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Program: St. Lucia Dictionary Program



Speaker: Eileen Schioppa and Omar Davis

The Dictionary Project has been very successful in our District and in other parts of the USA. Now we have the opportunity to spread this great project to the Caribbean countries, starting with the Island of St. Lucia where the children of St. Lucia will benefit greatly.

Eileen Schioppa and Omar Davis worked for two years to get Dictionaries for St. Lucia, as the English Caribbean Island Edition had not been completed. This year the dictionaries were supplied to the third graders, and the fourth graders who were slated to receive their dictionaries last year.


Program Materials:


Program Comments: 

This week comments: 128, this week visitors: 74

09/Jul/12, 5:01am

The St. Lucia Project is very worthwhile, and an excellent project. Great program!

29/Jun/12, 9:50pm

An interesting program.  hospitality, as well as service, seems to be another Rotary universal!

28/Jun/12, 1:11am

I chair the Dictionary Project for our club. The St. Lucia one is amazing.....

19/Jun/12, 10:15am

What a great project!

Rotary Club of Princeton, WV
18/Jun/12, 10:23pm

The Dictionary Program is a great one that we cherish at my home club.  It's wonderful to see this program reach past our boarders!

14/Jun/12, 1:10am

What a great program.  We also do the dictionary project here on a local basis and it is truly inpactful on these young people.

05/Jun/12, 11:48pm

Great: Rotary supporting education for needy youngsters.

05/Jun/12, 11:19pm

An great example of Rotary's support for communities and educators helping needy children to be better prepared for life's challenges. Excellent!

29/May/12, 9:05am

Nice program about the Rotary Dictionary Project to St. Lucia wherein 786 dictionaries were given to third and fourth graders in 15 schools. This was a multi joint Rotary Club project. Speaker Eileen Schioppa participated in preparation, promotion and distribution of the dictionaries. She addressed schools and spoke on radio. In addition, she also spread the word about Rotary eClubs. Her co-project manager is Omar Davis, a former member of the St. Lucia South Rotary Club and now an eClub member. Together they have enlarged the worlds (as Ludwig Wittgenstein might say) of the dictionary recipients. Great work!

29/May/12, 8:55am

Happy Birthday E-Club!

Henniker,NH 03242
21/May/12, 12:59am

Having just returned home from two weeks in the hospital this visit helpful and refreshiing.

19/May/12, 10:11am

a very interesting presentation.  I enjoyed learning about this program

16/May/12, 1:15pm

We were packing to go to Bangkok on this date. We will have lots of Rotary stories soon

16/May/12, 4:30am

I think Eileen neglected to put contact info into the meeting presentation. At least, I couldn't see any. How do I contact her?

  Doc Evans (Boulder Rotary, Colorado)

    My e-mail:

(Possibly it would be a good idea in futute to include contact info directly on the page from which one downloads programs?)

jon parker
Sonoma Valley rotary club
15/May/12, 5:07am

Gandhe's staements were worth the price  of admission>

I noted especially that : "Actions express priorities"

Amy Blackwell
Uitenhage South
14/May/12, 1:34am

Interesting program.  Enjoyed the story and the photos.

13/May/12, 1:02pm

We have a similar project but with a small twist. I hope we could do a project here in the Philippines

12/May/12, 2:53pm

Great project and meeting, Eileen and Omar.  I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of the children and schools in St. Lucia.  Would love to speak with you both in person about this project.  Too much to say here. 

Tara Gemmell
11/May/12, 5:09am

What a wonderful project it is.

11/May/12, 2:56am


Marina Matthews
Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
09/May/12, 7:04am

Terrific meeting and excellent program.  It is always a pleasure to makeup here!

Tim Rodland
Rotary Club of South East Nassau
09/May/12, 1:13am

Thanks again to RECSW for another great make up. 

08/May/12, 12:05pm

5-8-2012This presentation on the distribution of Caribbean Island Edition (British English) Dictionaries to the third and fourth grade students of St. Lucia typifies what Rotary is all about. The cooperation of four Rotary Clubs made this project possible and the one week visit of Rotarians from Arizona to participate in the delivery and distribution of the dictionaries and their fellowship with the students, teachers, and other Rotarians was wonderful. There is nothing like a true life story of Rotary in action to communicate the benefits that accrue to all participants–givers and getters–in Rotary projects.Thank you!

gregg driggers
grand prairie metro rotary
07/May/12, 11:34pm

Excellet Program.

07/May/12, 10:36pm

great meeting.

07/May/12, 3:35pm

Dictionary project looks like a great project!

07/May/12, 10:47am

Our club does the dictionary project in a lot of local schools and it is such a joy to see the enthusisum on the students faces.  

07/May/12, 9:59am
This is a very important proyect, because the education of children is the future of countries and the planet
07/May/12, 5:05am

So hard to remember that people are not all online, and that kids still need dictionaries to learn.

07/May/12, 1:17am

Such a wonderful presentation of the raw material that I sent in for this meeting. Thanks for making it so attractive and interesting to read.

07/May/12, 12:44am

thank you.

06/May/12, 3:18pm

Very useful The St. Lucia Dictionary Project.

06/May/12, 2:35pm

Great program Eileen.  Glad that you included the pictures.

Bill McLeRoy
Western Fort Worth
06/May/12, 10:56am

Wonderful story of Rotary fellowship and changing lives with the gift of dictionaries to the Santa Lucia school children.  It's great to see youngsters experiencing adults demonstrating the fundamentals of Rotary.

06/May/12, 10:27am

Thank you for the inspirational Ghandi quotes.

06/May/12, 2:26am

Informative program! Thanks

06/May/12, 12:07am

Always enjoy attending...

05/May/12, 11:31pm

Thank you

05/May/12, 12:11pm

The dictionary project seems to provide really useful help.

05/May/12, 11:45am

I had the great pleasure of working with Eileen at the GrubFest in San Juan Capistrano and yesterday at Bangkok RI Conv. met a SJC Rotarian and she also worked the GrubFest the same year! 

05/May/12, 8:47am

The children looked so happy.....nice going Rotarians

05/May/12, 8:11am

Thanks for another good meeting and congratulations to the Rotary St. Lucia Club South for the Dictionary Project.

Gracias por otra buena reunión y felicidades al Club Rotario de Santa Lucia Sur por su Proyecto de Diccionarios.

05/May/12, 4:38am

Very interesting.  Inernational service projects always provide not only real good to others, but the "warm fuzzy" to the givers.  It is better to give than to receive.

Kim Kobriger
05/May/12, 12:13am

Always facinating new bits of information from which I learn a great dea.

04/May/12, 1:28pm

Great project snf program presentation.  Thanks  Eileen snd Omsr!

04/May/12, 12:35pm

A great way to assist young people have a better education.

04/May/12, 10:56am

Great way to make up a meeting!  Thanks for making this possible.  I loved reading about all the different ways Rotary clubs have helped out those in need through the years. 

04/May/12, 10:31am

Congratulations on success of St. Lucia Dictionary Project. Thanks it was a good meeting.

Felicidades por exito del Proyecto St. Lucia Dictionary. Gracias fue una buena reunión.

Catrelia Hunter
Rowan Rotary
04/May/12, 9:13am

Excellent Meeting, with a wealth of information shared.

Ty Robin
Shades Valley AL
04/May/12, 8:48am

St Lucia Project looks great!  It is obvious that it had great meaning to each infividual student present as well as great meaning to Rotary clubs involved.  I am glad to be part of Rotary that allows achieving these interactions between clubs and students.

Todd Schoffstoll
Weed, CA
04/May/12, 3:51am

I enjoyed reading about the St. Lucia Dictionary Project.

It is nice to know that it is as successful internaionally as it is domestically.


Thanks for making it so easy to make up meetings online

Roger Patton
Rotary Club of Vestavia Hill, Alabama
04/May/12, 1:06am

Another informative and enteraining presentation at the RECSWUSA.  Thanks for making it available.

sanangelo sunrise
03/May/12, 11:57pm

loved it!

03/May/12, 8:30pm

Great project and a wonderful program.

Pete Seymour
03/May/12, 6:09am

Congrats on your e-club anniversary.

Your club is so much more together than ours.

Went to our District Assembly and got confused on the new way we'll be doing our rotary foundation.

Robert DeLong
Mesa Rotary
03/May/12, 5:21am

Had a very nice time while helping out at the Dictionary drive. Looking  forward to doing it again.

Kim Summers
Champaign West
03/May/12, 4:10am

The Dictionary project is a great one!  I would love to do even more to promote and enrich literacy experiences for students. 

Also, I didn't realize, but you can make a donation to this e-Club with any credit card not just through a PayPal account.  Writing a check was on my "to-do list" for awhile.  Now I've fairly contributed!

03/May/12, 1:44am

Thank you Eileen and Omar. Your dictionary program touched my heart. Simply wonderful. I could feel the student excitement through your words and photos.

03/May/12, 1:17am

Great meeting

03/May/12, 1:16am

I really enjoyed hearing about the Dictionary program at the St. Lucia Schools.  I have spent some time in the Carribean and am always impressed how nice the students dress in their uniforms, yet are lacking curriculum materials.  It is great that Rotarians are providing Dictionaries for these students.  

Jim Woolen
Big Rapids, MI
03/May/12, 1:00am

Thanks for providing an opportunity to make-up meetings.  My work schedule has been so hectic lately that I've missed a couple of meetings, but was able to make them up here....

Donna Deoss
Bow, NH
03/May/12, 12:53am

Thank you very much! I love doing make ups here. Always fun and informative.

02/May/12, 9:52pm

What a fun project. Thanks for a great presentation. Clark Lovrien

02/May/12, 4:12pm

Thanks to the Monterey gang! Very intersting ST Lucia porject and report; thank you Eileen and Omar.

Greetings from Bangkok, 40°C! 

Jamie Parrotte
02/May/12, 10:37am

This was my first e-meeting and enjoyed the international flare!  Thank you.

Jamie Parrotte, Peru, NY, District 7040

02/May/12, 10:28am

Another wonderful meeting this week. Thank you to our President Carol for delicious recipes also. I have company arriving from New York and plan to make the Pesto Sauce and Lemon Spaghetti.

Hope to see many Rotarians at District Conference next month.

Doreen, AZ

02/May/12, 8:44am

Thank you Eileen and Omar for good program.

St.Lucia dictionary project is good project in the world.

I am very happy to know that our eclub can cooperate with the local Terra club.

I think that we had to find new need in each area for new project now.

Jim Garrison
The Tacoma Narrows
02/May/12, 7:46am

Very interesting and informative content. Thank you.

Charles McGathy
02/May/12, 7:03am


02/May/12, 5:57am

What a worthwhile project - It was nice to read about another club's outreach efforts.

Darlene Hotchkiss
Rotary Club of Rockdale
02/May/12, 5:53am

Thanks for a great program.

Lisa Massey
Midland North
02/May/12, 5:47am

Super, thanks so much!

Alex Coronado
Brownsville Sunrise
02/May/12, 5:35am

A very well worth project.  Keep up the good work.

02/May/12, 5:10am

congragulations on the 8 years!

02/May/12, 3:50am

I find the Dictionary Project very interesting and feel that it is a great way to help students succeed in school. I am glad to hear the Rotary eClub Southwest USA and St. Lucia South Rotary Club joined together to help these students.

Craig Roberts
Flagstaff AZ Rotary Club
02/May/12, 3:29am

Enjoyed program and "thoughts" sections

02/May/12, 3:17am

Eileen and Omar ... Thank you for this wonderful program and for the major efforts you both have made to keep this dictionary project on track. Your selfless contribution of time, energy, and personal resources provide a great example of what makes the internationality of our E-Club of the Southwest USA so meaningful.


Bonnie Bedford
Austin-Oak Hill
02/May/12, 2:56am

Very interesting program.  Thank you

02/May/12, 2:20am

Nice to note that an Indian club too participated in the St. Lucia Dictionary project. 

02/May/12, 2:03am

What a great project in St. Lucia!  I'm sure the dictionaries will be cherished by students for years to come.

02/May/12, 1:04am

Great information and interesting meeting content.

The words from Gandhe are not new - but good to review.


Love the humor about being tru!!

02/May/12, 12:48am

Great Meeting!! It always is a wonderful surprise to read about all that Rotarians around the world are doing to make a difference.

Jeff Boutin
Milford, NH
02/May/12, 12:22am

I love your website!  I even walked away with a couple of great looking receipes.  Great job and great energy.

Christian J. Hack
Lake Brazos Rotary Club
01/May/12, 11:45pm


01/May/12, 11:04pm

Another good program!

Jose Joaquin Rosales
01/May/12, 1:07pm

First time doing an e compensation....nice arragnment of quotes, jokes, food (enjojed the pesto was delicious), knowing of the rock concert, plus reading about the activities the club performs.I hope to comeback soon even thought i try to go to sessions as much as I can this is a convenient way to attend and keep motivated on being a Rotarian.

Kelly Van Burn
Slo daybreak rotary
01/May/12, 12:23pm

I loved the narrative of the dictionary project. Sounds like it was an awesome and rewarding project and trip.

01/May/12, 10:09am

I have met several of the students who benefited from our dictionary project and they are sincerely grateful for our assistance. 

01/May/12, 8:26am

Reading about the St. Lucia Dictionary Project and the people involved in it makes me proud to be a Rotarian.

01/May/12, 8:12am

Eileen, what a great service project!

01/May/12, 8:02am

This is a great project for children throughout the world.  The Mesa Rotary in AZ currently delivers 7000 copies annually to third graders in the area. 

Dennis Kavanaugh
Mesa Rotary Club
01/May/12, 7:22am

I am very impressed by the St. Lucia Dictionary program.  What a great way to connect clubs.

Von Beougher
Lewisville noon
01/May/12, 7:00am

ANother inspiring story of Rotarians making the world a better place.

01/May/12, 6:22am

Again, I cried at the love these students shared with the Rotarians who brought to them, not only a project for literacy, but a project of love. Everytime a child has a positive interaction with adult, it is a another step forward to better tomorrow.

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
01/May/12, 5:11am

Interesting program as always.  Projects like the dictionary project are what makes me proud of Rotary.

01/May/12, 4:33am

Good project.  Kids look delighted and excited to receive their dictionarys.

01/May/12, 4:22am

Thanks very much - I enjoyed the whole meeting, but am printing and keeping the recipes.

Timothy Domian
01/May/12, 4:22am

Exellent program. I will be sure to try out the recipies

01/May/12, 4:15am

I went there on my honeymoon.  The people are terrific in St. Lucia.

01/May/12, 2:19am

This eClub seems so well established and organized. Congratulations. We, as a provisional E-club in Canada can leanr a lot from it. I plan on doing regular make ups here, to continue my learning. I am hoping to meet one of your members in Bangkok. Tried locating Carol's e-mail address, but no success yet.

01/May/12, 1:41am

Great meeting this week!

How great is the need for the Dictionary Project! Great job done in St Lucia.

¡Felicitaciones a los rocanroleros de Monterrey! Ojalá que ganaron mucho para Heartbeat International.

Lemon Spaghetti. mmmmmmmmm

Kathy McMahon
Rotary Club of Cortland, NY
01/May/12, 1:34am

Great project to promote not just literacy, but clear writing skills as well.

30/Apr/12, 11:33pm

Thank you Bob for this good moment.

Carol your Pesto sauce is what I call "Just Right", thank you.

Thank you all for the great material presended once more this week...

Thursday I am flying to Bangkok where I will have the pleasure to see some of our members (hopefully)... and participate to this great yearly event... This will be 10+ for me, and I feel great going there and meeting other Rotarians.

A great week and we will keep you informed of all what is going on during the Convention.

30/Apr/12, 10:27pm

Great program, and it gave information on a great opportunity for other clubs to get involved.

30/Apr/12, 1:36pm

Fabulous & complete program by Eileen & Omar. It made me feel I was there with them. Thanks for showing us the covers of the English Caribean Island Edition. Your work is most appreciated by not only the children, but our whole membership.

30/Apr/12, 12:59pm

Thanks for this great program! I enjoyed reading about the Dictionary Project and also seeing all of the wonderful photos!

30/Apr/12, 12:56pm

Good meeting and a very interesting program.

30/Apr/12, 12:30pm

I am looking forward to making and trying the Lemon Spaghetti and I agree, Gift of Life is a very worthy Rotary Project and a great place to donate too!

stephen doggett
richmond, texas, usa
30/Apr/12, 12:15pm


Paul Semmes
Gulf Breeze
30/Apr/12, 12:13pm

The quotes from Gandhe were very inspirational. I'm glad I was lucky to visit at the right time. Thank you

30/Apr/12, 9:46am

I think the Rotary dictionary projects are wonderful. My granddaughter received one last year when she was in third grade, and she was ecstatic. It opens a new world of words to these kids, who can then read more advanced books and have their dictionary close at hand should they need a definition. Good work, Rotary!

Bob Leith
Rotary Club of Paso Robles Sunrise
30/Apr/12, 8:46am

This is the first time in my 31 years as a Rotarian that I have seen a dictionary program. Great program and a great service!

30/Apr/12, 8:24am

Thanks for a great meeting!

30/Apr/12, 8:05am

Education is one my passions!

30/Apr/12, 8:04am

Education is one my passions!

30/Apr/12, 6:04am

Noche de Rock - how fun! Always cool to hear from the Monterey Gang. Eileen and Omar, this was a great program - thank you! Omar, I never knew the personal connection you have to St. Lucia, and it now makes sense to me how we connected with the club there for this project. Great things come from people taking time to act on personal connections, clearly.

Megan Harbin
Abilene Southwest Rotary
30/Apr/12, 5:49am


Timothy Domian
30/Apr/12, 5:09am

Great meeting! Thanks

30/Apr/12, 4:53am

Eileen and Omar,

When I joined our eClub, President Carol kept talking about the Dictionary Project. As an educator I appreciated the idea.  However, your presentation really helped to make our club involvement even more valuable to me.  Thanks again.

Loved the Pesto recipe, Carol. I am going to use it to stuff cherry tomatoes as an apetizer.

30/Apr/12, 4:43am

What a great program and sucessful too!

30/Apr/12, 4:30am

Great story!  Thanks for sharing Eileen and Omar!

29/Apr/12, 11:56pm

thank you again por this program......proud to belong Monterrey Gang

29/Apr/12, 11:44pm

The gift of education-the best gift of all. This is a great program, bad hair, humidity, and all.

29/Apr/12, 10:53pm

Great program 

29/Apr/12, 10:04pm

Anyone know how to get to Bangkok? For those interested, there will be a presentation, at IC12, on the history of Rotary. At the request of RI President, Impact Center, Sapphire room 108, Tuesday 8 May, from 2:30-4:00PM. RI Director Paul Knyff, Netherlands is one of those speaking. 

29/Apr/12, 9:49pm

Program would not open. Will try later

29/Apr/12, 9:48pm

I also had great troubles opening the program and when I did it was too small in print to read.

29/Apr/12, 9:34pm

I had trouble opening the .pdf program file.