Posted by Becky Blanton on Nov 27, 2017

Becky Blanton is a writer, photographer and former journalist who found herself homeless, but bounced back to tell her story and inspire others.  Ms. Blanton had planned on living in her van for a year and see the country with her cat and dog.  When depression set in and her freelance job ended, her camping trip turned into homelessness.  In her talk, she describes her experience of becoming one of America's working homeless.

In a recent blog post, Becky Blanton wrote:

Stop defining yourself, or letting others define you, by where you happen to be in life right now.  So you’re homeless?  Okay.  It’s one stop on your journey.  Were you homeless five years ago, or 20, or will you be in a year, or 10 years?  You don’t know.  In 2006 I was living in a 1975 stripped out Chevy van.  Three years later in 2009 I was speaking at TED Global in Oxford England.  Who was I?  Things change – sometimes as fast as in the next hour.  Define yourself by what you believe, think, and how you treat yourself and others.  That can change too, but not so fast.

Who you are is a lot different than where you are.

As you watch this video, please consider how you are letting where one sleeps at night define their worth.