Posted by Oscar Carreon President on Jul 23, 2018


The Dutch author Rob Riemen points out in his book: To combat this era, an analysis of the star generation of our time: The Millennials. "The kitsch is the irresistible temptation of the pleasant and beautiful, but it is a beauty without truth. It is similar to a cosmetic product that is used to seduce but also to hide: the concealment of an unfathomable spiritual vacuum.

We live in a time that has put to the test the whole system of values and truths in which we were trained in the 20th century. It seems that this whole system of life seems antagonistic to that of the present century, to such a degree that it seems that we do not know, not only our environment but even our children and grandchildren seem unknown to us.

It is an era of emptiness, where Rotary must be present, to carry its flag of change and aid in every region where man lives. We must not only confront external causes that threaten society's environment: poverty, misery, marginalization, and disease; but also, the interior of people: apathy, selfishness, lack of commitment to the environment and to others.

It is time to awaken and embrace Rotarian causes, to move from contemplation to action, to get involved and to step forward to set the example and to be once again the source of perennial change that the world needs: Be the inspiration