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Apr 24, 2017

We've Stopped Trusting Institutions and Started Trusting Strangers
Speaker: Rachel Botsman
Apr 17, 2017

Facilitating Connections and Cultural Sharing in Rotary
Speaker: Judith "J" Filangeri
Apr 10, 2017

Winds of Change Continuing
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2017 Veterans’ Stand Down
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Program: An EClub Vision Statement for 2020



Speaker: Members of Rotary EClub of the Southwest, USA

When I became President in 2010, one important job that was left undone (this first year) was to begin the process of creating a ‘vision statement’ for our Rotary eClub of the Southwest, USA. It was left undone because we were too new as an official member of the Rotary family.


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Program Comments: 

This week comments: 112, this week visitors: 86

12/Aug/11, 9:08pm

This program was important to me, a Rotarian who really likes his terra club but is thrilled to see e-clubs doing what they do.  Three major themes that seem to run through most of the postings were:  service, relating to terra clubs, and opening new areas of the world to Rotary.  All three objectives will enhance Rotary--and they are completely consistent with the traditional terra club framework.  Right on!  p.s. - If I could no longer participate in my terra club in Parkville, MO (I travel a lot and the club is very lenient in letting me make up my missed meetings), I would definitely join your e-club.

11/Jul/11, 10:00am

Joe Kagle leads us into another avenue of contemplation with a program  framing a year 2020 vision statement for RECSWUSA. Gathering ideas from fellow RECSWUSA members, we are encouraged to envision a year 2020 RECSWUSA: 1) actively engaged in service work worldwide; 2) providing guidance for establishing and maintaining eClubs; 3) ever improving the quality of video presentations; 4) enhancing EFellowship and EFundraising; and , in addition to many other wonderful ideas, 5) PROMOTING WORLD PEACE. What a vision! Lead on RECSWUSA!!

Robyn Scott
Grapevine, Tx Rotary
06/Jul/11, 2:35am

Thank You!

30/Jun/11, 12:19pm

a very nice meeting, thanks

27/Jun/11, 4:41am

Great material and work thanks a lot...

Northwest Des Moines
26/Jun/11, 10:06am

Thanks for making the e-club available.  It is a nice service that makes it possible to keep attendance perfect while gaining valuable knowledge. 

25/Jun/11, 3:35am

Great thoughts from members about the vision statement.

23/Jun/11, 12:35pm

well said and delivered

23/Jun/11, 7:44am

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Mary Lynn Denby
Oneida, NY
23/Jun/11, 5:45am

It's always great to plan ahead and see the visions...

Laurence Bolchoz
Surfside Area
22/Jun/11, 5:53am

A vision statement is a crittical ingredient to be able accurately lead an organization to the achievment of its goals.

22/Jun/11, 2:44am

I agree -- EClub is Rotary of the future.  It brings a truly global perspective to what we're about.  


21/Jun/11, 3:15pm

Great thoughts all.

20/Jun/11, 10:29pm

I like the 20/20 Vision concept. My hope is that this Club can build a better sense of community and help inspire each other even more. Fellowship is as crucial as any other aspect of Rotary.

20/Jun/11, 9:39am

H club....what a thought......

19/Jun/11, 9:40pm

the quotes at the start of the meeting; Eleanor Roosevelt's comments

19/Jun/11, 4:11pm

Some different individual visions of what the eclub might look like in 2020, yet all have a few things in common. We see ourselves as a fellowship of leaders working towards a common goal of peace in this world. There is no better or higher standard of what a Rotary club can be.

19/Jun/11, 12:50pm

A very good work the collective vision of the eClub in 2020.


19/Jun/11, 10:59am

Interesting program.

19/Jun/11, 1:29am

Thanks.Liked the novel approach to a eClub make-up.

Dipak SarbadhikariRC Calcutta (3291) India

18/Jun/11, 11:33pm

We've been challenged - let's rise to the occasion!

18/Jun/11, 2:22pm

Great meeting as always! I loved your disucssion the embodiment of the four ideals in Rotarians; Joe!

18/Jun/11, 9:48am

I like the idea of strong relationship with local " Terra Clubs "for e Clubs,I do enjoy a makeup with Broken hill Rotary Club 320 kls return to our Homestead " Cawkers Well ".

Some of those Visions  in this weeks meeting will be the future of eClubs.

Judy Rubin
Peoria Rotary Club
18/Jun/11, 3:06am

I found the part about club organization to be a good reminder for my terra club -- that we need to focus and coordinate our efforts for the best results.

18/Jun/11, 12:54am

I would still like to see us use easier tools to communicate so that we would do so more. I think Facebook closed groups is the best option, and I 'd like to have a discussion about that.  I have friends outside Rotary from all over the world that I could bring to the Club if there were a way they recognized to have a discussion. To grow Rotary, we have to go where people already are.

Young people especially have ideals of service, but they don't want to come to a forum like this. They would join and participate if the communication tool moved to FB or even Linked in.

Ken Pollock
Kyrene Corridor
17/Jun/11, 11:05am

I am new to rotary and to this club but I am most impressed.  I tried to join so I could visit here again but the web site "froze up" on me.

Had that problem before?

Bill Hutto
Rotary Club of Auburn, AL
17/Jun/11, 4:29am

Congratulations, Presidnet Joe, on a great year!  This is a terrific club that is comprised of dedicated Rotarians.  Best wishes on you begin the new year!

Tony Touchon
Rotary Club of Boerne, TX
17/Jun/11, 4:13am

Outstanding article on the 2020 EClub and further down the road. Regular clubs will continue to exist as they should but EClubs are the wave of the future as is twitter, facebook and all of the social connections.

The cat story was great. We have had similar happenings.

Yours in Rotary

Tony Touchon

Boerne Noon Club

17/Jun/11, 3:36am

The program was a wonderful display of passion for e-clubs.

16/Jun/11, 10:37pm

Thank you for this fantastic way to do make ups. 

Donna Phillips
Rappahannock Rotary Clu
16/Jun/11, 1:15pm

I always enjoy making up with this club and am impressed by how far reaching your membership is.  Thanks for being there!

william Cole
Sebastopol Noon
16/Jun/11, 1:07pm

I think that an EClub is a very interesting concept.I applaud youy endeavor. I'm glad that you offered a bit of "humor" to cut what would otherwise be rather dry. 

16/Jun/11, 12:25pm

Thank you!

16/Jun/11, 11:47am
Wonderful meeting. I mention that I was in the district conference and in changing our President and I felt very proud to belong to this great group of hard working and friendly. I must also thank the multiple awards and attention offered at all times.Carol will support you in all your management.Glenn Congratulations for your great work during this Rotary year.Bienvenida Gina ya seremos varios de habla hispana.
16/Jun/11, 10:01am

This is my second visit to your club and was another interesting and thought provoking interaction. I am impressed with how much it feels like a meeting of my home club - I can truly feel the fellowship that i cherish as a Rotarian.

Thank you for for creating such a meaningful Rotary experience!

16/Jun/11, 5:45am


Herbert Colby
Fortuna Sunrise
16/Jun/11, 5:40am

Thank you

16/Jun/11, 4:12am

I'm very excited about the future of this club!

16/Jun/11, 2:35am

Let's live on till 2020 and make our visions into reality! I couldn't be more excited!

16/Jun/11, 2:34am

Great program.  I think that the international mission of Rotary is well-served by the e-clubs.

16/Jun/11, 1:13am

An interesting exercise in forward thinking and planning.

15/Jun/11, 10:09pm

Hello Joe,

 I did not send to you my "vision…"because I knew that you would not  publish it.

I am too realistic…When all the Rotarians realize how easy it is to be in Rotary without giving much money and doing anything, you will pick up all the RINOS of the earth! Believe me!

If you want to prevent that, you have to increase the dues, and select better the candidates; I mean that you have to consider the attendances of the candidates in their terra club, before joining us, and ask seriously their club to know what kind of Rotarian they are: are they attending the District conferences, are they involved in the actions of their club, are they a Paul Harris Fellow? If after being a Rotarian for 5 or 10 years,  they have no reward, that means they don’t deserve it; either they give no money because they are stingy, or they do nothing because they couldn’t care less, or their Rotarian fellows don’t like them.

But a club needs money, and the districts ask every club to give money to the foundation…so we have to accept everyone, and that’s pity!

 Why people want to be a Rotarian? For being able to say” I am a Rotarian”! That’s all! Trust me! In Europe, people are very proud to be a Rotarian, even if 90% French people haven’t a clue what the Rotary is!!!They think they belong to the elite!

What we do in our club, we can do without being a Rotarian: to volunteer somewhere, to visit old people in the hospitals, to give money for research…and so on. But kind people, generous people are very rare; we don't become a Rotarian, our heart is or isn't Rotarian when we are born...that 's all! 

When we join a group that means that we can becoming stronger and do more things  than alone. What I prefer in the Rotary are the Youth programs…to allow young people to go away for one year…and do something their family can’t pay .( if they are not Rotarian children, of course!!!) So, we can continue to accept all the Rotarians for this good reason: the Youth!

So, you see, that’s my vision, very realistic of the Rotary …And I want to add that the ones who don’t agree are being dishonest…

It is easy to the webmaster to check the attendance of everybody and to know how long they connected, and what pages they opened, isn’t it? I have my own website and do that  every day  about my subscribers. If you are curious…check and have a look!


Kit Smith
Metropolitan Honolulu
15/Jun/11, 4:12pm

Wow, there is a lot of material on the site. I loved the enthusiasm of the contributors and their clear senses of commitment. I confess I like the physical proximity to other members,, in a traditional Rotary Club format. I wonder: Does there soon develop a sense of longing to meet, in person, those that one meets in the "virtual" world?

Bottom line, I guess, is how much service, as in service about self, develops from virtual meetings. I'm guessing it may be more substantial, in many cases, than in traditional club formats.

I write from Hawaii, the most remote island group in the U.S.A. (as our Continental pilot reminded us in a very recent Newark-Honolulu nonstop. My club: Metropolitan Honolulu, which meets Thursdays at 7 a.m. in Pioneer Plaza downtown. Come see us!



15/Jun/11, 2:22pm

Thank you-

Dan Maxham
Farmington, Maine
15/Jun/11, 10:30am

Loved the story by Bob Adams

Ralph L Putnam
Rotary Club of North Fresno
15/Jun/11, 10:17am

It was a typical end of year meeting and I will have to go back tothe meeting about the 45 rules of life!???

Michael K. Byrd
Bullhead City Rotary
15/Jun/11, 9:10am

Very nice, very infomational

15/Jun/11, 7:19am

I loved reading through the vision statements.  I think 10 years from now eRotary will be much bigger then it is today.  I also see the need for bringing younger people into the club a much more immediate interest.  What about inviting past exchange students from the district?

Ed Murray
Cranbrook, BC
15/Jun/11, 7:02am

very informative, the first time I have attended online !!

15/Jun/11, 6:43am

The President is right: a Vision Statement is a very important statement. Bob Adams is a very funny guy. Eleanon Roosevelt was truly a Great American!

Nancy Milton
Laguna Sunrise Rotary
15/Jun/11, 5:55am

Thanks again for a great meeting!  I enjoy visiting your group.  Best of luck to the new leadership as they come in on July 1. 

15/Jun/11, 4:31am

Visionaries...these are the people that make up this eclub.  Thank you for your inspiration and vision for a future...a better future for Rotary eClub of the Southwest, as well as for all of humanity.  Let's begin again!

15/Jun/11, 2:14am

Always a pleasure to visit, Joe!  Thank you very much and we in Waco consider ourselves as your home base..

15/Jun/11, 2:04am

I really like the facilitating of new Rotary Clubs in places where there might never be a Terra club. Just think of the many great people now in Rotary service who would never  have had the opportunity were it not for "eclubs". Clark Lovrien

15/Jun/11, 1:47am

My fist on-line makeup.  Great information and great way to stay in touch with Rotary.

Peter Rogers
North Platte Noon
15/Jun/11, 12:59am

Interesting to see how the members are developing a vision statement for the club and the difficulty in any organization to clearly define that vision. The work, however, is invaluable upon completion.

Greg Scerbak
Grande Prairie Sunrise
15/Jun/11, 12:20am

I needed one makeup to achieve 100% attendance this year and was just heading out of town and remembered your program.  Much appreciated.  Nice mix of items on the agenda.  I enjoyed reading about your new member and her interesting life.  Great joke by the Sargeant!!!

14/Jun/11, 11:43pm

excelentes ideas sobre el futuro de nuestro E-CLUB,yo considero que cada dia q trabajamos de la mano de Rotary,vamos haciendo el futuro que tenemos planeado.

Gwen Robin
14/Jun/11, 10:53pm

Very interesting

14/Jun/11, 3:09pm

A good exploratoratory on a mission statement

14/Jun/11, 2:53pm

Great thinking about vision work.

Carol Zurna
Parker Rotary Club
14/Jun/11, 2:05pm

Thanks to the e-club for being there.

Chuck McGathy
14/Jun/11, 1:28pm


14/Jun/11, 9:38am

I was so pleased to be able to "attend" the installation of new club officers. Thank you, Mel, for making that possible. It was very sad for me to know that you were having this event so close to home for me, and for me to be unable to attend due to health reasons. I am still trying to recover from a "simple outpatient procedure" almost a month ago that went very wrong, and I did not leave my bedroom all weekend. So it was very nice for me -- and I am sure for other members of the eClub around the world -- to "be" there for the ceremony. 

I loved reading all the predictions from members for the next ten years. Looking back over the past 10 to 15 years, I would not venture even a guess as to what Rotary will be doing in the near future. (When I was District Governor in 1997-98, I didn't even have E-MAIL!! My monthly newsletters were printed and sent out by USPS mail) So...I do not deem myself adequately proficient in IT to advance an opinion on technology that changes so fast.

I think it will be a good idea for eClub members to take a few moments during meetings next year to come and visit Miss Truly Candid in Quaking Aspens, and maybe even do a bit of shopping at the Walmart in Podunk Pines. It is a quiet place, given that much of technology has not yet reached the area. Have a picnic by the river bank, maybe get a glimpse of Basil the Bear, our occasional visitor to the area, possibly even chance to see that deer that comes down from the mountain every year in the spring to eat all my Colorado columbines out of my flower bed. Perhaps during the next Rotary year, the Podunk Pines Rotary Club will become official. I am sure if that happens, Miss Truly will see that you are all invited to a meeting.


Ian Petherick
Bundaberg Sunrise
14/Jun/11, 9:17am

I enjoyed your meeting in particular your history and vision of your eClub was enlightening.

Richard Hill
Idaho Falls, Idaho Downtown
14/Jun/11, 9:10am

The inspiration thoughts and commentary on Eleanor Roosevelt's service to Rotary are great. This is my second time using your club for make up. Thanks for the service you provide.

14/Jun/11, 6:39am

Good program. Thank you

Shirley Blowers
Arlington Sunset
14/Jun/11, 6:23am

Thanks for letting me visit.

Jonathan Hernandez
14/Jun/11, 6:10am

I like this eClub concept...always interesting to see what other clubs are doing out there.

14/Jun/11, 5:18am

WOW!  I am moved and inspired.  We truly have no boundaries as evidenced by the members dreams that will manifest into reality.  Simply stated, thoughts become things.  Dream on my e-club friends, to infinity and beyond (Buzz Lightyear). 

Maria Lozano
Moreno Valley Noon Rotary Club
14/Jun/11, 4:28am

This meeting talked about the problem all clubs have...not enough workers.  When someone becomes a member of Rotary they need to understand that we need to do some work for the club.  That is the purpose of becoming a member that we will help our community through working and participating in our club.

14/Jun/11, 4:02am

I am excited for those that find the Rotrary E-Club a great boost to thier lives in serving. However, I am a dinosaur and find the e-club while very informative, a vehicle that falls short of "boots on the ground"fellowship in regualr attended meetings.

I see the importance of utilizing and keeping up with today's technology. But when I walk down the street or in an office, I always notice those that have their heads buried in their phone texting, tweeting or whatever else they do. Their head down and mind absorbed in a 2'x4' piece of metal, keeps their eyes and mind off of what is going on right in front of them...people of the community and neigbors on their block who are in need of something that Rotary can bring into their lives.


As to success, my father taught me that "if you do what you like to do the most, at what you do the best" you will succeed. To many of us settle for "what we like to do the most at what we do the least" or what we like to do the least is what we do the most"

14/Jun/11, 4:02am

I am excited for those that find the Rotrary E-Club a great boost to thier lives in serving. However, I am a dinosaur and find the e-club while very informative, a vehicle that falls short of "boots on the ground"fellowship in regualr attended meetings.

I see the importance of utilizing and keeping up with today's technology. But when I walk down the street or in an office, I always notice those that have their heads buried in their phone texting, tweeting or whatever else they do. Their head down and mind absorbed in a 2'x4' piece of metal, keeps their eyes and mind off of what is going on right in front of them...people of the community and neigbors on their block who are in need of something that Rotary can bring into their lives.


As to success, my father taught me that "if you do what you like to do the most, at what you do the best" you will succeed. To many of us settle for "what we like to do the most at what we do the least" or what we like to do the least is what we do the most"

Charles Hoffhine
Whitehall/Bexley Ohio
14/Jun/11, 2:45am

It is interesting to hear about the makeup. challenges and visions of an eclub. I enjoyed being part of your meeting, hearing from your president, reading your Vision Statement, learning how Bob Adams treats his mother-in-law.

14/Jun/11, 2:38am

Joe, thanks for you work this past year and best wishes to Carol as the new eClub President.

14/Jun/11, 2:29am

Thank you for allowing to make up my Rotary meeting.  My attendance is much better since I found out about your club.  Please keep up the good work.

Bert Tollison
Claremore, OK
14/Jun/11, 12:23am

I am amazed at how broad your "vision" is developing. You can definitely make the world a smaller place and easier to aid all peoples. Thank you for your hard work.


As always, this forum produces some great subject matter and elicits great input from members and visitors.  I am on the road with my business regularly and cannot always find a local club to visit---but this forum is always at the ready---and always informative.

13/Jun/11, 2:08pm

On the seventeen hours of driving back to Houston from the District 5510 Conference in Phoenix, there was much time to think about how conferences that were attended through the years (including this one) could be better. One thing that most conferences do is give you what you (as a senior Rotarian) already know and could teach. The process seems to be: here is the formula from the past; let us fill in the present with proven processes. What is missing many time is the outlook of 'outcomes' instead of 'processes'. Oh processes are needed at conventins but they should be given as choice sessions or workshops, not general sessions that set the tone (not just for the present but start to shape the future). In the general sessions, dreams and visions should be the highlight of the hour, day, even moment. And when we discuss Generation Y, we should hear from Generation Y; and when we talk of the future, only dreamers and visionaries should command the podium. Dreams will fill the individual with passion; plans or process fill someone with skills (which have a shelf-life and can and should be changed when they do not work to fulfill the dream or vision). As one can see from today's eClub program, we are dreamers and visionaries (and our success today shows that we must continue this track into the future).

13/Jun/11, 1:40pm

Thanks for the opportunity to visit your club.  All Rotary clubs should be visioning such an exciting future!  - Pamela Woodard George, Conway, AR

13/Jun/11, 12:35pm

Muy buena sesión.

 Quiero aprovechar para felicitar a todos los participantes en la conferencia por el éxito  que tuvieron y a la cual tuve el gusto de asistir. También quiero agradecerles a todos por las atenciones que tuvieron conmigo y con mis compañeros. Nos sentimos muy contentos de haber asistido y muy agradecidos  con todos ustedes.

Cesáreo Veiga Trabadelo

 google traduction


Very good session.  I take this opportunity to congratulate all participants at the conference by the success they had and which I had the pleasure of attending. I also want to thank everyone for the hospitality they had  with me and my colleagues. We were very pleased to assist and  very grateful to all of you.Veiga Cesáreo Trabadelo

13/Jun/11, 11:24am

President Joe: The pin arrived in the mail today, I am pleased to be able to support the Foundation as it gives Rotary the clout to make a difference.  Ginny and I both just have money taken out of our checking account each month (which amounts to 28 cents a day for those who want to meet the $100 dollar requirement).  We  more than the minumum but it is still less than $1.00 per day.  Ginny is supposed to receive her new PHF3 pin as soon as Gov. Alan come to the Winslow Club.  Automatic withdrawal makes it easy  to keep Rotary working. 

13/Jun/11, 10:54am
Joe, Thanks for your vision and leadership during the past Rotary year. I like your "Wheels of Service" graphic!  We are truly pioneering a new mode of Rotary service and it truly is service without borders. I'm thinking back to a quote I came across early this year and found inspiring;

“I would like to think that the pioneering days of Rotary have only just begun. There are just as many new things to be done as ever there were. Kaleidoscopic changes are taking place, many of them without our will. Even to hang on to the fringe of this fast-changing world is about all most of us can do. Rotary simply must continue to pioneer or be left in the rear of progress.” The quote sounded contemporary, but actually they were the words of Rotary founder, Paul Harris, from February 1945.  What I still feel is so important is the recognition that the success of Rotary continues to be based on a pioneering spirit.  I'm reminded that perhaps it’s prophetic ReCSWUSA’s home district 5510 is located in Arizona where a an American wild west pioneering spirit has always remained strong, and will continue to transform the world of Rotary. One last reminder; in addition to a member from Antarctica, we need a member who works on the International Space Station!  
Stan Kathol
Omaha - North
13/Jun/11, 10:29am

My what a  lot of work went in tot he president's message.

Kathy Gorchesky
13/Jun/11, 10:25am


Actually,  the best vision is 20/12! Not 20/20..

13/Jun/11, 9:02am

I am a planner myself, so I really enjoyed the discussion around vision statements and goals. Let me add my favourites:

An approximate answer to an exact question is a great deal more valuable than an exact answer to an approximate question. Paraphrased on John Tukey.

You have to be careful if you don't know where you're going because you might not get there. Paraphrased on Yogi Berra.


Layne Marshal, Campbell River Daybreak Rotary Club, British Columbia

13/Jun/11, 5:22am

what a fantastic meeting .thank you so much Joe for your year.

The 2020 vision is key, and so rich already

May I ask every member,absolutely all members of our e club to express themselves on this subject? such a fruitfull exercice and profitable moment to read other's opinions

Gérard (GERRY)Epin

junell ransdell
Midtown Rotary-Springfield
13/Jun/11, 5:10am

Thank you for allowing me to attend my first EClub Rotary meeting.  The experience was a nice change, although I prefer the social interaction of "in person" meetings.  Best of luck in the future!

Poston Rotary
13/Jun/11, 3:51am

Interesting, makes you think of the future of Rotary.

13/Jun/11, 3:22am

CONGRATULATIONS to Martin Fox for being named 5510 "Rookie of the Year"  OUTSTANDING.

Oh and by the way -- I would rather be an active member of an EClub and averaging over 20 hours a month on local community projects and charities, then participating by only sitting and eating lunch!  We all know the land based members  who have been doing that for YEARS!!!!!



13/Jun/11, 3:17am
The sentence "‘people helping people help themselves" is now par of our lives as Rotarians....thank you again to let me share with all of you. WELCOME GINA!!!
13/Jun/11, 2:57am

It's me again!

I just watch the short video about the annual transition...look: you have to update the photo on your profile!!! That being said..Joe, I am very happy to see you without a seem to be good! I was very touched to see and to hear all of you...those I have seen in NO and the other ones....Thank you for sharing this video with us! And Welcome to our new president! Françoise

Jeanette Griswold
13/Jun/11, 12:59am

E-club structure is very interesting.  I might consider joining so I can attend meetings outside of work time.

13/Jun/11, 12:56am

Thanks, Joe for an outstanding year as President of our eClub.  At the beginning of the meeting you point out some essential items that all club members should take to heart.  It appears that we have certain rules and regulations in our by-laws that not all of us take seriously.  It is a well-known fact that Fellowship is a very important element of Rotary.  However, several members of our club have chosen to not include photos or information about themselves in bios, etc. Our eClub is great, but it could be greater!  We now see a wave of new members who are eager to communicate and to take this club one more step towards excellence!  That is a sign that our future could be very bright!

Kay Wilkes
Rotary Club of Crystal River
13/Jun/11, 12:17am

Alot of provocative thinking about Eclub and I definitely think it has a place in Rotary for now and certainly in the future.

13/Jun/11, 12:10am

Great. Thanks!

12/Jun/11, 11:14pm

Great meeting.

12/Jun/11, 8:49pm

The person who can tell a dream will become happy.The club which can tell a dream in future will grow.The country which tells a dream in future will develop.

I will make efforts to tell a dream in our country.

Hiro Yamato

12/Jun/11, 7:25pm

About the e-club vision statement: 2020...I 'm afraid it's only theory... It is easier to talk than acting! Most of people -even Rotarians - are smooth talkers but do nothing! I wish I am wrong!I am a born optimist, but became realistic! Thank you Joe for your great meetings!