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Apr 24, 2017

We've Stopped Trusting Institutions and Started Trusting Strangers
Speaker: Rachel Botsman
Apr 17, 2017

Facilitating Connections and Cultural Sharing in Rotary
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Winds of Change Continuing
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Program: Rotary International Strategic Plan



Speaker: Rick Barrett

Club member Rick Barrett shares The Rotary Strategic Plan. Please take time to open and view the e-learning modules.

On the Home Page, the video is the  Rotary International Vision on strategic planning.


Program Materials:


Program Comments: 

This week comments: 127, this week visitors: 84

Angela Munroe
Trafalgar, New Heights
22/Jun/12, 1:19pm

Intersting Inpsirational Thought.

20/Jun/12, 9:37pm

I loved the inspirational words in this meeting.

Rotary Club of Princeton, WV
18/Jun/12, 10:18pm

Excelent program, you guys do a great job.

13/Jun/12, 11:01am

Congratulations and Roberto Cesareo.

To be disciplined in our eClub, if unable to attend the meeting in two weeks, we should also pay a fine of $ 10.00 USCy, but I think I'd pay a good amount. But the good thing is that would be additional funds for the Club. Lately I have not been able to put the current, so I'm going to hurry before it is implemented this rule.

Muchas felicidades  Cesareo y Roberto.

Para  ser disciplinados en nuestro EClub, si no pueden asistir a la reunión en las dos semanas  , también deberíamos  pagar una multa de $10.00 uscy, aunque creo que yo pagaría una buena cantidad. Pero lo bueno es que serían fondos adicionales para el Club. Ultimamente no me he podido poner al corriente, por lo que me voy a apurar antes de que se implante esta regla.

19/May/12, 9:05am

good meeting

16/May/12, 7:10pm

Every Human being itself is an inspiration.

Dana Applebee
Anchorage East Rotary
16/May/12, 5:54am

Second meeting I have done with this club and really enjoy it!

13/May/12, 12:43pm

Times are changing and Rotary has to adapt to continue its goals and ideals. Like what your club has started and have been doing. 

10/May/12, 2:01pm

Enjoyed reading about the strategic planning going on to help take our organization safely into the future. I am pleased to see the focus on innovative clubs. I am blessed to have found and joined an eClub. 

10/May/12, 9:28am

Good use of technology.

10/May/12, 3:33am

 Thank you.

Marina Matthews
Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
08/May/12, 3:32am

Good reinforcement of club priorities for service.

Gregg Driggers
grand prairie metro rotary
07/May/12, 11:09pm

Great program.

05/May/12, 10:54pm

Thanks nice way to learn that RI is getting into the 21st century

03/May/12, 4:50am

I loved the Inspirational Thought!  I honestly read it 3 times reflecting on it.  Thanks for sharing.

Isaiah Etukeren
Chandler horizon
01/May/12, 4:29pm

Will love to know more on how my club can help in the pure water project in my little village og Ekom iman ,in Akkwa Ibom State of Nigeria .i could be reached at chandler horizon of az or at sundaymun1

01/May/12, 4:13am

Great Meeting

30/Apr/12, 11:26pm

It is interesting to see everytime that we rediscover that looking doesn't always mean seeing.

Thanks for this great meeting

29/Apr/12, 1:53pm

pretty sure i did this program and it did not record.

29/Apr/12, 1:51pm

It is motivating read the narrative of Steven Callahan about how he used his Self-Help Stuff for survive .

Thanks for the Rotary International Strategic Plan.

28/Apr/12, 12:34am

The RI strategic plan appears to have good initiatives; once polio has been eradicated perhaps we can select another disease for focus.  Noting that an oral vaccine was the catalyst for PolioPlus, what level of breakthrough would be required for other diseases?

27/Apr/12, 2:38pm

Rotary is changing, finding a way to meet the needs of the future, we must all do our part.

27/Apr/12, 2:08am


26/Apr/12, 10:29am

Excellent program.  It provided me with a lot of ideas to discuss with my clubs leadership.

keith sockwell
plano rotary club
26/Apr/12, 2:02am

Excellent program as always. Enjoy making up eith your e-club. Thanks 

25/Apr/12, 3:00pm

I enjoyed reading about the Adopt-a-Village.  I will bring this up to Rotaract.

isaiah etukeren
chandler horizon
24/Apr/12, 10:44pm

good to be back

24/Apr/12, 2:09pm

enjoyed finding how a shipreck gone bad he still hade hope and thats what everybody should feel great that we keep going never stoping on living a wonderful life happy birth day


Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
24/Apr/12, 10:09am

Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities in this modern world

24/Apr/12, 6:19am

I don't know about anyone else, but suddenly, I'm in the mood for gator... haha Thanks Maureen!

24/Apr/12, 1:57am

Great content once again!  Love the Rotaian recipes.  Keep up the good work... 

22/Apr/12, 3:43pm

Chris LaBarge and I just returned from RYLA - what a success!  I was priviledged to be a mentor for the Romania Ryla team which included Rosemary (delgate sponsored by E-club).  Team Romania showed enormous leadership and sportsmanship, winning the volleyball tournament and the water project presentation.  They are ALL fired up about being involved with Interact and many will be attending the District Conference.  I met our home school students that are starting an E-club,  Excellent young women and they asked if they could meet us at the District Conference.  I am so excited for the future of Rotary.  When these delegate learn about what we do and who we are they are so impressed and want to help.  Clean water is their overall project in the year of the Visionaries.  Thank you for your support of youth programs, funds well directed! 

22/Apr/12, 3:05pm

Good program and important to focus on those 16 goals, many of which our Eclub does quite innovation/flexibility, membership diversity, dynamic club, variety of service activities.  I'm proud to be a member of this club and of Rotary.

Poston Rotary
22/Apr/12, 2:53pm


22/Apr/12, 2:29pm

Thanks for the update, Rick. It's good to know what RI is up to and that our club is aligned with RI's objectives.

Steve Hewitt
Chandler Horizon Rotary
22/Apr/12, 1:10pm

As always, very much enjoyed the messages.

Lloyd Fleming
22/Apr/12, 11:40am

I found the e-learning modules very helpful in gathering and presenting RI's strategic priorties. I'm going to suggest to our club that we review them at an upcoming meeting.

My apologies when signing in. My club pre-fill was incomplete. My club is Kingston Rotary Club, Kingston, Ontario, CANADA

22/Apr/12, 9:57am

Alligator - wow! As for the program, the examples in the first of the three slide presentations made me think that there have to be ways we, as those exploring online possibilities for fellowship and service, can contribute to the call to be innovative. Perhaps there are online mentoring programs, or the development of simple media pieces to spread the word about Rotary that we can do.

22/Apr/12, 1:51am

Thanks for the meeting

22/Apr/12, 1:20am


Rick Barrett’s presentation of the Rotary Strategic Plan gives a good overview of the entire focus of our worldwide organization in its three key areas–clubs, service, and awareness. Like it or not Rotary must function like any other successful and sustainable business venture. Even though its mission is service above self that humanitarian and philanthropic purpose must be efficiently and effectively pursued for the benefit of all and that’s what the Strategic Plan aims to do. The e-learning modules builds on our general understanding of the Plan with specific examples of what clubs around the world are doing are they implement the plan.This was a great program! Thank you!

22/Apr/12, 12:30am

Thanks for the program Rick.  I'm pleased to see the 'sustainable" notion being incorporated into Rotary's service vision.

21/Apr/12, 4:16pm

There are so many avenue to serve. Where does one start??

21/Apr/12, 1:12pm

Rotary continues to update and revise it approach to serving the members and those in need. I hope that the second 100 years will be able to make as many advances for humanity as the first 100 years.

21/Apr/12, 12:26pm

The thoughts and inspirations are a great way to stay in touch when my business keeps me away from home

21/Apr/12, 9:53am

Good imformation about Rotary Rick

21/Apr/12, 6:28am

Another enjoyable meeting. it is wonderful to see how fellow Rotarians from other areas give service to their communities. Service is so important and new ideas on where it is needed opens up new possibilities. Looking forward to seeing so many of us at District Conference soon. 

21/Apr/12, 5:12am

How can an e-club work more locally to improve our image (RI and club), strengthen membership and the other goals of our program today?  I am especially concerned about local, and this can be district or regional programs. 

One quick idea I came up with is a window sticker with the RI shield and the e-club name and contact.  Since we live in a very wide and diverse area, we can easily 'show the flag' as we travel.

I would be willing to lead a small project like this, since I do a lot of printing in my photography, I can easily find someone to print the car window sticker. 

Just a thought.

Rotarian Frank Carroll

(new member to this club)

Mark Lansford
Clovis, NM - Thursday Noon
21/Apr/12, 2:28am

What an inspirational story!  When you think that you have it bad, you should remember this tale.

20/Apr/12, 8:00pm

hi rotaryans

thank u so much

ma uddin

20/Apr/12, 10:32am

Interesting program!

Hal Kibby
20/Apr/12, 8:59am

For some reason I can't get any of the pdf files to download.  Using Safari as teh browser.   Don't really need a make up but THANKS for letting me browse around looking for ideas for an eClub up in the Pacific Northwest.  Your weekly meeting very impressive.  How many people contribute to each meeting?

20/Apr/12, 2:33am

I love the idea of a service project for a club in lieu of or as a it a meeting in action

Ruth Westra
Duluth Club 25
19/Apr/12, 12:26pm

Very helpful information!! Thank you. 

19/Apr/12, 7:45am

Well done! Still looking for alligator legs, though! :-)

Laura Wilkins
Fayetteville, AR
19/Apr/12, 3:54am

I love that your e-club has the feel of attending a traditional club meeting!

Jeff Knight
Brookhaven/Lincoln County
19/Apr/12, 2:54am

Very good program. Enjoyed the Strategic planning program.

19/Apr/12, 2:20am

I loved the humorous anecdote about the lingereé.

Explanation of parts of strategic plan awesome!

Doug Rongo
Hickory Rotary Club
19/Apr/12, 1:16am

THis was an enjoyable visit.

Doug Rongo
Hickory Rotary Club
19/Apr/12, 1:07am

This is much different from other eclubs I visited.

Doug Rongo
Hickory Rotary Club
19/Apr/12, 1:07am

This is much different from other eclubs I visited.

Doug Rongo
Hickory Rotary Club
19/Apr/12, 1:07am

This is much different from other eclubs I visited.

Pat Vyas
Honolulu Sunset
18/Apr/12, 6:12pm

Your Inspirational Thoughts are terrific.

Thank you.

18/Apr/12, 2:42pm

Happy 8th anniversary.  I am so thankful for the eclub and the ability to remain in Rotary!

18/Apr/12, 2:01pm

I was truly amazed on your programs. Congratualtions on your achievements. Keep it up and Thanks for sharing your ideas thru your website. More Power!

18/Apr/12, 10:59am

Another very interesting meeting.

18/Apr/12, 10:02am

I loved the inspirational story about the man adrift at sea for 76 days - and the courage it took to stay alive.  It is truly remarkable - and humbling as I think how much complaining I do about little things.

Charlene Weis
Poston Rotary
18/Apr/12, 9:07am


18/Apr/12, 8:35am

Interesting recap of all that Rotary does in this world. I think sometimes we forget about all the Rotary projects that are going on in all parts of the world. My husband's club, Phoenix West, has a "Done In A Day" project. One that I recall is their collection of clothing, including underwear and socks, all the outer clothing, a backpack. pencils and paper, and various other items that a childl needs when beginning school. I sometimes think what a much sadder lamentable the world would be without Rotary. Norma Taylor-Roderique

Christian J. Hack
Lake Brazos Rotary Club
18/Apr/12, 7:22am


Edward McLean
Rotary club of Calgary Chinook
18/Apr/12, 6:29am

Interesting comments from many places in the Rotary world. My first time at an emeeting & will be back.

Gregory J. Wolters
49er Breakfast Club of Nevada City
18/Apr/12, 5:37am

This my first experience with your club site. I really enjoyed my makeup meeting. You have a great site and I am glad I discovered it!

Judy St. John
Thousand Oaks
18/Apr/12, 5:03am

Thank you for the excellent information regarding the refugee problem.  It is so sad to learn of the many issues facing people around the world.  I am so thankful for the work that Rotary (and Rotarians) are doing to help!

James Christensen
Mesa Rotary Club
18/Apr/12, 4:25am

Our club has definitely worked on bringing in younger members and developing leaders.  Service is also at the core of everything which is key.  There are so many leaders in our club that is a great place to foster future leaders in the community. 

Kim Summers
Champaign West Rotary
18/Apr/12, 4:18am

Excellent modules.  I'm soon assuming a leadership position on my Rotary's PR committee, and the information presented was very helpful!

18/Apr/12, 3:52am

Great program and meeting.

Annette Valentine
Sun City
18/Apr/12, 3:23am

Enjoyed Inspirational section and Wonderland visit. Thank you!

Lisa Massey
Midland North
18/Apr/12, 2:57am

Thanks so much!

18/Apr/12, 2:18am

Very nice web presentation.

Tim Rodland
Rotary Club of South East Nassau
18/Apr/12, 2:02am

Interesting program!

18/Apr/12, 1:47am

EXCELLENT in every way. Congratulations on the membership growth and your Interact club.  The Strategic Planning program was one of the best that I have seen from Rotary.

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
18/Apr/12, 1:44am

Interesting information on Rotary International Strategic Plan.

18/Apr/12, 12:44am

I enjoyed this meeting and the variety of topics covered. 

18/Apr/12, 12:14am

As a 3 time translantic sailor I was moved about the gentleman in the life raft.  Having had a number of close calls with the sea made me appreciate life so much more.  What great meetings you have!

17/Apr/12, 11:21pm

I liked having all of this information present in one location and easy to access.

17/Apr/12, 11:11pm

Solid program as always.  I doubt most visitors fully appreciate the effort required to sustain your club's exceptional level of performance.  Good work!

Cleve Cox
Rotary Club of Oriental, NC - USA
17/Apr/12, 11:08pm

Happy Birthday!

17/Apr/12, 2:42pm

Very informative and interesting meeting. Would have liked to have more information about future meetings and topics proposed.

Thank you,

17/Apr/12, 2:02pm

Thank you. The Strategic Plan modules were very well done.

John G Jones
Rotary Club of San Angelo - Sunrise
17/Apr/12, 11:46am

What an interesting visit to the English club! As always, a real treat to attend your amazing meetings.  Thanks for providing this wonderful opportunity.

John G Jones

17/Apr/12, 11:09am

Congrats to our founding members on our anniversary

17/Apr/12, 11:09am

Congrats to our founding members on our anniversary

Willie Brinnson
Goldsboro-Three Eagles
17/Apr/12, 9:37am

Thanks for the makeup opportunity

17/Apr/12, 7:36am

Thanks Rick for making this available to our club. Sometimes it's not always the easiest challenge to find such information on the RI site. I hope members and visitors will take the opportunity to download this program (save it as a .pdf to your desktop) and keep as a reference.


17/Apr/12, 6:36am

Using grant money from the district and RI Foundation is a great way to leverage freash and clean water projects around the world.   The 5510 District Grant Chair is me, Jim Bissonett, you new club member.   Please contact to me if you have any questions about grants!

17/Apr/12, 5:31am

Downloading the program was long but, finally, very interesting. I think that inhancing public image is very important (in France) because people think that Rotarians are old and rich people who gather once a week to share a meal...they don't have a clue what we do! The Rotary emblem is not enough, we have to explain what our organization is doing  everywhere.

17/Apr/12, 4:08am

Interesting to see the plan!

Dave GoWell
eClub 7890
17/Apr/12, 3:05am

Wow!  You folks sure put a lot of interesting info into your online meeting!!! I'm impressed!

17/Apr/12, 2:56am

A lot of good information

17/Apr/12, 2:33am

Interesting to read RI's strategic plan

Ron Saff
Tallahassee Downtown Rotary
17/Apr/12, 2:26am

As always, an excellent program!

Patrick Doland
Rotary Club of Northbrook
17/Apr/12, 2:23am

Great service. Thanks.

16/Apr/12, 11:55pm

Having been on too short a visit to Argentina,   I really enjoyed the "Geek" program.     Dan Stricker, Newark OH

16/Apr/12, 11:47pm

These are all great goals, and our club is helping. Some of the DC students the Osgood Center helped are now going to  China with us a part of a Model APEC. They are the leaders for tomorrow.

16/Apr/12, 11:22pm

Our SAA is the BEST! And another wonderful and varied meeting.         Clark Lovrien

16/Apr/12, 9:03pm

Very worthwhile program - I'm going to try to put together such a program, using the RI links, for our Club!!

16/Apr/12, 6:26pm

Thank you Rick for good program.

RI strategic plan is good plan.

Thank you Maureen for nice food of Alligator legs.

16/Apr/12, 1:54pm

Congratulations Francoise for your “SAA Minute” it was very good collaboration and the section of “How We Serve” is a very good way of knowing what we do besides the service through Rotary and the “Rotary International Strategic Plan” is not for one meeting it´s more a document to keep and consult.

Thanks to all and we will stay enjoying our anniversary month

Felicidades Francine por tu SAA Minute (en México nosotros decimos Maestro de Ceremonias Rotario o Macero y la traducción completa seria “El Minuto del Macero”) fue una muy buena colaboración, y la sección de “Como Servimos” es una muy buena manera de saber qué hacemos además del servicio a través de Rotary y el “Plan Estratégico de Rotary Internacional” no es para una junta, es más un documento para guardar y consultar.

Gracias a todos y seguiremos disfrutando nuestro mes de aniversario

Rory Olsen
16/Apr/12, 12:31pm

Interesting program(s).

16/Apr/12, 10:18am

Thank you Rick. I am amazed at the technical abilities of the young people today. An inspiring program.

16/Apr/12, 9:31am


Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
16/Apr/12, 9:00am

Ecellent information and ideas!

16/Apr/12, 8:55am

This Club is a favorite with our Club for make up. Very enjoyable. Thank you.

16/Apr/12, 7:52am


Charlene Weis
Poston Rotary
16/Apr/12, 6:32am

Thank you

16/Apr/12, 6:06am

I think the Rotary E-Club of Southwest is such an example of a dynamic club! I love the ways that Rotary is growing and reaching out to all members - especially through the Internet!

16/Apr/12, 4:34am

Hopefully I will be able to connect while I am traveling through Asia pre Bangkok with my old laptop.  Should be interesting.!

16/Apr/12, 4:17am

Very interesting program. I learned a lot and plan to share information about the RI strategic plan with our club in an upcoming meeting.

16/Apr/12, 3:54am

I'm so interested for reading "Rotarian in Wonderland"!

Every Japanese knows the story of "Alice in Wonderland".

Then I'm so glad for reading the story about Lewis Carrol and Alice Liddell.

Alice was the distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II.

I didn't know that!

In the future,I want to know about the anything by participating the Rotary "make up" and read anything interested story, too.

Thanks a lot.

16/Apr/12, 3:36am

Great overview of the RI Strategic Plan and a tremendous amount of detail in the included links! Super program as always!

16/Apr/12, 3:23am

Thanks as always. I was unaware of the ship wreck story. I plan to look into this and read more.

Terry Rogers
Eastwood Irondale
16/Apr/12, 2:48am

Thank you!

16/Apr/12, 2:36am

Meeting completed.

16/Apr/12, 2:12am

Thanks for another great meeting. I'm very happy to see that one of the RI strategic focus areas is New Generations Service Projects.

Patsy Parker
Weatherford Oklahoma
15/Apr/12, 10:21pm

Good program.

15/Apr/12, 10:20pm
Thanks for the program, very inspirational
Dan Arthur
Waynesboro Rotary Club Dist 7350
15/Apr/12, 6:42pm

The story about Steve's Callahan" survival on the ocean raft is very inspirational.  Happy 8th anniversary.  As far as the pure water project, my club has been involved as several members travelled to India on a water project.

15/Apr/12, 5:55pm

happy 8Th birthday to all !!