Posted by Don Griffing on Jan 08, 2018

Thomas Schelling, Nobel laureate economist, tells an antidote about getting stuck in a traffic jam returning home from vacation.  After an hour of slow progress, he discovered that a mattress was blocking one of the lanes causing vehicles to merge and drive past it.  No one, including Dr. Schelling, took the initiative to stop and move the mattress.  He argues that nobody moved the obstacle because there was no reward system for resolving the problem for others.

Rotary helps us create a reward system for service in our personal, business, and community lives.  This month, Rotarians around the world are taking time to examine our second Avenue of Service.  Over the decades the value of Vocational Service has evolved greatly.  We now “recognize all useful occupations as worthy of respect” and we can use our “work as an opportunity to serve society”.  Every occupation serves a need.  Whether we are serving customers, teaching students, or treating patients.  As Rotarians, we should take pride in doing our work with competence and integrity.

For the past few meetings, I have been challenging you – members and guests – to share your stories with others through our meetings.  Some of you have stepped up to this challenge and are working on stories from your vocational background.  Your Club needs more of you to accept the challenge.  While we have members on 5 continents, there are meeting guest from all corners of the earth.  Each working in her/his way to make a difference.  What better way to share the work you are doing and perhaps discovering a helping hand.