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Program: History of Las Vegas



Speaker: Maureen McKinley

Did you know that Las Vegas, Nevada "was officially born" on May 15, 1905, the same year that Rotary began?

Hoover Dam and the initial Resorts, 1930's and 1940's
On December 21, 1928 President Calvin Coolidge signed the bill that put the federal government behind the building of the dam. By 1931, a whole city was under construction, Boulder City, to house the thousands of workers and their families who worked on the massive construction.


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This week comments: 156, this week visitors: 88

09/Jul/12, 4:59am

The history of Las Vegas was truly interesting. I learned a lot from this program.

Steve Ouverson
Surfside Beach
03/Jul/12, 3:28am

I love the inspirational; portion of your program. I also enjoyed teh history of Las Vegas and now have a trivia question. Las Vegas and Rotary both founded in 1905

Marion Crotty
of Aiken Sunrise (So Carolina)
25/Jun/12, 11:23am

Another great meeting and program.  I will be recommending your e-club to the other members in my club if they need a make-up.

21/Jun/12, 2:45am

I enjoyed learning about Las Vegas!

20/Jun/12, 10:58am

We have a strong heritage of building towns against all odds in america

19/Jun/12, 10:42am

Haven't been there since 1977 on the way to the Grand Canyon.  Perhaps it is time to go again!

19/Jun/12, 8:05am

Great Vegas history.

15/Jun/12, 2:17am


13/Jun/12, 11:12pm

Great history lesson on one of the United Stats most controversial cities.

13/Jun/12, 11:04pm

A very interesting program.  For instance, I didn't know that the Strip is actually outside the city limits.

Sally Banks
Socorro NM
10/Jun/12, 5:31am

A refreshing new look at Vegas!

08/Jun/12, 9:53am

As a native Nevadan, albeit from Northern Nevada, I really enjoyed the History of Las Vegas program.

05/Jun/12, 11:12pm

Great Meeting

05/Jun/12, 4:37am

Very good traveling tips.

04/Jun/12, 7:29pm

Very well researched presentation on Las Vegas. Was there just before 9/11 and can't forget The strip , Caesar's Palace , the slot machines , the heat and a visit to the Grand Canyon from Vegas.

Thanks Maureen .Plan to try Carol's pasta recipe soon

Zulfiquar Tyebjee
Bombay Midtown
04/Jun/12, 4:25pm

a very nice story about Las Vegas. I liked the way he desrcibes the history of the city.

Great Pasta recipe'.

04/Jun/12, 10:51am

Interesting history of Las Vegas. It truly has a very diversified history beyond just the casino story. With human presence documented as far back as 10,000 years ago, the Las Vegas Valley saw the arrival of Paiute people in 700 A.D. and non-Native Americans in the 1800s. The railroad and federal government projects have both had considerable influence and have contributed substantially to the current metropolis of 2 million people. Hoover Dam perhaps has contributed most, but the gambling industry has provided much capital and is now commemorated with the Mob Museum. Very surprising story!.

04/Jun/12, 6:10am


04/Jun/12, 1:29am

Very interesting program!  As I am traveling right now I enjoyed the opening comments about the backpack. 

04/Jun/12, 1:25am

It is a great program, I enjoy every word, specially because I'll be going to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon in a few weeks.


01/Jun/12, 1:39am

I like the recipes especially!

bill bell
Lancaster, PA club 5346
30/May/12, 12:53am

interesting  program - not aware of the monorail

Virginia Kyle Phillips
North Greenville Rotary Club
29/May/12, 11:02pm

What a great program!  Thank you!

29/May/12, 9:41am

What a wonderful meeting! I loved the QR qode banner and the Los Altos Story was inspirational!

29/May/12, 4:48am

This week the idea about hiring a college student to translate for you while in a foreign country was a great idea.  I leave for Italy in a month and I had no idea on how I was going to communicate!

28/May/12, 4:47pm

viva las vegas

27/May/12, 12:21pm

I just got back from a week in Lost Wages.  We were at The Wynn for my Securities Conference and I needed a make up.  Good History lesson and enjoyed the program


Mr Bill

24/May/12, 1:09am

Very interesting program!

isaiah etykeren
chandler horrizon
22/May/12, 10:41pm

am interested in rotacare , will talk with our club about this

22/May/12, 2:30pm

Today's program on Las Vegas provided a great historical review of the city and its' development. Thank you for the effort in putting this informative prsentation together.

22/May/12, 11:10am

Thank you for a very interesting program on the history of Las Vegas.  I have traveled to the city many times on business and enjoyed the history and background.

Chuck Porter
Rotary Club of Hilo
22/May/12, 7:44am

Good inspiration

22/May/12, 3:47am

Very interesting history of Las Vegas.

Thanks for the history lesson!

William M. Banks
Whitesburg Rotary Club
21/May/12, 1:30pm

Very interesting history of Las Vegas.  I really like how your makeup meetings are like an actual club meeting.  Rotary eClub One which also offers makeups is bit less structured.

Charlene Weis
Poston Rotary
21/May/12, 3:01am

Great program. History is always intereting.

20/May/12, 12:58am


19/May/12, 12:07pm

I lived in Las Vegas in the late '70's when it was much smaller.  I really enjoyed living there and thought the weather was great.  I chose to attend this meeting because I didn't know much about the history of the city.

19/May/12, 11:23am

good program

18/May/12, 11:24am

Thanks for the meeting

18/May/12, 11:24am

Thanks for the meeting

16/May/12, 1:18pm

Today is the second day of the RI Convention in Bangkok. We visited friends last week and we have attended th opening and other sessions. POLIO HAS BEEN ERADICATED IN INDIA...This is great news!

Helmut Schlaaff
Rotary Club of Baguio, Philippines
16/May/12, 9:28am

The Show is terrific

16/May/12, 8:01am

Thanks, Maureen!  I lived in Vegas as a teenager from 1966-1970 and graduated from the original Las Vegas High School!

16/May/12, 7:47am

Very interesting history of Las Vegas.  Great humor too.

16/May/12, 2:42am

The history of Las Vegas was fascinating. Thanks!

16/May/12, 12:36am

Wow, I did not know these facts about Las Vegas.

Very Interesting!

15/May/12, 9:46pm

Awesome presentation on Las Vegas!  Thanks.

15/May/12, 7:06am

Very informatinve program.  Thanks for educating us all about Las Vegas.

jon parker
Sonoma Valley rotary club
15/May/12, 5:04am

we can all benefit from the story about Callahan, the shipwreck survivor. Fortitude is in our heads. despair is an emotin engendered by comparing our condition to those who are better off......not those who are far worse off.

15/May/12, 1:41am

Excellent program on the history of Las Vegas. I have actually never been there before. I am especially interested in the the time when their was a significant organized crime presence in the city. Great program, as always.

Sandy Walker
Plattsburgh Noon Rotary
15/May/12, 1:38am

Enjoyed the program, Viva Las Vegas!


15/May/12, 1:31am

Loved the Las Vegas presentation.  "LV" was our first stop in retirement, although we now live in Ahwatukee, AZ.

15/May/12, 1:08am

Excellent Las Vegas presentation

14/May/12, 12:25am

Enjoyed the program on Las Vegas.It's a great place to visit.

And thank you for the Pasta recipe! It's worth the $10.OO makeup alone! HAHA

13/May/12, 3:07pm

Very interesting the Rotary minute that shows us several associations for help people.

13/May/12, 2:10pm

Thanks for the reprise of Las Vegas.  We lived there in the early 70's, during my banking days. I loved the experience and when we decided to leave Oregon for warmer temps, it came down to Phoenix (wife)and Vegas (me).  We ended up in Phoenix, so now visit Vegas on a regular basis.

The picture in front of the Sands is a classic.

Thanks for sharing.

We'll have to get together sometime Maureen and swap stories/memories.

13/May/12, 1:02pm

I enjoyed learning about dates celebrated in May.  Just last month thr0ugh a fellow Rotarian I learned about QR Codes when we completed a display project that was supported by a Web site.  I asked him what the strange looking sign was and he said that it was a QR Code.  Thanks for reenforcing the lesson.  I especially enjoyed the speech to inductees about insurance.  Real motivation!

13/May/12, 12:52pm

The history of Las Vegas is fascinating.

13/May/12, 10:14am


13/May/12, 7:30am

Great program, very educational

Edward Bower
Monroe NC
13/May/12, 4:25am

Excellent website. Interesting program on Las Vegas. Thank you!

Naoki Kamiyama
Ryugasaki RC
13/May/12, 3:31am

History of Las Vegas was very interesting!

Sergeant At Arms talking is good, save the money, not waste the goods, gentle for the circumstance.

Thanks a lot, every time.

13/May/12, 1:32am

A great Meeting. I have beeb to Vegas and it was great to read the history.

Well done!!

12/May/12, 4:01pm

Travel tips were spot on!

12/May/12, 2:32pm

Interesting program AND an invitation to Las Vegas.  I loved seeing the pictures of its early days.

12/May/12, 10:38am

Interesting history.

11/May/12, 10:44pm

Same birthday as Rotary...who knew? I was also surprised to learn tha the Strip is not part of Los Vegas. Thank you 

11/May/12, 2:39pm

Congratulations! As usual it was wonderful meeting. Carol your Pasta recipe made me go to an Italian Restaurant and ask for something that may taste like yours, but I am sure that made by you would taste much better. Maureen your ”History of Vegas” is very good and the photos are unique.

¡Felicidades! Como siempre fue una magnifica junta. Carol tu receta de la pasta me hizo ir a un restaurant Italiano y pedir algo que supiera parecido, pero estoy seguro que hecho por ti sabrá mucho mejor. Maureen tu “Historia de las Vegas” es muy buena y las fotos son únicas.

11/May/12, 9:07am

Thanks for a great meeting.

11/May/12, 8:51am

Beautiful banner - way to go, Jim! Maureen, I enjoyed the history of a city that seems to be a long, long way from boring, even in these tough times.

11/May/12, 7:07am

Very good, learned that there was more to the start of Las Vegas than Hoover Dam

Tara Gemmell
11/May/12, 4:50am

Great history!  Always wanted to visit!

Megan Harbin
Abilene Southwest
11/May/12, 4:17am

I loved the history of Las Vegas as I just returned from my vacation there this week!

11/May/12, 3:51am

Welcome to our newest member, Frank Carroll. You come to us with a wonderful Rotary background and I look forward to your ideas and input.

Looking forward to seeing many members at the District Conference .

Travel safely to Arizona.

Jack Williams
Chandler Horizon
11/May/12, 3:35am

Excellent program...I grew up in Las Vegas and graduated from 8th grade in 1957...Saw a lot in those days including segregation. Just went to my 50th high school reunion in Las Vegas.

Great job

11/May/12, 2:40am

What an interesting and informative history of Las Vagas. I have been only a few times and all were for very short periods of time. I hope to return someday when I can really 'See" Vagas.

11/May/12, 2:30am

Hello Frank! Welcome to our eclub!

Thank you Maureen...I just read your program...very interesting to know the history of this so special city! Have been there several times and will go again in next Junebefore the district conference to attend the show "Love" that friends of mine have recommend to me. (for fans of The Beattles) . It was nice to meet you in Bangkok!

10/May/12, 1:31pm

I love history.

10/May/12, 10:35am

Thanks Maureen McKinley, for this fabulous story, I first visited Las Vegas in the summer of 1974.

 Regarding the flag, I think the focus should be the Rotary wheel and down the code and smaller.

Carol, if you remember we'll send a logo with the shield of refusal, we could use it for events to be held in Nuevo Laredo, Mex. by the orchestra with new instruments are supporting certainly see us if favored with the permission of the matching grant from Rotary International.

Gracias Maureen McKinley, por esta fabulosa historia, yo también visité por primera vez Las Vegas en el verano de 1974.

 Respecto a la bandera, creo que en el centro debería ir la rueda rotaria y abajo el código y de menor tamaño.

Carol, si tu recuerdas nosotros te enviamos un logotipo con el escudo del RECUSA, podríamos utilizar éste para los eventos a realizarse en Nuevo Laredo, Mex. por la orquesta que estamos apoyando con instrumentos nuevos, desde luego en caso de vernos favorecidos con la autorización de la subvención compartida por parte de Rotary Internacional.

Stan Kathol
Omaha - North
10/May/12, 8:28am

great history of Vegas!

10/May/12, 8:06am

Interesting history lesson!

10/May/12, 6:31am

Well all can say is "What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas" hehehehe Being so close to Vegas, it is a natural getaway for me and my family... yes... a family getaway spot. We just don't take the kids on the Strip after dark. It is such a shocking culture change literally day to night! very fun and interesting history to learn about! THANKS!

10/May/12, 5:47am

Although long, this was one of the best programs in a long time.  Very interesting.  Excellent!  Thank you.

10/May/12, 5:20am

Interesting stories and photos

10/May/12, 5:13am

Great story abouy Survival!


Thank you, Steve Bianchi

10/May/12, 3:33am

Interesting program!I love Vegas!

10/May/12, 3:14am

Great program and interesting history of Las Vegas

10/May/12, 2:58am

Great program Maureen. 

Richard Bean
Harker Heights, TX
10/May/12, 1:40am

This was a great program about Las Vegas. Thoroghly enjoyable and informative.

Jeanne Brown
Irving Las Colinas Club
10/May/12, 1:30am

What A Great Rotary Program !

I always enjoy this Rotary Make Up ! Rotarians from all over the world right in front of me,  topics range  from TravelLogs, Humor, Recipes, and todays "History of Las Vegas", contains  information  of the early years, big names infomas people, Hoover Dam, and above  everything,our motto, "SERVICE ABOVE SELF"  !

Thank you for me be a part, now and then, of your great Club ! Sincerely ,

Jeanne Brown

10/May/12, 12:32am

Thanks for the interesting info on Las Vegas, Nevada.  A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas, NM, where a film was being made of the early days in the Nevada city of that name.  Can't wait to see it.     

09/May/12, 11:23pm

Thank you for this makeup resource.

09/May/12, 11:23pm

Thank you for this makeup resource.

Joe Morris
Johnson County
09/May/12, 12:53pm

I confess that I printed the program for fear that I might not be able to retreive it

Craig Buffington
Frisco Noon
09/May/12, 11:53am

Great site, very informative and interesting

Matt Doster
09/May/12, 9:15am

Another great program.  Really enjoyed learning about Las Vegas!

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
09/May/12, 8:50am

Excellent, well done history of Las Vegas.  It is very interesting.

Jim Lyssy
Fort Sumner, NM
09/May/12, 3:53am

Really good program and interesting to read about Las Vegas. Pretty cool photos too! Thanks for sharing.

09/May/12, 3:03am

Having lived in the Las Vegas area since 1996, it is always fun to read another persons perspective of the history of a community.  Enjoyed the little trip through the history of Las Vegas.

Dr. Jason Reed
Athens, Alabama
09/May/12, 2:40am

Inspirational thought was quite moving. The way he survived was moving. The way we speak to ourself determines our outcome.

Tim Rodland
Rotary Club of South East Nassau
09/May/12, 1:00am

Another great meeting! 

joni utnage
champaign west
09/May/12, 12:47am

Fascinating. I always enjoy reading about your club.  It doesn't have the feel of an eclub, it feels as though you all are "there".  So many great service projects.

09/May/12, 12:07am

Wonderful presentation Maureen....

Small correction to my favorite Pasta name. I grew up with this recipe and it was called "Pasta con Aglio e Olio" or "Pasta with Garlic and Oil"....or just  "White Spaghetti"

Tkanks Carol for making my mouth water.....

richard k smith
Springdale Arkansas
08/May/12, 10:44pm

Inspirational message.......thanks

08/May/12, 5:56pm

Las Vegas here I come

08/May/12, 4:04pm

I loved seeing the idea of getting a college student to translate.  I sure hope to travel someday and I will remember that and it was so neat to see the history of Vegas!

08/May/12, 2:43pm

Thank you Maureen for wonderful program!!

I learned old history of Las Vegas.

How wonderful it is!

I wish I could visit your house with my wife.

08/May/12, 2:24pm

I love that an e Club has incorporated a QR into the banner! 

08/May/12, 2:05pm


Sue Croft
08/May/12, 12:09pm

This was my first time doing an E makeup with your club.  I really enjoyed my time getting to know your club.  I appreciate how you structure your on line meeting almost identical to that of a regular club meeting.  Great content. Thank you!

08/May/12, 11:22am

Las Vegas, interesting.  The conference is coming closer! 

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin, OR
08/May/12, 11:12am

Yes Vegas is a facinating city.  My what a difference 100 years makes!!

08/May/12, 10:17am

Thanks Maureen. You answerd ny Vegas questions.

Great looking banner. Congratulations to whoever worked on the design, it's amazing!!

08/May/12, 10:09am

Hoover Dam is a sight to see!

08/May/12, 9:53am

Great meeting.

Timothy Domian
08/May/12, 8:17am

Great meeting! Thank you

Mary Geerdes
Escondido RC #915
08/May/12, 5:59am

THE QR code is terrific idea. 

  Thanks for a great written meeting.  

08/May/12, 5:46am

Very interesting and entertainly history of Vegas. I first visited there in 1952 and once more in 2007. The highlight was Gladys Knight and one Pip!  

08/May/12, 3:45am

FRANK !!!  Welcome.  Now we have two in So Nev. and can get together and Party! and Skype in the rest of the club.  Also Larry Levenson sometimes comes to LV so the three of us can get together!  YAY Frank!!!

08/May/12, 2:55am

welcome to RECSWUSA Frank! 

Thanks for an interesting history Maureen.  I rememer first visiting Las Vegas in 1960 on a family trip.  We stayed at the Sahara Hotel which then had the first 20 story highrise (long since demolished)in Las Vegas.  

08/May/12, 2:15am

Outstanding.  Just the shoot in the arm of Rotary that I needed  Bill Poe,  Los Alamitos

Christian Fussy
SE Denver CO
08/May/12, 2:11am

Thank you !

Great program !

paltrick cassidy
Chandler Horizon
08/May/12, 2:03am

Great not to have overlooked May 9th at V-Day in France.


Loved the survival story of Steven Callahan. His motto of "I can handle it" goes with mine..."I can do this this". Mine are much simpliar like jumping in what I know is ice cold water. Hardly what he went through but we all have the icey water at one time or another that we must dive into.

I am a great pasta person and loved Pasta E Alio Y Garlic

08/May/12, 2:01am

My 1st visit here. Thank you for providing such an interesting collage of information.

I am going to look up Steven callahan. I was inspired by the basic story of his survival.

07/May/12, 11:34pm

I enjoyed the program.  It is always nice to have the "personal info" when someone is talking about a famous place.

Tim Ernster
Rotary Club of Sedona
07/May/12, 10:46pm

I rally enjoyed te story on Las Vegas!

McLean, VA, USA
07/May/12, 10:42pm

I always enjoy a make-up here.


Great web site. These meetings are informative, interesting and inspiational.

07/May/12, 4:31pm

Very interesting meeting.

Both SAA's travelling tips and the history of Vegas is very interesting.

Rotary E-Club of San Juan D3800
07/May/12, 3:26pm

Your eClub seems so well established and organized. Congratulations and More Power to your eClub. We, as a New E-club in the Philippines can learn a lot from it and I am planning  on doing regular make ups here, to continue my learning about how to handle a Rotary eclub. Do we have any manual pertaining solely on eClubs? If there is any, where can we get it?

07/May/12, 3:07pm

Interesting things I didn't know about Las Vegas. The first time I went was in 1958, and I thought it was a very glamourous place. If memory serves, I saw George Gobel. I was back again in 1998 for a Rotary event, and I would never have recognized it. It is a place that people come all over the world, and I am sure it will rebound again.

Ruth Westra
Duluth Club 25
07/May/12, 12:44pm

Thank you. Great history and comments about Las Vegas.

07/May/12, 12:03pm


07/May/12, 11:47am


Thanks for this fact-filled history of the most unique city in America!

Thank you!

07/May/12, 10:34am
The new baner is very high tech, special for our eClub and the history of Las Vegas is very interesting
07/May/12, 9:57am

Love the way the programs are presented.  It seems like you are at a real meeting rather than just reading a bunch of information.

Corky Morrow
Rotary Club of Medford, Oregon
07/May/12, 8:11am

I loved the inspirational thought.."I will tell myself I can handle it, compated to others, I am fortunate"

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
07/May/12, 6:42am

Good program and reminders about Rotary Programs.

07/May/12, 6:40am

Thank you - really enjoyed the inspirational story about the man who survied 76 days at sea - incredible and certainly puts things in perspective.

07/May/12, 4:59am

My father managed entertainment figures who played Last Vegas in the 50s, and my parents used to go there a lot -- sometimes by train from New York!My dad was actually friends with Sinatra and managed Sammy Davis Junior for a while.

william jones
rotary club of southwest wichita falls
07/May/12, 4:53am

great program

Kurt Rohrs
Chandler Horizon
07/May/12, 4:17am

Enjoyed the History of Las Vegas presentation ... we have been there many times and watched it grow to the amazing place it is now.

07/May/12, 4:10am

Wow -- what an amazing meeting this week!

Francoise, I really liked the "Always Carry Toothpaste" article from the Rotarian. Judging from my usual "carry on" luggage, I don't think I could last three months from a knapsack!

Another amazing but simple recipe, thank you, Carol!

Frank, welcome to the eClub -- you're in for some real fun with this group. It's only been a few months for me, but it's so cool to have fellow club members all over the globe. Again, welcome!

The program was fascinating! For as many times as I've been to Las Vegas (or Lost Wages!), I had no idea of the extent of its history. It was like a blast from the past to see the first postcard in the program. Caesar's looks so small compared to today, and to think that in the foreground of that photo, the cars in the Dunes parking lot are in what are the Fountains of Bellagio today! Thank you for an incredible history lesson. I'll never see it the same way again.

As always, thanks to everyone for making this week's meeting one that ROCKS! (btw, cool club banner!) :-)

07/May/12, 3:03am

Thanks for a very interesting program. The history is facinating. Clark Lovrien

07/May/12, 2:12am

Fascinating! I always learn something new during these meetings. Thank you!

07/May/12, 1:43am

Interesting history of Las Vegas.

April Sebesta
07/May/12, 1:25am

The history of LasVegas was very interesting.  I have been there once and it was very neat to see the pictures of earlier years of Vegas.

07/May/12, 1:07am

Great story! Maureen you did a great job in describing the history of Las Vegas and the challenges it faced and still faces today. It is an exciting place and you really conveyed that message.

07/May/12, 12:52am

Thanks for the informative program on Las Vegas.  I learned much new knowledge.  I also appreciate the opportunity to make-up on-line.

07/May/12, 12:43am

Great program Maureen.  Hope to see you soon.

07/May/12, 12:40am

Thank you

07/May/12, 12:38am


07/May/12, 12:32am

Great program. I especially enjoyed seeing the older photos. 

06/May/12, 7:57pm

congratulations for the new banner

It looks very nice , is well self expalnatory of who we are

the blue color is strong and re assuring


06/May/12, 7:23pm

Maureen, great program. Good to see you in Bangkok. Carol, club eBanner is way cool. Exhausted in Bangkok

06/May/12, 7:22pm

Good Meeting