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Website Notice

It has come to our attention that our registered guests stopped receiving an email confirmation of their meeting attendance.  We are working to resolve the issue.  While we work on the problem, members and guests can view their recent attendance by following the My Attendance link on the Meeting page.  Alternatively, you may send a private message to President Don Griffing or Secretary Carol Anderson to request an email confirmation.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Welcome to our E-Club

Youth Service Month

At the Council on Legislation in April 2010, the Council acknowledge the long-standing importance of service the youth in our communities by recommended the addition of a new Avenue of Service to the four traditional Avenues of Service.  Youth Service includes the many projects that individual clubs undertake to serve young people in our communities – such projects as the Dictionary Project, other reading and literacy projects, scholarship programs, and middle school projects, to the Rotary International Programs.

The Rotary International Programs are Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), and New Generations Service Exchange (NGSE).  You can learn more about our programs to develop the next generation of leaders, to provide funding to make the world a better place, and to make peace a priority on the Rotary website.


Have you checked out the new Rotary Global Rewards program? In my small area, there are over 250 discounts and special deals listed. Traveling? Check out some of the good deals there. This is a nice addition to your Rotary membership.

Greetings from The Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA

Bienvenido al Rotary eClub del suroeste de EE.UU.

Bienvenue au Rotary Club Extra de la Southwest USA 

Willkommen auf der Rotary eClub des Südwestens USA  

Karibu Rotary eClub ya Marekani Magharibi 


Visitor Help page

How to do a makeup:

  1. Go to the "Meetings" tab
  2. Returning visitors can login and skip to step 6, or new visitors complete the required fields in the registration form, and the security check.
  3. The form field "Club Secretary Email" is NOT required to attend a meeting but it will simplify your credit for a makeup.
  4. Putting in a State/Province is NOT required if you are from a country other than the USA or Canada.
  5. Remember your password, as you will use your email address and password to login in the future. Next time you join us, you can simply login, complete the meeting, and you (and your Club Secretary) will get a date and time stamped notification of your makeup.
  6. Once you have completed this simple process, click on 'meeting' in the top menu bar and select the meeting of your choice. The default is the current week's meeting.

There is no charge to attend eClub for a makeup, but like other clubs, donations from our visitors are a source of funding for our club projects. If you are so inclined, we welcome you to make a donation via check or paypal. You will find a donation box on the left side of most pages and explicitly at the end of the meeting. Thanks in advance for your support.

Why should I create an account?

If you should visit us in the future, you can simply login and visit a meeting without providing name and secretary's email. Also, if you verify your account, you can interact with other Rotarians in the forums. We encourage you to create an account and share Rotary fellowship with us!

Be sure to enter your correct email address when creating your account. Next time you visit us for a makeup, you can simply login with your username and password and attend a meeting.

Creating an account is not required to visit a meeting. If you prefer to visit a meeting without creating an account, simply go to the Meeting tab and register as a visitor.

First Time Visitor?

If you are a first time visitor to a Rotary International eClub, you might be interested to know that Article 8, Section 1, Number 7 of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution defines specific requirements for online make-ups. "If, within fourteen (14) days before or after the regular time" of a Club meeting you are seeking to make-up, you "participate through a club website in an interactive activity requiring an average of 30 minutes of participation" a make-up will be granted.

We ask that you utilize our site for at least a half hour to stay within the rule and the Four Way Test.

Program of the Week

Recreational Vehicle Fellowship

The Recreational Vehicle Fellowship (RVF) is one of the many fellowships of Rotary in which the members have a common bond.  In this case a love for camping and rallies in various scenic locations in North America.  If you are a Rotarian and have a love for camping, be it in a popup tent trailer or a Class A motorhome, RVF encourages you to join the fun.

Rotarians: Attend this week's meeting for makeup credit.
Visitors: Read the program



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