Posted by Oscar Carreon on Jul 01, 2018
Today we have a special program to start our new Rotary year 18/19. We are going to present our new board of directors, and we will do it in a vintage way, remembering the formal parts of a conventional Rotary program.
We will touch the Rotary bell, we will have a moment of inspiration, the Rotary minute, a space of fellowship, we will remember the quadruple test, so distinctive of the rotarism; and, as a central part of our program, we will introduce each of the members who will participate in the administration of the club this year.
Without more to say, let's start. Check our video presentation in:
  • My dear fellow Rotarians. This is the beginning of a new cycle in our Rotary life. 
  • Today begins the Rotary year 2018/2019. We have a near future in front of our eyes. I give you the warmest welcome to this new adventure. 
  • We are already working on improving our website. 
  • Several service projects in the previous administration have already been approved and will be implemented in this administration. In turn, this year we will work for the next administrations. 
  • I greet with admiration, respect and gratitude our outgoing president, Don Griffing. Thank you Don for your dedication, for your enthusiasm and for your patience with me in my formation for this coming year. 
  • We have a lot to do and many people to work for, without further introductions, Rotary colleagues: let's start
Section: By Inspiration, by Anne Green
“Undertake something that is difficult it will doyou good. Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” Robert Osborne
The Four-way test, by Kim Covill and Olaoluwa Olugbodi
1.- Is it the true?
2.- Is it Fair to all Concerned?
3.- Will it build good will and better friendship?
4.- Will it be beneficial to all Concerned
Birthdays & Anniversaries 
Jenna Saldaña, 7/2
Wendy Nelson, 7/6
Victor Esperon Alva 7/29

Manou DeBande, spouse Roland 7/24

Joined Rotary
J. Brennion,  7/1/2012
Anne Green,  7/1/1988
Dan Hill, 7/1/2013
Vimal Hemani, 7/1/2003
Sandy Abalos-Havir,  7/24/2010
Victor Esperon Alva, 7/24/2002
Week Program, by Oscar Carreon
Who are the rotarians?
Introducing the new work team in ReCSWUSA 18/19: The Board of Directors.
A new challenge is before us: the new Rotary year 2018/19. What will we do? And how are we going to do it?


The Rotary year is ours, but we belong to others.