New e-meetings are posted every Monday by 6PM MST* Online on this site.

Our meetings occur every week and feature a new speaker on topics of interest to Rotarians, our town, and general subjects. We strive to provide an excellent program to keep our members informed and enlightened on the world. Feel free to join us as our guest this week!
*MST is year-round in AZ as AZ does not change for DST.

New Site Primer

Welcome to the new website for the Rotary eClub Southwest USA. This new site is a departure from the old site and may function a bit differently than  those who have visited us in the past are accustomed to. But it’s not rocket science.
We are using Club Runner because it integrates with our District and Rotary International’s data. The site was redesigned using Club Runner to work well on all devices from desktop computers to smart phone and everything in between.
The website is our weekly meeting. So start at the beginning and work your way through the Welcome page. If you are a club member or a visiting Rotarian who is making-up a meeting and need attendance credit, you will need to complete the Sign-In form found under the Club Meetings tab each time you visit for a meeting. The form automatically abbreviates for repeat visitors so don’t despair. If you are a ReCSWUSA member and want to explore the Members’ Only pages or add comments to pages, you will also need to log into Club Runner’s Member Area at the top of the website.

Steps for completing a meeting:

  • Welcome page -- read all content
  • Club Meetings page to sign-in and make a meeting donation.
  • Select a weekly program from Links on the Club Meetings page (you can peruse the pages from the Welcome page, but you can only get attendance credit through the Club Meetings page).
  • Members, after completing the program, leave a comment - you’re done!.