.  Some important tips that I had not known.  Keep up the good work!

10/Apr/12, 4:49am

Interesting program.

10/Apr/12, 2:50am

No more reading between the lines if one has to notch up a decent score in the quiz.Smart move Francoise! Very interesting take on Buenos Aires from Francine. Fully endorse Joe Kagle's piece on why we love our e-club! I could go on but will cry halt here .BTW geese are pretty smart !

10/Apr/12, 2:15am

Thanks for the program, Francine.

John A Kreissler
Sunrise Rotary Club of Pittsburg, KS
10/Apr/12, 1:23am

I enjoyed it all, it does 'progress' as a regular meeting and as such really gives me a feeling of actually attending a club meeting with others around.

Good job and thanks for the make-up/

10/Apr/12, 1:18am

I passed SSA Francoise  very interesting test reagrding paying attention to meeting details.

10/Apr/12, 1:18am

I passed SSA Francoise  very interesting test reagrding paying attention to meeting details.

09/Apr/12, 11:11pm

A very interesting perspective on Argentina and development in South America.

09/Apr/12, 10:38pm

Learning about Latin America gives more insight into the current cultural and economic state of the country.

Thank you

09/Apr/12, 4:51pm

I would make a very bad goose.  Always seem to walk the "path less traveled."

Sandra Longcrier
Sooner Rotary
09/Apr/12, 2:40pm

Very interesting essay on Argentina and its entrepreneurs.  

09/Apr/12, 1:34pm

Informative as always. Keep up the good work!

Dan Wollam
09/Apr/12, 11:02am

Interesting program on Buenos Aires.

jose a. manzon iv
Guam Sunrise
09/Apr/12, 10:00am

The quiz is very useful. It forced me to read more closely. (I ended up getting a perfect score "without cheating.") :-)

The Sense of the Goose is teamwork at its best. Though I try diligently, I wish I could be a better team player...

09/Apr/12, 9:46am


09/Apr/12, 9:44am

I thought Argentina was a fascinating place when I visited in 2007.  Meeting has an incredible number of great thoughts.  Welcome new members!

Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC (USA)
09/Apr/12, 9:23am

Interesting, as they all are.  Left a lot more questions than were answered.

09/Apr/12, 9:14am

This is a great way to Make Up meetings.  I'm not absent too often, only if business prevents me from attending my local club, Dove Mountain Rotary. I hadn't been to your website since 2008!

Thanks so much,

Aleta Wiener

Bud Coward
Aiken, SC
09/Apr/12, 8:32am

Loved the "Sense of a goose" article and the quiz that followed!

09/Apr/12, 5:55am

Enjoyed the lessons we can learn from migrating geese!

Jeffrey Kircher
Fort Myers South
09/Apr/12, 5:21am

Well structured "meeting".  Long enough & informative enough with numerous links to additional information.

09/Apr/12, 2:38am

First, I thought the quiz was a great idea.  It was a fun way to get involved, even if the answers were further down on the page.  Second, I liked the fun facts about the goose.

09/Apr/12, 2:07am

Really enjoyed the goose info...

09/Apr/12, 1:39am

What a great meeting and program!

09/Apr/12, 1:22am

Congratulations on eight years. I think I have six years, more of less. God bless Judy Taunt, First President, Mel Taunt, Stephen Shearin, Luisa Mazinter, Jono Mazinter, Darin Wayrynen, and Karen Narranjo. I owe my Rotary life to Karen and also PDG Mel. 

09/Apr/12, 1:15am

A most interesting program. A vaild point - there are 500 million native Spanish speakers in the world, and only 150 million are online. Plenty of room for growth.

09/Apr/12, 1:02am

Thanks. More would be good as this is very interesting. Clark Lovrien

09/Apr/12, 12:50am

Nice program

08/Apr/12, 10:16pm

I loved this meeting, the quiz was a very funny surprise, and I enjoyed it....but you ask for the recipe of the week before we can read about it. Any way, I always welcome changes in everyday life.

08/Apr/12, 9:57pm

Great meeting... The inspirationnal thoughts part was extraordinary, and as usual Bob made me laugh a lot (i am sharing his stories with everyone)... It was so nice to read the membership minute, because it was exactly what I tried to explain last week (not as good as it was written but the ideas were there).

Last week I have been asked by District 2430, Rotary Terra Club of Cankaya to make a presentation on what an e-club is. Mel and Judith sent me documentations, as well as Joe before... So I put together everything and the best part was the participation of all the present members and guests to this meeting...

Here is the list of the participants to the meeting :


Guests :

Arif TAMAÇ (PDG Ankara Kocatepe R.K.)



I will send to Carol the certificate which has been given to me (that I would like to share with all those who made this presentation successful) at the end of this meeting.

I can tell one thing... Some of the members (even though they love their idea of terra club) where surprised of all the activities we can perform being so far away, and also by all those service hours we have in our club.

All the best to all for a wonderful week.

08/Apr/12, 8:21pm

Thank you Francine for sharing apart of your very interesting and talented life.