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JimAdlhochName: Jim Adlhoch
Location: West Hills, CA (USA)
Timezone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
University: Arizona State University

** E-Club Board

Member since: 19-May-2010

It only takes one small mark to change Impossible to I'mPossible.
Today's Location: Los Angeles

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Jim Adlhoch

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My Rotary Info

How long have you been in Rotary? Estimate if you do not know exact dates.
In April 2010, when I was celebrating my 2nd "birthday" surviving malignant melanoma, I wanted to "do" something. I registered for an American Cancer Society "Relay for Life" at the local college. I didn't want to walk the entire 24 hours by myself, so I went down the team listings on the Relay website and found "Rotary Club Team." I didn't know anything about them, but some of their participant bios were amazing, so I joined their team online. The morning of the event, I walked up to the tent that said "Rotary" and to the first person I saw, announced "Hi, my name is Jim, you don't know me, but I'm on your team." Spending the next 24 hours there, walking, talking, listening, a member said "You have the heart of a Rotarian, you should come to a meeting sometime." (Thank you, Lois and Katie!) That June I was inducted as a member and the rest is, as they say, history! Amazing group of people, and I am still bowled over at what Rotary is able to accomplish! As of July 2014 I'm a "friend of the eClub" rather than a member of Rotary.

List the Rotary clubs you've belonged to.
Rotary Club of Woodland Hills, Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA. No longer a member of Rotary.

What club offices or leadership positions have you held?

Which was your favorite? What roles would you be interested in pursuing?

Have you held district or int'l offices?

If yes, list them:

What other Rotary involvement have you had? (Exchange, Friendship exchange, GSE, etc.)
After being a member for just a couple of months, I was selected as a panelist for RI's global webinar on creating great club websites. It was more than humbling to be introduced to hundreds of Rotarians from over 60 countries! In the months after the sessions, I've grown to know many of those Rotarians throughout the world as we exchange ideas and build their club websites. Talk about a great ride!

eClub works for me because...

About Me

How would you describe yourself? List qualities that friends might use to describe you.
An eclectic, renaissance-like, bohemian, professional, and enigmatic person who has yet to decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

What are your favorite things, in personal and work life?
Art, Community, Good Food & Wine, and Friends.

Some least favorite things?
Intolerance, cleaning house, summer heat, and intolerance.

Is there a quotation that gets you through the day, or is very meaningful to you?
Make the change in yourself that turns Impossible to I'mPossible!

What type of vehicle do you drive, or doperfer another mode of transportation?
BMW X5. Great vehicle!

What type of pets do you prefer?
Wow -- what DON'T we have?! A shepherd chow mix, a black Chow-Chow, twin Irish Setters, a small dog we inherited from a friend who passed away, a blue mink Tonkinese cat, a blue & gold Macaw, a Congo African Grey, and a peach faced lovebird. There are also a variety of alligator lizards that try to get in -- I draw the line at reptiles!

My special skills and talents are...
I'm an RN with a clinical specialty in ER/Trauma, I work in corporate healthcare now. Information systems and computers. I am also a glassblower and artist. Since Her Holiness, the Martha of Stewart is a patron goddess, I also create "It's a Good Thing..." from the areas I learn about. Ask me about making soap from scratch as a cottage industry!

My skills or talents might best be applied to Rotary Service........
My gosh, pick whatever you might need from what you read here! There are a lot! :-)

Education and Occupation

Level of traditional education:
Masters Degree

Do you have a specialty degree?

Describe it:
Nursing, BS - Information Systems, MA - Business. I was working towards an MFA in Glass Art, but recently stopped. I found I was better at creating my own art than to be constrained only to what someone else (other professors) considered to be art. I'm also at that point in my life where I know I do inspired work (that sells well, too!), and have grown to have the courage to say to others (like pompous graduate professors) "...well, how nice for you!" and go back to my studio to work! :-)

Where did you attend High School?
El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, California

Where did you attend college?
(2012 update) I'm back in graduate school again for Advanced Communication studies and the Masters program in Health Innovation at Arizona State University. In my distant past... LA County/USC (Nursing), University of San Francisco (Information Systems, and MA in Business). Go Trojans! :-)

I use my degree in my current occupation:

What is your current occupation?
Two full-time jobs. One, Director of Medical Informatics. Two, Glass Artist and teacher.

How long have been at your current occupation?
1.3 bazillion years. Let's just say I'm well seasoned!

What was the least favorite job you've ever had?
Paper boy. (THAT will date me). I didn't particularly like being an on-ice skate guard at an Ice Capades rink, BUT I did get to drive the Zamboni! (We're talking about a zillion cool points for just that!).


What are your hobbies?
Art, Creativity, Teaching, History (love searching cemeteries for records of the lost!)

Do you play sport? List them.
I used to cycle a LOT. There are WAY too many crazy texting and cell phone talking drivers out there now to do that.

Do you watch sport? Who are your favorite teams/players?
Not really.

Do you like to camp?

Do you prefer books or movies?


Do you like to cook or go out for dinner?

What is your favorite meal?
Currently there are several. I love Cuban, Greek and Italian food. I've learned to cook all three.


What is your favorite book and why?
The Mists of Avalon. It brings me to a different place of thought spiritually.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
It would be the person I don't get along with. There's got to be a reason they exhibit that kind of behavior. I want to better understand them.

If you could meet your great-great grandparents, what would you ask them?
How could you ever stand not having the Internet? ;-) I would ask them about their families, and THEIR grand and great grandparents.

If money were not an a concern, what profession would you choose?
Artist and Teacher.

What is your favorite movie? Why?
The King's Speech. It put history into perspective and showed how King George rose above his challenge. Loved seeing Helena Bonham Carter play the Queen Mother!

What might surprise people about you?
That I also do voice-over work for Disney theme parks, TV and Radio.

If you could muster the courage, what would you like to do?
Truly, and I mean TRULY walk the talk.

If you relive one day, which would it be?

If you could take only three items with you to a space colony, what would they be? (Your family is already coming with.)
A fully stocked glass studio, Martha Stewart's kitchen and cupboards, and the wine cellar at Buckingham Palace. I would need some extra space on the ship!

What is the best advice your parents gave you?
My mother recounts that when I was four years old, I stared in awe at trees in the distance swaying in the wind... I turned to her and excitedly said "Look Mom, the trees are dancing!" Reminding me of that experience was a gem from my mother.

What is the best advice you have given your children?
Hard to tell... they only wag their tails and preen feathers -- don't know how much of our message has gotten through.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
I have to think about that one...

Describe the most beautiful sight you have ever seen:
The birth of a child.

Family secret for treating a cold?
Lemon, ginger and honey cooked together in water. OR two Vicodin and a glass of Merlot.

Where would you like to retire?
Somewhere temperate and NOT too hot or cold. Lahaina, Maui along the Kaanapali coast sounds good to me!

The world will be a better place when…
...people stop judging other people.

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