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In an American university, a professor of economics said that he had never failed a single student, until once he failed the whole class.
That class in particular, had insisted that socialism really worked: with a welfare government intermediating in wealth, no one would be poor but nobody would be rich, everything would be equal and fair.
Then, the teacher said to them: "Ok, we are going to do a socialist experiment in this class, instead of money, we will use your notes, the ones you get from the tests." All the grades would be awarded based on the class average and therefore it would be "fair." Everyone will receive the same grades, which in theory means that no one will be reprimanded, just as no one will receive a 10 ".
After the first test, the teacher calculated the average and all received a "7".
Thus, who studied with dedication was outraged, but the students who did not make an effort, were very happy with the result.
After the application of the second test, the lazy students, studied much less, they expected to make good grades in any way; and those who at the beginning had studied a lot, decided that they would also take advantage of the proposed treatment for their grades. As a result, the average of the second test was "4".
Of course, nobody liked ...
After the third test, the general average was "1".
Although, the notes did not return to higher levels, the disagreements between the students and the search for guilty were filled with bad words, which became part of the classroom atmosphere of that class. The search for "justice" among the students had been the main cause of the complaints, while the hatred and the sense of injustice became a common part of that group.
At the end of everything, nobody wanted to study more to benefit the rest of the students of the course ....
In the month of literacy in Rotary, we must remember that the only way to solve poverty definitively: is education. People are held hostage by their own misery, until education produces in them the inner motivation, which produces the best intentions to change their status of life. It is incredible that in the XXI century, this continues to be a problem of public policies, which is sometimes used by the powerful to exploit in their favor the needy, in the month of the fight against illiteracy, live Rotary, and be inspired.
The Power of Rotary:  worldwide connections and help!
Our own eClub member and Public Relations Director on the club board, Olaoluwa "Ola" Olugbodi, is experiencing the power of worldwide Rotary.   
Ola left Lagos, Nigeria, on Monday, August 27, for the first flight in his life, and his first trip outside the cluster of nations abutting Nigeria.  After a stopover in Dubai and an uneventful trip, he arrived at Heathrow airport in London and took his first train trip, to Blackpool, England, where he received a warm welcome from members of the Blackpool-Palatine Rotary Club.  There Ola was home-hosted by Rotarian Kadaba Srinath Vasudev and his wife Pratibha for most of his stay in Blackpool.  In the photo below, Ola is presenting a Rotary eClub of the SW USA banner to Rotarian Vasudev (photo by Pratibha).  
International Literacy Day, celebrated annually on 8 September, is an opportunity for Governments, civil society and stakeholders to highlight improvements in world literacy rates, and reflect on the world's remaining literacy challenges. The issue of literacy is a key component of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
The UN's Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by world leaders in September 2015, promotes, as part of its agenda, universal access to quality education and learning opportunities throughout people’s lives. Sustainable Development Goal 4has as one of its targets ensuring all young people achieve literacy and numeracy and that adults who lack these skills are given the opportunity to acquire them.
This year’s theme is ‘Literacy and skills development.’ Despite progress made, literacy challenges persist, and at the same time the demands for skills required for work, evolve rapidly. This year's theme explores integrated approaches that simultaneously support the development of literacy and skills, to ultimately improve people’s lives and work and contribute to equitable and sustainable societies. The day focuses on the skills and competencies required for employment, careers, and livelihoods, particularly technical and vocational skills, along with transferable skills and digital skills.
Literacy Day 2018 – Literacy and skills development
As we prepare for this year’s RYLA program, the committee is excited about the various opportunities that are available for the youth in our communities with the upcoming RYLA Camps.  For the past few years, RYLA Pinerock in Prescott has been actively working with The Manzanita Meal Packing Program and this past April RYLA Ponderosa in Heber completed their first meal packing event – together both RYLA camps packed 75,000 meals this year alone! Meals that have ALL been distributed to hungry families here in Arizona. RYLA 5495 has paid for many of those meals through the Arizona Tax Credit. This year, the RYLA 5495 Committee elected to combine our fundraising efforts.  We are “One RYLA with Two Camps”!  Donations received will be distributed proportionately between the two camps.
DG's September video of club visits follows.

As a Rotary Club that meets online, we depend on our members and visitors donations to support our projects.  As a result, the weekly donations enable us to work with the Rotary Foundation to support Global Grants, District Matching Grant, and eClub Mini Grants.

Mini Grant Project:  From Books to Brilliance is creating a library for Seacacar, Guatemala. The Rotary eClub is matching funds with From Books to Brillance for this project.  Presently there is little access to books or educational materials for the children of this village. Your Donations help make projects like this possible.

Donations have contributed to the RESWUSA support of Youth Programs, specifically RYLA.

In the spirit of Rotary service, we ask that you make a donation.  If you are a visiting Rotarian doing a make-up, we ask that you consider an amount that be equal to your meal price at your regular Rotary meeting. We thank you for your support.

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