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Program: A Look at the Convention and Bangkok



Speaker: Francoise Thiebault-Roger and Maureen McKinley

 Members Francoise Thiebault-Roger and Maureen McKinley share their thoughts on the Rotary International Convention and their visit to exotic Thailand. Share the adventure through their eyes.


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Program Comments: 

This week comments: 136, this week visitors: 103

24/Jul/12, 1:16am

Great feedback from Maureen and Françoise... I was there but had some important family issues to deal with so it was not a real convention trip for me and I was really sad about it, but that's life.

Thanks also to Bob for the smile he brings to us

Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
24/Jul/12, 1:09am

Great pictures and great overview of the convention!

20/Jul/12, 9:13pm

A very thorough and insightful program.  It gives you a feel for the convention even if you weren't there.

20/Jul/12, 9:13pm

A very thorough and insightful program.  It gives you a feel for the convention even if you weren't there.

Jessica Sprajcar
Harrisburg Keystone
20/Jul/12, 4:00am

I missed my club's presentation about the Convention so it was great to experience it through your members' eyes and see so many wonderful photos from Thailand.  I hope to attend a Convention in the next few years and this presentation added fuel to the fire.  Thanks!

09/Jul/12, 4:55am

The Bangkok RI Convention looked very special.

08/Jul/12, 7:49pm

Francoise, thank you for taking the time to write up such an wonderful dialog of your experience in Bangkok.  I wish I was there.

28/Jun/12, 1:43am

Thanks Mike Alexander

20/Jun/12, 10:54am

One day I"m going.

19/Jun/12, 11:05am

Thank you for allowing the flavor of the RI Convention to be tasted by those of us who could not go!

19/Jun/12, 10:54am

Great report on the 103rd RI Convention in Bangkok where 35,000 people attended and President Kalyan Banerjee spoke a most memorable line: "When we arrive in this world, everyone is happy and we cry. When we leave this world, everybody cries and we're happy." The meeting was a veritable speakers bureau of inspirational presentations including 2012-13 president Skuji Tanaka and the now world renown Mohammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner. The photos are awesome as well!! Great program!!

19/Jun/12, 7:58am


15/Jun/12, 2:35am


Marina Matthews
The Rotary Club of Pismo Beach - Five Cities
13/Jun/12, 5:29pm

A very interesting and informative e-meeting.  Good reporting on the Convention in Bangkok.

05/Jun/12, 5:29am

Loved seeing the Bangkok pdf.  Looked like a wonderful convention.

Also adding my secretary's email: Leanne,

Gene Kruppa
La Grange
05/Jun/12, 2:31am

Great Story

Zulfiquar Tyebjee
Bombay Midtown
04/Jun/12, 4:28pm

Hilarious joke about the 4 brothers present to their mother on her 95th birthday

04/Jun/12, 6:36am


03/Jun/12, 8:48pm

Lovely reports , refreshing insights and nice pictures. Felt I was there  almost! Thanks Francoise and Maureen !


02/Jun/12, 3:11pm

Francoise and Maureen very good description about yours experiences in the RI Convention in Bangkok, now I know the new motto, "Peace throug the service" 

02/Jun/12, 2:07am

Great Program...Thanks

01/Jun/12, 12:37pm

Excellent meeting. Great information! Thanks!

01/Jun/12, 8:20am

Welcome to the club Allen! Great to have you on board! ...Great meetin too, Made feel that much worse that I had to miss the RI Convention. My father went and had an amazing time!

Stan Kathol
Omaha - North
01/Jun/12, 2:11am

this brings in to persceptive how large Rotary is.

31/May/12, 2:41am

Congratulations on the acknowledgement of being the Rotarian of the Month, Omar and Eileen.  It is a wonderful accomplishment.

Ruth Westra
Duluth Rotary Club 25
30/May/12, 1:31pm

Thank you. Wonderful information about Thailand and the convention.

30/May/12, 3:32am

Hope to get to a convrntion sooner or later

Robert (Rob) Saracino
Derby-Shelton (CT, USA)
29/May/12, 8:33pm
Great; thanks for the meeting and for bringing us (virtually) to Thailand!
Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
29/May/12, 12:32pm

A great journey...

Gregg Driggers
Grand Prairie Metro Rotary
29/May/12, 4:11am

Excellent program.

27/May/12, 2:33pm

Francoise and Maureen:  Thank you for the insight into Bangkok and what it's like to attend a Rotary International meeting.  So many people to meet and stories to hear.  Marvelous.

27/May/12, 2:21pm

Thanks for the first hand look at the convention.

Martha Crowder
Rotary club of Hillsville, Va
27/May/12, 12:11pm

Thank you for letting me make up at your meeting.  As always, your programs are so interesting and informative.  I especially liked the words of wisdom.

27/May/12, 11:32am

Congratulations to Omar and Eileen for being Rotarians of the month - well deserved. Welcome, Allen!

Finally, major thanks to both Francoise and Maureen for the reports from Thailand. Sounds like it was an inspiring experience!

27/May/12, 11:27am

I sure wish I could've gone to RI Convention!  Thanks for all the info, gals! 

27/May/12, 9:57am

I love the pictures from the meeting; thank you!

27/May/12, 9:30am

Good report on the Convention

Tony Castley
rotray E-club of Greater Sydney
26/May/12, 6:34pm

Best reards from the Rotary E-club of Greater Sydney Australia, the first and only eclub in Australia.

Tony Castley President.

26/May/12, 11:15am

The visit to Thailand was very interesting. I laughed at the joke about the parrot.

26/May/12, 10:47am

Most interesting.  I've been to probably a half a dozen conventions, but nothing recently.  This report motivates me to "Think Lisbon".  Many thanks

26/May/12, 6:00am

Loved reading about all the good work the rotary clubs have been doing!

Hobbs, NM
26/May/12, 3:48am

Once again, I have left your sight feeling refreshed.  Your club has been blessed to have members with such commitment.

26/May/12, 3:12am

Thank you again Carol for a very good meeting, as well as to Francoise and Maureen for the resume of the 107 Conference of Rotary International and the photos of Thailand.

Carol gracias otra vez por una muy buena junta, así como a Francoise y Maureen por el resumen de la 107 Conferencia de Rotary Internacional as como las fotos de Tailandia.

26/May/12, 2:50am

As always an interesting read.  Thanks for the makeup.


Dan in Minnesota

26/May/12, 2:45am

I enjoy continuing to learn more about Rotary!

"Knowing is not enough, we must do."  wow.

Cammie Hall
Madison Mayodan NC 7690
25/May/12, 11:57pm

I always enjoy my visits to these club meetings and the news  from around the Rotary world.


Cammie Hall
Madison Mayodan NC 7690
25/May/12, 11:57pm

I always enjoy my visits to these club meetings and the news  from around the Rotary world.


TC Bundy
Phoenix Rotary100
25/May/12, 3:57pm

This was an excellent meeting. The quotes from D' Vince and all the different projects Police Language Training — Literacy in Bangladesh —Microbanking in Central America — Mobile Riverboat Clinic — Bombay Pavement College — Jonathan’s Dream — Operation Condor — Helping Kenya’s Blind — ocational Training in Jamaica — Shalom-Salaam — Organ Donations — Literacy in Bangladesh — and so much more.

25/May/12, 8:54am

Thanks for the great program. I felt like I was with you enjoying all the the wonderful parts of a Rotary Interational Convention......

25/May/12, 8:26am

Interesting program!

Henniker, N.H.
25/May/12, 5:29am

Great meeting  Philip Morris

25/May/12, 4:33am

I have had the honor of attending nine RI conventions since I joined in 1974;  I wish there had been many more.  I enjoy the friendship of however many thousands attedned each of those conventions, as did the two members of our club.   I hope to attend more in the future.  Thanks Francoise and Maureen!

25/May/12, 3:41am

I enjoyed reading the reports from the Rotary International 2012 Convention in Bangkok, accompanied by photos to give us the flavor of the convention and the city.

Sally Banks
Socorro, NM
25/May/12, 2:41am

Great meeting as always.  Wonderful pictures!

24/May/12, 11:02pm

Faqbulous report. Thank you ladies for that and with so many wonderful pictures. What a humble and motivating president. Aren't we happy he is a Rotarian! Clark Lovrien

Chuck Porter
Rotary Club of Hilo
24/May/12, 4:25pm

Loved the conference photo's and commentary.

Dennis Chong
New Kingston
24/May/12, 2:43pm

Great program and very informative.

24/May/12, 12:16pm

Thanks for a great meeting!

24/May/12, 11:39am

Great topic. It appears the RI Convention in Bangkok was a huge success with many wonderful speakers.

24/May/12, 9:21am

Excellent program Francoise Maureen the three RI Conventions I have been to ,I really look forward to the sydney convention 2014

Megan Harbin
Abilene Southwest Rotary
24/May/12, 7:32am

Thanks for letting me participate!

Kim Kobriger
Conroe Rotary
24/May/12, 6:55am

As always and interesting program that I learn from.

Felicia Stovall
24/May/12, 6:34am

Thank you for sharing your program!!

Jana Bruggeman
Union City 6560
24/May/12, 6:06am

Very interesting information.  I love the jokes and the receipe,  the stories were very interesting also.  Thanks.. This is a make up for Tuesday May 29th.  My employee is out sick, and I cannot leave my store to attend Rotary.

24/May/12, 5:46am

Another interesting program. It is great to get a different prospective on Rotary.

24/May/12, 5:28am

I think being a servant is a huge thing. Service to others truly is the heart of God.

Hamden, Connecticut
24/May/12, 5:14am

Thank you for the information and the recipe.  Have a nice memorial day weekend!!

Ron Saff
Tallahassee Downtown Rotary
24/May/12, 4:18am

Great program, as always.

24/May/12, 4:13am

This was a very enlightening program.  Thank you for your coverage of the RI Convention.  The notes of the speakers were excellent and I enjoyed the pictures which helped complete my image of the Converntion.  Wonderful experience.

24/May/12, 1:32am

The Convdntion Report was absolutely outstanding!  For those of us who could not go but read this article, we felt we were THERE!!

24/May/12, 12:12am

This e-club is THE perfect example of what an E_club should be like. It feels like attending a Terra Rotary meeting. I hope to do may more make ups to help us with the start up of our Canadian Club

regina stefanelli
Farmington Rotary Club
23/May/12, 11:36pm

Thank you for capturing the convention for us- quite the perspective! Very interesting trip.

23/May/12, 2:07pm

Welcome to new member Allen...he certainly new enough to joing the eClub!  The convention report was terrific--particularly the photos. Thanks.

Robert Allen
23/May/12, 1:24pm

As usual very informative. 

Judy St. John
Thousand Oaks
23/May/12, 1:12pm

Very interesting to get firs-hand impressions of the International convention!

Pat Nicholson
Tualatin Oregon
23/May/12, 12:11pm

That was so interesting.  Would have loved to have been there.

23/May/12, 10:50am

I wish I had gone. I would have loved to hear Mohammed Yunus, whom I have always admired.

23/May/12, 8:59am

Congratulations to Eileen and Omar - very well deserved recognition for your amazing work. Thank you also to Francoise and Maureen for letting me feel like I was at the RI Convention. Well done all around.

23/May/12, 7:57am

I love that our Rotary President is so wise in always telling us to first look inside ourselves to start peace.

23/May/12, 5:49am

Great meeting. thank you for always making the website meetings enjoyable.

Davina Bergin
Atascadero Rotary Club
23/May/12, 3:00am

Really interesting, I love how it has all the elements of a live meeting!

23/May/12, 1:41am

Congratulations, Eileen and Omar, our two newest Rotaians of the Month. Your success with the Dictionary Project is testimony of your perseverance and dedication.

Thanks to Maureen and Françoise for your reports on the Bangkok convention. It sounds like an experience of a lifetime!

23/May/12, 1:30am

Great program.  The world is a better place because of rotary!

Gabriela La Guardia
CR Real De Minas
23/May/12, 1:14am

Muy interesante todos los temas. Me gusta mucho que cloquen recetas de cada pais, es una forma de dar a conocer la cultura y costumbres de los paises.

Gabriela La Guardia
CR Real De Minas
23/May/12, 1:14am

Muy interesante todos los temas. Me gusta mucho que cloquen recetas de cada pais, es una forma de dar a conocer la cultura y costumbres de los paises.

23/May/12, 1:00am

Welcome Allen and thanks Ftancoise and Maureen for great personal perspectives on the convention.

22/May/12, 11:38pm

Photos and articles made the convention come alive for me.

isaiah etykeren
chandler horrizon
22/May/12, 10:45pm

different poeple difrent langauges all one human race

Marty Herder
Chandler Horizon
22/May/12, 10:37pm

Thank you so much for another great program!  

I enjoyed Kalyan Banerjee's statements on the importance of recruiting young people, the importance of involving the family life in Rotary, so that Rotary club members never have to choose between family and Rotary, and the importance of networking through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, internet, as they have an important place in Rotary.    It is a constant and daily struggle convincing many older members that these are the tools of today for a successful future of Rotary.

Helen Shirota-Benevides
RC of South Hilo
22/May/12, 6:05pm
Enjoy making up at your club/ Great overall program presentations and information.
Hiro Okamoto
Kobe-Sume Rotary Club
22/May/12, 4:31pm

"Smell the rose" I feel in this word many positive ways. Thank you for new inspiration and a nice recipe.

22/May/12, 2:04pm

Thanks for the great summaries on the RI Convention in Bangkok.

Lloyd Fleming
Kingston Rotary Club
22/May/12, 11:34am

Thank you to Francoise and Maureen for sharing your International Convention experiences. They were very informative and inspiring! Although I've yet to attend a convention your experiences have just added another item to my 'bucket list'.

casa grande Rotary
22/May/12, 10:26am

Very informative

22/May/12, 10:07am

Thank you Francoise for nice and interesting program!!

I learned many things from the program.

If I could have attend the convention,I could dig our friendship.

I wish I could have participate in the convention.

22/May/12, 8:56am

Good meeting information. I am sure the convention in Bangkok was great. The words provided show the wisdom of Rotary's leaders.

John Teague
Dallas, Oregon
22/May/12, 8:24am

As always, the international flavor of the meeting was fascinating. This month, the Rotary Minute was especially encouraging. So much going on. So many hands doing a little work here and a little work there. Outstanding!

Chuck Porter
Rotary Club of Hilo
22/May/12, 7:40am

Good agenda

susan coulston
easton md usa
22/May/12, 6:45am

Good program

susan coulston
easton md usa
22/May/12, 6:45am

Good program

Jesus V. Ortiz
Chandler Horizon
22/May/12, 6:32am

One of these days I will attend an international convention!

Paul Rossler
Rotary Club of Tulsa
22/May/12, 5:04am

Thanks for making this available. 

Have you considered making the program available through streaming video, or are the programs always  submitted as PDFs?

Timothy Domian
22/May/12, 4:56am

Great program! Thank you

22/May/12, 4:34am


Francoise Thiebault-Roger and Maureen McKinley give us a full report on the various speakers and their messages at the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok and their visit to sights in Thailand. This convention was clearly a time of re-dedication and continued focus on the mission of Rotary through multiple programs around the world. Typically, the bonds of fellowship are deepened and strengthened and participating Rotarians find renewed energy and enthusiasm to share with their colleagues back in their home clubs.Thank you!

22/May/12, 2:54am


Ken Crouch
22/May/12, 1:37am

Great information

22/May/12, 1:28am

Interesting program.  Great photos!

22/May/12, 12:45am

Wonderful report on the Convention and Bangkok....funny stories...chicken recipe to follow?

Richard A. Golden
McLean, VA, USA
21/May/12, 9:44pm

As always your e-club is the best.   A minor glitch(?): The web page apparently refused to accept my club's secretary's e-mail.  It was in the format: 

21/May/12, 6:04pm

Great to read about RI in Thailand as I lead a MOdel APEC in Cjina. Rotary does great work world-eide.

21/May/12, 3:02pm

Bangkok sounded great

21/May/12, 2:39pm

Thank you very much, very good program

21/May/12, 2:36pm

Interesting insights to the RI Convention. 

21/May/12, 1:14pm

glad to hear everything is going great for everybody keept it up

Fran Gray
Sunrise Rotary Club of Tullahoma
21/May/12, 12:57pm

I thoroughly enjoy the different elements of your meeting: the comments from the president, your club history, the new member comments, the personal touch of birthday and anniversary wishes, the news of partnerships for projects, the feeling of centeredness in a global setting.  Thank you!

21/May/12, 10:54am

I am honored to be named Rotarian of the Month along with Omar Davis.. Thank you for recognizing  us. 

21/May/12, 9:15am

As always, an enjoyable and informative experience. Thanks to all of you who make this e-club so special.

mark williams
kingston east and port royal
21/May/12, 8:03am

Excellent meeting as usual that is reason i keep coming back.

21/May/12, 7:59am

What a wonderful program! I almost felt as if I had been able to attend the International Convention. I love the Thai art -- I have a large bronze Thia buddha in my entryway -- and I especially liked seeing Francoise on the elephant! Reading the events these two recount remind me of other Conventions I was able to attend: Mexico City in 1991, Nice, France in 1995, Glascow in 1996, Indianapolis in 1998, Singapore in 1999, and Barcelona in 2002. I am not able to travel that far anymore, but I have such fond memories that were revived by reading about this one in Bangkok.

21/May/12, 7:20am

Thank you Francious for a beautiful program on your Convention trip! Welcome to our newest member Allen! 

It is great  that so many of our members will attend and meet each other at District Conference.

I have attended our meeting while flying on a Southwest plane high in the heavens traveling from NY to AZ! 

It is true that an e club member can attend a meeting from anywhere! 

See you at conference ! 

21/May/12, 6:55am

Maureen and Francoise, thank you for the most informative and wonderful depiction of the Convention and Bangkok.  Alan and I look forward to seeing everyone at the District Conference which will be great!  The program is very dynamic with an incredible line up to inspire and entertain.  See you very soon!

21/May/12, 6:20am

I loved reading about the Convention! I'm amazed there were 35,000 in attendance. What an incredible organization to belong to!

21/May/12, 5:44am

Wow! There was something for everyone in this week's meeting! Well done! It was very touching to have had former members of our club, who had passed away, memorialized online. Such a nice tribute. And to our Rotarians of the Month, Eileen and Omar -- congratulations! I loved the quotes from daVinci. My favorite one, as an artist, was "Art is never finished only abandoned." I had to think that one through a bit. You work so hard to know when to "walk away" from a piece, but to put it in such a global perspective gave me some real food for thought. Okay, I want to join the Monterrey Gang -- y'all have just WAY too much fun! Speaking of fun, I appreciated Bob's humor -- as the parent of a Macaw, I fell on the floor! The bird was not amused! :-) Of course, the curry recipe is going right into the book. Until I visited a local Indian grocery, I had no idea the diversity of curries. I'm going to have to try this recipe with the different ones we have. Allen, in case you hadn't noticed, this club is certainly not shy. Welcome! Fantastic to have another Californian in the ranks! Francoise, thanks for putting some of the photos up of our translators on the foreign language page. Great to put names and faces to the translations! (and to the translators, THANK YOU so much for doing that each month). Lastly, Maureen and Francoise, between the two of you I was envisioning what the convention was like taking steps with each of you. What an amazing adventure! I've also been communicating with Dr. Balanean and other club members in Romania about their eClub -- I'd also encourage folks to send a photo and story for their Chartering Meeting next month (send them now so they have them in time!). Kinda cool that if you wanted to attend, you'd fly into the Transylvania airport!

21/May/12, 4:14am

Congratulations Eileen and Omar!  Enjoyed doing GrubFest with you!

Dale Seabaugh
Marble Falls Rotary Club
21/May/12, 4:03am

What a great deal! Rotary information "How we serve" and a great thai curry recipe. Thanks for the informative meeting.

Dale Seabaugh - Marble Falls, Texas

william jones
southwest rotary club of wichita falls texas
21/May/12, 2:46am


Terry Rogers
Eastwood Irondale
21/May/12, 2:32am


21/May/12, 2:27am

Great meeting.  I came online to make up for my club for the first time and before i realized it, I had completed the meeting!

Charlene Weis
Poston Rotary
21/May/12, 1:53am


21/May/12, 1:17am

Thank you both for sharing.

21/May/12, 1:11am

Great!  I feel like I attended the convention with all the updates on how everything went in Bangkok.  

Mark Johns
North Austin (TX)
21/May/12, 12:31am

Very nice to visit your club for a make-up. I like the format of your virtual meeting and I enjoyed the reports on the International Convention. Thank you.

20/May/12, 11:34pm

Congrats, Eileen and Omar!   Thank you so much for ALL your efforts and perseverance!!!!

20/May/12, 10:47pm

Ya'll make me feel as if I was there with you. Thank you for sharing with us.

20/May/12, 10:38pm

Welcome to Allen! I like the way you introduce yourself! Congratulations Eileen and Omar: great job ! The "Monterrey gang" doesn't look like a real "gang"; they are smiling and seem to be very nice! 

20/May/12, 6:57pm

Are we back from Bangkok yet? There are members still returning, and a few lost in the rivers. Francoise and Maureen's lovely files are now preserved at RGHF (both are members) on our public fan page, under IC12 General. I'll try to leave the link, but it usually does not work. if this fails.